3 Best Dating Spots in Bangkok

Last updated: May 25th, 2023 | in Bangkok | Thai Girls

I have mentioned several times on this site that you’ve basically got 3 options to meet girls in Bangkok: Either in one of the many different nightlife spots (careful, lots of freelancers), in everyday life situations like flirting with the cute waitress in the restaurant, or simply on a dating site like Thai Friendly which …
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5 Places to Meet Sexy Girls in Bangkok

Last updated: May 18th, 2023 | in Bangkok | Thai Girls

If you come to Bangkok, I guess this is what the end of a perfect day should look like for you: You probably know that I live in Bangkok myself, and I have never regretted it during all these years: Thailand’s capital hasn’t only the biggest selection of apartments (or hotels in your case), but …
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Yesterday on Valentine’s Day my girlfriend and I wanted to go somewhere for a day trip, and since we didn’t want to do our usual Old-Town-Khaosan tour and see something new, we decided to check out Bang Krachao which is known (or marketed) as the “Green Lung of Bangkok“. And it’s actually an island! Bang …
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Nightlife & Thai Girls in Bangkok

Last updated: July 20th, 2023 | in Bangkok | Nightlife | Thai Girls

Bangkok is the most visited city in the world by now, and there are more than just one or two reasons for this: A unique mix of traditional and modern worlds, with century old temples and ultra-modern shopping malls, an interesting melting pot of Thai people from all over the country who come here to …
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5 Best Hotels With Ladyboys in Bangkok

Last updated: May 17th, 2023 | in Bangkok | Hotels | Ladyboys

Today it’s time for another overview guide for ladyboy lovers and for those of you guys who just want to try it and live out their fantasies for a night. So let’s say you met a super hot and attractive Thai ladyboy in one of the go go bars orĀ on Thai Friendly. Then sooner or …
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Top 5 Best Ladyboy Go Go Bars in Bangkok

Last updated: May 17th, 2023 | in Bangkok | Ladyboys | Nightlife

One of the great things about the nightlife in Bangkok is that it really has something for everyone. So if you want to take a break from the girls, or really are into shemales, or are just curious and want to see them in action, then the ladyboy go go bars are without doubt great …
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5 Best Soapy Massage Parlors in Bangkok

Last updated: June 26th, 2023 | in Bangkok | Thai Girls

There are more than 100 so called soapy massage parlors in Bangkok, which are mostly big buildings that look like shady hotels. Well, in some sense they are hotels, in a way that they all have several dozen private rooms equipped with a king sized bed, TV, table, ensuite bathroom with shower, and bathtub, which …
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4 Types of Freelance Hookers in Bangkok

Last updated: May 17th, 2023 | in Bangkok | Thai Girls

There are 2 types of prostitutes in Bangkok: First, the girls who are employed by someone – the disadvantage here is that you have to pay a third party if you want to have sex with her. For example, if you want to get yourself a go go or beer bar girl, you’ll have to …
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