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Girl in Udon ThaniUdon Thani is without any doubt the biggest sexual playground for Farangs in Isaan. It just has something for everyone with two big complexes packed with beer bars, several “ordinary” bars, karaoke places, massage shops, a couple of nightclubs and a night market. Most of these Farang oriented nightlife spots are conveniently located within walking distance in the center of town near Central Plaza shopping mall.

Another great thing about the nightlife in Udon Thani is that the supply of girls by far always outnumbers the demand. Even in high season you will find a fairly relaxed atmosphere while most foreigners are heading to the bars of Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. The consequence is that sex in Udon Thani is among the best value in Thailand regarding bar fines and short time / long time rates.

Apart from hookers you also get a lot of attention from the “normal” Thai girls with regular jobs. Just by walking around Central Plaza you will soon notice the difference as compared to like Central World in Bangkok. Girls are looking and smiling at you as a foreigner and happy to chat with you as opposed to Bangkok where girls often seem stressed or even scared of Farangs. It’s super easy to arrange dates with girls in Udon – just by walking around and talking to people or by using one of the online dating sites.

Below is the complete guide to nightlife in Udon Thani as well as the exact locations of the venues:

Girly Bars in Udon Thani

There are two main areas for girly bars (or more commonly called beer bars) in Udon Thani and they are located just five to ten minutes walk from each other. They are called Day & Night and Nutty Park. The bars have local girls working who hang out with male customers buying them drinks, playing pool or other games, watching football on the TV screen or just chilling and chatting. Plenty of more bars can be found all along Samphan Thamit Alley right outside of Day & Night.

Drinks are fairly cheap with beers for 60-80 Baht and pool games are usually free. Lady drinks are obviously a bit pricier generally around 120 Baht. The bar fine is 300 Baht at all beer bars and that’s the cheapest in Thailand. Similar to short time rates averaging 1,000 Baht and long time (overnight) 2,000 Baht. If you like Sukhumvit Soi 4 in Bangkok or Second Road in Pattaya, you are going to love Udon as the rates here are just half the price and the girls are less pushing and sketchy.

The beer bars open in the early afternoon however most girls start working at around 7-8pm. The bars close at 1am and many of the girls who haven’t found company are heading to the night clubs after (see below).

Day & Night


This is a huge building packed with about two dozen of beer bars. Day & Night is located on Samphan Thamit Alley just behind Central Plaza. There are also several other bars on this road that have freelancers or just ordinary girls hanging out.

Nutty Park


Nutty Park is the second girl bar hub in town, located near the night market on Prajak Sillapakom Road. It’s L-shaped so if you walk all the way through you will find the bars towards the end of the strip have less customers than near the main road. Generally there’s a more laid back atmosphere than at Day & Night but of course you also get the “hey, handsome man” shouts from the sexy ladies trying to lure you in the bars and hang out with them.

Night Clubs in Udon Thani

Night Club in Udon Thani

The most popular Thai night club in Udon Thani is Tawan Daeng (see the picture above). It’s quite a big building right at the car entrance of Central Plaza. The set up is typical Thai club style with many small tables for groups sitting together and most of them opening a bottle of Red or Black. There is daily live music from around 10 pm, local bands playing the Thai hits. Tawan Daeng might be a typical Thai night club but you do see quite a few Farangs partying here as the locals are easygoing and approachable.

Phoenix Pub in Udon ThaniThe newest night club in town is Phoenix, about 10 minutes walk from Central Plaza. It’s smaller than the other ones mentioned here, but very neat and super modern with the nicest lighting and laser show. You’ll see a good mix of local girls, local guys, tourists, expats as well as farang-oriented hookers who give you lots of looks. They also got live music on stage every night. Prices are quite cheap for a night club with beers for 100 Baht, Cocktails for 150 Baht and whiskey bottles from 450 Baht for Blend & Sang Som.

Yellow Bird Night ClubAnother hugely popular club is Yellow Bird at the back of the Charoen Hotel. That’s about 10-15 minutes walk from Central Plaza. It’s just a little smaller than Tawan Daeng but also has live music every night and gets packed especially on weekends. You don’t see many foreigners here, but instead some of the hottest Udon girls around. Like all other night clubs in town they have to close at 2am so if you want to open a bottle of whiskey (like 100 Pipers for 690 Baht, Red Label for 1,700 Baht, Draught Leo Pitcher for 280 Baht) and get a decent table it’s worth coming as early as 11pm.

And also clustered around Nutty Park, there are a couple of great night clubs. Well, they almost look like bars but the music is louder, they’ve got a small dancing stage and close late. The best venue there is Sisters Bar and it’s the type of place that the girls from Day & Night and Nutty Park are going if they didn’t get bar fined out earlier the night. Go to these clubs any day from midnight onward and you’ll have the best chances to pick up a girl for the night without paying her any more than a couple of drinks.

Soapy Massage Parlors in Udon Thani

Soapy Massage Parlor in Udon ThaniThere is only one real soapy massage parlor (aap-op-nuat) in Udon Thani and that’s Oscar in the western part of town not too far from Nong Prajak Park. There are about 10-15 girls in the fishbowl and 3-5 sideliners on the red couch at most times. Prices are 1,600 Baht for the fishbowl girls and 1,900 Baht for the sideline girls. The atmosphere at Oscars is quite relaxed, you’ll see many Thai guys just hanging out for hours drinking beer before picking one of the girls (or not).

The papasan is very friendly, not pushing at all and does speak some basic English. The quality of girls may not be as great as in Bangkok, but there are a couple of young, white skinned and quite hot sideline girls, most of them have no children (you can ask the papasan of course). Otherwise quite an old building and same for the rooms that have seen better times, but it’s still alright and if you pick the right girl it’s definitely worth it.

Massage Parlor in Udon ThaniThe Grand Naga Hotel (formerly Tonkoon Hotel) is home of another massage parlor in Udon Thani. It’s not a soapy but has the type of fishbowl arrangement where girls are presenting themselves. You can have a drink first at one of the couches to make up your choice or just pick a girl straight away. Most of the girls are stunning hot and white skinned.

You can either take a Thai massage for 380 Baht or a oil massage for 650 Baht (same price for all girls), both two hours in a private room with air conditioning and a TV. Extras are guaranteed but the tip has to be negotiated with the girl (don’t ask her straight away but wait until she is working her way closer and closer to the area between your legs).

Even though the place opens at noon, don’t make the mistake and come too early as most girls walk in at around 6 pm just before sunset – including the top choices. The massage parlor closes at midnight.

Happy Ending Massage in Udon Thani

Udon Thani Happy Ending MassageThe other “ordinary” massage shops in Udon Thani are spread all around town, but the highest concentration can be found along Prajak Sillapakom Road around Nutty Park. The general rule of “if they wear short skirts they’ll be naughty” doesn’t really apply in Udon so even if she seems very attracted and charming to you outside she might put on a different face inside and just do her massage while not being interested or just too shy to offer hand job, blow job or sex.

The standard price is 200 Baht for a Thai Massage and 300 Baht for an Oil Massage. It is really random and depends on the girl and how much she likes you to go beyond the standard massage and make it a happy ending one. The older the girl, the more likely it usually is that she’s willing to give you the special extra at the end of the session.

Hostess Bars in Udon Thani

Hostess Bar in Udon ThaniHostess bars are like the equivalent to the beer bars just oriented towards Thai men. However, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t welcome in these places as a Farang. It’s just that things work a little different to what you may be used to. The girls are among the hottest you can find in Udon, usually white skinned and thin.

Drink prices are similar to the beer bars, however lady drinks means shots usually cost 150 Baht and don’t be surprised if they ask for 5 shots at once. Also don’t be surprised when they aren’t sitting with you all the time and rather standing next to your table and even walking around. Also there is no bar fine at the hostess bars, but that isn’t really a problem since they are all closing at midnight so you can take them out or home afterwards.

The best bars in this category are Tiny, Pimp Niyom and UD Coffee Bar that is divided into karaoke and night club (or how the Thais say: pub).

Karaoke Bars in Udon Thani

Karaoke Bar in Udon Thani

In a lot of cities around Thailand and especially in Bangkok the karaoke bars are really oriented towards Thai guys and it’s likely for you to get ripped off or simply overcharged if you don’t speak Thai or don’t know how things are going in these places.

It’s different in Udon Thani where you have both local Thais and Farangs visiting the karaoke bars and the girls aren’t hesitate to sit with you even if their English is weak. Lady drinks are generally cheaper than in the beer bars (like 80 Baht for a coke or she just brings two glasses and you drink beer or whiskey together at no additional charge, usually there is also no extra charge for her sitting with you which is quite a standard for Karaoke Bars in Thailand). Some girls can be taken out and if so, the bar fine is 300 Baht at most places.

There are several karaoke bars spread all around Udon but the highest concentration can be found along Thanon Adulyadej, about 500m north of Central Plaza.

Thai Brothels in Udon Thani

A couple of Thai Brothels can be found on Soi Adunyadet 2 and 5. They have young Lao girls offering short time in the buildings’ small rooms. If you don’t find anything while visiting (these places get raided and shut down from time to time) then you may as well check out Soi Adunyadet 7 that has a couple of short time hotels and more often than not local Thai pimps willing to help you out (they show you the girls’ pictures on their phones first).

Street Hookers in Udon Thani

A bunch of freelancing women (usually well over 30) are hanging out at the intersection of Samphan Thamit Alley and Prajak Sillapakom late at night. In other words: The corner of the street leading from Day & Night to Nutty Park. They may not be the most attractive ones but then you can’t really complain with rates of about 500 Baht for a quick short time.

Ladyboys in Udon Thani

Ladyboy in Udon ThaniUdon is the best place in all of Isaan to meet and sleep with sexy Ladyboys. It’s not just that this place has the highest number of them but most of them are also super attractive. And even better, they are often hanging out in the same places as the girls, means in many girly bars (especially in Day & Night) and also in the night clubs (especially in Tawan Daeng). Apart from that, you’ll also find plenty of them hanging out or working in Central Plaza (see picture). They are generally more friendly, charming and easy going than in most other places in Thailand, especially Bangkok and Pattaya.

Udon Thani Night Market

Night Market in Udon Thani

Udon Thani’s night market is located on Prajak Sillapakom Road. What I like about it is that it’s mainly selling clothes and fashion rather than tourist souvenirs and cheap accessories. It’s a nice place to start your evening as there are also a lot of food stalls and even TV screens showing live sports.

Map of Nightlife in Udon Thani

Videos of Nightlife in Udon Thani

61 Responses

  • Ben says:

    Ah.. I remember when I first read this article trying to make up my mind whether to go to Udon Thani or not about 6 months ago.

    Well, I’ve been twice now and I love Udon Thani… It took me a few days to get my bearings though. On the first night I went home alone haha. But I quickly adapted to the place and the girls began to trust me once they saw me around a few times. Now I hear my name being called from just about every bar as I walk passed, which presents challenges in it’s self. It’s hard to discreetly get away with being a butterfly in Udon as the night scene is not large and also a lot of the girls know each other.

    I find there are just enough girls there to keep it interesting and the occasional new face pops up from time to time too. It’s a laid back cozy little place. I am in my late 30’s and it suits me fine there. I actually prefer it over the craziness of Bangkok and Pattaya. For the (most part) the men young and old are not dickheads there. One bloke once said to me (you don’t come to Udon Thani to be a dickhead). I appreciate that.

    I’ll be heading back for my 3rd visit soon.

    • Michael says:

      I agree with this. Came to Udon in February and am back here now. It is a relaxed and fun place to spend a week or so. As Ben says, once the girls recognise you after a few days you can have a lot of fun – although I don’t take them back to my hotel just drink and play pool, I think that is definitely available if you “establish yourself” as described above.

  • john says:

    I went to udon. I found only the older girls and they had already been used in Bangkok or Pattaya so much that there was little demand there. They then return home to udon and work in prostitution. So it ‘s stupid to spend time and money visiting a place like udon there’ s nothing worth visiting

  • Gil de Tourette says:

    So i have. Een to Udon and this is no place for mongering.
    The massage parlours have no pretty ladies and they want 300 baht for oil and 500 baht extra for handjob (she asked 700) or 1000 extra for a fuck (she asked 1200).
    Then the girls at Day and Night. I bought two pretty girls(both 21) a LD (150 / 190 (!) each), talked to them, asked them for ahort time, they both refused.
    Then I went to another bar, took a fatty girl for a LD. Asked her how much short time , she said 300 barfine and 2000 for her. I asked her can you make it cheaper a bit then a. Whole story about how expensive life is blah blah blah. I said goodbye, went home alone amd had a wank off in the shower.
    I will never ever visit this city again. Avoid!

    • Gil de Tourette says:

      Oh yes, the ladyboy who stands at the corner of the street (at the Central mall side) wants 500 baht. I am not into LBs but apparantly there is some cheap sex to be had.

  • Robert says:

    Just got back today (and counting down for the next visit – 14 weeks)..

    Day & Night is excellent. A little after midnight the roller shutters for most of the bars come down. Some will bring the guests inside the bar before rolling down the doors. I met a sweet girl at honey bar – about half way in on the right, short timed her and then went back for more drinks. I like to bang my girls sober and drink after. Repeated this the next night. After the rollers went down the girls and I played cards, with me as an observer at first. The game is a simple game and we were betting 20 baht at a time. I lost about 40 baht. It was a fun night and my girl brought me beers and did not want anything for it. Mamasan it was OK. Very good night, fun and good laughs.

    The girls are more difficult at the yellow bird because its mostly Thais and they don’t want to be seen walking out with a farang – especially an older guy like me.

    Nutty park was dead, I gave up after two walk throughs.

    At the end of the street is Vikings Bar, every time I went there i would bring back a ST girl. There was an extremely beautiful Thai / Filipino ladyboy there too if you like that.

    Around the corner from Vikings is Tawan Daeng. It was excellent, and the music was Isaan rock & roll – not bad.

  • Doug says:

    I am glad Redcat updated his web site. I just want to say that all the Sois in Udon are still closed. I go by the area often. There are a couple of new hostess bars, but I believe the local law states that venues which have outside bars or beer bars do not allow the hostess girls to sit down with customers. They stand or squat next to the customer’s table. There is a new one on the side of Tung Sri Muang. Also there are some new bars on the narrow road that connects Nong Prajak with the Ring Road. There is a nice hostess place there there called “Share Bar” Also a new one opened in the last couple of weeks near “Share Bar” This narrow road, is gradually becoming an interesting area for nightlife.

    Next, the karoake place you picture in your Udon section on Karoake bars has been closed and looks as though it will be torn down any day now. Also, a sing song venue that had been open for nearly 20 years. diagonally across from Toon Koon/Naga very recently closed. It has been replaced by a new bar called “20 and Up” There is an after hours bar in Udon, but I hesitate to name it for fear of putting heat on them.

    Finally, Redcat, is Pimp Niyom part of UD Coffee shop? I went there a few nights ago and had a great time. I see inside UD coffee shop, one part is UD Pub (the old name) and another part is the “Secret Bar” I did not see Pimp Niyom. Also, I checked the pink pins on your map and two pins say Pimp Niyom, so I am not sure. I have a hunch that the shots at UD coffee shop they give the girls when they serve beer may be water. I did not test it but it may be that the “shots” are props and not really alcohol, but function as a cover for diverting money to the hostess girls. The action I received could not have been for free. Also unique about this place is that they have you sign the bill each time a round is served. Hope you have time to answer about Pimp Niyom. Really like your web site and will take a run to Nong Khai soon.

    If anyone wants more details about UD coffee shop, let me know

  • Robert says:

    Day & Night

    I thought it was quite good, but be warned the officials do come along it midnight and it is closed within a very short time ! The girls are quite attractive, and relaxed friendly. One was cheeky enough to ask 2,000 for short time – she was very attractive, but not 2,000 baht attractive ! .The one I chose wanted 1,400 and I went to a small shop across the road and bought condoms. They would have fitted a midget if you were very lucky and about as thick as a wetsuit. Destroyed the experience, the girl did try her best however. She weighed only 38kgs and had the best tits I have seen in a very long time ! Took her back to the bar afterwards and spent about an hour chatting to her. I bought a few drinks and she did not ask for any LD’s. She was a bit apologetic, but it was not her fault.

  • robert Greenberg says:

    This February will be my 3rd visit to Udon Thani. Always stay at least one month. Always stay at the Centara Hotel in a Deluxe room for about $50 a night including morning buffet breakfast. Room is clean, beautiful, and nice bathroom with nice shower. I go to Udon Thani for two reasons. Target rich environment, just gorgeous girls as wonderful a girlfriend as you could dream for next to going to Shangra La. The street food and outdoor restaurants are just great. Very Very safe environment, you will never be bothered by anyone in this wonderful place. Many a visitor goes to visit and ends up with a trophy wife living there or back in his country or both. Don’t look for other then what it is, a Farangs dream stop, and that stop many times turns into a permanent stop for life. I’m 68 years old and what a place. I feel like a young man when I am there. Take my thoughts to heart, as this place is off the map. Just very very special.

  • LocalHero says:

    Excellent update, RedCat! I am a local who noticed Oscar (‘s) years ago, but never ventured inside until yesterday @2pm. There were @10 sideliners on the couch, and I was surprised how HAWT half of them were. I picked a bonafied “Pretty” (the type you’d expect to find promoting something at the mall) for 2,100 THB and WOW did she have skills! Very good attitude and friendly personality. Professional service only (condom at all times).

    A chat in Thai discovered many of the girls come up from KK to earn. Likely having told their friends and family some excuse or other. I got the impression they may use the place to “shop” for a nearby wealthy Thai sponsor when they lose one.

    I wouldn’t mind a regular side myself and may dig a little more and see what happens. My Yoda TG skills are rusted and it is difficult to get all the dirt while feigning “nit-noy” Thai skills. I may drop the facade next visit or so.

    Anyway, good report! I am happy to have finally stepped in there thanks to your report!

  • The tank says:

    Thanks to all above… First time in Udon for many years, wow what a change!

    I chose to try out the massage next door to the Grand Naga. Very easy to find, into the car park, immediately on the right.
    Walking down the steps to the shop, a lady was there to point me in the right direction. Fishbowl is visible from outside the main door. I counted 25 ladies, ranging from not so hot, up to quite hot indeed. Nearly all were big in the chest area. But as I prefer smaller chests, I was pleased to spot one lady like this. Pretty also, very nice smile, she jumped up and appeared shocked that she was picked. Papasan said she was ok, but not popular.
    She did not speak more than a couple of words in English, me, same for Thai. But we got thru ok. I have had many massages over the years, but this was the best, really well trained and very strong. Her name is Pu, number 21. I would recommend her wholeheartedly. Very good experience.

  • Doug says:

    I live in Udon and know it quite well. All Soi activity is shut down. I party along areas outside of Nutty Park and Day and Night. Whenever I go out, I almost always run into the police checking to see if venues are closing on time. Ever since the Sois in Udon were raided by the police in February of 2015, you can no longer find this kind of activity where you can go in and choose the girls. The Sois have now migrated to closed houses which are acessible using Tuk Tuk drivers or the 69 Hotel. You cannot go to the girls. The girls are brought to you. I have lived in Udon on and off for 20 years and this is by far the most serious of times. By the way, the Ton Koon Hotel is now the Naga and they keep raising the prices for oil massages.

    I am anxious to hear some replies to Boris’ post.

    • Doug says:

      The 69 Hotel has been a mainstay in Udon for over 20 years. Any Tuk Tuk driver would know where it is. If you find a Tuk Tuk driver in Udon who does not know, then he is truly out of touch. The 69 is on Soi 7 in Udon. Going to the 69 is a hit and miss thing. Some nights – no girls. I have had them bring me two girls to view on occasion. If you go after midnight, you may be out of luck some nights. Also in Udon, Mr Tong’s was recently closed. If you are seriously coming to Udon, check out the forum on

    • Bobby says:

      Can you tell me where the 69 hotel is please?

  • Boris says:

    Is there any telephone escort agencies in Udon, like in Bangkok for instance? I can find nothing in Google. And if not, how much would a girl from Nutty Park for instance, be for 24 hours or more?

  • Uli says:

    Who like einjoy old,ugly and chuby masseuse should visit the fishbowl in Ton Tonkoon Hotel. I try my luck few times on diferent days and times at afternoon and evening and never saw any pretty lady there.

    The masseuses around central plaza looks a bit better, but almost every lady looks better then the masseuses from the fishbowl. Hahaha

    At bars around central plaza are very few pretty ladies but some crazy ladyboys.

    Who want try to catch a thai beauty should try his luck at the Mall or the beer park nearby trainstation and in phonix disco.

  • Ron says:

    Did not have Steven’s experience at all….nice beautiful girls all over udon. Picked up a local hottie at central plaza. She was eating alone at the food court and I asked if I could join her. The udon girls seem much more approachable than the rest of Thailand. Got her “line” is and asked her if she wanted to go to the club that night which she agreed. Got a table with a battle of whiskey and some water for 600 baht. Brought her back to my hotel and knocked it out that night and the next morning. Went to night and day and was quoted 1000 St 2000 lt. But that was without even chit chatting…I bet they will go lower. Udon imho has almost anything boo can offer…malls cinema good restaurants at half the cost and twice the chance for success.

  • tom j says:

    sorry the spelling. its late.

  • tom j says:

    i went here without knowledge ither than 10 years around Bkk and Phuket, and the areas around.

    looked up this tinight at arrival as Im going to Mekong, Laos and find it quite small town and nice.

    I went to Day & Night.

    dudnt go further than the first bar on right, had a great time with the ladies, the bosdy girl was most interesting face so I flirted and had fun with them for few hours, and spend a big bill , it wasnt ecpencive..
    but after my meal an several beers and lady drinks she went too pushy so I paid and left. thsts ok.
    I walked up the street and headed for the … soi 2, but theres no more place there or its huddent well. I went back to the soi with day/night and jumped ingobthe vikings bar, as I spotted a young beauty there.

    she wad fine and did some Englisg, and my nit noi thai worked. we went to my hotel on her bike :-)
    tasted fresh as a 20 yr and wakex up her sexual appetite with my tongue. i have to mention I was s bit drunk ..
    but it all ended well, she prived herself up but its ok. she stay the night so I shoot some pix in the morning

    udon is good :-)

    sabai sabai, t

  • John says:

    First of all, if you go there looking for a hooker, you’re looking for the wrong thing. Go in with a positive attitude, have fun and you’ll never leave alone. Best place in Thailand. I’ve spent less than 4,000 baht in one night and spent the whole night(til 8 AM) partying with 5 girls attending me, and eventually took the hottest one back(I included that in the price). (I highly recommend Top Mansion, as it’s close to Udon Night and Day, and is very clean, nice, and reasonable.)

    You simply wanting to go short time, doesn’t mean they want to go with you, as you should probably spend more time talking to them and convincing them you’re a decent, fun, guy. Do that once and you’re set every time you go back! I can’t sit down in some of those bars in Night and Day, without 2 girls plopping in my lap, and I am NOT a big spender!

    If you’re too cheap, don’t want to have a little fun, and chat, etc., you WILL find yourself going home alone. They often pick out the “younger” guys as being cheaper, or poorer, and avoid them. You’re obviously doing something wrong. (I had a bar in Koh Samui/Lamai beach, and you’d be surprised what the girls think about younger guys who simply have one drink then want to go “short time”. A lot of them don’t like that and want to have fun outside the sack, too.)

    Udon Thani I would rate higher than Bangkok, for quality of girls, beautiful girls, price, everything…

  • Steve says:

    I am really disappointed in Udon. If you didn’t put up pictures of Day and Night on your webpage I would swear we are not talking about the same location.

    I got shot down by about 15 hookers in a row in day and night. I am mid 30s and was the only young somewhat fit guy there (not that they care about looks over my wallet haha) There couldn’t have been more than 10 Farang in the whole complex last night, and obviously way more girls. As I walked through they cat called with hansum man have a drink as thai hookers do. I then asked them you want to go short time with me. They all just said no no no one after the other.

    This is by far the worst place in thailand I have ever been and I have been almost everywhere tourists go. You are spot on about the mall.

    I called my buddy to tell him how bad my rejections were in udon and surprisingly he told me he had the same experience. He said he got shot down by a ton of hookers here too.

    • adam says:

      You do not get here a true reply for a obvious reason,
      The reason why they rejected you, the younger guy, is simply because younger guys would cost them too much energy. Old, drunk farangs who like spending time in the bars are not fit and does not have a good stamina so it is easier work for them. They very often even have to help those farangs in bed to perform the work men supposed to do.
      I heard replies like this from many girls.

      • doug says:

        You cannot forget that the customers are part of the job and that’s what it is for the bar girls – a job. You cannot lose that perspective. So the reply about the girls not wanting to expend energy on the younger men is a good call to me. Also, from what I see with my own eyes in Udon is that the older men will spend more money on drinks for the girls and buy her food. As I understand, many of the bar girls do not receive a salary and the girls have to hustle drinks and food for a commission.

      • Charlie says:

        Spot on! I have been going in and out of Thailand for over 40 years. If you treat the ladies with respect, talk with them awhile, buy them some drinks and food, you will gain their attention better and have about any girl you want. However, I have not been to Udorn in decades, but the game is about the same all over. Udorn will be my next stop when I return to Thailand. Thank you all for your insight and opinions.

    • Gil de Tourette says:

      They want to have expensive lady drinks but won’t go indeed. It is a scam. Avoid this place! Go to Pattaya or Bangkok where MANY MANY girls from Udon are willing to suck your dick for 1,000 – 1,500 baht

      • Hugo says:

        Maybe you should go back to France where you can get a Muslim wearing a burqa or looking at your name you have Tourette syndrome and swear at everyone , french men have no respect for anyone in my experience

  • paul says:

    Has the tonkoon hotel been renamed / taken over? I’m confused – looking on google street view it seems to be now called the Pruksasin hotel, and on booking sites, the Grand Nada appears to be in that location? Can anyone clarify, and whether the place whatever it’s named still provides the same extra services? Thanks, Paul

    • Roy says:

      Hi Paul

      Did you find out about the hotel , as I will be there at the end of the month .


      • Paul says:

        Hi Roy, no I know nothing more so any info you uncover about the Tonkoon hotel or whatever it now is would be greatly appreciated.

        • Choi says:

          Hi paul i’ve benn there just today i think it has been changed name of hotel which is tonkon to grand naga but do not worry the massage shop still there at parking spot which is behind hotel anyway if you pass grand hotel then you can see sign of massage shop however i do tell u one thing this is what i had experience today when I got there I pass though the door then 2 sec later I run a way cuz that was what i had expected
          Whatever u think ..hmmm just don’t be shocked this is only what i can say good luck

  • roy says:

    when you go tho de bars in udon thani ,day or nicht or the nuttypark, whait to 12 o clock in the nicht than you get a nice girl for 500 baht long time the hole nicht when they like you y come thear a lot en most of the girls are ok regards roy

  • Chris says:

    hi guys, any news about the “old” brothels in udon soi 2,3,7? where are the young, pretty, lao girls?

  • megadeath says:

    BuzzMan, what does YMMV stand for?
    how much for special massage?
    are the laos girl back yet?
    will go to udon thani in december this year with my “old” wife but need to get “fresh” grease to my “machine”

  • BuzzMan says:

    Just today visit Tonkoon massage parlour and YMMV but looks like I was lucky at 1:30 PM with just one 28 years old lovely lady (number 55) out of a total of 7. 550bt for 2 hours oil massage and off to 7th floor. Clean room, hard matrass but further on nothing special in the room. Massage was good, 2 full hours with just a quick break for washing her hands before starting the last bit of the head massage. She very politely asked if she could ask me a question, amd then you know what the question will be, if I would like special massage. Refused this time as tonight i would like to explore the Model Fashion massage on floor 8, which as my massage girl stated, very beautiful girls. We will see. But in the end it is definitely a place to visit for some cheap extra’s, if you like.

  • น้ำแข็ง says:

    Any update about Soi 2 ,3 and Soi 7 in Udon ? everybody who’s insider in Udon knows what I m talking about..are they open? ..right now I m in KK and the place near Glacier Hotel is shutdown by police. Even 2 new pubs build on the place where the girls used to be,so no way for reopening at that place .thx 4 any infos about Udon?!

  • Great article, great inspiration. I run my own bar in Chiang Mai and I’m heading down to Udon this weekend with a friend to check out the scene.

    I’m not a great fan of taking girls back to my hotel. Do you have any names or information on short time places please.

  • Gary9 says:

    Hi Thanks for comments, I been thinking of going up to Udon Thani in late April 2015 for about 3/4 days just a change from Bkk & Patts, on other sites some say bar scene is dead ? too many lady boys, but here it sounds like bar scene girls are good ?
    any recommendations for hotels – Top mansion & Pannarai seem ok , and what bars recommended ? thanks Gary

  • Boris says:

    Does anyone Know if the thai brothles are currently working and if the price is still 400 bath?

    Thank you

  • John says:

    Thanks, there certainly is a lot of information (thank you for that). What I am talking about is a report of an encounter with a BB / FL lady. A report of the same nature that was given up the tread regarding a brothel lady. Things like – is the price agreed upon in advance (In Pattaya I never do it, in BKK always), the attitude, the duration, the English level, the “menue” and all the rest.
    I know, of course, that such things vary from punter to punter and from lady to lady, but I wanted to know how close is it to what I know from places like Pattaya, Samui, BKK, Chang etc.

  • John says:

    Thanks for the reports! I would very much appreciate an updated report on the BB scene / fl scene (I understand most of is around Nutty Park and “day and night” ) – including price, lt/st, attitude, english, ambience etc .
    I plan to arrive for the first time in early february, and since I am mainly interested in BB / FL gfes, I would like to know how things are in that scene.

  • Austin says:

    Oh I forgot to say. When I was done, there was my tuk tuk driver waiting for me and took me back to my hotel. I pay him and thank him and say “sanuk sanuk” (fun fun) he laughs and I leave :-)

    • Redcat says:

      Seems like everyone’s having a good time up there in Udon! I personally prefer going in the Tonkoon Hotel as I have a wide selection of girls and if you ask a Thai guy to get you one – you might not always be happy with the girl and at the same time would feel weird to say no she’s not cute she can go home again. Still exciting experience once in a while and it’s also cheap. Thanks Austin for your comment, keep them coming.

  • Austin says:

    Thanks to your detailed article I had a nice time tonight before I went to bed. Thank you. To show my appreciation I thought I would post my experience tonight trying to hunt down the brothels you mentioned above. Also you responding to Alex also inspired me to write my story as it shows your appreciate your commenters. maybe more will follow.

    First off I have had many wonderful massages all throughout Thailand. For those of you new to getting a nice full massage in LOS… it is very easy. I have had luck in almost all the massage shops I have gone too. Just look for almost any massage shop and get an oil massage. When getting ready just take off all your cloths and put on the towel. Lay face down so when they roll you over, they do your front side last. About 70% to 80% of the ladies will brush up against your “bits and pieces” while doing the massage. If this happens your in. Once your turn over towards the end they will ask you what your waiting for… No effort on your part.

    Ok with that said I have never visited a thai brothel. So tonight I thought I would give it a try. I was a little nervous as I have visions of Thai men robbing me, Thai hookers robbing me, etc etc…. I would learn these thoughts were nonsense. Anyway I am staying at a guesthouse in Udon near Central Plaza mall. So I studied the map above and walked down Soi 1 through Soi 4 and all around. I studied the map again and new I was in the right place. I think I spent one hour walking through these Soi’s with no luck All shops closed. I am not seeing any ladies or men sitting in front of a building where I can peek in. Now it was 11:30pm and getting late. I knew they had to be here someplace and I was worried they would close. I was thinking.. hmm what to do. I was leaving Udon the next day and did not want to miss out on this experience… So I decided to walk back to main street and ask a tuk tuk driver. As soon as I got out of the Soi’s there was one sitting in front of 7-11. So I walked up…

    “Sawatdee krup” (hello)
    “Sabidee mai” (how are you?)
    I showed him my map on my iphone
    “ruu mai krup?” (do you know?)
    looking at the map he had no idea what I was trying to ask.
    so then I put my phone away and said
    “aow poo ying” (want lady)
    “poo ying yoo tee nai khrup” (Where are the ladies?)
    5555 (we laugh)
    he said “ohh I take you”
    I say.. “Tow rai khrup” (how much?)
    He say “Hoke sip baht” (60 baht)
    I say Ok .

    So we drive for about 2 minutes and he pulls off to one of the soi’s I am not sure which one. He pulls up to a building.. I think it looks like the building in the photo above. But there was one man sitting out side with one lady. He talks to the young man..(maybe 30) and the man tells me to pull up to a building which is one the thai love hotels. and he would bring a lady for me. Thai pimp was very nice, not pushy at all. I felt very comfortable. So the tuk tuk pulls into the thai love hotel and says he will wait for me. Thai pimp comes and says the lady is on her way. They say cost is 1000 baht. Since this was my first time I did not want to talk him down and I said OK. I did not have to pay for the hotel.

    5 minutes later the young lady comes. Thai pimp says “here she is”. He asks me “Is she ok”? I look and say “Ok”. (if this were a fishbowl I don’t think I would have picked her). But here and now she was not bad. Thai pimp asks to be paid in advanced which I do. then me and the thai girl go into the room.

    To describe this girl.. She was about 5’1, a little chubby, good size rack, cute face, looked young at around 20. But she looked very scared. hmmmm So I think. Ok if she is scared we can just talk and I still pay her. I talk to her in thai, ask her her name, tell her my name, tell her it is nice to meet her.. tell her It is ok I am a nice guy.. I act funny and make jokes to break the ice.

    Once we get into the room, the fear I saw on her face was gone. She opened up, laughed smiled and I thought we were ok at that point. I think she was just shy meeting me for the fist time. She did not speak english so I had to speak to her in thai. I asked her about herself.

    – She was from Laos
    – She was 23
    – She thinks she is not pretty and fat (she was cute)
    – and little bit chit chat like that…

    The room was a big size queen mattress lifted slightly off the floor. Kind of like a low japanese bed. there was a TV and bathroom and sink. There was warm water in the shower (not hot). the light in the shower did not work. We had clean towels. She brought a condom.

    I asked her if she wanted to take a shower and she took off her clothes and we took a shower together and washed each other. Nice body with firm perky t#$#

    Ok after our shower it was time for business.. turned off the big bright florescent light and turned off the TV. I like to kiss, but she did not. Doh!! She said in English “smoke”??? “Smoke”?? I thought she was asking me if I smoke or that she smoked but it turned out she was asking if I wanted a BJ. Oohhh khao-ji 5555 dhai khrup :-)

    She put the small thai condom on for me… O O O KKKKKK FINISHED!… Sorry guys I won’t go into the gory details. You will have to use your imagination. Lets just say it was an very nice asian style romp that I enjoyed.. However it was not really a GFE. But she did put forth good effort and I think she did get turned on as she was a little wet… She was good and made me finish fast. I think about 10 minutes. I would give her an 7+ or an 8. It was good enough for me to remember in the future.

    I think I would do this weekly if I were living in Udon. Next time I would walk to the area of the soi’s and ask a tuk tuk once I am in the area. Much easier :-)

    Khup kune khrup
    sawatdee khrup

  • Alex says:

    Just thought I’d post a mini-report after spending the weekend in Udon Thani based on the recommendations here on this page. I can certainly concur that it’s a great city to visit. It seems a very liveable place, with a nice slow pace of life (after Bangkok) but also with all the facilities one needs. Prices are generally good too.

    In terms of nightlife, I stayed at the Pannarai Hotel right next to Day & Night. That particular street is very farang-oriented, probably more expat than tourist. Day & Night itself… I found a bit desperate, perhaps because of a shortage of customers they were very pushy and on one occasion I had to fight off a major flurry of lady-drink orders, which was quite annoying. (But I’m not a huge fan of the bar scene at the best of times. I’ve had that conversation about how hairy my arms are once too often.)

    Much better were (a) the bars in the street farther down, past the Irish Clock, and (b) Nutty Park, the other bar complex round the corner near the night market. Nutty Park is much quieter and the girls, although they’re just as nice, give you space to have a drink and make your choice.

    Thai establishments here are definitely much more receptive to farangs than they are in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. (At least, to farangs who are quiet and polite and know how to respect the place.)

    The highlight of my weekend, however, was a visit to Nong Prachak public park (it’s a reservoir in the west of the city) at sunset. Local people come at sunset to promenade around the lake, have picnics, jog and cycle. It’s a very nice walk. But I can also testify that, if you walk along the southern shore of the lake (the city museum side), there is a good chance of talking to local girls. My tip is: buy some fish food from one of the vendors, and sit in the shade and wait. Girls come to feed the fish, and both the fish and the girls are very friendly. I only speak rudimentary Thai, but it won me a nice evening ;)

    Thanks again for the informative and inspiring site.

  • Jack says:

    Thanks, Ill check ur link and post my impressions after my visit. Cheers!

  • Jack says:

    Thanks a lot for putting up this informative and interesting site. I have been to LOS many times, but never to Udon, and I am thinking about giving it a try on my planed visit in late Jan.

    I would appreciate very much recomendations / links regarding legit day trips around the place, and I would also like to ask about whats written above: ” short time rates averaging 1,000 baht and long time (overnight) 2,000 baht. If you like Sukhumvit Soi 4 in Bangkok or Second Road in Pattaya, you are going to love Udon as the rates here are just half the price ” .
    Well, the going LT rate in Pattaya beerbars that I know of, is closer to 1500 BHT than it is to 4000 BHT… so is indeed Udon cheaper or more expensive? 2 k is a bit more than I usually pay, but 500 difference won’t kill me (if thats indeed the price). I would find it strange though, if going rates in Udon are higher than in Pattaya…
    Thanks in advance!

    • Redcat says:

      Hi Jack. It’s actually quite unlikely these days to find a bar girl in Pattaya (or Bangkok or Phuket) that does LT for less than 2,000 Baht. Usually that’s just about what they ask for ST. So yes, Udon is definitely cheaper, not just in terms of bar fines but also for the ST long LT rates.

      You should definitely give Udon a visit if you haven’t been there yet, I love it and it’s always a hell lot of fun. I have written a full article about the things and trips you can do in and around Udon during the daytime – you can find it here.

  • Alex says:

    I’m interested to read about Udon Thani here, and I’m going to give it a try. It sounds like a nice change from Pattaya and Bangkok. Are hotels around the central plaza area generally joiner-friendly? Any particular recommendations? (PS Thanks for the brilliant site :) )

  • Terry says:

    I have to say Udon isn’t so bad. I used to go to Soi 7. I think it is closed now. Not sure. or Oscars at the Charon Palace Hotel. I have never been ripped off in Udon. Soi 7 was the greatest until a few years ago when some farang posted it on the internet with pictures and stuff then the cops shut it down for a year or so. Maybe it is open now. Just tell a took took soi 7 and see what happens. All hotel concierges can arrange some action for you also. Charoen Thani hotel near the train station I think that is right has a night club right behind the hotel and will send over a few girls for you to choose from for you hotel room. Again, I live in KK now and am happy but Udon was really cool.

  • Tom Saunders says:

    Went to The Tonkoon Hotel today motivated 100% by this blog post. Also I must mention it was my very first time knowingly seeking a happy ending. I went @ 7pm as you suggested. The selection of girls was pretty bad. All the women looked over 50, except for one chubby 30 year old looking chick, I picked her and we went up the lift. She didn’t speak a word of english.

    Awkward start lead to C+ rated massage which she paused over 10 times to change the TV channel, not to mention she was watching TV 80% of the time. In the final 10 minutes of the 2 hours she motioned to my johnson and put up 5 fingers (500 baht). I said no way, 300 baht and she reluctantly agreed. After 10 minutes of not having a clue how to use her hands, I literally put my hands over her hands and finished the job for her.

    Went downstairs to pay the 550 + 300. She took my 1000 baht bill, grabbed all the change and ran to the back. The saddest happy ending ever and my first time to boot. This place is the run the eff down and total bullshit. People need to know to avoid it.

    • Redcat says:

      Hmm I’ve been there twice (mid afternoon and 8pm) and made different experiences, I also know about some expats that come here regularly. Yes some of the girls in the fishbowl aren’t very attractive but the majority of their workers are young, local and white skinned. Maybe you were just somewhat unlucky and the best fishes were already taken at that time. What I usually do in these massage parlours I have a relaxed drink on the sofa and make up my mind. If there’s nothing really worth the money I head to the next place. Now since this is the only massage parlour with fishbowl in Udon Thani right now I would just head to the small massage shops near Nutty Park instead if I can’t find a girl that I like.

    • Paul says:

      Udon is Dead sorry the good Times are Over.
      most of the girls have gone ive been here 20 years ?
      All Lao Girls Have Gone best Bet Is Oscars For A Fishbowl.
      The 3 Rd Rate English Teachers Prowl The Bars
      withOut A Pot To Piss In On The Whole Udon Thani Is A Great Place To Visit But
      Far Too many Dead Bars