Top 5 Best Ladyboy Go Go Bars in Bangkok

Last updated: June 4th, 2024 | in Bangkok | Ladyboys | Nightlife

One of the great things about the nightlife in Bangkok is that it really has something for everyone.

So if you want to take a break from the girls, or really are into shemales, or are just curious and want to see them in action, then the ladyboy go go bars are without doubt great places to visit.

Bangkok Go Go Ladyboys

I have already written a guide on the different places to meet Bangkok ladyboys and so in this post I’m going to give you an overview of one particular type of place: The go go bars. They are obviously found in the 3 red light districts of Bangkok being Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong. So let’s start with quite an obvious question:

What makes the go go bars different compared to the other places to meet ladyboys?

Well, first of all the go go ladyboys are usually the most attractive ones you can find. Most of them have nice fake boobs, some of them have butt implants, and they are usually all young (early to mid twenties), have great bodies and tend to look more feminin than anywhere else.

But it’s also the fact that by visiting a go go bar, you don’t have to commit to anything. So if you go for a massage, you will make contact to her one to one. If you meet one from the dating sites, you will also make contact to her one to one. It’s different in the bars where you can just sit down, have a beer, relax and watch the ladyboys on stage, see how they behave and interact with other customers. That’s why the go go’s are not only popular for ladyboy lovers, but also for first timers who want to “just looking” first.

How does it work?

It obviously “works” the same way as in the girl go go bars, means you just walk in, take a seat, order a beer and take a look around. If you like one of the dancers you can invite her to sit with you and buy her a lady drink (which is more expensive than your own drink, see below) and then she will sit close to you, “entertain” you and you may touch her. If you get on well with each other you can then ask her out for short time or long time (often it is actually them who ask you first). You will need to pay the bar fine plus her price for sex, see below for the detailed price information.

One difference to the girl bars is that in most of the ladyboy bars they are not just “naughtier” but also much more “diligent” means they try very hard for you to allow them sit next to you, buy them drinks and ultimately take them out for sex. There are a couple of exceptions though where the atmosphere is more relaxed.

And so I think we should now go into the descriptions of the currently 5 best ladyboy go go bars in Bangkok – like always with information on the setup and what makes them unique, pictures, ratings, locations on the map and even more info at the end of the guide.

Obsession (Nana Plaza)

Best Ladyboy Go Go Bar in Bangkok

Obsession is the best ladyboy go go bar in Bangkok and it’s not hard to tell why: Not only does it have the highest number of dancers of all bars in town, but they are also the most attractive ones you can imagine. Many of them have nice and big boobs (like you can see on my picture), they are young, incredibly feminin and some of them post-op. So in case you have a “no dicks policy” then this might be for you, just ask the mamasan for advice.

The bar has one big center stage where about a dozen of transgenders dance at all times while eagerly trying to make eye contact with the customers who are sitting in the comfortable and elevated couches all around or on the bar stools right in front of the stage. There are even more ladyboys around who take their break from dancing (rotation) or sit with customers.

Obsession is one of the few bars of this type where you can enjoy a relaxed drink without the staff being too pushing (asking for drinks). Sure, they will try to do their best to make you interested in them, but it’s not like in other venues where you say “no, thank you” five times and they still won’t stop asking. If you’ve never visited a ladyboy go go bar then Obsession is a great place to “just take a look” and maybe more.

Location: Ground floor of Nana Plaza in the back (right corner).

  • Ladyboys Quantity: 9/10
  • Ladyboys Quality: 8/10

Casanova (Nana Plaza)

Bangkok Ladyboy Go Go Bar

Have you ever heard about the “Ladyboy Walk of Shame in Bangkok”? I’m talking about the legendary spot on the 2nd floor of Nana Plaza. Since Casanova is relatively small and doesn’t have enough space for all of its staff, most of the ladyboys are actually standing outside and trying to attract customers.

It’s almost impossible to walk past this bar without one super hot shemale coming up close to you and “introducing” herself. And it’s even more unlikely that you will not immediately get a boner when standing in front of these incredibly sexy human beings. You think I’m a little bit exaggerating? Well guess where I took the first picture of this guide? Correct, outside Casanova!

A lot of these ladyboys don’t even bother inviting you inside, but often ask you right away if you would like to pay their bar fine and go for short time in the rooms on the third floor. That said, it’s still worth to take the ladyboy of your choice inside the small bar first to get warm with her. There is only one small stage with one or two dancers and a few comfortable couches. Very friendly, relaxed and almost family-like atmosphere in Casanova.

Location: 2nd floor of Nana Plaza in the back (left corner).

  • Ladyboys Quantity: 5/10
  • Ladyboys Quality: 8/10

Temptations (Nana Plaza)

Ladyboy Go Go Bar Nana Plaza

Temptations is another one of the best ladyboy go go bars in Bangkok, located next to Rainbow 4 which is my favorite girl bar in the plaza. Needless to say that I passed it countless of times and I actually just made my first visit to Temptations last Friday, to do research for this review.

When I walked in there at 10pm there were only two other guests in this relatively spacious bar. They have one long stage where about a dozen of ladyboys are dancing. However, as soon as I took my seat all eyes were on me and they all tried hard to get my attention, many showing their boobs and one of them even went a step further and yelled at me “I’m horny!” before pulling down her panties and presenting her (surprisingly big) cock.

The shemales in Temptations wear sexy yellow bikinis, except one with a USA colored bikini. I asked the mamasan (who is a transgender, too) what makes her special and I was told that she likes to suck. Well I’m sure they all like that. After I came back from the toilet, one of them said “chák wâao rɔ̌ɔ?” (ชักว่าวหรอ – you jerk off right?), causing four other ladyboys around her to break out laughing.

Location: 2nd floor of Nana Plaza on the right side, next to Rainbow 4.

  • Ladyboys Quantity: 7/10
  • Ladyboys Quality: 7/10

Straps (Nana Plaza)

Nana Plaza Ladyboy Go Go Bar

Probably the smallest, but one of the finest ladyboy go go’s in Bangkok. This bar is always packed with customers and there are so many shemales that many of them have to stand outside on the balcony. There is one small stage with about four dancers at a time, but it’s really random.

It’s not a typical go go bar, means you don’t go there to watch the staff dancing but rather to pick one of the many, many super hot ladyboys, sit down, drink and “play” with them. This is really one of the venues I would recommend you to go not too late (means before 11pm) or you might not find a seat and the hottest ladyboys will already be taken.

Like in all other bars in Nana Plaza, most of the workers here prefer to go up to the infamous short time rooms on the third floor, give you a blow job and have sex for one hour before going back down to work, looking for the next customer. Of course you can also talk with them about long time and spending the whole night together in your hotel, but as always the price for that will be about 50% more, and some of them won’t do it. It really depends on her (and you of course, most guys prefer short time anyway).

Location: 2nd floor of Nana Plaza in the front side.

  • Ladyboys Quantity: 8/10
  • Ladyboys Quality: 8/10

Cockatoo (Soi Cowboy)

Best Ladyboy Go Go Bar in Soi Cowboy

Cockatoo is the famous ladyboy go go bar in Soi Cowboy. It’s one of the best and longest established venues of this type and you might even have seen some photos of the staff on Facebook or on other websites. The owners really know how to do good marketing, but even more importantly: They do a great job in recruiting some of the most attractive ladyboys in Bangkok.

The bar itself isn’t that big really, a little bigger than Straps, but a little smaller than their sister bar Temptations in Nana Plaza. There is one long stage with space for about 10 dancers, but often most of the ladyboys are standing or sitting outside in order to attract customers. They love Japanese and Koreans (because those are known to spend the most money) but of course you are more than welcome as a Westerner, too.

One thing that’s interesting to observe is that there are loads of men sitting in the outdoor areas of Baccara and Shark right opposite, curiously watching the happenings at Cockatoo. You can easily tell that there are many “virgins” among them who are attracted to the ladyboys, but don’t dare to enter the bar just yet. Well, go there after midnight and see what happens after these guys had their fifth or sixth Singha.

Location: Opposite Baccara close to the eastern end of Soi Cowboy.

  • Ladyboys Quantity: 7/10
  • Ladyboys Quality: 8/10

Map of the Best Ladyboy Go Go Bars in Bangkok

How about Go Go Bars in Patpong?

If you are wondering why I have only included go go bars in Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy in this top list and none in Patpong – well, if you read Thailand Redcat regularly then you probably know that I’m not really a fan of Patpong. Not only are the girls and ladyboys less attractive on average compared to the other two red light areas, but the atmosphere in these bars is usually also more intense, uneasy and business oriented. If you still want to check out one bar there then I would recommend King’s Castle III which is the longest established and most popular ladyboy a go go in Patpong.

Prices in the Ladyboy Go Go Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok Ladyboy Go Go Bar Prices

Now that you know where to find the best venues you probably also want to know about the different prices for drinks and “entertainment” in the ladyboy go go bars in Bangkok. Regarding the drinks, they are priced very similar as in the girl bars, means about 150-165 Baht for a beer. However, the lady drinks are a little bit cheaper as they don’t seem to dare to charge 200 Baht yet like in many of the girl bars. In the ladyboy venues it’s rather 150-160 Baht – yes, that’s almost the same price as for your own drinks. However, it’s only small glasses of coke or even tequila shots and that means they generally finish their drinks twice as fast as you finish your beer.

Similar for the bar fine that is very reasonable at 600-700 Baht (bar fine means the price you pay to the bar so you are allowed to take out a ladyboy). And then you have to talk with her how much she wants for sex. They usually ask for 2,000 Baht for short time (2 hours, you can get as many erections as you are able to) but it’s not that hard to bargain it down to 1,500 Baht.

And if you go to Nana Plaza then they will usually offer to go straight up to the short time rooms on the third floor where they charge 350 Baht per hour. So the total cost for a night out including everything (drinks and sex) comes down to about 3,000-3,500 Baht. Sure, you can get it a lot cheaper than that by picking up a street hooker (or even for free by using the dating site) but again the go go ladyboys are among the most attractive ones you can find.

Do the Ladyboys in the Go Go Bars get Naked?

Usually not. Means when they are on stage they would wear bikinis or other sexy clothes. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t get to see nipples (or dicks). Means when you sit there and watch them dancing it’s not uncommon that they push up their bikini for a moment so you can take a look at their tits, or pull down their panties so you can see their dicks. And if you invite one of them for a drink then of course they will have no problem for you getting the full view or touching them wherever you like. In fact, they love that and they tend to be even more passionate than most of the girls.

Are the Ladyboys Pre Op or Post Op?

Now I almost published this post without talking about one of the most important things: Are we talking about “chicks with dicks” here in these go go bars? Yes, we are. In other words: 90% of all these ladyboys are pre op (means they have a penis and you will have to go through the back door) and only a few are post op (means they have undergone the big cut).

From what I know that’s good news as most ladyboy lovers prefer them to have dicks, but if you are really out for one with a pussy then I would recommend you to just talk to the mamasan. Even if she can’t help you with your desire in her bar, she will probably know where you can find them. I also do, but since the staff change so frequently I don’t really want to name the particular bars here.

Just go, experience it yourself and if you are unsure then ask. You might even find them to be more honest and helpful than in many girly bars in town.