Top 6: Best Go Go Bars in Bangkok

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When you come to visit Thailand’s capital it’s probably not just for checking out BKK’s main tourist attractions and the electronic shopping malls, but to experience the city’s infamous red light districts. There are three of them namely Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patpong that I explain in great detail here.

If you come to any of BKK’s red light districts you can get quickly overwhelmed by the huge range of go go bars. It’s hard to make a decision what place to give a try not just because there are so many bars around but also because at most places the hottest girls are trying to get you inside while inside the dancers are a lot more average and you might be disappointed just after having ordered your drink.

To make you avoid such bad surprises here is the ultimate list and description of the Top 6 Best Go Go Bars in Bangkok and their exact location on the map:

1. Baccara – Soi Cowboy

Best Go Go Bar in Bangkok

Baccara is an institution not just on Soi Cowboy but in all of Bangkok. It’s packed every night and if you come after 9pm you might have difficulties to find a place to sit down. Unlike a lot of other go go’s the girls inside are as hot and beautiful as the ones outside trying to get you in (not that they need to put in a lot of effort).

There are two floors in Baccara with stages surrounded by red couches and a bar on the black wall, on the second floor the floor is of glass so if you sit downstairs you can enjoy the best views in Bangkok.

Baccara doesn’t only have the hottest dancers, it also seems to have the most dancers on the Soi which is part of its huge popularity. The girls usually wear school skirts and that may be one of the reasons why it”s especially popular among Japanese and Korean men.

  • Prices: No cover charge like in all other A Go Go’s in Bangkok, but you should buy drinks (most drinks including beers and spirits cost 180 Baht) to stay and watch. Lady drinks cost 200 Baht and the bar fine is 600 Baht for all girls at all times.

2. Cowboy 2 – Soi Cowboy

Go Go Girls in Bangkok

It’s almost impossible to miss this place right in the center of Soi Cowboy as it doesn’t only have a huge number of girls but also some of the youngest and sexiest ones on the strip. Cowboy 2 is a true paradise if you like “fresh” girls and that means not only in terms of age but also that many of them have just recently started to work in the bar.

The girls are divided into 2 categories: Go Go Girls and Coyotes. The latter ones are more attractive and have a higher bar fine (see below). Cowboy 2 must be the only bar where it’s more fun to sit outside because of the great views all around.

There’s one big stage inside with about 10 girls dancing at all times. Unfortunately they have a no-take-off policy here but that’s typically the trade-off you have to make when visiting a Go Go Bar: Either beautiful girls in bikinis or average girls naked. The next bar on this list is an exception though and combines both advantages – see below.

  • Prices: 150 Baht for beers which is relatively cheap compared to other bars. However, the lady drinks at Cowboy 2 are quite expensive at 200 Baht (tequila) and 230 Baht (beer/whiskey-cola). The bar fine for the Go Go Girls is 800 Baht and for the Coyote Girls it’s a whopping 3,000 Baht. Are they 3.75 times more attractive? Of course not.

3. Crazy House – Soi Cowboy

Crazy House Bangkok

My favorite Go Go Bar in Bangkok. It just can’t get any better. There is a large 8-shaped stage on the ground floor that has more than ten naked girls dancing at any time. They really enjoy being on stage dancing and even better: The girls in this place are way above average, most of them are really stunning hot, young, skinny, nice boobs, you will not leave here saying I’ll go check another place because I couldn’t find a girl that I like.

Make sure you don’t miss visiting the second floor. What you get here is entertainment pure. It’s not the classic “ping pong show” but you’ll have the girls performing incredible sexy scenes on two square-shaped glass floors like putting oil on each other then rubbing on each others body before taking a bunch of candles and sprinkling wax all over their naked bodies. There is even an elevator connecting the floors though it’s mainly the girls taking it when too lazy walking up and down the stairs.

There is also a third floor though for now it’s just the area where the girls are getting dressed and eating. Crazy House is the newest establishment in the area, it’s just around the corner from Soi Cowboy on Sukhumvit Soi 23.

  • Prices: Without doubt the best value-for-money joint in this category. Beers are 170 Baht, cocktails 200 Baht and lady drinks 160-170 Baht. The bar fine is 700 Baht for all girls at any time.

4. Tilac – Soi Cowboy

Best Go Go Bar in Bangkok 2

Tilac is not just the biggest Go Go Bar on Soi Cowboy, it’s also the most modern one with fancy lighting, countless mirrors and large TV screens in case you get bored watching the dancers. There is one big main stage and six smaller stages spread around the room.

The bar has become famous in the Hollywood movie “Hangover Part 2” which is one of the reasons why a lot of money has been invested to ensure everything in this bar is of high quality and design.

The girls in Tilac are super hot and thin, however a bit overactive at times which makes it hard to just sit down and relax. No take off here but you can look under their skirts.

  • Prices: Standard prices for this great Go Go deal with beers at 165 Baht and lady drinks cost 160 Baht. The bar fine is 800/1,000 Baht depending on the girl. There is a daily happy hour until 8pm with beers for 80 Baht.

5. Rainbow 4 – Nana Plaza

Best Go Go Bar in Bangkok 3

The best Go Go Bar in Nana Plaza is located on the second floor, if you walk into the courtyard take the stairs up to your right. If you’ve never been to a strip club before, it’s difficult not to get overwhelmed when you walk into Rainbow 4 as there are well over a hundred super attractive girls competing for your attention and company.

Rainbow 4 is one of the few bars in the Plaza that are packed with expats and tourists alike every day of the week. It has two big L-shaped stages, each of them with more than two dozen of girls dancing topless – which isn’t as common in red light Bangkok as it used to be.

Again the quality of girls in Rainbow 4 is among the best not just in Nana Plaza, but in all of Bangkok. They are young, light skinned and what’s really striking there are so many girls with nice and big breasts, partly natural, partly self made.

  • Prices: No cover charge, prices for drinks are at 155 Baht for beer and whiskey, cocktails cost between 170 and 190 Baht. Lady drinks sell for 140-150 Baht (cola/tequila) and the bar fine is 600 Baht.

6. Shark – Soi Cowboy

Shark A Go Go Bangkok

Located right next to Baccara on Soi Cowboy, this is another hot spot packed with some of BKK’s most sexy go go girls who wear some of the hottest outfits of the whole Soi (see-through bras!). The interiors of Shark is almost identical to Baccara with big central stages on two floors surrounded by comfortable couches.

The ceiling is transparent so you’ll enjoy sitting right at the stage on the ground floor. Of course that means the place is packed every night of the week but if you have a look upstairs there are surprisingly few people around and you can enjoy your time in a much more quiet atmosphere. However note that the girls are not getting naked at Shark.

Shark has decent techno music but sometimes the girls seem to be more enthusiastic dancing when the boss is around. Maybe the best Go Go choice in Bangkok if you are out for a relaxing drink in the bar and don’t fancy being surrounded by three girls that ask for lady drinks two minutes after you sat down.

  • Prices: Prices for drinks are at 165 Baht for beers, 180 Baht for lady drinks and the bar fine is 600 Baht for the Go Go Girls and 1,500 Baht for the Coyote Girls. There is a daily happy hour until 8pm which makes a great deal to start your night with all drinks for only 80 Baht.

Soi Cowboy vs Nana Plaza Go Go Bars

You might be wondering why most of the Go Go Bars listed here are in Soi Cowboy. Well, that’s just because Soi Cowboy has the best bars by far. I’m not a big fan of Nana Plaza, by now almost half of the building is filled with ladyboy bars and also the atmosphere is a lot more hectic and sometimes kind of rude. Similar to Patpong, BKK’s oldest red light district but with most Thai guys trying to hook you up for a Ping Pong Show Scam in Bangkok.

If you still want to give those areas a try I recommend Rainbow 4 and Angelwitch as well as in Nana Plaza for fun and free Ping Pong shows (just order a beer for 150 Baht) and Bada Bing and Show Girls in Patpong.

What’s a Good Time to Visit the Go Go Bars?

The bars obviously try to lure in customers well before the main action starts. That means most bars have happy hours until 8 or 9pm with all drinks for 80 or 90 Baht. That’s certainly a good deal, but you better just sit outside and watch the scene. The girls start dancing either at 8 or 9pm and that’s exactly when the happy hours end. I recommend you go to the bar of your choice at 9pm, that’s usually the time when all go go girls step up on stage to present themselves before the rotation starts. Otherwise no later than 11pm or the most attractive ladies will already be taken.

Do the Girls get Naked in BKK’s Go Go Bars?

There are fewer and fewer A Go Go’s in the capital where the girls take off everything. They are mostly wearing bikinis nowadays. There are plenty of exceptions though. Like mentioned in the article you will normally make a trade-off between very attractive and light skinned girls who wear bikinis or “decent” girls who get naked once they start dancing. Baccara is the best example for the first type and Angelwitch for the second type of bar. And then you have bars like Tilac where you can see the girls’ pussies (no panties underneath their skirts) and Shark where they wear see-through bras.

Map of the Best Go Go Bars in Bangkok

Prices for Sex in Bangkok’s Go Go Bars 2019

2,000 – 3,000 Baht (short time) & 3,000 – 5,000 Baht (long time).

114 Responses

  • Dumbass says:

    Crazy house didn’t let us in. They were like “members only” they probably thought we were Indian…. Even though we’re all big spending Arabs (Arab money lol)

  • Peter Harcoff says:

    So was back in Bangkok for a few days recently and of course Last week I went to Crazy House. I tried being there early to see what was happening. Whilst there were several naked women they weren’t really interested in long time believing that they could have a couple of short time clients and make more money for less effort.

    Also the second floor was basically closed and the women weren’t allowed to go there between dances.

    However my night was about to change for the better. I spotted a new woman. How did I know she was new? Well she still had pubes. As I talked to her running my fingers through that lovely silky hair I asked about long time and she counted up the number of hour she would be with me, i.e. 12 hours and wondered if it was worth it.

    Another naked woman (whom I knew) saw me and they talked briefly in Thai and then my honey said that her sister knew I was a good man and she would spend 12 hours with me for THB6000. They told me that she has just started at Crazy House and wanted to make money so went naked immediately to get more money each month.

    Whilst expensive for half a day with this honey it was worth it. She loved showering with me and then the first round of sex was simply amazing. She damn near killed me. We slept well and
    then did it all again in the morning.

    She is in her early 20s and so beautiful. It shows that if you treat the women with respect you will be rewarded. Oh and her clothing leaving Crazy House was track suit pants and a boob tube. Damn sexy to be on the street with as well.

  • Wilhem says:

    Forgot to mention in the previous post:
    Prices in Crazy Horse were as mentioned in the article: bar fine was 700 BHT and Short time 3,000.

    Only thing I was not expecting is that the mamasan had me pay upfront for the whole (700+3000), instead of having me pay the girl directly once at the hotel.

    I did not have any problem, but that surprised me.

  • Wilhem says:

    First I want to thank RedCat for entertaining the most useful resource on nightlife in Thailand and Cambodia I have seen on the web.
    It’s a fantastic help for newcomers.

    I can share my short experience in Bangkok a few weeks ago.
    Firstly, if you don’t particularly enjoy noisy places and booze like me (and spending lots of money on alcohol) you may skip entirely GoGo bars and just book an escort – I used Smooci as suggested and found it quite good. Turns out to be of a similar price or even cheaper especially for long term.

    On a night though I wanted a quick fix and I went to Crazy Horse in Soi Cowboy, as recommended by RedCat. I just skipped all the other places.
    It was a Saturday night around 19 – 19:30. Girls were already dancing downstairs (displaying themselves). Some were naked. Some I would classify as not particularly good looking (face only) but there was a bunch of really pretty faces, and all bodies look good.
    I picked one and offered a lady drink. Less than 5 minutes of chatting and cuddling and she said she had to go back dancing. Since I wanted her I asked to barfine her.
    I wanted long term but that was definitely turned down, short time only. I suppose it was because of the early time, an Saturday, so the girls would expect to make up with several ST customers, which brings more money than just one LT.

    The mamasan who took care of the transaction (there are several) was pushy and annoying about leaving tips and getting her a drink, but I had already left the waitress tips and I brushed off the drink suggestion. We left after that, no problem.

    Had a great – and respectful – time with the girl. If I go back to Bangkok I would probably repeat the visit to a GoGo once, and probably Crazy Horse too since I got what I had come for. I would probably avoid a Saturday night though, to go for LT.

  • Gregor says:

    Is it usually frowned upon to buy a girl a drink and then not pay the bar fine and take her? I was at Crazy House but I didn’t really intend to take a girl home. I bought a girl a drink and she lap danced on me naked, french kissed me and let me touch her everywhere. This was for like 45 minutes to an hour. Not bad for the price of an expensive drink. But I could imagine they didn’t like that I didn’t take her. Or they wouldn’t like it if I did this repeatedly. What are the feelings on this?

  • goofball says:

    Leave Cowboy2 off your list.. is way too expensive and you can find the same or better at any other place. At Cowboy the girls will order a ‘chaser’ lady drink which means you are paying for two at a time and plus they are trying to get you to buy drinks for all the other girls in the bar. All that and the 3,000 ‘Coyote’ bar fine and you are going to be shocked with the bill when you decide to leave. Forget it!! Crazy House was much more fun, heck a lot of places are more fun.

    Eventually I found a nice bar girl and stayed with her for the rest of the trip. She was still spending my money but nothing like the one trip to Cowboy! Plus I got a chance to have her show me around to some places in Thailand which I would not have been aware of.

  • Mc Jack says:

    Don’t (never) go to ‘Sakura’ go-go bar near the start of the street. They’ll charge you with a high price, 190 for bottle beer & 250 for lady drink, which they sallow at one stroke. I with my friend, was charged 1900 batts in 20 min there.
    Soi Cow Boy 2 is my recommended one.
    In Nana Plaza, Rain Bow 4 in the second floor is a good bar, some girls dancing topless. Drink is 165 batts & Lady drink is ~150/160 batts.

  • Boozebag says:

    First time in Bangkok GO GO bars. Have been to Pattaya walking street. I visited both Soi Cowboy and Nana. Nana I felt was friendlier and people more honest. Went to Baccara prices there are WAY too high. ST is 3000B with 700 bar fine which is expensive. Drinks are 150-250B again too high. Picked out a girl for ST, then the handler or helper asked me to buy her a drink. I said ok next thing I know it cost 900B. Eff that. Then she asked me for a tip. DO NOT buy drink for the bar employees. Just give them 100B to shut up. Nana was a different experience. Bar fine max 2500B and the helpers never asked me for drink or tip. I tipped them anyway. Skip Baccara and Soi Cowboy. Nana is the place to go. I recommend Twister and Rainbow 3.

    • Mc Jack says:

      yes, I just want to Soi Cow Boy 2 yesterday & hook a girl to my hotel. The Bar fine is 800 and 3000 Batts for the girl. I bargain the price but it didn’t work. There are many attractive girls there. My girl is sexy one with Big boobs. 2 shots @ 3hrs.

  • jagy says:

    Hey folks,

    I am an indian guy and would love to share my many years experience in Thailand on nightlife scenes and club experiences. The best experience i ever had was in ibar in pattaya where i met a woman in her early thirties. surprisingly she came to the bar with her maid and young daughter. By the way i dress well and smell good too and tall and average looking sporty guy. I approached this beautiful woman just for a chit chat and after introducing us each other i quietly left her table after a smile. After the bar closed i went to her table again and shook hands with her and asked her out with me. Bingo!!!. We both left the bar together and we had awesome sex in my place till morning and i must admit that she was fucking hot in bed and rode me like a wounded tigress. LOL. In the morning her daughter picked her up from outside my hotel and we all went together for a brunch in a nearby mall. This was the best free damn good fuck with a thai woman and the whole incident is still like a sweet memory for me.

  • DeeJay says:

    Hey folks, first big thanks to the admin for the amount of useful insight and info found on this site, made my first trip to BKK yesterday and had an easier time navigating the A gogo scene on my first day because of Redcat.

    I wanted to give specific feedback regarding the “black guy” experience, more specifically the “black American guy” as I’ve seen one or two gents asking the question of whether or not we get love in the A gogos, I’m 36, fit, but not overly, attractive, so I hear.

    I visited nana plaza a few hours after arrival as just something to do, I wound up at Angelwitch and probably drank a lot more than I should have, I received quite a bit of attention and requests to buy drinks and bar fine, I was even asked to take two girls for a threesome, which I’m pretty sure was an attempt to milk me at that point; I wound up taking one girl for a short time, then took another girl back for LT a little later, the prices I paid were within the averages I’ve read here.

    All in all I had a wilder night than I intended, but what the hell,1st time in BKK right?!

  • Peter Harcoff says:

    So back in Sukhumvit for a few days and went to Crazy House last night. Incredibly loud as usual, always wear ear plugs. Seemed to be a funny night, no one really interested in being bar fined. Tried a few and they weren’t even interested in having a drink.

    Saw something new, a couple of women in bikinis opposed to either being totally nude or with cloths ties around them. Spoke to them and they weren’t available for bar fine, just there to do pole dancing shows. They did the show well but seems waste not to be able to fuck them as well.

    Some naked women up stairs who weren’t at all attractive and you wished they would get dressed.

    Gave up after awhile and went to Thermae bar where I found a nice honey for the evening.

  • Luv2H8me says:

    A public service announcement to all Indians from US/UK/CA/AU, dont waste your time and money in Gogos.

    I’m a canadian born indian. I was never “rejected” from any gogo, and I can tell you I’m a big spender/tipper. I spent $600 USD across many gogos in a night.

    If you spend a lot in a gogo and are indian you will be treated well but the hottest girls will still never go with you, so its pointless to go IMO (BTW I am good looking in shape and young, but that doesnt matter much). The main REAL reason they wont go with you is the fucking racist japanese/koreans and the girls losing “value” by being seen going with an indian.

    If a girl doesnt want to go with you she will order a tequila, but if you are spending a lot in the bar, will be extremely respectful and wai you after she finishes her shot.

    Many of these gogos keep the “lower tier” girls for all indians and I aint got no time for that!

    The funniest part was these people in the gogo are so uneducated, that because I was spending a lot I MUST not be an indian and they assumed I was some rich arab LOL. They just throw you in another damn box because in their mind indians cant spend a lot lol.

    Other reasons to skip gogos for all people not just indians

    1. Bill padding (so rampant including using receipts that barely can be read, if ask for the bill every round)
    2. Randoms Begging for tips
    3. Girls not very classy
    4. If you see the girl in street clothes many of them dont have an eye for fashion and look out of place if you want to take them anywhere nice
    5. Uneducated girls, which to be honest to most doesnt matter, but for a seasoned wolf sometimes its nice to be around a girl with more than half a brain
    6. Overall girl attractiveness is also lower than “thai focused” places like Lord/Gclubs
    7. Supporting “boiler room scammers” (Nana Plaza owners) and known rampant bill padders “the arab”(soi Cowboy)

    Thailand is a very racist country if you are indian and coming from a country with so little racism like Canada it is a bit of a culture shock.

    However outside the gogos thais hatred toward indians is mostly just a minor inconvenience (people clutching their purses when you walk by lol, serving some poor white guy first etc). If you stay in higher end accomodation and areas you can insulate yourself from most of it so I would still recommend thailand just not the gogos for indians. Ironically indian food in bangkok is amazing and they have the best indian restaurant in the world (gaggan)!

    I think I finally know what its like to be black in america lol.

    • RandomGuy says:

      I feel sorry for your experience but there are other reasons why the girls don’t prefer Indian clients.

      1. Smell bad. They never use deodorant.
      2. Bad manners.
      3. Occasionally violent to girls. There are lots of horror stories about Indian men who hurt working girls.
      4. Running away without paying. Believe or not, I just saw an Indian guy who got caught for this last night.

      I don’t think these apply to gentlemen like you but sadly it is true to many Indians. Even in my country, Indian working girls reject Indian clients and they said the same things. One funny story was that an Indian guy refused to pay the full price because he finished 20 minutes earlier and wanted 30% discount. For working girls, accepting Indian guys is basically a taking an unpleasant risk.

      Maybe you’d better try to educate other Indians from India to behave properly.

      • Raven says:

        To my fellow Indians: stop being such cry babies. You are in a foreign country buying sexual services from nubile hot girls for amounts which will not buy you a fancy dinner in India and yet you complain about how unfair life is! You are not a white man; get over it. Be glad that at least you do not need to have sex everyday with fat and ugly people to earn your bread.

        To the ‘white’ Indians: Guys, just because your parents opened a motel in USA/UK/Australia and you now have a cool accent and white buddies does not make you better than Indians living in India. Most of us in India are better educated than you. We probably read more, travel more and earn more than you. Stop thinking that you have become a white man just because you were not born in India.

        To all others on this forum: While I appreciate all your insights, you can’t honestly think it’s not racism if a decent looking young Indian is snubbed over a fat octogenarian white grandpa. To justify the ‘choice of the girls’ by saying most Indians smell bad or are rude is textbook racism. It’s no different from saying most black guys are lazy or criminals. Please get off your high horses. We are all here exploiting young thai women. There is no moral superiority that you have here over unsophisticated Indians trying to do the same.

    • Desibaba says:

      Sorry to hear this. I am an overseas born indian too. I faced some attitude from a salesgirl in siam paragon. After awhile, she asked where I was from. Her attitude changed immediately!
      I have personally not faced any racism. (I usually just stuck to nana).
      I asked some bargirls when they are in my room on this racism, (I go for overnights only) all their replies were the same. Our people don’t have courtesy, cheap and demanding. One of them have seen 2 guys sharing 1 drink, buy a lady drink for one girl and grope her all over.
      I have personally seen how some from our ancestral land cut que, are rude and very disrespectful to service providers. Not just in bangkok, but even in my country. They just don’t seem to care about anyone other than themselves. Even when they are tourists!
      Having experienced this myself, I understand the perception others may generalise with all Indians. Some are wise to judge a person for who he is, but you can’t expect that from those in the flesh trade right? Sadly, there is a reason why they are there and not in a decent job.

      • Tomasz says:

        Why would anyone want to be with someone who smells unpleasant, treats them badly, cheap and demanding regardless of their origin?? Thai girls will avoid unkempt back packers too regardless of their nationality

  • BKKfuntimes says:

    First up – Redcat, you’re a legend. Great site with excellent advice. Thanks a million.

    I’ve been in Thailand for around 2.5 weeks now (I extended by holiday for a week). The first night I was here, I went down to Crazy House. I must admit – it’s pretty wild, however I didn’t really see any stunners, so I left.

    This brings me to Baccara. I got there at around 8:30PM and was admiring the girls for around 30 mins. Wow there were a lot of them!! Spread across two levels, it was easily 80+. Finally I settled on one, who I thought was easily a 9). I went on up and sat by the bar and it didn’t take long to get her attention. After buying her a drink, I immediately bar fined her ($1k + $6k LT) and I asked her out for a drink first at a decent bar outside the strip. We got to know each other there for an hour or so and then headed back to my Hotel. She left at around 11 in the morning after 4 great sessions.

    For the next 11 days, she spent 8 of them with me. All I had to do was pay the bar fine each day or $1k – which was nothing. We’ve now parted amicably and I’m almost shagged to death.

    I had a ball of a time in BKK and will be leaving in a few days. Overall it was an amazing trip. Thanks for all the advice and reviews on this site.

  • PC says:

    Basically, I am going to Bangkok for first time in couple weeks and having been to Vegas strips handful of times, the quality of girls and service is top notch in the world I believe. Having said that, usually no sex string attached after the visits and it’s more a social and casual sexy teases and exploring around their beautiful bodies and occasional kissing if the girl is into you, all can be had for free if she is pleased unless of course lapdance and drinks ordered. Obviously Bangkok is similar to China, more you spend more you get out of it. I just want to know if the girls are ok with just drinks for them and no sex attached, or most are just after bar fines and ST or LT with customers? Also, any lapdance offered at all from the girls working? Based on all the reviews I have read so far, none mentioned any lapdance or other form of non sex related actions inside the bars LOL. Looking forward to getting an answer from the vets on the site before I plunge into the A gogo paradise of Bangkok.

    • Redcat says:

      Sure you can do that, you’ll just have to buy the girl a lady drink (but sometimes they would play around with you even before asking for a drink).
      Just go in and see yourself, you’ll figure it out.

      • PC says:

        Thanks for the reply, Redcat, much appreciated. Just couple more things I would like to know. Can girls in non nude bars take off at customer request(and drinks)? Are there any a go go bars that would hire non thai girls?

        • Redcat says:

          Sure they can, they are not slaves and can basically hang out with whom they want. But if you behave normally, nobody will say no to a drink.
          It’s all Thai girls in the go go bars, but there are a couple of Russian go go’s in Pattaya (Walking Street) and Samui (Soi Green Mango, Chaweng).

  • gugusdada says:

    beware of scams and rip offs in crazy house! was asked to pay 2500 when the signed bills added up to 1860. when i kindly suggested that there might have been a mistake and asked equally kindly for a recalculation then out of the blue another bill for 640 appeared, unsigned of course. i refused to pay the 2500, my stunning girl number 21 put up a big show including pretending to return her LD slips to the waitress etc. finally i was escorted to the door by the waitress who made sure that i was gone. i‘m curious if i‘ll be allowed entry again… btw. i had paid both the waitress and the mamasan drinks, but both of them plus my girl were in on the scam. not so nice, is it? keep track of your bills, will ya?!

    • BenOw says:

      Crazy House is notorious for this these days which is sad. Look out for the fat round mamasan. She’s a snake and will get girls to buy more drinks for you to rake up your bill. Always say no. If you like a girl – only buy her lady drinks. Tell you waitress you’ll tip her and say no to buying her drinks. Don’t worry. No hard feelings here. Its best to barfine a chick quick and really it’s always better to go for a “short time” then “long time”. I’ve found that Crazy House is a good place earlier in the night when most of the cute girls are still there. Later at night, some of these girls are gone or have returned after being with someone else so that might be a turn off. They’re hookers who fuck guys every day but just something about being the second or third guy in her that one night is a little gross! haha.

  • LUCIFER says:

    Since Baccara got the 1st place on this blog, it must have been over-hyped and needs to be counter balanced, since I had the worst experience there than any other agogo I have been to in my life so far.

    I’ve been to many agogos, and been a regular at some. Never have I ever had as bad experience as at Baccara on Soi Cowboy. The service personnel asked me if I wanted to buy another drink. I answered no thankyou, that I would be leaving for the next agogo after finishing the drink. They then said “ok, you finish drink now, and go!”. Never had that experience before and surprised to see people like that working in service.

    In Summary and in all fairness:

    If you’re the kind of bloke who like to throw money around, don’t mind keeping buying lots of drinks and like to wipe the service personnel’s asses with your money, then this over crowded, over hyped place where there are 10 men for every mediocre looking girl, and where they seem to have more customers than they can handle, may(?) appreciate to have you as a customer.

    However, if you’re the kind of guy who value money, like to have one drink, lean back and relax and enjoy looking at some beautiful, nude or topless girls dancing, then this place may not be the best choice for you. If you don’t like to be pestered by service personnel to buy drinks but like to buy drinks or give tip as a reward for good service, save yourself your money, self respect and dignity and walk over to another bar.

    You might be better of in terms of customer service and customer experience at Dollhouse and Crazy House!

  • Peter Harcoff says:

    Have been in Bangkok for a few days and visiting the usual haunts. Picked up a real honey from Crazy House on my first night who nearly killed me with her energy. :) She didn’t leave until 11.30am when I finally got some sleep, She approached me on the main floor stark naked and we went upstairs to talk and cuddle for awhile before I bar fined her and we went back to my hotel.

    Was there again last night (9 Sept) and noticed that one of the glass panels on the upstairs level had been shattered. Wonder how that happened? There was some green tape around it but given it was the same type of tape that was coming out of the girls intimate parts it may have been hard to work out where the dangerous area was.

    I’ve also visited Nana Plaza on this visit and frankly don’t know why you’d bother. Tame, few customers in many places and girls reluctant to show even bare breast even if wanting to bar fine them.

    At least at Crazy House you can see them naked before making a decision. Do remember that at Crazy House even if they’ve got something on they will take it off if asked whilst you’re buying them a drink and negotiating.

    • Thailand newb says:

      Interested in knowing a little more detail including how much the entire experience cost you. I’m assuming since she left at 11:30am it was for a long time but when did you guys leave Crazy House. Given by some of your responses to inquires made by previous commenters I can tell that you have a level of experience that would be really valuable to a first timer like me. Also would love to know how young Black men are treated in Thailand in general any observations you have made would be greatly appreciated.

      • Peter Harcoff says:

        She approached me about 10pm and we were in my hotel room by 11 pm. One drink for me and her and bar fine was about 1,200 THB. Agreed price for long time was 5,000 THB. Taxi fare back to the hotel was less than 100 THB, have the hotel card with you and get her to hail the taxi and organise the trip. The taxi drivers won’t rip her off as much as a Farang and will use the meter if she pushes hard enough.

        I also purchased some street food for her, around 40 THB. If she asks for it means she’s hungry and once she’s eaten she’s good for the night. I always ask the lady if she wants something to eat as we’re leaving the establishment.

        Always have lots of cold water in the fridge at the hotel as well.

        By the time we showered together, fooled around etc it was late and we slept well. :)

        When we woke up we were both ready for another round and a couple of hours later she said she had to go. So a quick shower together and I paid her. Worth every cent. The original departure time discussed was 8.30am but she was happy and having a good time so she stayed longer.

        As I’ve mentioned previously when negotiating with your desired lady specify time of departure and the activities you’ll participate in together and the price. No surprises for either of you.

        Some ladies will be attracted to you, others wont want to talk to you. Que sera, accept it and move on. We all have our own preferences. I get refused at times and wish the lady well. The place is small, the ladies talk (in Thai) and if you’re rude or aggressive you’ll spend the night alone.

        I’m a middle aged white male and really don’t know what a young black man would experience but suspect you wouldn’t be treated as well as I am.

        Thailand is very much about face. If the door person refuses you entry, a quiet request about when you may enter or what the problem is, will get you much further than open hostility. I’m sure you know this but avoid aggression at all times.

        Do keep an eye on your bar bill, paying for each drink as you order it, is a good way to keep track of your expenses.

        Enjoy your trip and I hope to read soon about your enjoyable experiences with a nice Thai lady.

      • Robin says:

        Hey man, thai girls prefer fair guys but you’ll be fine. They still spend time with a lot of Indian guys and Middle Easterners. The thing is that it’s more robotic and methodical. Less of the GFE style. Just make sure you smell good, have a big smile and are respectful.

  • sandman677 says:

    regarding the barfines: I am enjoying Bangkok these days for the first time.
    OMG I am having a good time. :)
    But the barfines I am told and that I pay are 1000 bath for the bar, 3000 bath for girls in the Rainbow clubs, Twister.

  • MikeMyn says:

    Is it Ok a common practice to Check with the Gal & Mamasan if she is ok for LT before buying her a drink

    • Redcat says:

      It’s totally okay to do that, but most guys don’t have the balls to do that (and it kind of harms the mood, too).

    • Peter Harcoff says:

      As Redcat noted it is of course totally ok. Indeed it should be mandatory if you’re interested in having the lady join you for the night.

      Too many guys want something but don’t let the lady know. She may prefer short time for any reason. You’re only wasting your own time and hers if you don’t discuss this before any further expenditure such as drinks and bar fine.

      Also, don’t just ask for long time, talk about an exact time. I.e. stay with me until 8.00am with two boom boom or what ever you’re wanting.

      This eliminates any confusion. Also, discuss money and set a firm price. So prior to buying a drink and bar fine you’ve got agreement on the exact cost, services required and time of departure.

      Have condoms and lube at your hotel room. No worrying about getting them and the way back. An unopened toothpaste kit and shower cap for her will be well regarded.

      Do be respectful and you will be rewarded with a great night.

      Finally don’t give her any money until departure time next morning. Once you’ve paid, she’s outta there! If she leaves early, then pay her nothing.

  • Sanjay says:

    I am in Bangkok. In crazy house can one play area with their tits ,ass etc after buying a lady drink. I don’t want to short time . Just play around a bit.
    ( Any other places which allow you to do that and what’s the typical rate for fooling around and handjob in massage parlour . No Sex – oral or otherwise)

    • Peter Harcoff says:

      You can ask upstairs but tell her what you want to do and be prepared to pay for it. The women are looking for ST or LT customers so if you only want to feel her up then you’re taking her time and opportunity for a customer.

      Maybe offer to buy a couple of drinks and pay a few hundred baht?

      As always, know what you want and what you’re prepared to pay for it. Discuss your desires with your chosen lady and negotiate.

  • Boyabroad says:

    Hi all. I’m fuming at the crazy horse! I have just been turned down to bar fine a girl (after buying her a drink of course). I should have suspected something when I caught her eye twice and she didn’t come over. Anyway, after buying her a 330 baht drink she took one sip from, She went to dance on stage,?she kept looking over to me, I thinking hoping I’d go elsewhere. I called her back down and asked to bar fine then. She said no and had some sort of excuse and said to come back tomorrow. I tried to convince her but she said no. She then just walked off, talked to another punter for a nit, grabbed a girl and used her to cover her as she ran to the lift! All the while her drink Sat there!

    I’m of indian origin but English born and bred. I can only assume it was for this reason.

    I tried to complain. She hadn’t even finished her drink with me. No one seemed to take any responsibility.

    I was fuming. Stone cold sober by the way and I’m not unnatracive or have bad odour (I don’t think).

    I left, totally dejected and couldn’t bring myself to try elsewhere. I’m heading home now.

    I noticed despite walking up and down Sol cowboy 3 times I got approached one but thai people were hounded around me.

    Some would prefer this but now I just think its ethnic origin.

    Dejected. Annoyed. Disappointed.

    • Peter Harcoff says:

      I was at Crazy House on Sat night (27 May) after reading your post, I looked around and realised it was virtually all white men. Maybe you’re right, it was racism. I don’t know.

      As for buying her a drink then asking to bar fine her, you did it the wrong way around. First ask if she would like to be bar fined and if she says yes then buy her a drink. Or even better, say you will give her the extra few baht the drink would get her. Oh and if she wasn’t naked when you talked to her then ask her to undress before you buy her a drink. This will really confirm she is interested in being bar fined by you.

      I picked up a fine young lady who was wearing the basic clothes around her waist and a top. I asked her to take them off before we began negotiating the bar fine. She let me undress her and hold her clothes while we talked.

      This ensured she really wanted to come with me. Otherwise she wouldn’t get naked in the upstairs room. Watching her walk around confirmed my first opinion of her and she was so hot back in the hotel. We barely slept at all! :)

    • Matt says:

      Hey Bro, I feel for you. I’ve seen it happen a lot to the Indian Dudes. I’ve also seen Indian dudes being prevented from even entering other bars too. I asked a girl once who had just rejected an Indian dude why she did that. She replied she did not like Indians. I again asked why? She replied that they smelled and were cheap. I knew this was not case so about 10 minutes later I went over to the poor dude. He was from Australia, born and raised. I called the girl that he liked over again and bought her a drink. She sat to my left and he to my right. I introduced them again and explained to her that he was Australian and not Indian and that he liked her. After about another 10 minutes of us all talking to each other, she warmed up to him and they eventually left together. But BLUF, if you’re of Indian origin, you will have to work a little harder then the rest of us. Apparently your long distance relatives from India have left a sour taste with many of these girls. My advice is to shower first, dress well, wear cologne and don’t go in a fucken group. There is a perception among these Thai girls that anyone who looks Indian is cheap and smells bad. The only way to change that is to do just the opposite. My Indian buddy from that states is married to a Thai girl. After 8 years of marriage, they are still so very much in love. I can only envy them. Good luck brother!

    • Willy Wonka says:

      Boyabroad, I totally feel you. I’m in the same situation as you. It’s totally wrong what they’re doing but I can see why: I’ve seen these groups of Indian men fitting the stereotype: gold chains on hairy, unbuttoned chests, yellow armpit stains, walking around and enjoying the free eye-candy without buying anything. Thai people find it easier to simply be racist than to learn to differentiate time-wasting Indian people from India vs. Americans/Australians/British/Canadians (of Indian ancestry) who are genuinely trying to follow all the rules and conventions and willing to be respectfully fair and even generous. I’m simply going to skip Soi Cowboy from now on because far too many Indians from India frequent there.

    • sandman677 says:

      Hey bro, never lose it over chicks.
      I get turned down too, after lady drinks paid, its a part of the experience, those girls know a lot of tricks.
      I get turned down because the rumour has spread amongst the girls that my cock is very big (its not, just normal)
      Many girls prefer korean and japanese because they are very polite, shy have very small cocks and are easy to trick .
      We all got problems, but keep on smiling, sometimes we get lucky.

    • Steven says:

      Get over yourself. These girls don’t have to go with you or anyone else. They’re not sex slaves. They have preferences like anyone else and that’s their right. You screwed up buying a drink for a girl who clearly wasn’t interested in you then tried to push the matter.

      If you should be fuming at anyone it’s yourself.

      • rahael diprima says:

        yes you are absolutely correct. they aint slaves. i would never in 1 million years force situation either. as even if she did come of course would be very bad situation. what it is here caviar taste with a pizza face. try on someone of your own status in the world or older. not the absolute best looking one that everyone wants

      • rahael diprima says:

        one more thing. myself done modeling in asia and all over thai tv for 20 years. many of the girls either hated me or loved me. 2 reasons either they thought i looked down on them. 3 in the last few years even came over to me and told me to fuck off you think u good looking. i never even said anything. the ones that did love me like the older ones and even older mamasan. did actually bar fine 3 girls at a discount as no way i would pay 3000 baht a fine but paid still too much 2000 baht but anyways. but ALL of them quite young did complain the exact same thing they felt it absolutely disgusting to go with a man from any country like older than there father. again they aint slaves. many are there cause bastard family forces them to give a lot money send back to bullshit issarn. like myself yes i would be absolutely disgusted to go with your grandmother short time. so much so u cant pay me any amount of money to do so. i would rather take less and go with someone in the range of the acceptable. many girls if you notice dont last long. like a few months and they are gone for ever. its not a easy job going with many foreigners that are stupid idiots that not know any thai or any thai customs. i just cant believe when i see at times like a very young attractive girl caviar with a old fat bald bowling ball pizza face. like just how desperate there home situation must be. thailand is a rich country now so much so 2 million burmese and 450 000 cambodians have to brought in to do all the jobs thais dont want. so bar girls are only there out of pure desperation bullshit family or greed.

    • Sorry bruv for your experience. I’ve gone to Crazy House with one of my closest Indian bros and he’s not unattractive but a little rounder shall we say. But he smells good, has a big smile and is always respectful. He tends to pick the right girls and has never been turned down and a few times, they’ve ended up hanging with him the whole trip we were in Bangkok. So it really depends on the girl too. Some girls have a guy waiting for them so might have lady drinks with other guys but will go back to them. Always best to have a look around and wait for eye contact or a smile from a girl – pick that one. IMHO always better to go with 6 or 7 who might like you then a 9 or 10 that will be a dead fish.

  • theboyabroad says:

    Just had an impromptu visit to Nana bar…in the absolute pouring rain so I thought (after a quick bite in Hooters) to go look around. Spoke to a lovely girl outside Rainbow on the GROUND floor. She was really friendly, totally non pushy as i was just waiting for the rain to subside, so I bought her a drink and she was very grateful, no pressure at all. She was the top totty to draw the punters in (there was none, it was dead, it was a monsoon!).

    After talking and flirting for a while, I thought what the hell and asked how much for a ST. 3000 was the answer as she was one of the top girls. The rest were 2000. I sort of figured this but turned her down anyway. :(

    I let her go meet the only 2 punters who walked in. I was now rampant at this point and one of the go go girls caught my eye. I called the boss over, asked how much for number 2 and she said 3000. I said…no…too much. She said how much? I said 2000 (seemed fair, the girl was hot, no bar fine as I had bought a couple of drinks) but she stuck to her guns. I declined out of principle. There was no one in the bar!!! You take the money when it is quiet!

    For the first time in my fairly long history of adult entertainment, this is the first time I walked with a massive hard on! I’m proud of myself :D

    I don’t get her decision though.

    Soi Cowboy tomorrow.

    ps. visited one of your recommended BJ bars earlier that night (near lolitas). Lovely BJ! and a good deal at 800 (+100 tip).

  • Naz says:

    Any bar open from afternoon around here

  • AOKI Shigeru says:

    I have just put your web site on bookmark. it is curious to know some experience writtten in English though I am a Japanese visited Thailand 15 times. l think it is important to respect ladies since we are gentlemen. lt is fun to walk with full sweat in bangkok street.
    Thai people do not do it.

  • Filip says:

    The clubs listed are well-known and popular in Bangkok, very bustling and crowdy. I would also suggest to those interested in nightlife visit Phuket, namely Patong town, it’s got some great clubs, bars and so on, a really beautiful mountainous island. I kinda experienced the same atmosphere of festivity and vibes in St.Petersburg in night time. Although the climate is utterly different there central steerts are lively and packed with a bunch awesome venues: Golden Girls, Zavist, some tops custom-tailored pubs. As far as go-go dancing to my taste Zavist has some of the best shows in the city. Another popular bar among locals is Maxim, unfortunately didn’t get a chance to drop in so far…

  • Mike says:

    What’s the chances of finding hot girls in soi cowboy or nana plaza that do A level? Is it rare or are the girls fairly open to it. I’m going I’m May this year and can’t wait!

  • Holmes says:

    Do any of the go go bars have a place for short time themselves in the back or somewhere? This is for those of us in hostels without access to privacy. And I know that there’s all the oily massage places and have been but what if I want short time with someone from Crazy Horse?

  • Ms says:

    As a single female, thought I’d add my two cents. Unless you have a penis in Soi Cowboy, you’re invisible.

    I went to three bars (attempted four). Suzy Wongs (mix of ages. Some topless, some naked) seemed OK but the Mamasan checked my beer for it’s contents every few minutes. Noticed she didn’t do this with any of the male patrons. She went to take it away when still half full. I told her no and sat it out until the ‘show’ started. A garland of flowers from the hoo haa and ping-pong being standard fare. Though the neon body painting was beautiful. Bored of the Mamasan’s clear distaste of my presence, I left.

    To Baccara, denied entry. “What do you want?” Barked the bouncer. “To see the ladies” I replied. “No woman allowed”. Which is nonsense, I’d seen couples go in but he was having non of it. Apparently a single woman’s money’s not good enough. Shame.

    Cockatoo. I like kathoey, best of both. Small bar, bikinis only, very little actual dancing, too busy taking selfies and grooming themselves in the mirrors. Every time a farang entered, the girls would clamour around, blowing kisses and making the cutsey face. I bought a beautiful girl a drink, we chatted, told me how she hated how rough the men were with her arse and she said she liked women but as soon as a new guy entered, she hopped off and joined the throng of desperation. She came back once he’d ignored her but it put me off. Shame as I was about to make her an offer.

    Tilac (no boobs but you’ll get the odd flash of pussy under the skirts) Of the three I got into, my favorite. Initially. A group of girls chatted without pressure and told me the backstage gossip about clients once they realised I’m also ‘in the business’ (professional dominatrix) but were soon called back to shimmy on the poles. A girl with insane energy danced before me, making the usual flirty chat while she danced. I liked her, the Mamasan told me she does women so bought her a drink. She said cheers and continued to dance. The DJ called for the turn around and she finally sat next to me for no more than two minutes. Told me she loved me and left. I was pretty baffled. I looked around at guys who were enjoying the company of the girls who they’d purchased beverages for. Seeing my disappointment, she said she needed to see a man but flounced over to her friends.
    I left soon after, realising that despite the money burning a hole in my wallet, it wasn’t going to be spent.

    So there you go. If you’ve a dick, you’re king. If you’re a woman flying solo, don’t bother. Patpong is dreadful but Pattaya is far more fun and the girls less desperate (even though the prices quoted are higher than for a man). I may give Nana a go but after tonight, don’t think I can be arsed.

    P. S. Treat the ladies well please guys. Some of you treat them like garbage.

    • Peter Harcoff says:

      Thanks Ms for sharing your experience. Always good to hear how a farang woman is treated even if it’s not right. Hope your trip got better later.

      I went to Crazy House last night and was disappointed that of the few women who would even consider long time (at 2200 hours) they had to leave at 0600 to attend school. They didn’t look young so I assume they were uni students but even so it’s not good enough for a quoted price of 6,000 THB plus bar fine.

      Still, walking back to the hotel some women outside a massage parlour were touting for business so I asked if one of them wanted long time at my nearby hotel. For an agreed departure time of 0800, i.e. 9.5 hours and 4,000THB I got a shower with her, nude massage and two boom boom.

      Once she left I caught up on my sleep. :)

    • Matt says:

      How about don’t come on here lecturing us men about what to do? No one gives a fuck if you’re a dominatrix. Go play in your dark and dingy dungeon.

    • Goldghost says:

      Really intrresting post Ms.

      I know from speaking to the girls that a suprising number of them are gay or bisexual so you should be able to find someone to your liking with a bit of leg work.

      I was in Crazy House tonight and the two people getting the most attention from the girls were two (very attractive) Chinese women. They were both with groups of men so I don’t know if that has a bearing on their attractiveness.

      As for ladyboys (i love them) I have asked a few of them if they are attracted to women and they have been appalled at the idea. However they are a diverse bunch so you never know.

      I always treat the girls well and suprise, suprise they have always treated me well in return. Some guys are stupid I guess.

    • Willy Wonka says:

      I hear you, Ms. You can’t expect good service from these sorts of places. They have high class “gentlemen’s clubs” where you’re guaranteed excellent service but the costs are much higher too.

  • Alex says:

    Short time should be 2k max and long time, 3k. If mama san or presents a price list leave immediately. It is non of their business what you pay the girl. You do not know how she will perform or what she will do. I have been going to GG bars for over 25 and there is never a cover charge except at occasional ripp off places in the old days in Patpong. Patpong is useless now and has been for about 15 years. Nana Plaza is going the same way. Early closing-no nudity and Dreadful Techno and EDM. Soi Cowboy is also going downhill. Many of the bars are owned by the same Arab/Iranian. I stopped going to Bangkok for fun since the fun stopped including the street market and pop up restaurants being closed down. The Go Go bars are often filled with chain smoking Japanese and Korean men who the girls prefer. For the best sex and best girls the massage scene is best. Pattaya is best for go go bars but never accept a price list for girls and BF is rarely over 1k.

    • Nick says:

      Hi Alex, I was in Bkk early Jan and had gone to a new go go bar (not listed here), on querying the waitress I was told that the bar fine was 1200 and long term was 7k and even then some of the girls were reluctant to go out. Am going back in April for a weekend hoping for some more positive (and cheaper) responses…

      • Eric says:

        Same here , at jan2017 went to rainbow 4
        And their LT charge is at 7k
        Was shock , as 2 years ago it was only 4K for LT

  • CrazyHorseFan says:

    Hi guys. I just moved to BKK and took my first tour of Soi Cowboy last night with a local friend. Had a blast at Crazy Horse. We started in Dollhouse and one other place (I forgot the name, but had old ladies giving amazing shoulder/back massages). If I ever design a bar, I would NOT put mirrors at eye level. The ladies just look at themselves without engaging with the customers and it feels like watching a fish bowl – albeit a nice fishbowl :) Crazy Horse has perfectly placed air vents at eye level (not obtrusive for customers – most probably didn’t notice) for the girls, so they are looking down at customers giving a much better experience. Since it was my first time out in BKK, we splurged quite a bit and ended up being pretty popular with ladies and staff. Like Richard Feynman, I see myself making Crazy Horse a usual hangout where I do my work (and maybe play some bongos!). Next time I’ll bring my laptop :D

  • Matt says:

    Went to crazy house repeatedly last week and was quoted bar fines of THB 1,000 every time. Girls are stunning but their expectations for LT are ridiculous. 5,000 was the cheapest and I’m in my early thirties, reasonably good looking and generally have to pay below average. Admittedly, I was on the hunt for stunners though.

  • Hey red cat – two visits to Bangkok and I’m still finding your guidance very useful!

      • frank lau says:

        bad experience in Cowboy 2. I spent 8,100 bahn for one girl in total for two hours (one shot).

        I went to Cowboy 2 on 12/11/2016 and found one girl i liked (tag #:109). I told her that i would want a “long time” service (i.e., stay overnight in my hotel). She agreed with 5,000 bahn. I was Okay with the price since she was the type i liked. I took her back in my hotel. I asked for a “BJ”. She said that this needed additional 1,000 bahn. Also she needs 500 bahn for a taxi to go back. I gave her the money (in total 6,500 bahn now). She stayed in my hotel for two hours. I had only one shot. After this shot, she suddenly told me that she would go back to work since this was a “short time” service. I was so unhappy and argued with her that we agreed to have a “long time” service. But she said no.

        I think i would not go back to Cowboy 2 anymore. Please alert that you should never pay the money until you let the bar girl leave. I did not follow this suggestion.

  • Specialist says:

    There’s a 4th floor on top of Crazy House. It is a small Thai restaurant. I discovered it some months back (got curious). More recently, one of the girls from Crazy House took me there for casual dinner before returning to my hotel, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Nice place, good food, good service, nothing fancy, not at all expensive.

  • Virendra says:

    I am going to Bangkok in the month of Dec with my Wife. Are girls allowed in the Go Go Bars ?

  • Kevin says:

    Agree with fixed price in Baccara. They now give out cards that state the prices.

    Bar fine – 600
    Lady drinks – 200
    *minimum 2 lady drinks in order to bar fine.

    Short time – 3000
    Long time – 6000

    To backtrack slightly, rules to enter are same. You just need to buy a drink which is ~180.

  • Mohammad says:

    I was in baccara last night , they had fixed price, barfine and lady drink was 1000 and short time was 3000.

  • Leo says:

    I have to post this experience as this article promotes BACCARA as top bar and I went to that bar solely based on this website strong recommendation and that was my first gogo bar visit.
    Sorry to say, my first visit has given me the worst nightmare after landing in Bangkok, I am posting the entire story for benefit of readers who think this place is some top bar, when its definitely not and don’t want to be ripped off like me. Its one of the tourist scams where I have given them 3000 baht instead of 300 baht for drinks, the bills (currency notes) of 100’s and 1000’s look strikingly similar and in that bar light I made a stupid novice mistake. I realized this after coming to hotel and checking on balance. I went there next night and they basically came as a group and started shouting, I even found the waitress (old waitress who is short and looks viatnamese type), but they would not even ask her, but forced me out by all coming together (bouncers + managers + staff). On top of that, the only reason I even ordered that drink is because that waitress forced me to buy drinks to stay at that place – when she came I said I am good, she showed the hand to exit, which was super rude, I got pretty irritated and asked for menu and ordered some drink for sake of staying. I did not pickup any girl from there and left.
    Also, its NOT FREE as the article states, they force you to buy a drink for 200 baht, I mean what the fk, if you want to charge, charge entry fee, don’t scam people by playing on their need / weakness / desire or whatever. Same with girls, their sole objective first and foremost is get you to buy them drinks 200 baht each and play along, then they quote ridiculous price 3-6K + 600 bar fine and I don’t know how they behave once you take them, they might say be quick and leave you in misery after spending like 5000 baht. Honestly, I found massage girls more cultured and you might get good experience (again it depends), also bangkok bunnies at nana plaza seems decent from bar point of view, have not taken girl from there, so no comment on that.

    All in all 3000 baht down the drain for me from scam and 400 baht for drinks. Strip clubs in US have much better ethics compared to this garbage, AVOID LIKE PLAGUE.
    This is not a top bar or institution as the article projects, its a run of the mill slum bar at the bottom

    • Redcat says:

      Was your plan visiting the bar without buying a drink?

      • Leo says:

        No, that’s not the plan. What is unexpected is at entry you are forced to enter by buying a drink which is nothing but cover charge, in other bars you go in and they ask if you want drink, similar but not like this. Anyway the story is not so much about this, its about money lost by scam.

    • Peter Harcoff says:

      You went back the next night and said you gave them THB3,000 instead of THB300 and want a refund? I’m surprised they’re not still laughing. As for forcing you out, well what did you expect when you accuse them of being dishonest?

      Remember that losing face is important in Thailand (and many other countries), you’ve accused them of being thieves. Frankly: be thankful you walked out rather than being carried out.

      As a basic precaution against confusing notes I carry hundreds and smaller in a different pocket to the 1,000s.

      However, you can’t be sure that you made the mistake there and it isn’t a scam. Whilst there isn’t a cover charge the drinks are expected as you enjoy the show.

      I also went to Baccara last week and didn’t have any problems, indeed I had an interesting hour or two engaging with the ladies there. Maybe you’re the problem and not them?

      As for the women, be respectful and firm in what you want. If they won’t negotiate then they aren’t interested. Thank them and move on. A quick talk before buying them a drink will ensure you’re both on the same page.

      • Jack dawsan says:

        Exactly peter. Well put. Treat the girls with respect and they will reward you. I also have a lot of fun with the service girls and I have never been forced to buy a drink.

    • Rael says:

      FWIW, I have been to Baccara many times and not once have I experienced any type of drink “scam”. (I did however experience a different type of “scam”, but it wasn’t the bar’s doing, it was one of the girls I took home — see below for that story). When it comes time to pay my bill, I examine it carefully and make sure to give them the correct amount. As far as “being forced to buy a drink to enter”, I agree it’s a type of cover charge, but at least you’re getting a drink for your cover charge instead of simply being charged. You seem to suggest, “why not simply charge a cover?” Well, what’s the difference? Why not “simply buy the drink” and give it to someone if you don’t want it. By the way, of those go-go bars which do require you to buy a drink to enter (and there are several), Baccara has some of the most reasonable drinks prices. Keep in mind, that these bars make their bones by selling drinks. If you’re not going to drink, they simply don’t want you there. Unlike Western strip clubs, where you just fork out money to the girls to give you dances, at the Bangkok strip clubs the girls make their money by getting you to buy drinks. If they’re not selling drinks, they’re not getting paid. That’s why all the girls have their own receipt chits. Bottom line: Lesson 1 – watch your money and pay attention to each individual bill you are brought. Lesson 2 – expect to buy a drink for yourself (even if it’s just a soft drink) and a drink for a lady.

      Regarding this other “scam” I mentioned above. After buying a couple lady drinks for two separate ladies, and a couple for myself during the night, I decided to bar fine them both, as they were both agreeable to what I asked for and the price seemed reasonable considering they were both knockouts. I get back to my place and before any action takes place, they ask for their fee, which I gave them. As we get down to business, one of them gets sick…like really sick. She says she can’t perform tonight and wants to go home. I said, no problem, I understand, your friend can stay. But give me my money back. If you’re leaving, I’m not paying you. She refused. I tell them I think this is some kind of scam they worked out. I pay for both – one “gets sick” and has to leave – but I don’t get her money back? I pay for two but only get one?! I told them, fine let’s get in the taxi and we’ll all go back to the club and I can explain it to mamasan. Then neither of you get anything. (btw, it helps that I speak a bit of Thai). End of story – the one girl left, gave me my fee back (minus 150 baht I was willing to give her to take a cab home), and the other girl stayed a couple hours. The lesson here – never pay up front. If they want to the money bad enough, they’ll trust you to give it to them after.

      • Rael says:

        Oops! To be fair, this other issue I mentioned – with the two ladies perhaps trying to play me – that was NOT at Baccara. It was at Crazy House. I would still go back to Crazy House, because it’s one of the better clubs in that area and the ladies are mostly hot. But I’ll be more careful how I pay them if I take them out.

    • Woolly says:

      Strip Clubs in the U.S.??? Seriously? Go to any strip club in Vegas and it’s also No cover charge, but 2 drink minimum, + tip the doorman, tip the barman, tip the waitress(fair enough), tip the dancers, tip the bloke in the toilet who wants to turn the tap on for you, tip the D.J, tip the taxi man, tip the bloke who walks past on the way to the toilet cause he said hello :)
      Then you say their money looks the same, you should be used to that old boy. All the U.S. currency looks more alike than the Baht. Sounds like your stuff up, not their’s.

    • Eric Zegikniet says:

      Next time read more how to act in a bar. If you go in as a victim they will ‘kill’ you for sure.
      For you its pleasure a game for them its REAL life and THE way to pay there bills.

  • Peter Harcoff says:

    10 August Went to Crazy House lots of lovely naked women everywhere. But still they only want short time or lie and leave early. Probably better to enjoy the sights and then go elsewhere if you want a long time woman.

    12 August Went for a look and with the current unrest in Thailand there were lots of police in the Soi Cowboy area. Not one bare bit of flesh on display anywhere including Crazy House.

    Walked down to Nana Plaza and there were mostly topless women at Spanky’s, A small visible police presence mainly checking bags at the entrance.

  • Kevin says:

    Have the prices increase since your last update? I was in baccara two nights ago and the lady drinks were apparently 200baht while the bar fine remained 600baht. The girls looks mighty fine but the LT charges they quoted were ridiculous. Spoke to a few girls and were quoted some 6000baht to 7500baht for LT. I haven even clarify if those were whole night rates. Perhaps I made a mistake by offering lady drinks the moment they sat down with me so they must have thought I was a good carrot to chop! Anyhows, Baccara is somewhere I would gladly return to my next trip.

  • Abdul Turner says:

    I’m a Canadian guy with Indian blood (but never been to india!). I got denied entry into Baccara, Crazy House, and Tilac. Japanese guys were allowed entry right in front of me and an arm across my chest with a “no” head shake was the bouncer’s response when I tried to walk in. I’m a big spender so it’s their loss. I didn’t let it ruin my evening and ended up going to Nana and had no trouble getting in any of the bars. Then to the Patpong/Silom area. There’s a gogo bar, Bada Bing, loaded with Japanese guys too but I had no problems getting in. With friendly mamasans, dancers, and patrons, I spent about $300 on drinks and had a great time.

  • Willy Wonka says:

    We’re an almost-30 couple and it was out first time in Bangkok’s go-go bar scene (last month). We used this article as our guide but we almost didn’t need to. After your first go-go bar, if you’re perceptive, you’d have figured out everything all by yourself just by observing.

    Anyways, our favorite was Baccara: but it was packed full and we had to share a stool. Surprisingly, they managed to fit more girls than guests onto the stage. There were so many girls that I was genuinely scared one of them would accidentally knock another off.

    We hit many go-go bars. Suzy Wong was nice because the girls were totally naked and also had the best attitudes, but the selection wasn’t that great (like 10 girls, half of them over age 30 and a 6/10 tops in the looks department).

    Finally, we went to R&B in Nana. This is probably the best bar in Nana. The selection was great. We picked a gorgeous girl that had a smile on her face: probably aged 21 or 22 and easily a 7.5/10. She was shy at first (about interacting with us) since she hadn’t done a couple before but that didn’t deter her. (I think nearly all girls at go-go bars would be willing to service couples). She offered 3500 baht for ST. I understand that’s a bit high but we’re a couple. I countered with 2000 but she wasn’t having it. We settled on 3000. This negotiation took 30 seconds. I know I’m probably spoiling the market here (specially given the HUGE supply compared to demand) but I could tell that she could read our body language and realize that we’re new.

    Anyways, we headed back to the hotel with her after paying the bar fine of 600 baht. Three hours of steamy hot sex later, all three of us satisfied (my girlfriend went crazy on her), we laughed and joked and decided to go clubbing together (it was only 1 AM). We had a great time. The girl was super friendly and no non-sense (she even split the taxi fare and paid for her own drinks at the club we went to).

    Since we’ve been back, we just can’t wait to go BKK again. Maybe we got lucky, but everything went perfectly smoothly. The only hitch was the hotel demanding 1200 baht joiner fee (which is normally zero) since there are going to be THREE of us in the hotel room. Next time we’re gonna go Airbnb instead of a hotel, that way we can be assured of no joiner fees.

    Thanks to whoever wrote this article and all the helpful comments!

  • Jim says:

    I went to crazy house the other night, I think the girls there are beautiful but the mamasan tried to have my pay everything up front 3500 baht to get the girl back to my place for short time. I was wondering if this was common practice here because at all the other bars, I just pay the barfine and drinks then pay the girl after in the hotel.

  • Nick says:

    After my visit in December I have been back 2 times. And going again end of March. Can’t get enough of it.

  • birdhaus says:

    Hi Stef,
    I went to all of these places last week, with the exception of *Bacara.
    *I have been to Bacara before though, last September.
    I’m happy to report back that these recommendations are still fairly accurate.

    Crazy House is the best bar in Cowboy, hands down.Why? It’s the naughtiest. Full nude babes as far as the eye can see.
    But 2nd best in the Cowboy is Tilac, which has some of the hottest girls I have ever seen.
    The layout is spot on. And what they don;t have in naughtiness they make up for by recruiting some real stunners. It’s a comfortable place to drink and the BF was only 600 here.

    I went to NEP and first bar I went to was R&B Bar. It’s pretty good, two stage areas and the girls are all showing their boobs. There were loads of girls here. Mostly sitting with the punters.
    I don;t think that R&B Bar is the best. I would rate Spanky’s as the best bar I went to within NEP.
    I didn’t make it to JailBirdz and or Billboards but friends that went there rated these in their top three bars in NEP.

  • James says:

    Your site is a really fantastic resource. Detailed, informative and up to date. I have checked quite a few Thailand/nightlife related sites and forums and this one is up there with very best. I am going to be making my first trip to Bangkok soon and this has really helped me to plan my itinerary. I do have one question. It looks likely that my first trip will fall around May/June. I realise this is not a great time weatherwise, but it was suggested to me that its a good time to visit the bars as they will be less crowded. In your experience is this true? Is there much of a difference between mongering in low season and high season? Thanks!

    • Redcat says:

      Hi James, thanks for the compliment – really appreciated!

      As far as mongering during the low season goes and that the prices are cheaper; that’s just a myth. The girls have their expectations and so you can’t really say “but it’s low season now, you don’t get many guys this time so let’s do 500 short time ok?”. Just be nice to the girls, make them laugh, create some good chemistry and the “discounts” will come – no matter which season.

  • Tom says:

    Thanks for this review, it will save time and money to find the right bar. Do you know if there is bi girl at Crazy House Bangkok or other bar you mentioned. We are looking for one bi girl with my wife. We have checked some agency, but they always requested to take 2 girls.

    • Redcat says:

      Many of the girls are cool to do a couple session (no matter whether two guys or guy and girl). But you usually have to pay 2x the price like 2×2000 Baht for short time. This way I’d rather take 2 girls and make it a foursome :)

      Just go there with your wife, have a good time talk to some girls and see what they say. Some of them would be even excited to see a Farang girl naked.

  • nick says:

    Am currently in BKK and having a blast. Baccara is nice but have to agree what was written earlier, the girls seem very bored and without any joy. Quality wise Lighthouse has been good to me so far. Barfine high though ranging from 600 to 1500. And the girls I like, well you guessed it, 1500. Nana plaza didn’t do anything for me. But worth mentioning is Beer Garden on soi 7 on the other side of the main street from nana plaza. Great relaxed bar with freelance girls (no barfine) hanging around in the bar looking for some “bom-bom”. It has a huge bar and great atmosphere. Beer price start at 85 I believe. I had a girl staying 2 hours for 1500.

  • Peter Harcoff says:

    Went to Crazy House last night (29 Oct) and agree lots of pretty naked ladies walking around and dancing on the various stages.

    But do establish what you want from them before buying them a drink! I got caught a couple of times when they would say ok to long time, have an expensive drink, i.e. tequila at 330THB then “oh I’ll have to leave early”. I.e. it is suddenly a short time rather than long time. If they do this then at least cop a good feel of them.

    Spoke to the mamsan and she then checked with the girl before I bought them a drink. This saved me a couple of drinks.

    Found a great woman and we spent the night together before she finally left my hotel about 10am.

    The second floor was less crowded and a bit more casual. No continuous dancing but more moving about on the stage and being able to interact with visitors. Also many of the women were bare footed which I prefer.

    • Steve says:

      The bubble bath girls in Billboard at Nana can be quite a lot of fun especially if they take all their gear off assuming the police keep away. If Champagne is there then you might get some extra nice full on lesbian shows. She is horny little lass. I think during the past month or two the police must be cracking down on the bars around Nana because there is a lot less nudity than there was late last year.

  • Brady says:

    Stef I was there last month man, it was crazy, used your old guide, i’m glad u updated this as I will check out Rainbow on my next trip.
    Shark was crap, and Bacara is pretty lame. No boobs downstairs at these two places. Upstairs though they show boobs but no bush.
    Number 1 bar in the Cowboy is Crazy house, hands down it is the best. Naked girls on stage, more than half are starkers the entire time. Some full-on sex acts going on upstairs. Plus it’s my favourite place too. Everyone is having a good time, especially the girls. Shark and Bacara the girls weren’t having a good time at all.
    The Japanese owned the night at Crazy House, high rolling it, so swag, they played hard.

  • primusltm says:

    I just got back from my holiday in Bangkok. I will agree with the gogo bars that you have listed here for Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza. I didn’t end up going to Patpong since I was enjoying Baccara and Angelwitch to much.

  • Joe says:

    I have been to the Crazy House a few days ago – propably the youngest and most beautyfull girls in Bangkok’s go go’s.

  • OsnapMillerTime says:

    Thanks for the heads up about Nana Plaza. Would you suggest a hotel close to Soi Cowboy instead or does it matter?

    • Redcat says:

      It’s a 20 minute walk from Soi Cowboy to Nana Plaza. Keeping in mind that a lot of go go girls are more hesitant to go to hotels far away (so they can come back to the bar after quickly) just stay anywhere in the Nana or Asoke area and you’ll be fine.