Thai Nightlife Girls Stealing Money

Last updated: March 15th, 2020 | in Thai Girls

You may have heard some of those frightening stories about foreigners’ bad experiences with Thai girls. Most of the time it’s about being cheated on money or valuable belongings.

I have already told you my opinion on feeding Thai girls with money on a regular basis, but in this article I want to show you some of the most common scams foreigners run into when they pick up a Thai girl and think it’s an easy catch.

What is important to point out here is that in almost any case a Thai girl steals money or valuable belongings from a foreigner on the first date it’s girls that don’t have a regular job but are nothing else than hookers, usually freelancers.

If you date a normal Thai girl with an ordinary job or a student that does no sideline, chances are actually even lower to get robbed than in most western countries!

Here are some of the most common scenarios on Thai girls stealing money from foreigners:

  • Thai girl steals money while you are in the bathroom. Probably the most common type of theft on foreigners. You go to the bathroom like after you had sex and she knows that you gonna be in there more than ten seconds so she has enough time to grab your wallet and take out a few notes.
    How to avoid this: Leave your bathroom door open, put your keychain on top of your wallet (so it makes noise if she tries to lift it up) or simply take your wallet with you.
  • Thai girl stays with you overnight, the next morning you find her gone as well as your cash and valuables. The alternative to this is that she is still there in the morning but has stolen some of your money and you don’t notice it until she’s gone, saying she has to hurry meeting her friend, going to work or whatever.
    How to avoid this: Don’t let a Thai girl stay at your place during your first date if you haven’t seen her workplace or home. Like this it’s very unlikely that she’s going to steal from you as you know where to find her.
  • Thai girl puts sleeping pills in your drink, another classic method of getting robbed in Thailand. It doesn’t only happen in your or her room, but in nightclubs when you have had already a few drinks and don’t watch your glass all the time. Usually within a few minutes you fall asleep and once you woke up you notice that your wallet is gone – as well as the girl.
    How to avoid this: Keep your eye open for this during your first date with a girl. Obviously it’s a lot more difficult when in a nightclub and you can’t watch your drink all the time, especially when going to the bathroom.
  • Thai girl steals during a massage. More rare than the other scenarios, but it can happen that a Thai nightlife girl grabs your wallet while giving you a massage. A more common alternative to this is you meet a girl on the street that offers you a surprisingly cheap massage in “her room” and while she is doing her service there is her friend hiding underneath the bed that quietly comes out, takes your belongings and leaves the room. Shortly after the massage girl excuses herself and disappears with her friend already waiting outside ready to go with the motorcycle.
    How to avoid this: Don’t take an offer for a massage from any Thai girl you meet on the side of the road.

If any of these scenarios happens to you, chances to get back your belongings are near zero. Even if you go to the police station and submit a report, it’s not likely that one of the officers will actively go out and investigate. Chances are slightly better if there’s a CCTV camera at the place where it happened (usually at your hotel). The police may then be able to identify her, however the address that’s registered on her Thai ID Card might already be outdated – Thai people especially the young generation are very flexible in moving apartments.

Let me finish this article by emphasizing again that the large majority of Thai girls would never even think about stealing money. The more common method for Thai girls to save a few Baht is by letting you pay the bills for food, shopping or accommodation.

10 Responses

  • Gary says:

    Please dont fall the trick – we only go as a team – they will work out what ways to get your money – ie 1 lady hugs you while the other goes touches you up feeling what they can to take- or both go back to your room( dont take a lady on 1st date to your room – rent a room) then you get then inside the room disagreeing with themselves and if you have paid them( dont pay up front) you dont get any sex as they have arranged to make it an nasty scene so by re arranging a play fight.
    Dont go back to the same location where you saw them -to get back your money they will either not be there or a 3rd lady will say hey join me with the good lady from the 1st failed session and we will give you a discount – yes sure – watch out for the lady who says then she must check her period while you have fun with the 2nd lady – they will be searching for anything mainly money or valuables
    Dont let any lady or lady boy come at you and give you any attention such as a strong hug – they will also take what they can
    If you dont get ladies ID then look out as well even if they are from a gogo club or bar
    Dont carry more than a few thousand baht dont take a smart phone or credit card out at night and make sure you use your hotel safe and never use it in presence of anyone
    I have too many stories and I have been to Thailand many times – and I dont get drunk – the ladies keep thinking of better ways to take our money – at least I have not been held at knife or gun point as some of my friends

  • Steve says:

    Even black prostitute in America is doing the same . I lost 100 usd just for a bj .

  • lou walker says:

    These people live in the real world, no one has given them anything without a string attached, they cannot afford to risk their future on a pipe dream that prince charming actually exists. All they see is those millions of male tourists with apparently unlimited funds,who are only interested in what they can get. They are only aware of the broken hearts and abandoned babies there is NO welfare in these countries, everyone in their family, who are their responsibility, need assistance so there is help from family, you will NEVER be able to understand just what that means. It is them against the foreigners. My Thai wife has explained to me.


  • Linda Lowther says:

    You might want to try India. Other than a prostitute, women there generally are never with more than 1 man in their lifetimes. If you marry an Indian woman, there is little chance she will ever leave or steal if you treat her well. I have never heard of such a case over there. Also interesting, is the fact that the dowry is the other way around there, where the woman’s parents pays the man to marry the daughter; the man does not pay the woman’s parents. Furthermore, it is the sons who are expected to care for the elderly parents…not the daughter and certainly not the daughter’s husband! (unless he wants to).

  • Anthony Finch says:

    I met a Thai woman through friends here in the UK. She is a teacher in Sisaket. She wanted to come to the UK for a holiday but didn’t have sufficient funds in her account to be considered for a visitor visa. I offered to lend her £2000 on the understanding that it would be repaid on her entry to the UK. Her visa was refused and she won’t give me my money back. She has apparently spent most and given the rest to her family members. I’m not able to contact her as she has blocked me completely. My friends have asked her to give it back but she just keeps saying its gone and she can’t do anything. Do I have any recourse?

    • Redcat says:

      Where did you meet that girl if she hadn’t had a visa yet? Online? Then why did you lend her 2k without having met her in person? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Spencer says:

      No u have no recourse. You don’t give a girl that much money. And of course if she spent it how on earth would someone from a developing country hope to pay that back? It’s like a year of wages.

  • ben says:

    it’s not just a thai girl thing to scam a man out of his money. all women are like that. it’s in their nature to go after men’s resources. the more you do for them the less they will respect you. they instinctively look for the alpha male. a alpha doesn’t care about her feelings. he just reproduces and dominates. the western men have been told that if you behave friendly to a women she will reward you. nope! men have a dominance instinct for a reason. nice guys finish last and badboys get laid. loyalty is not in a woman’s nature. you can treat a women like a queen and yet she will replace you if she thinks she can do better. a woman is biologically programmed to collect as much resources as possible. the only thing that can keep a woman in check is male dominance or group pressure. if this is not present she will have no morality at all. alpha fxxxs beta bucks. thai women, western women, russian women. it makes no difference. their experience is totally different from men’s. women do not love men.

    • Linda Lowther says:

      You say that its in a womans nature to go after a man’s resources. You also say its in her nature to go after the alpha who doesnt give a shit about her. That does not make sense. If it was her nature to want resources, she would be going after a beta who would be more willing to give them to her.

      Women would have no morality at all, eh? I wonder which gender is more unfiathful in a marriage, which gender commits more violent and sexual crime, etc….

      You must be a sad case with a very unfortunate background in regards to the women you have met.