Breaking Up With Your Thai Girlfriend

Last updated: February 26th, 2020 | in Thai Girls

Breaking Up With Thai GirlfriendIf you have ever been in a relationship with a Thai girl (or woman) you know how great it is hanging out with her and she giving you the feeling you are the coolest man on earth. You might also agree with me when I say that Thai girls make better girlfriends than western girls.

However you will come to this point sooner or later, after a few months, or after a few years when you ask yourself if you wanna stay with her for the rest of your life.

Or if you think you have enough of her for whatever reason: You are bored and want to look for someone new, she has cheated on you, she just sucks your money, she is boring, she becomes fat etc. Then you know it’s time to give her a run and to break up with your Thai girlfriend.

But breaking up with your Thai girlfriend is a lot more complicated than getting into the relationship in the first place. And here comes the thing. Another “phenomenon in Thailand” like I call weird aspects that I only know in Thai culture – and here’s another one:

A Thai girl will never break up with you.

Means if she doesn’t break up it’s only you that can make the relationship end. Sounds pretty weird but that’s the way it is. I’m not saying that Thai girls are always happy, accept all your mistakes and give your bad behavior a smile, Thai girls do get angry but usually that’s just for the moment and the next day the world is fine again. Your Thai girlfriend will always forgive you.

Whenever I had been in a relationship with a Thai girl for a few months it was me who broke up and what I usually say is that I don’t feel ready for a serious relationship at the moment. I never tell her the real reasons, like I want to meet other girls, that I already have another girl or that I don’t feel attracted to her anymore. This way you avoid her getting mad at you or just not accepting you break up with her because she thinks it’s her fault and she has to make you feel better. I just feel that’s the easiest way and the good thing about it is I often keep her as my friend or gik.

Giks, well obviously after a few months my girlfriends find out I have some and if they do, they indeed tell me things like “if I know you meet her again, we will break up” but then even if she does, she won’t break up. She might get angry, not do your laundry and not talk with you for one evening, but she won’t break up. So why is that? Why can we do whatever we want but our Thai girlfriends don’t break up with us?

My explanation is that she thinks in the long run she will „win“, means the longer you are together the more likely you are to fall in love with her and don’t go after other girls anymore. And besides that, as long as she’s on a financially solid ground – maybe partly with your help or exclusively with your help – then she’s also willing to endure a lot. Because having enough money for a decent life is always the top priority in Thailand.

Maybe you guys have different thoughts.

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  • jester says:

    Relationships for Thai are very focused on money/face and whole guy must support thai woman and family crap. ironically very few thai men support their thai women, so this needs to be broken away from. its only some idiotic americans that started this trend years ago and now the entire thai women species is out of control. Vietnam and Laos women are no where near as bad as thais, as they have not been corrupted so much by idiots. Stop giving women money full stop!
    I have endured a 10 yr relationship and never give my woman money…. however! i used her to build a business empire and she now earns close to 1 million a month as do i. so think smart folks… use them to make money and make sure you build a biz with them where both persons depends on each other. she cant leave me or her salary will tank, likewise for me i need her.. we now have a mutual beneficial agreement… no one wants to lose! so we endure each other… be smart

    • Jay says:

      Hi Jester,thats an interesting approach and the first of its kind I have read relating to thai and farang relationships. I would love to learn from you and how you did it. I have a thai girlfriend at the moment and wonder if this would help. Thanks for any help.

  • jester says:

    its funny reading this… i do think a lot of it is indeed true, ive put by girl through some tough times over the last decade and she still stays. having said that she is still a psycho and i put up with her rudeness daily too. BUT… the only times i have seen the above not be true. is if women depend on their guy for money… as soon as you turn the tap off they Fcuk off pronto. Oh and i stongly think its time we all stop calling the bad ones WORKING GIRLS or BAR GIRLS… let me tell you something, i have dated girls that work in banks, offices, hair salons you name it… they will ALL ask for money at some point, they are all no different to bar girls, they are ALL expecting more from foreign men, meaning financial freedom. otherwise they have no reason to choose us and our boring conversations, they would much rather be chatting in Thai to their Thai guy about FOOD, Thai Soaps, laughing for the sake of laughing (slapstick) or sleeping all day. We are in no way interesting for them, we are a ticket to freedom first and foremost. my advise NEVER ever give your girl money, and then if the relationship lasts the above will ring true..

  • Steve says:

    So true brother – I am finding it really hard to let her go……but I have to as she breaks my rules all the time. I am tired of the emotional roller coaster

  • Steve says:

    Thank you Mick – your advice is invaluable. I am going through something similar although not to your degree and I have to say…..there is nothing more you can do with abar girl than, be nice and bang them. I have recently returned from my second trip and the girl I am seeing is extreamly possessive, uses all the love language, does not charge me to have sex but is as cunning as hell, as soon as I parted (two weeks ago – and after putting a ring on her finger as a promise that I am serious). – she is off with four different guys, over three days each and covering multiple others whilst out of the bar.

    In short- I deserve it, but I made some serious sacrifices to get there and take her to places she wanted to go.

    Anyway – I am a sucker in love, but not in business. I am home now and about to dump her when she gets back from her latest customer whom she calls (goo flein) translation being “regular”.

    Over it, I will treat all bargirls as pure business from now on. What they quote is what I pay. No extras.

    Note – I spent a packet on her.

  • Jeff says:

    Oh Dear!!!!! I can relate to this comment 1000%, I just broke off with my Issan girl, she was so pretty with long hair that hung down to her bum and 30 yrs my junior but ……..starting to drain me financially for this that and anything else she could think of….lucky my brain rules my heart and dick so I decided it was time to cut loose from her….and go back out there and play the field again

  • Joseph says:

    I do not know if I agree with this article. In a lot of ways, I wish what was said was true and I would not be writing this comment. I did not meet a bargirl, I met a working girl (worked at a bank, definitely not a bar girl) who was the girlfriend for 5 years. She had all my social media passwords that I gave her to show I was doing not anything. She provided hers in turn which I never checked or wrote down. She checked my phone and saw Iwas chatting with a girl, my coworker, and accused me of wanting to be with her. Then she reviewed anyone who was female and not related to me by family and started contacting them using my devices. The she would delete the conversations so I would not find out, and not say anything but would start acting distant around me (not answering phone calls, claiming she is too busy with her boss, etc). I only found out cause other female friends asked what was up with your girl contacting me, and yet another who refused to chat with her tell me she put up a fake facebook page to act like she was a friend of the girl (herself) who was dating me to get more information. When confronted, she would defend and say why she could not, that if she is a girlfriend, she can do it. As one of the other posters said, stopped giving her money, and she left and found another saying she does not want me because I am a “liar.” The irony was so thick you could cut it with a knife. She now blocks me on all forms of communication and widely posts on her social media photos of herself with comments about how the next guy “spoils” her. Yea stupid me. I purposely avoided bar girls because you know the games played but apparently it is not just reserved for bar girls.