Photo Essay: A Sunday Stroll Around Amphawa Floating Market

Last updated: December 11th, 2018 | in Central Thailand | Samut Songkhram | Traveling

Visiting a floating market in Thailand has never been on my to do list. I thought I’d rather visit every single of the 76 province capitals before I head to out to one of these touristic “water markets” (dalaad naam, ตลาดน้ำ) some 100 km west of Bangkok. Everyone knows that the days where most of the market trading took place on rivers and canals are long gone – canals have been replaced with roads and boats with motorcycles and cars. Floating markets nowadays are mainly a tourist attraction.

But then I met this really nice Thai family on Thursday at the celebrations of the King’s birthday here in Bangkok and they asked me if I am free on Sunday, they would like to take me to the Amphawa Floating Market. I thought sure why not, let’s give it a try it might be a nice day trip and they even picked me up from my apartment so I really had nothing to worry about.

So what is this trip all about? Well, to put it short: It’s nothing less or more but a huge outdoor market. Obviously you have plenty of wooden canoes filled with fruits, vegetables, seafood and more being sold to the pedestrians by women wearing wide-brimmed straw hats. But it’s really more than just that. Most of the goods are not being sold on the water but at the countless of market booths and atmospheric cafes set up along the paved pedestrian walkway along the canal.

Even though there are a lot of foreign tourists more than 90 percent of the visitors to Amphawa Floating Market are people from Bangkok. I asked the Thai family I went there with and they said they come here at least once a month to shop and eat around this quintessentially Thai setting.

Find below some of my best photos and videos of my visit to Amphawa Floating Market.

Amphawa Floating Market 1

Amphawa Floating Market 11

Amphawa Floating Market 4

Amphawa Floating Market 6

Amphawa Floating Market 7

Amphawa Floating Market 8


Amphawa Floating Market 10

Amphawa Floating Market 2

Amphawa Floating Market 5

Amphawa Floating Market 3

Amphawa Floating Market 13

Amphawa Floating Market 12

A Boat Ride at Amphawa Floating Market

You can do 90-minutes boat trips where they take you not just all the way through the floating market but make quite an extended loop out on the Mae Klong River. You have two boat options: Shared public boat for 60 baht or you hire your own boat for 800 baht.

How to get from Bangkok to Amphawa Floating Market:

From Victory Monument: Minivans leave every hour at the Channel 5 TV station side, one way fare 80 baht, about 90 minutes. Departure from Century side (in front of 7-eleven): one way fare 80 baht.
From Southern Bus Station: regular services to Mae Klong (every 1-2 hours), the canal where the floating market is located. One way fare 50 baht, about 90 minutes.

The Amphawa Floating Market is open from Thursday to Sunday from about 4pm till midnight.