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Thai Love CourseSure, a lot of Thai girls are good in English, especially hookers. But how if you want to ask a “normal” Thai girl out for a date?

There are countless of beautiful Thai girls that have never dated a foreigner before but would love to if you can at least speak some basic Thai.

Or think of all the university girls most of them don’t speak English or are too shy but how if you tell them in Thai “You are cute, do you want to go for dinner with me?”.

Imagine how many more Thai girls you can meet if you know some really useful Thai vocabulary and phrases! Leaving alone to impress girls no matter if they speak English or not.

The Thai Love Course is divided into two parts:

The first part is about teaching you all the language skills you need in order to talk to Thai girls confidently.

The second part is about understanding the way Thai girls are thinking and what they expect from you in a relationship. Plus bonus content including Pick Up Lines that really work and the most important Isaan Words.

You will love this book.

Thai Love Course Look Inside

Thai Love Course – Table of Contents

  • Courting / Arranging a Date

Learn everything from “What’s your name?”, “Where do you go?”, “Your are cute” to “Are you free tonight?” and “Do you want to have a meal together?”. Step by step from the first thing you tell her to arranging a date.

  • During the Date / Bring her back to your room

Once it’s time to meet her and take her out for the date you will have a repertoire of more than enough questions and statements to convince her to go back to your or her room like  “It’s hot here, isn’t it?”, “Do you live alone?”, “Do you want to watch a movie in my room?” and many more.

  • In the Apartment / Making Love

The tools for your bedroom:  “I love your skin”, “Can I hug you?”, “Can I kiss you?”, “Does it hurt?”, “That feels good” are just a few things you will be able to tell your Thai girl.

  • Talking about Feelings

If you want to be able to ask your honey why she loves you as well as understanding her answer – this chapter provides all relevant words and phrases you need to know. Also including useful tools for pickup lines (“Your are so kind”, “I don’t want to sleep alone”, “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” etc).

  • Breaking up

Sooner or later you may want to end the relationship with your Thai girl and rather than ignoring her messages there are several ways to tell her that it’s over and also give a reason for it (“You don’t care about me at all”, “You barely call me”, “It’s better we break up” etc).

  • Talking to Bar Girls

There is not one foreigner that I know who comes to Thailand on holiday or lives here permanently and has not been in “contact” with Thai bar girls. So in the final chapter you’ll find everything related to talking to bar girls and hookers (“What time do you finish work?”, “I want to take you outside”, “How much is the bar fine?”, “That’s too much” etc). You’ll love this one.

Thai Love Course 3DEach chapter has a list of relevant vocabulary followed by useful sentences for real conversations. Everything in English, Transliteration and Thai script.

What you will get:

74-pages eBook (pdf) including introduction, six chapters (Courting / Arranging a Date, During the Date / Bringing her back to your room, In the Apartment / Making Love, Talking about Feelings, Breaking up & Talking to Bar Girls) each with Vocabulary List followed by Sentence and Conversation Sections as well as Remarks and Explanations.


eBook: Thai Love Course (PDF)

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eBook: Thai Love Course (PDF)

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