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Koh Chang has a lot more to offer than beautiful beaches and tropical rainforest. The nightlife on Thailand’s third largest island is wild, diverse and thriving. There isn’t anything to do on the island’s quiet and unspectacular east coast (apart from some remote five star resorts), so if you are out exploring this part of the island by motorcycle you better return before 6pm unless you want to join the locals for a fishing trip out in the ocean.

All the action in Koh Chang after sunset is going on in the beach towns of the west coast.

The first thing you will notice when going up and down the main road from beach to beach on the west coast is how many beer bars there are. Almost every town or village has at least a couple of those Farang-oriented bars with mostly young Isaan girls waiting for guys to hang out with them, buy them drinks and go home together in exchange for paying the bar fine and some pocket money.

By the way: Supply doesn’t nearly meet demand in Koh Chang even in high season so it’s not unlikely that you are surrounded by three or four girls in these bars all giving their best to make you having a good time.

Girly Bars on Koh Chang

Koh Chang Girly Bars

White Sand Beach (Hat Sai Khao), the most developed beach on the island, has by far the highest concentration of girly bars on Koh Chang. Kai Bae Beach (Hat Kai Bae) has also plenty of options and they even got a small bar strip called “Walking Street”.

Look at the map below for the exact locations of those beer bar hubs. I have marked only the areas where there is a high concentration with at least ten or more girly bars.

As mentioned, almost every tiny village on Koh Chang’s west coast has a few lady bars and they are all kind of the same, so it doesn’t really make sense to give you a list of “the 5 best girly bars on Koh Chang”. It doesn’t really matter if they are called “One Redlight Bar” or “Honey Bar” – they are all kind of similar usually with a pool table, bar stools, bar games, TVs and lots of nice ladies.

  • Prices: Typical island prices, means a beer costs 90-100 Baht, spirits 150-160 Baht, lady drinks 150 / 200 Baht (no alcohol / with alcohol) and the bar fine is generally 500 Baht.

Night Clubs on Koh Chang

Koh Chang Night Clubs

Believe it or not, there is no proper indoor nightclub on Koh Chang. The place that comes closest to a club is The Rockbar on White Sand Beach (left picture above).

The skilled Filipino band is playing western rock n’ roll hits and are also open to wishes from the guests. There is no cover charge and it gets busy from around midnight till late. They even have a pool table there which is great to meet other people.

Another nightlife hotspot is the backpacker mecca at Lonely Beach. You can compare it somewhat with Khaosan Road in Bangkok; parties here start in the late afternoon and end somewhere around dawn. Needless to say that a lot of local Thai girls with ordinary day jobs like hotel reception or spa head there to hook up with Farang guys after they finished work.

Two of the most popular outdoor bars on Lonely Beach are Himmel Bar and Ting Tong Bar and Club right next to it.

Apart from all these beer bars, night clubs and backpacker spots there are obviously countless of beachside restaurants that make great party spots at night too. Sabai Bar (right picture above) on White Sand Beach is probably the most popular place in this category – they’ve got live music and a daily fire show, which is really impressive (see videos below).

  • Prices: Here are the prices of selected drinks in The Rockbar, which is quite representative for other late night bars on the island (except Lonely Beach, which is slightly cheaper): Chang & Leo 100 Baht, Singha 110 Baht, Sang Som & Mixer 380 Baht, Mount Clair Red Wine 150 Baht, Jack Daniels & Coke 190 Baht, Cocktails around 180 Baht, Mixers 40-50 Baht, Snacks like chips or nuts 40 Baht.

Happy Ending Massage on Koh Chang

Like on most other islands in Thailand, there is no shortage of massage salons on Koh Chang. And a few places on White Sand Beach and Kai Bae Beach also offer happy endings for a tip of 500 Baht in addition to the service price of 200 Baht for Thai Massage or 300 Baht for Oil Massage.

It’s really quite obvious. Just look at how sexy the girls are dressed and if they are also eagerly offering their service to you (“Hello! Handsome man! Massage one hour!”) then you can be pretty sure that extras are being offered.

Night Market on Koh Chang

Koh Chang Night Market

Before I show you the map with all the mentioned places, let’s round up this nightlife guide by mentioning the best night market on the island: The White Sand Beach Night Food Market.

If you want some break from the increasingly expensive food in the restaurants in town (or just crave some authentic Thai street food, sweets and drinks), make sure to visit the atmospheric night market right on the main street from about 6pm to 10pm.

Map of Nightlife on Koh Chang

You see the nightlife on Koh Chang has something for everyone. If you come as a couple you rather want to stick with the beautiful beachside bars and restaurants on White Sand or Kai Bae Beach or the multi-culti parties on Lonely Beach.

And if you are a single foreigner it doesn’t really matter where you book your hotel – you can find fun and accompaniment on almost every corner of the west coast.

Videos of Nightlife on Koh Chang

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  • zachovalj says:

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  • Gary says:

    Thanks Redcat, looking at going for my 1st trip down there about Nov 8/9th for a few days /week. I single so White sand beach, seems place to stay.

  • Louisa says:

    You seem to advertise the bar girls a lot. I’ve spent many years on that island and spent hours talking with them especially the Cambodians. We all know what poverty does and desperation The men taking advantage of that should make most thinking people cringe somewhat . There is also a school for. Cambodian children at Klong Proa with one volunteer teacher. The environment is harsh and little supplies lunch is provided as the children are so poor . Maybe the fellas reading your post might like to help at this school instead of giving money to the bars. I think most would be humbled and truly have a wonderful day . Just saying .

    • Peter says:

      Yes, we wouldn’t want them making a living or, God forbid, even having a bit of fun every now and then now would we, Louisa?

    • In case you don’t know we can help by many ways ! Buying local products, paying the bargirls and buying supplies for school ! Why having to choose ?

    • Dmitry says:

      Dear Lousisa.
      There are three things, you forget about.
      The first is: thousands of men *afraid* to have sex with white women now. Why? Cause there are many cases of “rape” after several month or even years of sex case if white women complain about “rape” in case if she don’t like thay man anymore and want his money or just ruin his life. The second: to have a sexual aurosal both gender need to feel safe, free, and playful. It’s not possible to be inside your soul if you will sit and sigh papers every time before kiss or penetration with white girlfriend or wife. I don’t want to say much about radical feminist ogranisation, but this is about them mostly… All this horrible to men cases. So, if i don’t want to go to prison, if i know that porn and masturbation is realy bad practice for my mind (google about porn addiction), and i don’t want castration, what should i do?.. Third one: there are milions of girl who work in field and factories. From realy poor families. Why they are not selling bodies? Maybe the case not about povetry, but about personalities? P.s. I’m personaly preffer asian girlfriends, not prostitutes. And when I free from relationships – casual sex with white girls. Family? When I get my 40, not earlier.

    • OfficialTravelNews says:

      Of course a stupid comment from a “woman”, I mean old desperate with pu….
      I shag women and give money to charity and other NGO, is it a problem for you ?
      Asian women working in bars are just lazy and prefer this than working in a factory, so I guess that it’s not your problem AT ALL.

    • Stephan says:

      Hi Louis

      I am glad that you have given this information here. I will visit that place

    • Alex Porter says:

      We give money to the poor girls of Issan and give them a good time.

    • Paul mchale says:

      Totally agree.lived in Cambodia for a year.shocked me with the poverty.whilst farang just abuse.dont get me wrong,I started out like that but if you have any conscience makes you question yourself.

  • Ianan says:

    One Club was demolished a few months ago as was Jungle Queen. Sabay Bar is now the nearest thing to a nightclub on the island.