Nightlife & Thai Girls in Kamphaeng Phet

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Kamphaeng Phet is much more than just another usual province capital city. Located about 300km north of Bangkok, halfway to Chiang Mai, the city is mainly known for the Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Historic Town of Sukhothai and Associated Historic Towns”.

So if you come here you won’t be disappointed and that’s not different with activities after sunset, I was surprised how much is going on here – a lot more than in Sukhothai and even Phitsanulok.

Most of the bars and clubs in Kamphaeng Phet can be found in downtown on the eastern side of the Ping River just north of the little island called Koh Klang. There are no Farang oriented places like you find them in tourist hubs like Bangkok or Phuket.

It’s mostly Thai joints that don’t see any Farangs most of the nights – after all Kamphaeng Phet in general doesn’t see a lot of Farangs. Don’t worry though the locals are pretty cool and easy to talk to, after all Kamphaeng Phet is also a university city means lots of cute student girls all over the place.

Below is the list of the best bars and clubs in Kamphaeng Phet. At the end of the article you’ll find a detailed map with the exact locations of all the mentioned places.

Bars in Kamphaeng Phet

Kamphaeng Phet Bar

The semi-outdoor Studio Cafe is by far the most popular bar in Kamphaeng Phet. This place has live music at most nights, beer towers (and girls), decent food and makes a great option to sit down and watch the scene not just in the bar, but also on the town’s happening main road, Tesa 1 Road.

You can see how popular it is by watching my video below – I took it last Thursday.

There are a few more neat and atmospheric bars in the same area such as โรงเตี๊ยม (Rong Diam) and Together Restaurant, as well as d.fine further south.

  • Prices: You’ll be amazed by the drink prices in Kamphaeng Phet’s bars – a big bottle of Leo probably won’t cost you more than 85 Baht.

Night Clubs in Kamphaeng Phet

Kamphaeng Phet Girls

189 Pub is for sure the most popular night club in Kamphaeng Phet. It’s packed every night with young local Thais partying and dancing to the live band playing Thai rock and pop songs.

If you have only one night in Kamphaeng Phet, you should definitely check out 189 Pub.

And well guys, if you’re out for hunting something other than temples in Kamphaeng Phet, this is the place to go from 11pm till late.

Kamphaeng Phet Night Club

Right across from 189 Pub is Banana Club, the other popular night club in town, especially among students. You’ll see lots of young and sexy Kamphaeng Phet girls in here.

There’s live music every night and the setup of the club is typical Thai style, means the whole room is filled with round tables where groups of friends are sitting, standing or dancing together. Banana Club is mostly busy on Friday & Saturday nights.

  • Prices: I had a couple of big Singha beers in 189 and that cost me 120 Baht per bottle. You can also buy a bottle of whiskey for about 700-1,500 Baht (depending on the brand like Blend 285 or Johnnie Walker).

Night Market in Kamphaeng Phet

Kamphaeng Phet Night Market

A great place to get started with the nightlife in Kamphaeng Phet is the night market. It’s conveniently located on Tesa 1 Road near the River Promenade and most of the bars in town.

There are several tasty street restaurants, fashion shops and snack stalls. I particularly loved the mango with sticky rice for just 50 Baht – in Bangkok you’d pay easily double that price.

Map of Nightlife in Kamphaeng Phet

Videos of Nightlife in Kamphaeng Phet

13 Responses

  • Damien says:

    I spent some time living with a girl (who owned a lovely house and a farm) outside Kamphaeng Phet – a village called Mae Nari. Loved every moment; had all mod cons to keep my farang standards up yet all the little dramas and events that a farming village experiences daily. Retirement is a long way off for me right now… but I know where I’ll be heading for my final years. And it won’t be BKK! ?

  • Philip says:

    Thank you for sharing. I just reached the 189 After Six. It’s at the premises of Phet hotel.

  • martin says:

    Just to add there is also a place called @around. It is off Charoensuk Road up a street opposite the gas station very nice with live music too. Also “on the rocks” too, not far from 3 time bar, also with live music. Just another couple of suggestions

  • Mark S says:

    Ah yes, I rarely have any reason to use the MRT. Most places I need and want to go are on the BTS line.

    • martin says:

      Hi, thanks for that little bit info. I have just been here in Kamphaeng Phet for 2 weeks and never knew about the Booze up….even though i have been in Z Through before, lol.
      189 club i think my g/f deliberately has not told me about, ha ha.
      I am here until late March but for sure….almost NO farangs at all which in a way is great, not crowded with tourists and not tourist prices either which is good to see.
      I’ll maybe try the Phet Cafe today….i like Chang but could do with a change of beer for a day i think.


      • Redcat says:

        Hi Martin, no wonder your girlfriend didn’t bring you there :) though there are lots of couples drinking and dancing too. Have a great time!

        • martin says:

          Cheers, i have lots of time here so will no doubt make it there at some stage, purely for research purposes of course, lol.
          I was in the Common Cafe yesterday opposite Z through. Never had Hoegaarden but…….as i sat and had a Stella the owner zoomed off on his bike and left his g/f chatting to me…..and he appeared back 10 minutes later with a full case of bottles of Hoegaarden! ha ha.

  • Mark S says:

    I live in BKK and I don’t even know that MRT stop. ;)

    • Redcat says:

      Coming from downtown it’s the station after Chatuchak Park (JJ Weekend Market). It’s also the closest MRT station to Mo Chit Northern Bus Terminal – from there it’s a 30 Baht motorbike ride to the bus terminal.

  • Mark S says:

    Interesting stuff. Hadn’t even heard of this place until now. Nightlife sounds decent. I’m guessing not too many farang there?

    Could be a nice spot.

    • Redcat says:

      Right Mark, most people only know the MRT statin in Bangkok that has the name “Kamphaeng Phet” :) Definitely off the beaten track, not many Farangs come here at all.