Thai Nightlife Girls Stealing Money

Last updated: April 18th, 2024 | in Thai Girls

You may have heard some of those frightening stories about foreigners’ bad experiences with Thai girls. Most of the time it’s about being cheated on money or valuable belongings.

I have already told you my opinion on feeding Thai girls with money on a regular basis, but in this article I want to show you some of the most common scams foreigners run into when they pick up a Thai girl and think it’s an easy catch.

What is important to point out here is that in almost any case a Thai girl steals money or valuable belongings from a foreigner on the first date, it’s girls that don’t have a regular job but are nothing else than hookers, usually freelancers.

If you date a normal Thai girl with an ordinary job or a student that does no sideline, chances are actually even lower to get robbed than in most western countries!

Here are some of the most common scenarios on Thai girls stealing money from foreigners:

  • Thai girl steals money while you are in the bathroom. Probably the most common type of theft on foreigners. You go to the bathroom like after you had sex and she knows that you gonna be in there more than ten seconds so she has enough time to grab your wallet and take out a few notes.
    How to avoid this: Leave your bathroom door open, put your keychain on top of your wallet (so it makes noise if she tries to lift it up) or simply take your wallet with you.
  • Thai girl stays with you overnight, the next morning you find her gone as well as your cash and valuables. The alternative to this is that she is still there in the morning but has stolen some of your money and you don’t notice it until she’s gone, saying she has to hurry meeting her friend, going to work or whatever.
    How to avoid this: Don’t let a Thai girl stay at your place during your first date if you haven’t seen her workplace or home. Like this it’s very unlikely that she’s going to steal from you as you know where to find her.
  • Thai girl puts sleeping pills in your drink, another classic method of getting robbed in Thailand. It doesn’t only happen in your or her room, but in nightclubs when you have had already a few drinks and don’t watch your glass all the time. Usually within a few minutes you fall asleep and once you woke up you notice that your wallet is gone – as well as the girl.
    How to avoid this: Keep your eye open for this during your first date with a girl. Obviously it’s a lot more difficult when in a nightclub and you can’t watch your drink all the time, especially when going to the bathroom.
  • Thai girl steals during a massage. More rare than the other scenarios, but it can happen that a Thai nightlife girl grabs your wallet while giving you a massage. A more common alternative to this is you meet a girl on the street that offers you a surprisingly cheap massage in “her room” and while she is doing her service there is her friend hiding underneath the bed that quietly comes out, takes your belongings and leaves the room. Shortly after the massage girl excuses herself and disappears with her friend already waiting outside ready to go with the motorcycle.
    How to avoid this: Don’t take an offer for a massage from any Thai girl you meet on the side of the road.

If any of these scenarios happens to you, chances to get back your belongings are near zero. Even if you go to the police station and submit a report, it’s not likely that one of the officers will actively go out and investigate. Chances are slightly better if there’s a CCTV camera at the place where it happened (usually at your hotel). The police may then be able to identify her, however the address that’s registered on her Thai ID Card might already be outdated – Thai people especially the young generation are very flexible in moving apartments.

Let me finish this article by emphasizing again that the large majority of Thai girls would never even think about stealing money. The more common method for Thai girls to save a few Baht is by letting you pay the bills for food, shopping or accommodation.