How To Deal With Angry Thai Girls

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Angry Thai GirlIt is pretty difficult to make Thai girls really angry as usually they just give minor problems and conflicts a smile and don’t bother about it. Like you left the toilet seat up, come late to an appointment or don’t respond her messages for a few days. Often they don’t really care about these “little” things and that’s just one of the many reasons why Thai girls are better than Western girls.

But then of course you do come into situations where she does get angry, let’s say she figured out you have been lying to her or that you have several affairs (what Thai call Giks). You can see it this way: It does really take a lot to make Thai girls angry but if they are, they can get pretty damn furious.

You can imagine that I have come into this situation quite a few times and as with many other aspects of life in Thailand it’s about experience, learning how to deal with angry Thai girls. While there are some general tricks that usually work there are special situations that just require different approaches. Here are my best tips for you to handle conflicts with angry Thai girls:

Plan A: Ignore her

Sometimes saying nothing and just ignoring the accusation of your Thai girl is the best solution to go over it. She will think that you know what she’s talking about and feel guilty. She won’t drag on the topic for hours though as she knows that you’re not going to talk about it.

Plan B: Change the topic

This may be the most effective way to deal with an angry Thai girl. While simply changing the topic will make the conflict even worse with Western girls, this is what usually works fine for me with Thai girls. I figured it’s best to ask her a question like if she’s done the laundry yet or what she wants to do tonight and she will usually forget about what she is angry about. Like this you take advantage of something I learned during my first months here in Thailand: Thai people have problems focusing on what they are doing and can easily be distracted.

Plan C: Downgrade the issue

Now if ignoring or changing the topic doesn’t help, you should try to play down the issue. Maybe you didn’t even know that you have done something wrong? A good excuse you can give your girl is claiming that it’s done a different way in your home country so you didn’t think about doing anything bad. Usually she will understand as she highly probably doesn’t know how things are done in your home country.

Plan D: Apologize 

Only if plan A, B and C didn’t work you should apologize for what you’ve done wrong – if you have done something wrong, otherwise stick with plan C of course. Thai girls will always accept your apology unlike Western girls that need a few weeks to think over it or try to get something out of it. Be careful though and only use the word “sorry” if you have done something really bad like having banged her friend. Like this she will know that you really regret what you did as you usually don’t say sorry with smaller issues.

Plan E: Run away

If none of the described alternatives to chill your Thai girl down works, you don’t have another choice but to simply run away. Running away doesn’t have to mean verbally, but physically! Yes you heard right Thai girls can get so furious and mad at you that you should run away from her. I had this situation twice during my first year in Bangkok.

An Isaan girl twelve years older than me (I was 23) that I dated for five or six weeks always treated me like a small baby, especially while playing pool she tried to give me lessons and tell me that I don’t think ahead. That night in Gulliver’s Khaosan we were playing eachother at prime time, just on this single table where everyone watched at like 11pm. I won. As usual she couldn’t take it and again started with things like I was lucky and still have to learn a lot. We had some other differences as well but anyway, it wasn’t the first time that I told her that I have enough of her but this time I was serious and she knew it. I took my glass, went to the other end of the bar and after two minutes a girl started talking to me. She was quite cute so it didn’t take much to break the ice and have a nice conversation. After I saw my ex a couple of times watching us she actually took her bag and came to us. The other girl stepped away. My ex pointed her finger at me and started shouting mad things at me. Most of the people in the bar were watching the scene. I tried to calm her down according to plan A-D but it didn’t help, she was insane. At one point she stopped shouting, looked at me and all of a sudden, smashed her fist and sharp fingernails towards my face. Pretty surprised as something like this had never happened to me before, I could step back a little but not avoid her hurting me in the face, almost breaking my nose and smashing my RayBan glasses with the quick attack. Security ran to the spot and dragged her outside, she still furious. Of course I thought it was better to go home but as I walked outside she was standing right there, just waiting to attack and hit me again. I had to run back to the bar twice, looking for cover. At one point I asked the security to hold her for a moment. I ran to the taxi as quick as possible, yelled at him Huai Kwang (where I’ve been living) while she freed herself from the security and started to run after me and the driving taxi.

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The second time I made the experience with an extremely angry Thai girl was at around midnight in Huai Kwang, Bangkok. I just went out to buy some snack at the 7-eleven and just while leaving the shop there was this Thai girl I had sex with just once (wouldn’t call it one-night stand as it was during noon). So there she stood in front of me, looking at me and as she remembered she began yelling things like I had never given her money (she didn’t ask for some when we met) and that I should go to hell and stuff. Then she furiously swung around with her umbrella as if she wants to beat me up with it. I went back to the 7-eleven where they had taken notice of the situation as well. An employee went out and tried to calm her down, some of the motorcycle drivers came to help. Yes, that’s right, sometimes even Thai guys help Farangs. As I went out again she still shouted at me bad things but at least that was about it. One of the motorcycle drivers laughed and said to me “mao” means she’s drunk. I guessed so, and she was probably mad about something else and just found a reason in me to express her feelings.

Did you have any of such more or less extreme situations with angry Thai girls? How have you handled them?

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  • Smart girl says:

    We,Thai girls,believe that if you cannot handle us at worse, you don’t deserve out best.
    We get angry because we want honesty, be treated right and respect from our man. Therefore, we are not tolerate any behaviour that make us feel disrepect. Simple as that.

    • Jack Hammer says:

      I have been to Thailand 11 times over a period of 6 years staying for 4 weeks at a time. Thai people say to me ” why do you come to Thailand so many times” My reply is, ” i have come here to find an HONEST, caring Thai lady so I can settle down, but I have not found one yet” Not one person has argued with my explanation.. Speaks volumes

    • stephane papineau says:

      This is a good answer!

  • Singaporean chinese says:

    My thai gf ask me to go bkk find her as she said she would be free that day but after I reach bkk waiting for her she said she would be busy, night then can meet up so i waited till night and in the end she ignore all my message and never reply.
    Since then I was damn pissed off by thai girl, now i would only fuck them and off I go, would never trust any thai girl again. Even though after 2 days she replied and apologize, I will still never date thai girl again and I will continue to act rich and scam them for free sex as my parent has born me with a godly handsome looks, really must thanks my parent for this.
    Up to date has successfully cheated around 20 thai girls for free sex trying to get my target towards 50.

    • Just an Observer says:

      you’re a douche bag not a man. so easily hurt and to turnaround to hurt others. good luck with that when you have a family and your daughter gets played by a dude with “godly handsome looks.”

    • Jack Hammer says:

      When you book a room in a Hotel in Thailand make sure there is 2 mirrors in the bathroom, one for you and one for your partner or else there is going to be arguments.

  • jp says:

    Bro i encounter many Thai Girl ,,, or mainly i have physical relationship after drink both us get high and so on u know the rest,,, all the time i dont known how many of them broke my heart or i broke their heart,,,but one Fact is Certain when they really broke my heart i feel so Depresssed in Mentality ,Physically & Financially,,,so here i can say if she willing having a closes relationship in sleepping activities you know wat i mean,,, i can said she the one u re lookin for ,,,,, as for me now i rather being myself as i see relationship wit them look uncertain,, perhap my real one having show up yet,,, my faith wit thai girl remain strong but in extra precaution

  • Steve says:

    “But for sure Thai (she is Chinese Thai) are very temperamental and if she is fond of you don’t even look at another girl or don’t even express admiration for a Thai beautiful walk by. They really get into fit if she like you”

    My girlfriend is also Chinese-Thai and OMG is she jealous! Even when I am browsing on the web and an ad shows up with a pretty Thai woman she starts on me about looking at other women. At first she was dead serious about it, but after repeatedly telling her I am NOT interested in other women and telling her that her jealousy makes me angry, she started to tone it down a bit. These days she still carries on about other women but does it jokingly and often pretends to “box” me. This I can tolerate.

    One night I came home late after playing pool and not realizing it was so late. When I walked through the door she started carrying on about me not loving her and that she was going to sleep with her girlfriend, in fact she actually packed her bags and said she was leaving me. I knew I did nothing wrong and told her so repeatedly. I also sat against the front door of our condo preventing her from leaving since we are on the 18th floor and it is the only exit other than the balcony. (hmmm maybe this is the reason for so many balcony deaths) She did not try to get past me and instead went back to the bedroom and sat on the bed, fuming. I then went to her and kept repeating I did nothing wrong, which I know I didn’t. Playing pool is OK by her. Going with other women is not. But I had a secret weapon against her anger. While sitting on the bed, I reached over to her and fondled her breast. Within 3 seconds her anger was gone and she was as horny as ever. We had remedial sex and everything was OK after that. It took her several days to unpack her bags again, but I think that was due to laziness.

    Now whenever she gets angry with me, I start fiddling with one of her several erogenous zones to get remedial sex going, and very soon all is peaceful again.

    I love my dear little teerak.

  • Marco says:

    Agree too with Stephan article but also would like to add that when they realize that they are wrong they do apologize too.
    In other exchange of experience in this blog with a Thai girl that i met on a flight 3 months ago and have been in contact with over mail, line and skype. i decided to make a quick trip for the New Year 2015/2016 and for her birthday celebration. Having only met her on that flight and not knowing her that well i thought she will never show up on the airport but she did and was waiting for 2.30 hrs prior to arrival. She wanted me to stay at her home instead in a hotel. so we did and had a great time banging time the whole day. the following day 31st i said okay lets go to nice restaurant and thereafter we go to central world for the New Year celebration and then to a Nightclub. All did go well had a good time in the restaurant over bottle of wine etc. Then went to Central world which of course started packing up even i thought to much of bloody people here, but any how we continued. At one point she said she had never come here and that she does’t like to hang out were there are a lots of people and i saw she was agitated so i ask what she wanted to do then she got in a silent mode, not knowing what she wanted i said okay lets go and we have a drink in one of the wine bars along central world, but i had the feeling that it was going to be a fucking night mare and it was so. At the Bar i ask the hostess for a table when i turned around had run away, so i ran after her because i was staying at her place were all my belonging were. in a rage of madness she started shouting that the Hostess had put her arm around my hip and that i was courting her which was absolute absurd she started yelling in public that me the farang only wanted to fuck any one that comes along not knowing what to do in public i tried to calm her down but my gosh there was stopping her . as we ran along the road with a lots of cops who also started to notice the commotion she tuned down a bit and said you go party and fuck some girls i go home and will open door for you. This i could not let happen as one could imagine so i stuck with her while she kept on running, but as she noticed that i was also not giving up she slowed down and got in the Temple on sukhumvith and after doing the ritual with money she seemed to be happy and took my hand and apologized and said that she would not fight anymore but that she wanted to go home so we left and by midnight we were back at home.
    The experience here is to best ignore the anger, try to calm her down and don’t resist by fighting back. This was not the end thou for the next few day’s some other issues happened at home and once again in public but each time we settled in peace fully and with extensive banging afterwards. Her explanation ” being at times angry with me is the sign that she start loving me and that she likes it as it excites her ” i guess in such situation like this the say “sorry” works both way’s irregardless who is wrong or right and get on with it. But for sure Thai ( she is Chinese Thai) are very temperamental and is she is font on you ” don’t even look at a other girl or don’t even express admiration for Thai beautiful walk by’s. They really get into fit if she like you.

  • Vince says:

    I totally do agree with the article. It has happened to me even worse than that. While I was living in Bangkok with my Thai girlfriend she found in my suitcase photos of girls from my earlier Thai holidays. At that time I was not living with her yet but meeting and banging her already. Anyway, after she had found the photos she didn’t speak with me for two days. Totally upset even sleeping in another room. At the end of the second day we were standing in the kitchen when she suddenly grabbed a knife and swung it towards my face. Luckily I reacted fast and got my hand between the knife and my face. So the knife cut my hand and within seconds the apartment floor was covered with blood. While I was trying to stop there bleeding she stepped away from me saying I should call my friend now (a guy I knew in Bangkok).
    To make a long story short: from that moment on I planned my departure from her and Bangkok. The day we split up two taxis were waiting in front of the building. One to go to the airport the other one to the bus station. When the taxis drove on both of us individually turned our heads and our eyes met for one last look ……

  • rocoglan says:

    Totally disagreed with this article. Thai women are sneaky, backwards minded and very often angry. I prefer a Western women 100 times over a Thai one. Source: Own experiences.

    • เเมทท says:

      I run a business exporting goods, I have 20 plus girls working in the factory they are mainly cheating, stealing and lying about each other. They have multiple children by different fathers and cheat on them frequently. Money is the god nothing comes before it and no man or family will either. So forget the fairy tale if more cash is available 90% will leave. Needless to say I steer well clear from constant advances know that 5 mins of pleasure will equal months of pain.