3 Places to Meet Black, Russian & Vietnamese Girls in Bangkok

Last updated: June 27th, 2024 | in Bangkok | Nightlife

While it’s very unlikely that you will ever get bored of hooking up and having sex with Thai ladies in Bangkok, why not mix things up a little and enjoy yourself with some very hot black, Russian and Vietnamese girls when they are super easy to find and “get in touch with”?

Vietnamese and Black Girls in Bangkok

Bangkok Foreign Prostitutes

Oh, let me quickly mention something here before I forget it:

Just the other day, when I was hanging out at Stumble Inn in Nana and chatting with one of the rather experienced ladies there, she told me that she can’t understand why the guys here want to have sex with so many different girls all the time. “Thai girl look all the same naked”, she said. “And all same pussy.” I remember she mentioned this in connection with the price difference of short time with go go girls (about 3,000 Baht) compared to the beer bar girls (about 1,500 Baht).

“Thai girls all the same”. Well, after thinking about it I think she does have a point. But as you will probably agree, we still appreciate the smallest uniqueness in body features and also the character types make a difference. Sex is all about imagination, is a popular saying.

Anyway, back to the topic. It’s quite astonishing how many sex workers from various African and Asian countries are roaming around the red light districts of Bangkok these days. So even if you aren’t bored of Thai girls yet, you probably want to know where to find them just to see and check them out.

So here we go, these are the top 3 places to meet foreign prostitutes in Bangkok:

1. Street Hookers

Black Russian Vietnamese Sex Workers in Bangkok

The hotspot for black, Russian and Vietnamese street hookers in Bangkok is along Sukhumvit Soi 4 in Nana. Especially the area in front of Hillary 1 bar (top picture, see the map marker below) has the highest concentration of especially Vietnamese girls. They are young and super hot, seriously more attractive than most girls you’ll encounter on Bui Vien Street or even Little Japan in Saigon (the main nightlife areas of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destination).

But you can really walk up and down Soi 4 any day after sunset till very late at night and encounter girls from various countries, including Russian, Uzbek and Filipina girls.

Black girls tend to roam around more than other nationalities, and so you can find them not only on Soi 4, but also along Sukhumvit Road (between Nana BTS Station and Asok BTS Station) all the way down to Soi Cowboy, where they often hang out in front of the MRT entrance near Soi Cowboy (bottom picture). There are some smoking hot girls from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Funny note here, just two days ago, I was strolling along Soi 4 to check things out for this post, and there was a sexy black lady who approached a British tourist who was clearly on his way to Nana Plaza. During some small talk (and price talk obviously) he repeatedly looked at her majestic ass (the type you simply cannot find with Thai women) and it didn’t take long for him to stop hesitating, so he agreed, and walked away with her hand in hand.

  • Prices: When you ask the foreign girls how much for short time (1 or 2 hours), you will almost always hear 2,000 Baht, and that’s slightly more than what the Thai street hookers in Bangkok ask for these days, which is 1,500 Baht. Of course that’s always negotiable, but usually they won’t go down, or if you are lucky maybe by 500 Baht. They are well aware of their uniqueness. Long time (until the next morning) can be negotiated, too, of course, and that’ll be about 3,000 Baht.

2. Bars

The next place to meet foreign hookers in Bangkok are the bars. And while there aren’t any kind of dedicated beer bars or go go bars that have them actually employed (usually they are here on a tourist visa anyway), you will find them exclusively in the freelancer bars.

Hillary 2 on Soi 4 and The Game on Sukhumvit Road are the best places to look for (and find) them.

For some reason, only black girls tend to go to the bars (especially Kenyan girls), while the Vietnamese and Russians usually stick to the streets.

  • Prices: The price for sex with black girls from the bars in Bangkok is actually the same as on the street, means about 2,000 Baht for short time, and 3,000 Baht for long time. That said, you may very well meet a Kenyan girl who is very sociable, keen to hang out with you in the bar, have a good conversation and a few drinks, and if your chemistry is good, she might not even present herself as a prostitute, but as your potential new girlfriend.

3. Dating Site

You probably know that I am very fond of the Thai Friendly dating site as a way to meet girls without having to pay them for sex, and it’s no different when it comes to foreign girls in Bangkok.

That said, yes, you do have to browse through the Bangkok section of the site for some time to find all the African girls to chat and meet up with, but they are definitely there and just waiting to be contacted by a nice white guy. If you are looking explicitly for Russian girls or other nationalities, you will have a harder time, as the foreign girls on the dating site are mainly from Kenya and Tanzania.

  • Prices: The basic functions of Thai Friendly are free (browsing through the girls, receiving messages and sending one message every 10 minutes), and if you want to remove the limits you can upgrade to a premium account, which costs 25 USD for 1 month, or 10 USD per month on a yearly subscription.

Map of Places to Meet Black, Russian & Vietnamese Girls in Bangkok