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While Trat isn’t one of the most exciting towns in Thailand, there are quite a few reasons why a lot of people (including me) who are traveling to or from the Koh Chang Archipelago still spend more time than they plan to in the province capital of the same name.

I have already written about the best things to do in Trat during the daytime and here comes the info about the town’s best nightlife spots.

Trat Night Market

Trat Night Market

A good way to start your evening in Trat is to head to the night market for dinner. You can find all kind of delicious and cheap local food here, you might want to try some of the renowned stir-fried noodles. The night market is located at the eastern side of Sukhumvit Road, just about 10 mins walk from the guesthouse area around Thanon Thana Charoen.

Best Bars in Trat

You can find a high concentration of foreign oriented bars in the guesthouse district on and around Thanon Thana Charoen.

I’m not going to list the names of them as they are all more or less similar to each other, just walk up and down the street and see what you like. However I found the best nightlife spots in Trat are spread all around town, some within walking distance from Thanon Thana Charoen and for some you will need to arrange transport to get there.

Local Bars on Sukhumvit Road

Trat Bar

Maybe the coolest bar in town and just 100 meters from the western end of Thanon Thana Charoen, Lao Leu (เล่าลือ, picture) is a favorite bar among both local Thais and foreign travelers. There is no wall at the entrance and so the three tables in front of the bar make a great spot to drink and watch the street life.

Another very popular place is ถ้ามาตราดมิวสิค (no English name) further up north, which is a mix of bar and restaurant with live music on some nights. Check the map below for the locations.

Samok Neei (สมคเนย์)

Trat Nightlife

This is maybe Trat’s best kept nightlife secret: Samok Neei. Since it’s mentioned in no guidebook and also due to its remoteness from Thanon Thana Charoen you will highly probably not meet any Farang here – but lots of cute and easygoing local Thai girls (and boys of course). The place gets busy at around 10pm when the live band kicks in, playing Thai and international hits.

Laser Disc Hostess Bar

Trat Girls

If you are going to Trat as a single guy, that’s probably the place you will enjoy the most. Known as the best hostess bar in Trat, Laser Disc has plenty of attractive girls who will sit, drink and enjoy with you.

It’s 240 Baht for 2 lady drinks (minimum) plus 150 Baht per hour for a private karaoke room upstairs (optional). The drink prices are incredibly fair, like a small Sang Som bottle costs 190 Baht (Regency is 300 Baht), mixers and ice 30 Baht each.

Even if you don’t hang out with a lady, it’s fun to relax here and enjoy the live music (daily from 9:30pm).

Apart from the mentioned bars there are a few (but not too many) other small bars spread around downtown Trat. You can find most of them in the area north of the night market. That’s also where I discovered this snooker place:

Trat Snooker Bar

Massage Salons in Trat

Trat Massage Salon

Even though there are no happy endings offered at the massage salons in Trat, they are a great place to relax and reward your body after a long day walking around town. The masseuses here are very calm and skilled in what they are doing – totally different to the rushing services you often experience in the bigger cities.

Most massage salons in Trat are located in the tourist area around Thanon Thana Charoen (yellow pins on the map below). Expect to pay 200 Baht for a Thai massage (1 hour).

Map of Nightlife in Trat

Video of Nightlife in Trat

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  • Dirk says:

    Ok then,how is it best to get from tart to Siem reap,I have read many differing versions with border scam etc but a take it a bus is the best way,also I do like the idea of a stop over in Pattaya but from what I read every night just blends into another there and I’m more curious about the local girls not the working ones unless it is last chance really,this is why I like the sound of your articles on Trat and Ko Chang

    • Redcat says:

      I haven’t done that particular trip (only from Bangkok to Siem Reap where they tried to scam us at an unofficial police check point and wanted to take our passports – don’t hand them to them). However I know in Trat town there are several bus packages to Siem Reap so unless you are going on individual trips (Trat – Poipet – Siem Reap) there shouldn’t be any problems, just go through booking at your hotel / guesthouse you should be fine.

  • Dirk says:

    I am flying in to Bangkok on the 12th Feb and was heading to Siem Reap via a trip down the east coast as far as say Trat,i like the Mu KO Chang Island and I do like the nightlife but not interested to much in crazy Pattaya etc,but still i am an admirer of the Thai girls,would a week be enough and do you have any tips on the best way to go and how long ,as i have one week or would it be better to go a little longer to see all ?

    regards Dirk

    • Redcat says:

      Hi Dirk, sounds like a nice little trip Bangkok – Trat – Koh Chang – Trat – Siem Reap and definitely doable in one week. I’d only spend one night in Trat town before and after Koh Chang and then 3-4 nights on the island. Pattaya would make a nice stop on the way too but if you say you are not a fan of it than just skip it, you would also need more time then.