4 Best Places to Meet Sexy Girls in Thailand

Last updated: December 11th, 2018 | in Thai Girls

Meeting Thai GirlsEveryone says it’s so easy to meet and sleep with young Thai girls but when you look at how the majority of foreigners go about it turns out they’re just renting some sort of prostitute.

Now I guess it’s easy in any country of the world to just go and pay for a hooker but what Thailand really makes it like paradise is the fact that you don’t necessarily need to pay for sex. At least no 3,000 Baht for short time but rather 300 Baht for dinner.

If you’ve been reading some of my articles on Thailand Redcat and / or have spent some significant amount of time here then you’ll probably know how to easily get laid with “regular Thai girls”, but if you haven’t, then I think this summary kind of article is long overdue.

There are exactly four different ways on how to meet girls in Thailand and after reading this, you will have a clear understanding of which ones are the most effective and value-for-money ones.

1. Hookers

Even if you end up being in a serious relationship with a Thai girl, chances are that you get yourself a hooker every once in a while just because the offers are too tempting, they’re virtually everywhere and the prices reasonable, too.

There are literally countless of different types of hookers in Thailand like beer girls, massage girls, go go girls, escort girls, mia nois and a lot more that you may not even have heard about yet. I have listed all of them as well as how much they usually cost you in this article.

The one thing you should be aware of when getting any kind of prostitute is that you are not just paying the girl, but also at least one other party. So if you get a happy ending massage, the bulk of the price for the massage itself will go to the owner of the salon. If you take a girl out of a go go bar or beer bar you have to pay the bar fine which goes close to 100% to the bar. If you go to the soapy massage and pay 2,500 Baht the girl will get like 1,500 Baht and the massage parlor 1,000 Baht. The only exception here are the freelance girls that you meet on the streets, bars or clubs and if you want to save the money for the short time hotel (300-400 Baht) you can definitely take her back to your place. I used to invite hookers to my apartment when I first moved here but after a year or so I stopped doing that because I just can’t stand the girls making my room untidy (bad habits) and there’s always the risk that she steals from you, not even mentioning that my girlfriend would surely find her hair on the floor.

2. Girls on Dating Sites

If you take the 600 to 800 Baht you would normally just pay the bar fine for one girl and instead spend that same amount of money on a one month membership on Thai Cupid like most of the expats here do, then that would give you a much better deal. Thai people literally live on the internet these days and there are thousands of girls online and available at any time of the day.

You find all sorts of different types of Thai girls there, some are total bitches that go meet and fuck a new foreigner every other day just for fun, while others clearly mention on their profiles that they’re working in an office and are looking for a serious relationship. I’ve had a couple of girls who came right over to hang out at my apartment after we chatted for a couple of days or once I asked a girl out for dinner and she said it was too hot outside, she’s lazy and if I didn’t want to come drink at her condo and watch a movie. I said sure why not.

You can find an overview of the currently 3 most popular online dating sites in Thailand here.

3. Girls in Bars & Clubs

Meeting Thai girls in the various nightlife venues might be the first option that comes into your mind. What probably doesn’t come into your mind right away though is that it can be the most difficult way to meet girls in Thailand as a lot of places you are a) discovering yourself in tourist towns including Bangkok or b) being recommended by others are full of hookers! And there we’re right back at no. 1 meaning that you end up paying for a freelancer to get laid.

The types of bars / nightclubs to meet Thai girls who are keen on meeting foreigners and not primarily out for money are very rare. Your best options are Gulliver’s Khaosan in Bangkok, Zoe in Yellow in Chiang Mai and Walking Street Club in Pattaya.

4. Girls in everyday situations

There is a fine but significant difference between being smiled at and talked to. People smile at you all the time here – in the 7-eleven, in the restaurant, in the shopping mall, even while just randomly walking down the street. That makes a lot of foreigners first think that all these girls are available and easy to get but the opposite is the case! Because usually the girls would just smile and not talk to you and if you go ahead and do the first step they would giggle even more and it turns out you can’t really have a normal conversation with them. That’s not just because the typical Thai girls are shy especially when dealing with foreigners but also because their English skills aren’t that great which makes them even more shy.

The only way to really have success with this fourth way of meeting Thai girls is to be able to speak Thai or to at least know some Thai pick up lines.

8 Responses

  • Martin1 says:

    I would recommend the “pipelining” technique!
    That means you start chatting to girls from your destination (Thailand, Philippines etc). about 2 months to at least 3 weeks before leaving.
    A friend of mine managed to bang 3 girls per day, about 21 in his week-long holiday.
    What a pro! :-)

  • A Bonker says:

    Redcat, another superb article!

  • Bob says:


    This is a great website by the way, seems to be updated, not like most things you find on the net.

    The question is, for a first short visit to Thailand (a week or so), does it even make sense to spend time on the dating sites to find a friendly companion or is it just better to visit the best clubs and bars you mention in your articles?


    • Redcat says:

      Thanks Bob,

      Sure it does make sense to sign up for a dating site so you can arrange your date before you even arrive here. If I was you I’d just sign up for the free account on Thai Friendly where you can send 1 message per 10 minutes so you don’t need to spend anything if you don’t like it.

  • klaus says:

    I will go to Thailand first time in my life in December. I love your articles, many thanks! Can you say something about how Thai girls relate to age difference. E.g. I’m in my fifties. Meeting /hooking up with a girl in their thirties here in Germany is not so easy. How about that in Thailand? I’m not talking about hookers of course. Any advice where to meet them (will be in Bangkok and in Karon Beach.) and advice how to deal with the age difference if that is a problem is welcome. Many thanks in advance!

    • Redcat says:

      Hi Klaus,
      the age difference in relationships isn’t that important here in Thailand, what is important is that you can take care of your Thai girl. And yes, that usually has to do with money, at least in the long term. But if you are just out for fun, then that often isn’t really important, you can easily meet girls through the ways I described here and have fun with them for free during your holiday, or just pay them the dinner, movie etc.
      As for your second question, just have a look in my nightlife articles on Bangkok and Phuket where you will find the best places to meet Thai women. And again, the online dating sites that I mentioned in this article are a great way to arrange dates all over the country. You can literally arrange your dates right now in Germany before you take the flight.

  • Mr. Bangkok says:

    Very interesting article! The ‘normal’ thai girls i have met may be sweet and hot but they are bloody boring.. they never go out and just hang out in their apartments all the time. I wonder why?

    • Redcat says:

      Well, they usually don’t mind hanging out in the room all day watching TV or playing on their phones. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like to go out – they love to be taken out (paa tîao, พาเที่ยว) by their boyfriends. When they don’t go out by themselves or with friends that’s because of shortage of money and usually towards the end of the month when they used up their salaries.