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Girl in BangkokBangkok is the most visited city in the world by now, and there are more than just one or two reasons for this:

A unique mix of traditional and modern worlds, with century old temples and ultra-modern shopping malls, an interesting melting pot of Thai people from all over the country who come here to pursue a prosperous life, resulting in the most diverse food scene in Thailand, the beautiful and sort of mystic Chao Phraya River that lures with romantic sunset boat cruises, countless of vibrant day- and night markets, hotels with fantastic value-for-money and, of course, the world’s most exciting nightlife and beautiful girls wherever you go.

A good friend of mine who recently visited me here put it right when he said that Bangkok is more beautiful during the night than during the day: It’s not as hot, not as crowded, and the mostly grey buildings convert into an illuminated and colorful wonderland after sunset that makes you feel incredibly excited when you sit in the taxi (or tuk tuk? or motorbike?) on the way to your next beer bar, sky bar or massage salon.

Welcome to Thailand Redcat’s ultimate nightlife guide to Bangkok (with a focus on the best places to meet Thai girls)! It is divided into 2 parts: In the first part, I’ll give you a quick overview of the best nightlife areas in the capital. And in the second part, I’ll show you the different types of nightlife spots. At the end of the guide you’ll find a map with all the places I’ve mentioned.

Bangkok Nightlife Overview

There are 3 main nightlife areas in Bangkok: Sukhumvit in the city center is not only where you can find most of the great value hotels, western restaurants and modern shopping malls, but also the best nightlife in the city – including two of the three red light areas: Nana Plaza in Nana and Soi Cowboy in Asoke (these are subareas of Sukhuvmit). And don’t worry, even if you don’t like go go bars, you’ll find countless of more relaxed beer bars, massage salons, street girls and nightclubs all over Nana and Asoke as well.

The best streets in Sukhumvit to take your date for dinner or a glass of wine are Sukhumvit Soi 11 (popular among tourists) and Soi Thonglor (popular among wealthy Thais).

Then there is Khaosan Road of course, which is a 300m long street (and several more side alleys really) in the Old Town of Bangkok. It’s mostly popular among backpackers and young couples, known for wild and long street parties – and The Club Khaosan, a great place to hook up with Thai girls.

And RCA is the most popular nightlife area among Thai people, with super hip and modern night clubs such as Route 66 and Onyx. You better go there with a friend so you can do like most of the Thais do: Get a table and bottle of Johnnie Walker whiskey with soda and ice mixers. Countless of super hot and white skinned Thai girls here.

Are you coming to Bangkok with the goal to meet a nice lady? Lots of options:

Beer Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok NightlifeThe beer bars are the perfect place to relax, watch the people and street life, play pool, meet other tourists and expats – and of course also to have a drink with a Thai bar girl. The atmosphere is much more easy-going than in the go go bars where you’ll constantly be approached by the girls asking for drinks.

You can find these beer bars mainly on Sukhumvit Soi 4 and Soi 22. Most bars open from as early as noon, but of course the younger and more attractive ladies are still sleeping at that time (no joke), so you can expect them to start working at around 7pm.

Still, it doesn’t really matter at what time you go – in the afternoon you’ll usually get better conversations (fewer customers and quieter music) and happy hour prices, and at night you get more and sexier girls and in many bars also live music.

  • Prices: Most beer bars in Bangkok have happy hours until 7pm with bottled beers for 90 Baht or draft beer (pint) for 100 Baht. After that, beers are in the 120-140 Baht range and spirits (like gin tonic or red label soda) in the 150-160 Baht range. Lady drinks will cost you between 120-180 Baht, and if you want to take one of the ladies outside, you’ll have to pay the bar fine of generally 500-700 Baht, plus the price for the girl, usually 1,000 Baht for short time and 2,000-2,500 Baht for long time.
    So yes, these prices are significantly higher than elsewhere in Thailand, especially in Isaan where you usually get big bottles for these prices, and that’s mainly due to the increasing property rental prices in Bangkok these days.

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Go Go Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok Go Go Bars

The go go bars can be fun if you know what you’re doing (or how it works in there I should say), but most of these bars are really more like a tourist trap that try to squeeze as much money out of you as possible.

The three areas with go go bars in Bangkok are Soi Cowboy (picture), Nana Plaza and Patpong.

So if you are planning to visit one, make sure you choose a bar where the girls actually get naked on stage (you may be surprised, but that’s not happening anymore in most bars) and also be aware that most girls will only go for short time (means they have sex with several guys on the same night) unless you pay them ridiculous high prices for long time:

  • Prices: No entrance fees, but beers and spirits alike cost between 140-180 Baht. The bar fine is 1,000 Baht in most places (sometimes even more if she’s a “coyote girl”, before midnight or full moon), short time 2,000-2,500 Baht and long time 3,000-5,000 Baht.

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Nightclubs in Bangkok

Girl in Bangkok Night ClubThere are 2 types of nightclubs in Bangkok: The Thai clubs where people in groups drink whiskey at tables, with very attractive and white skinned girls that are very difficult to approach though (poor English skills, shy to talk to foreigners in front of their friends), and the tourist clubs which are set up more like western clubs with a dance floor and seating arrangements that make it easy to get in touch with other people.

If it’s your first time in Bangkok and you want to meet a girl in the nightlife while partying, I strongly recommend you to stick to the tourist nightclubs in Sukhumvit (best club there: Climax) and Khaosan (best club there: The Club).

They are full of single and “open-minded” Thai girls, and of course lots and lots of foreigners who are hitting on them. Some of these ladies are freelance prostitutes (they will join you for 1,000-2,000 Baht), and some are just “regular” girls looking for a new boyfriend. Or just fun.

  • Prices: Most BKK nightclubs charge an entrance fee of around 200 Baht which includes the first drink. After that it’s about 160 Baht for a beer, 180-200 Baht for a spirit with mixer or cocktail, and about 2,000-2,500 Baht for a standard bottle of whiskey like Jack Daniels or Johnnie Walker Red Label.

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Happy Ending Massage in Bangkok

Bangkok Happy Ending MassageIf you walk around downtown Bangkok like Sukhumvit Soi 4, Soi 5 or Soi 23 you’ll see so many massage salons – and these aren’t only “traditional” spas, but also countless of happy ending massage salons.

You’ll usually notice them by either overly sexy girls sitting outside and smiling and saying to you “Hello, handsome man, welcome massage!” or by obvious shop colors and names – like in the picture you can see the infamous side alley of Sukhumvit Soi 22 that’s known for prostate, tantra, body to body and lots of other types of “special” massages.

I have marked the happy and special massage hotspots with the yellow and purple pins on the map below.

  • Prices: The prices in BKK’s massage salons are usually 300 Baht for a Thai massage and 400 Baht for a oil massage (1 hour). The common tip for the happy ending (hand job) is 500 Baht.

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Soapy Massage Parlors in Bangkok

Bangkok Soapy Massage ParlorNot to be confused with the small massage salons, where you get a proper massage (well, more or less) followed by a hand job happy ending if the tip is right, the big soapy massage parlors offer the full program. Yes, with “full” I mean sex.

You can first pick a girl of your choice from the “fishbowl”, and then you get to spend up to 1.5 hours with her including bath, body to body massage and sex. Not the cheapest way to have sex in Bangkok, but certainly one of the most discrete ones.

  • Prices: Usually 2,000-3,000 Baht – all inclusive. Some of the more exclusive parlors like Poseidon or Emmanuelle have several different price categories up to 12,000 Baht!

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Blow Job Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok Blow Job BarProbably the most infamous type of place in Bangkok’s red light industry are the blow job bars – yes, literally. Means there are really about a dozen of bars where you can enjoy a cool beer and a girl of your choice is giving you a blow job at the same time.

The most popular BJ bars in town are Kasalong, Lolitas (Sukhumvit Soi 8) and Wood Bar (Sukhumvit Soi 7/1), but there are several other, similar joints that I describe all in my separate guide (see link below).

  • Prices: 100-120 Baht for a beer, 700-800 Baht for a blow job.

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Street Girls in Bangkok

Bangkok Street GirlsIf you walk along Sukhumvit Road between Asoke BTS and Nana BTS Station (from about 9pm any night of the week) you will see countless of girls who will happily join you to your hotel for 1,000 Baht.

Most of them are obviously not as attractive as the average go go girl, but especially on Sukhumvit Soi 4 in front of the Nana Hotel (picture) there are lots and lots of younger and really sexy girls who just don’t want to work in the bar and prefer to be freelancers.

  • Prices: Usually 1,000 Baht for a short time. You can also ask the girl if she knows a short time hotel nearby – she will know, and it will cost 300-350 Baht for 1 hour.

Ladyboys in Bangkok

Bangkok LadyboysOf course you can have fun not only with Thai girls in Bangkok’s nightlife, but also with lots and lots of hot ladyboys. They are working in the same type of places like the girls, but usually have separate establishments – ladyboy go go bars, ladyboy massages, ladyboy street hookers.

And just like with the girls, an excellent way to meet them without paying money (= no prostitutes) is to use a popular dating site, in this case that would be Thai Friendly Ladyboy Dating.

  • Prices: Similar prices like in the girls nightlife spots (they are much tougher when it comes to bargaining though) and of course free if you meet a “normal” ladyboy on the dating site.

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Karaoke Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok Karaoke BarComparable to the beer bars in Sukhumvit which are oriented towards foreigners, the karaoke bars are a similar type of nightlife spot which are oriented mainly towards the local Thai guys. But of course you can have fun there as a Farang as well – just inquire the prices beforehand to avoid rip-offs.

The highest concentration of karaoke bars in Bangkok can be found in Huai Khwang, or more precisely along Soi Pracha Suk and its surrounding streets.

  • Prices: The way it works in these bars is that you buy a beer (100-130 Baht for a big bottle) or a bottle of whiskey (600-800 Baht for a local brand) and then choose one (or more) girls to sit and drink with you. There is no charge for lady drinks (you just share your drinks with them) but instead they have a “kâa dèk nâng” (ค่าเด็กนั่ง, fee lady sitting) of around 100 Baht per 45 minutes and in some places also a “kâa pleeng” (ค่าเพลง, fee song) which is a one time fee (like an admission fee) of around 50 Baht, which is only charged once no matter how much time you spend there. Important: Different to the Farang bars, most karaoke bars don’t allow their ladies to be taken outside. If you really like her, just take her Line contact or talk with the manager to see what’s possible.

African, Vietnamese & Russian Girls in Bangkok

Foreign Prostitutes in BangkokIf you walk along Sukhumvit Road from Soi 11 to Soi 4, you will encounter sexy working ladies from other countries as well. Especially on Soi 4 you’ll see plenty of African girls who will usually say they are from Kenya or Tanzania (that might often be true, but sometimes I feel like they just say it because it sells better) and after some quick small talk will say something like “Let’s have fun!”. Russian girls aren’t as prevalent as they used to be, in that case you might rather check out Walking Street in Pattaya, where they have a couple of Russian go go bars (like Moulin Rouge Club).

  • Prices: They’ll ask for a little more compared to the Thai freelancers, usually 2,000 Baht, which is negotiable of course, especially if you take them for dinner, drinks or such.

Sky Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok Sky BarThe sky bars are my favorite type of nightlife spot to bring my friends who visit me here in Bangkok – you just get the perfect feeling on how huge this city is, and how modern and developed by now in most parts. And well, who doesn’t feel like super excited about the beginning of a new trip to Thailand when enjoying cocktails on the 61st floor?

My favorite sky bars in Bangkok are Moon Bar on Banyan Tree Hotel in Sathorn (the whole city skyline in front of you) and Above Eleven on Fraser Suites in Sukhumvit Soi 11 (in the heart of downtown).

  • Prices: No entrance fees, but drink prices are obviously more expensive than in the bars “down on earth”, means about 300 Baht for beers, and 400-600 Baht for wine or cocktails.

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Map of Nightlife in Bangkok

Video of Nightlife in Bangkok

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