Thai Pick Up Lines That Work

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You probably know that situation when you see a nice Thai girl, and you are just not sure on how to approach her.

When you know she’s not a bar girl and therefore might not understand when you talk to her in English. Or she may understand you, but then she’s just too shy to respond to you because her English skills aren’t good enough that she feels confident to talk to you. Thai girls are shy.

And it’s not just about what language you are using to hit on a girl here, but also which tactic you apply. The common pick up lines that you know do the trick and break the ice in your home country (e.g. “Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you everyone else disappears.”) just don’t really work over here when you translate them 1:1 into Thai.

Imagine your chances of getting a nice reaction of that cute Thai girl from the coffee shop, shopping mall or elsewhere when you are using a typical Thai pick up line. And it doesn’t even matter if that’s the only thing you are able to say in Thai because once she has replied to you then you can well switch into English and she’ll make some effort to talk to you for sure.

With that being said, here are some of my favorite Thai pick up lines for you that will work if you use them in the right situation:

  • tam-mai kun nâa-rák jang? (ทำไมคุณน่ารักจัง) – Why are you so cute?

One of the most simple yet most effective Thai pick up lines at all. However, it’s important that you use it in the right situation: Don’t just approach a girl from the back and surprise her with that question right away. Thai guys tend to use it after some small talk of 1-2 sentences but as a foreigner, it’s okay to start with it right away after you have made eye contact with her and even better after she has responded to your smile (though not necessary).

  • bpai nǎi kráp? (ไปไหนครับ) – Where are you going?

That’s what I mean when I earlier said some of these pick up lines are totally different to the ones you may know from your home country. Asking a stranger where she is going may not result in anything more than a weird look when used on western women, but here in Thailand there’s nothing wrong about showing interest in other people’s activities.

  • bpai nǎi maa kráp? (ไปไหนมาครับ) – Where have you been?

This one comes in handy when you meet a girl repeatedly at your apartment (especially in the elevator) and so you just ask her what she has been doing / where she has been. It may sound a little blunt if you read the English translation, but it’s totally okay to break the ice like this.

  • sʉ́ʉ àrai maa kráp? (ซื้ออะไรมาครับ) – What did you buy?

No matter if it’s the first time you meet the girl at your apartment (especially in the elevator) or she already knows your face – this is a great way to start a small talk when you see her carrying some sort of plastic bag. Usually you will find she just bought some food to eat in her room (especially after work) and it doesn’t really matter if you are interested if she got Som Tam or Pad Ka Prao. Thai people are always happy talking and showing what they have bought and of course that also includes food.

  • wan-níi bpen yang-ngai bâang kráp? / wan-níi nʉ̀ai mǎi kráp? / wan-níi yûng mǎi kráp?
    (วันนี้เป็นยังไงบ้างครับ /วันนี้เหนื่อยไหมครับ /วันนี้ยุ่งไหมครับ) –
    How are you doing today? Do you feel tired today? Are you busy today?

The perfect pick up lines for approaching waitresses in restaurants and shop employees like 7-Eleven, Tesco Lotus, Robinson etc.

  • mii bɔ̀rígaan bpɔ̂ɔn kâao mǎi kráp? (มีบริการป้อนข้าวไหมครับ) – Do you have a food feed service?

When the waitress that serves your food looks as yummy (nâa-gin – น่ากิน) as the dish itself.

  • ao wǎan mʉ̆an kon kǎai. (เอาหวานเหมือนคนขาย) – I want it as sweet as the vendor.

The perfect response when the coffee lady asks if you want to have your coffee sweet (ao wǎan mǎi ká? – เอาหวานไหมคะ).

  • kǎai dii mǎi kráp? (ขายดีไหมครับ) – Does it sell well?

If you couldn’t think about something to say to a “pretty” or hostess in the shopping mall, try this one and you’ll be amazed by the results you are getting.

  • gin yaa rʉ̆ʉ-yang kráp? (กินยาหรือยังครับ) – Have you taken your medicine yet?
    – yaa à-rai ká? (ยาอะไรคะ) – Which medicine?
    – yaa lót kwaam sǔai.
    (ยาลดความสวย) – The medicine for beauty reduction.

Not just a fantastic pick up line, but also a great way showing you have a good sense of (Thai) humor.

  • kun sòot mǎi kráp? jìip dâai mǎi? (คุณโสดไหมครับ จีบได้ไหม) – Are you single? Can I flirt with you?

Don’t use this one right at the beginning of your conversation, but after a little small talk and you’ll make her smile and excited with this one by getting right to the point.

There you have ten practical Thai pick up lines that work and that you can use right away in the situations that I mentioned, along with a polite kráp at the end of the sentence and a smile on your face. If you want to know some other tactics on how to hit on Thai girls as well as phrases and conversations on the love topic in general, then check this out:

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Thai Pick Up Lines
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