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You don’t have to worry about a shortage of nightlife options in Chiang Rai. Even though Thailand’s northernmost province may be more famous for its attractions and things to do during the daytime, the Golden Triangle, scenic hills and beautiful temples to name a few, but you definitely won’t get bored in this town after sunset. Especially if you are a single male foreigner looking to hook up with local Chiang Rai girls.

The majority of Chiang Rai’s nightlife venues can be found in the town center clustered around the clock tower and along Jetyod Road. There are beer bars, “normal” bars, foreign restaurants, a night market, small dirty massage shops and even a soapy massage parlor. If that’s not enough you can check out some of the numerous Thai bars and night clubs in southern Chiang Rai, that’s where most of the local boys and girls like to go partying.

Below is the description of the different types of nightlife in Chiang Rai as well as their exact location on the map:

Girly Bars in Chiang Rai

Girly Bars in Chiang Rai

Just walk down Jetyod Road south of the clock tower, this street is packed with girly bars and local Chiang Rai girls. It’s the area where 90% of the foreigners go out at night. Quite funny, one of the busiest places is Bar Lamyai which is a Ladyboy Bar. Maybe that’s because the drinks are quite cheap (big bottle of beer 100 Baht), free pool games and big TV screens but it’s rather the surprisingly beautiful Ladyboys that attract all the guys.

There are easily more than 20 girly bars (or beer bars if you want) on and around Jetyod Road and even during high season (November – February) supply always exceeds demand. The prices for drinks are reasonable (around 80 Baht for small beers) but lady drinks will cost you more around 150 Baht. Most of the bars have a pool table that you can use for free. If you like a girl you may take her out after paying the bar fine of 500 Baht.

You then have to discuss with the girl how much she wants for short time (if at all) and the standard rate is 1,000 Baht.

Soapy Massage Parlors in Chiang Rai

Soapy Massage Parlor in Chiang Rai

There is only one Soapy Massage Parlor left in Chiang Rai. It’s called Orchid Massage Parlor and can be found at the Wiang Inn Hotel. It has its own entrance at the right side of the building (see the map) and cannot be entered from inside the hotel lobby. The fishbowl is quite big but the selection is not that great, if you go there at 5pm there are around 10 girls available.

They are divided into two groups. Most of them cost 1,800 Baht and the prettier ones 2,000 Baht. As always 1.5 hours including bath, massage and dirty fun. The quality of the rooms is so-so, not that spacious and just like the parlor itself must have seen better times. But more importantly, some of the girls there are pretty tempting, damn hot and very well equipped.

Happy Ending Massage in Chiang Rai

A lot of small „regular“ massage shops are in the Farang-oriented nightlife area of Jetyod Road (amongst the beer bars, see the description above) and an even higher concentration all along its connecting street, Pemavipat Road. It’s the places that have girls dressed up in tight shirts and short skirts so you already know before entering that they’re offering more than the standard Thai massage (200 Baht, 1 hr) or Oil Massage (300 Baht, 1 hr).

The massages are done on the upper floors and many places have private VIP rooms for 100 Baht extra. However that’s not really necessary if you’re out for a hand job (300-500 Baht), blow job (500-800 Baht) or sex (500-1,500 Baht) as even in the standard rooms they close the curtain so you have enough privacy to get naughty with your massage girl.

Night Clubs in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai Night Clubs

The majority of local nightlife spots including the best night clubs can be found in the southern end of town near the highway (Pahonyothin Road). The most popular club at the moment is โสด Sing (see left side of the picture above). And right next to it there’s Tawan Daeng (see right side of the picture above), the hugely popular music hall that combines dining, drinking and watching the great live singing and dancing performances on stage.

Chiang Rai NightlifeDozens of more bars and night clubs such as Par Club (see right picture) that are packed on Friday and Saturday nights are on Ratbumroong Road and Ratburana Road.

You barely see any foreigners in this area as most of them stick with the bars on Jetyod Road. But it’s these places that have the really young and beautiful Chiang Rai girls come partying.

Night Markets in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai Night Bazar

Right next to the bus terminal is the Chiang Rai Night Bazar. It may not be as big as the one in neighboring Chiang Mai, but you can still find a decent range of local handicrafts, snacks and tourist souvenirs as well as a food court and a very atmospheric outdoor restaurant with traditional northern Thai music performances.

The Saturday Walking Street is the other big night market of Chiang Rai, located on Thanon Thanalai between the Hilltribe Museum and the morning market. If you’re in town during the weekend make sure to give it a visit. It has a much wider selection of handicrafts, fashion articles, souvenirs and street restaurants than the night bazar.

Map of Nightlife in Chiang Rai

Videos of Nightlife in Chiang Rai

28 Responses

  • Vegas rick says:

    i was there in march 2018 and would agree with Tunix and yes the soapy was closed and most of the ladies at the massage places near the clock tower was too old and not doable however i got lucky i met an older lady 40s at the mall and did a couple ladies off of tHaifriendly all in all it was a nice break from pattaya cool nights and alot of none mongering things to do

  • Tunix says:

    Currently I wouldn’t recommend to visit Chiang Rai for nightlife. GoGo‘s closed, Soapy closed. Checked all bars (just 8 bars left) which have just 3/4 working Girls. 90% of them just work for ladysrinks and won’t go out with a customer. Currently there are only two bars where it is potentially possible to take out the girl. The first one is „smile bar“ (just old lady’s 40+), the second one (dont remember the name) is on the same side to bars more down. Going rate 1000 + 500 barfine.
    Currently the best option are the massage parlors but just a hj cost already 800-1000 TBH including the cost for the massage. In most Shops it isn’t possible to get more than a Hj. I asked one of the shop and the girl wanted 2000TBH. I declined.

    Hopefully it will change back to normal but at the moment it’s better to stay anywhere else but not in Chiang Rai when it comes to nightlife

  • SoapySam says:

    Completely agree with maddog as Soapy was completely overpriced and I reckon a 6 is the best I could find . Ended up getting a very expensive handjob as girl didn’t speak any English and reckon she couldn’t ” smoke ” for some reason and completely screwed everything else up too . Then had the hide to show me the clock with 5mins to go after trying her hardest to finish it 10 mins into the bath . Was a shocker , waste of 2400 baht .

    • Sam says:

      Have been at Orchid on the side of the wiang in, price is special farang +600 bahts and it’s not even for the girl (she has a miserable +100 bahts). Not much choice, poor room, one girl was very impolite (i passed immediatly), and i haven’t had a amazing experience (with another, although she was a 8, and that was not too bad).
      The worst/irritating being this special farang overprice and no way to have regular price… I guess it’s because they have the customers from the hotel anyway, and more probably because it’s the only place i think ! But maybe if everybody complain about this farang-fee ?…

      Massage shop around the wangcome are not amazing either, most girl are reluctant to undress, but still they ask a extra 500 for… a simple handjob, no seing, no touching (or you have to negociate if the girl is open-mind)… Seriously… And beware, some place have really shitty rooms.

      Bar girl i may try, but definitely not willing to pay a b…. fine first, before having a sure deal with the girl. Wonder how much they really ask, probably not 1000 as i read here (or the ugly/fatty ones maybe ? :-). Will try.

      All together the options in Chiang Rai seem very, very limited. That said, the town is very relax, easy-living, no traffic jam, no mass tourism… but no sex life/live ? :-)

  • Maddog says:

    I went to Orchid tonight and the experience was pretty average. The hottest girl was a 7, the next best was a 6.5. The cost were 2400 baht for girls in the fishbowl and 2600 for girls outside the fishbowl. Believe me, the girls outside the fishbowl were not worth the cash. I speak pretty good Thai but was unable to get a lower price. I took the 7 and hoped for a great first time experience. The soapy was pretty average. She gave me a bath and washed me all over, which was ok, but then went to the bed for a blowjob and sex. There was no massage or bodyslide. It was basically an overpriced bath and sex. The same scenario happened for my friend who took the 6.5 at the same time. My recommendation is to give the Orchid a miss as its overpriced and below expectation for what they offer.

  • Mark says:

    Be careful under 18 no I’d card no hotel guest and illegal, you find mid 20yr lady’s that look like no older than 19/20 better and safer bet stay safe and dont give reason to turn u over ,be respectful and maintain western arrange name as ok men, don’t mess things up for everyone check sites give you good realistic price guide enjoy ur time sure u won’t be disappointed, just stay cool and u will be fine enjoy all Chiang Rai has to offer

  • jayyeeJay says:

    I just went to Little Duck, (a while back went to Orchids). I live here so I am only going to tell about my experience and not give an opinion. Little Duck 1500 baht all inclusive and Orchid 2000 baht all inclusive. Little Duck used powder for the body slide on the bed and Orchid used soap for a body slide in the bath tub. I went early for both so the selection was from only a few girls, (2 at Orchids and 4 at Little Duck). Had a laadyboy mamasan at Little Duck.

  • Gord says:

    Lamyai is not a ladyboy bar, and never has been that I’ve noticed in the last 2 years. There is a bar a little further down the next block across the street almost opposite the massage Soi that has some ladyboys.
    For a soapy massage you might also try the Little Duck out towards Central Plaza, interesting boutique themed type hotel with a varied assortment of talent sitting on couches in an open bar area for your choosing.

  • Geoff says:

    Bar Lamyai is definately not all Ladyboy though there was a nearby bar that is now closed. There used to be 6 very small bars but Lamyai is all that is left as has the best frontage on the side street, the others lost all custom when entrance of main street closed. Anyway a very nice bar, cheap drnks, good music and pool table…..snd definately girls :) you may have wrong name perhaps? As you have pointed out LB bars can be very popular but i cannot find any other site yhat even suggests Lamyai is LB other than this one.

  • Hans wisman says:

    Thanks for by far the best website!! I want to go Chiang Rai and found out on internat that most hotels along Jetyod are the backpackers type. Nothing against it, but my experience is that these places make the most fuss if you take a lady to your room. Does anybody know of any guestfriendly hotels close to jedyot? Thank you

  • officialtravelnews says:

    Hello, where can we find freelancers at Chiang Rai ? Any internet link or place to go ? Thank you.

  • Andy says:

    I agree with the two posters concerning the Orchid,I asked for a recommendation I was shown a girl,she was petite and quite pretty,in the room the bath was good she took her time making as sensual as a bath can be,by the time we were on the bed I was ready,but she was very lack lustre,no effort,no real sign she was enjoying anything,It really took the edge of it,by the time I came I was finished and just wanted to leave. I won’t go back and couldn’t recommend this place,perhaps I have spoilt after being to Annie’s in my opinion every man should visit Annie’s before he dies.

  • jack says:

    Sorry but the orchid is worse. It’s realy expensive and the most girls can’t speak English. The room was very small and the bathtub was to small actually.
    Guys go to bkk Annie’s massage, they are more friendly not so expensive and the have bigger rooms and they have more girls with English skills. The price is ok there, I think it was 2000 Baht for everything.

    • Redcat says:

      Nah Jack, it’s 2500 at Annies here in Bangkok. Having said that, it’s all about taste…

    • David Kim says:

      I have a question. Do I have to make an reservation or can just go in and pick a girl and get massage and dirty stuff. I’m from New York and I go to just normal massage time to time and always make an reservation because a lot of people come everyday. Its my first time in Chiang rai City side

  • albert says:

    The orchid massage is crap, you Pay 2400 Baht for all, and if you able to finish more than one time it’s over after the first time because the girl sayed it. Save your money because the girls there are without action. So boring

  • White Dynomite says:

    Does anyone know where I can find some petite teenage girls in Chiang Rai?