Why Thai Girls Make Better Girlfriends Than Western Women

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Yesterday I had a few beers with a German girl friend and as we talked about life in Thailand she came up with this straightforward question:

Why do you prefer Thai girls to western girls?

And even though I’m sure she knew some of the reasons already there are many things she can’t know as she never had the pleasure of calling a Thai girl her girlfriend.

Thai Girls don’t complain as much as Western Women

Sure you can piss off any girl if you muck around, come home late (or not at all), don’t reply to her text message or whatever but the difference is western women just seem to wait for reasons to get mad at you and they are also a lot more resentful than any Thai girl will ever be. Small things are big things for western women and so you will never meet a Thai girl that gets angry because you left the toilet seat up. Even if you really make a Thai girl angry and that doesn’t happen much at all she will forgive you anything, even having banged her best friend.

Thai Girls let you be the boss in the relationship

If you tell your Thai girlfriend about what you want to do at the weekend she will simply go like yes cool let’s do that. She won’t say I wanna go to Hua Hin when you suggest going to Pattaya. Thai girls let you make the decisions what you are going to do together, when you are going to do it (Let’s go eating now, I’m hungry) and how you are going to do it (Let’s only go for a few hours, I wanna meet up with my friend later). Western girls always want to do the planning and at least try to achieve some compromises: If we do this today, we are going to do that tomorrow, ok?

Thai Girls are better than Western WomenThai Girls have a nicer body than Western Girls

It’s strange but even though most Thai girls (and guys as well) are generally dead lazy when it comes to fitness and sports and still they don’t get fat and keep their beautiful bodies. While western girls run to the yoga or fitness studio every second day but still you barely see a really thin and skinny girl walking on the street.

Statistics prove anyway that western countries like America, Australia and by now also Western Europe have the highest percentage of fat girls in the world. And besides the fact that’s it’s really easy to find a thin girlfriend in Thailand it’s obviously also the smooth and soft skin that western women are extremely jealous and western guys extremely fond of.

Thai Girls are more beautiful than Western Girls

That’s a matter of taste of course but for me there is no doubt that the average looking Thai girl is ten times as attractive as the average looking Western girl.

Thai Girls are better housewives than Western Girls

It’s almost impossible these days to find a young Western girl that is really good in cooking and even if you do, she expects you to do the laundry instead, sweep the floor or make up the bed. Thai girls know that housework is their job. Believe it or not one of my Thai student girlfriends made me smile as I was about to start cleaning my room on a Saturday morning and she found it funny and asked me why I want to do it.

Thai Girls have a nicer smile and are always optimistic

Thai girls don’t just have a nicer and brighter smile they also smile much more often than Western girls. Besides that Thai girls are also much more open and optimistic about simply everything and never think too much about some bad thing that happened or a problem they have, they just go and try to make the best out of every situation without worrying too much. Thai girls always seem to be happy and really enjoying life and let you feel that while western girls usually expect their boyfriend to entertain and make them feel good.

If you are a western girl and disagree please leave a comment and let me know why you think western girls are better. If you are a Farang guy like me and you think I forgot some points to mention here, please leave a comment as well. And if you are a Farang couple who think about moving over here together then please read this post before.

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  • Martin says:

    Thai ladies are true honest ladies..of course you can get a prostitute but if you want to have a great relationship when it comes to Thai ladies you will not go wrong. As long as you dont want to meet up with a very good looking babe who wants you to take them back to the U.K. for marriage, you can’t go wrong.

  • Peenoy says:

    I’ve been dating my Thai gf (now fiancée) for 4 years, give or take. A huge gap in the discussion here is the Farang’s character. Surely that is equally important and in many ways will determine the behaviour and response of the Thai woman involved. If the Farang is kind, empathetic, shows her affection no matter how she looks on a particular day, she will see that he really loves her and will feel happy with him and show her contentment. My gf earns a large wage for Thailand whereas I live in an economically depressed part of Europe, intending to move when circumstances allow to a city where work is more easily available. Money is an issue but she sees that I’m doing my best, and knows how much I love her and returns that love. If she was after money – not love – she would have abandoned me a long time ago. Any Farang who wants to win a Thai woman’s heart should show her love above all – unconditional love. Thai women are very passionate, warm, full of life, and many bad experiences one hears about may be due to her Farang man’s character – not hers. Of course there will be gold diggers who set a price on themselves that only fools will pay; but for every one of those there are many more who will make their Farang partners proud.

    I find the beauty of Thai women breathtaking quite often. Out of the blue, I will be offered the most dazzling smile I have ever have seen from a passing woman with nothing to gain. Whether a lottery ticket seller, room maid, bottle recycler, road worker, young or old – Thai women are so full of life and cheerful that it gladdens the heart.

  • James says:

    Of course they are nice to you while you’re dating, and let me tell you one thing: they are dating with you while having a particular goal in mind- marriage; these girls are sweet and loving, they will tell you how much they want to have a child with you and build family- and eventually they will convince you into marrying. And that’s my friend when you will see their true nature: they will expect you to pay for everything, not just for them but also for their relatives back home in Thailand; they will establish their rules and you will obey whether you want it or not- simply because that’s how it works, and you are just a stupid farang who will end up being controlled by his Thai wife and her family.

  • Fyza Hosaimi says:

    I am not a Thai, but I’m an Asian who lives in Singapore and frequent to Thailand. I have made lots of Thai gfs over there, and yes, I do agree that they are so easy to love compared to the Western women. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am straight and I do have some gfs from America as well. The thing I don’t quite like about my Western gfs, were that, their expectations can be absurd when it comes to the men they want to date or marry.

    I still think, there are some nice American women out there, though. Those who’s not into feminism. But hell yeah, I love the Thai women too! So much!

  • Depressed when home says:

    Probably because western women are rude, self-centered, and arrogant. As an American man who’s travelled the world I can tell you Americans are the worst people on the planet.

  • tridev says:

    Absolute stupidity to say that thai women are better and western women are worse or the vice versa.
    As long as man has money in his pocket he has women on his bed. This is the universal truth and it doesn’t matter whether the women are Thai, American, Russian or Martian. If you have money you can make even a Mermaid Looking White Chick clean your toilet while you do her a** from behind. If you don’t have money even a Somalian woman will leave you.
    I request all men to realize that for women, whether she is a CEO of Fortune 100 company or a welcome welcome screaming Go Go bar girl, if you are poor you won’t have a pussy, either asian or white.

  • Jared says:

    I have been blessed to have worked all over the world for several months at a time from my 20’s to 35. I have lived in, met, or dated Swedish, Korean, Filipino, Canadian, African, British, Finish, Russian, Mexican, and many American women. I never dated just for sex and funny enough, after traveling to Thailand as a single male, I got plenty of dirty comments and insinuations from friends upon return, despite that I did not have sex once while traveling in Thailand. It is sad that Thailand has become a place labelled as the Sex Destination for white Farang.

    If you are single a guy who meets a women in Roppongi or Pattaya or Cabo or any other party place, she will have a ‘girl’s gone wild’ mentality, but one cannot generalize that all strippers or bar going girls are bad, uneducated, or have gold digger ambitions. It’s a sad fact that parts of the Asian world have a surplus of single women and families without a lot of money, hence people get into that business more out of love for their family and desperation or they move to the big city to make it big.

    If you don’t think it happens in America. IT DOES. I worked in Hollywood as well and you would not believe that 99% of the gorgeous women who comes to ‘make it’ in Hollywood end up waiting tables, as single mothers in their 30’s, stripping, or worse… They do this while waiting for a dream to come true or to prove to their family back in the mid-west somewhere that they are falsely doing great because they were a background extra or got their first SAG card. Does anyone ever truly want to admit they are a failure?

    I think you will find that a much higher percentage of those met-in-a-bar type scene do not work out in the long run. As one British guy who posts You Tube videos about why Thai women are amazing, ‘You have to look in the right place’ and get a ‘clear picture of the type of woman you want in your life’, which is absolutely true.

    A year after my trip, I met a women in the US whom I ended up marrying. Ironically, it turns out she is Thai and was raised in Thailand and went to a school in the US afterward for college.

    I love my wife. Yes, there are times when she is the most loving and affectionate person in the world and other times where it has to be her way and there is no discussion. The funny thing is that I was dating a knock-out tall American blond green-eyed Germanic decent women right before I met my wife, whom would probably be a 9 out of 10 for most guys. She was a Christian and affectionate as well. The sad part if that she never truly opened up and we never discussed what was bothering her about our relationship and she felt dating was something you casually do on a weekend if nothing else is going on. She slowly found little things to bring up and argue about, so that she didn’t have to feel like the evil one breaking it off. (The major reason is that I snore like a freight train, which would wake her up all the time)

    That being said, my Thai wife was raised in Thailand by a good family, went to good schools, and is technically more successful than myself. SHe accepts me with my faults. Things that I notice setting her apart from other women would be her ability to let an argument completely go within hours if not 30 minutes after it happens. She always wants kisses and hugs, which is happily surprising and welcome over any other women I’ve ever dated. We don’t have earth shattering sex, but when it happens, it’s great. She is a fantastic cook, the stuff she makes looks like it came from an Asian fusion restaurant. Regarding money, this is a tough subject. She chooses to accept which aspect of American and Thai culture suits her. As the man, I am to take care of the household, pay for the house and provide a life for both of us (Thai mentality) despite that she makes more than me. The reality is that this is not possible in the area we live, wherein a normal sized home requires a DINC (Dual Income No Kids). It means I have to struggle to meet her ideal. Does she do my every request? No, however she does want to make me happy and for us to have a good life, so we are shooting for that. She had a cheating ex, so I also have to contend with the baggage left from that previous relationship regarding money that he stole from her. She can be clingy, especially when we first dated. If I wanted a day or two to myself, she took it personally as if it meant there was some reason I did not want to be with her anymore. Does she sometimes pick and choose which Thai vs American culture ideals suits her best like me paying for our wedding? Yes. However it is a sacrifice I make and she makes many in return.

    Summary: Women from all over the world want one thing from a true relationship. To feel good and have the security of a loving and supportive husband or boyfriend. If you love her and make her feel special, she will take that like water in a garden and bloom with love in return. If you leave her at home to do all your chores for ten years and expect her to be your love slave, that is not likely sustainable, even if she seems ok with it for the first year. If you cheat on her or lying on the phone, that suspicion will enter the relationship and she will never truly trust you.

    For those American women who are awesome out there, I feel bad for you as well. I know there are good ones that get thrown in with all manipulative ones and stand your ground girl and don’t be afraid to take off the dominant successful women and show that you are also vulnerable.

    If a woman came into a bar at night and said in a loud demanding voice “My car broke down, who can change it for me?”, maybe one guy might shrug his shoulder and get off his bar stool. If a different feminine and vulnerable women came into that same bar and showed her fear of being all alone at night, trembling, sad, and in a sweet but hopeful soft voice said “My car broke down and I’m all alone out there and it’s dark. Can one of your gentlemen please help me to get on my way.” The entire bar would stand up and go outside to help the poor lady. Why? Because she admitted to needing help and protection and did not hide behind a false and strong fake exterior like bi-sexual woman pretending to be a man. Every man wants a chance to feel valuable, to be the white Knight to save the damsel in distress and save the day, if only you give him the chance instead of laughing at his lesser traits with your friends. Many Thai women and women from other countries respect the man enough to give him this opportunity, so he takes to that like a fish to water.

  • Rick says:

    My experience:
    Nice guy… taken advantage of by various Western women. Eventually gave up on them after 20 years of failed relationships. Have heard being too nice a complaint.
    Nice guy… deeply appreciated by Thai women.
    Very happy in a relationship with a Thai woman for 8 years now, we have 2 kids together. Never argued once, and I’m at home all day too! We’re never apart. Remarkable.

  • Dalo says:

    Old farang husband here . It seems Thai ladies in any walk of life really appreciate being treated courteously and respectfully . In fact Thai people value courtesy and respond in kind . If you are a jerk or a fool you’ll find someone to take advantage of you . Even ‘working girls’ appreciate good manners .
    The Thai are the most good hearted people I have experienced in the world . Of course there are exceptions but ,by and large they are happy people .
    My Thai wife is now late 40’s . I am retired . We laugh so often . She has changed my whole world because she is so cheerful . She is also careful with money .
    So yes , it can work out . If you’re a decent guy that is . A good woman can change your world and make life worth living . Make yourself worthy !

  • Pixie says:

    I have been with a farang man for a short while, more than a year of being friends and then a few months of dating. Ended up being left alone. Is that how it is with farangs? They can wait for years to get you to submit to them but after getting in your pants for awhile and get what they want, they just left. Girls from the East doesn’t make better girlfriends than western girls, its how the men behave that make them better. A girl make herself beautiful (inside and out) for the man who appreciate her. I am extremely hurt, if only being hurt emotionally can be seen as being hurt physically, maybe there will be a strict law against these.

  • PO says:

    Many of Old Farang man find a Thai young girl to be girlfriend. It same age with their daughter. WHY!!! why the girl lost their life time with the old man. Not because of money? I think they should KNOW!! I don’t like the old Farang man who do like this! And I don’t like the Thai girl who just want money from other person by not work!! Because Thai girl like me worked hard to got a little money but some Farang man looked at me like the Thai-money-sex-girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • naynay says:

    I work in a large all girls high school here and to say the majority of Thai girls and women are thin, docile home makers and enjoy being doormat wives is just pure fiction. There is huge variation like any population of woman.
    Some of the craziest and irrationally jealous partners are hands down thai woman.. They will also not hesitate to cheat if they are for any reason slighly unhappy or the old farang bf is out of town…often cheating with thai men.
    I really dont think the younger generation are much different from western women my age. My office is full of thai women and none of them are thin, smiley or quiet..

    Whats more, i dont think ive ever come across a student whos dreams resembled marrying a sexist white bloke who wants them to know whos boss and cook and clean for them all day. Most describe dreams of getting into good unis, travelling, Studying abroad, working in their chosen proffession or about cute korean popstars. some even tell me they can’t wait to be away from the responsibilities of home and school and doing whats expected.
    I really don’t think thai girls are much different from other girls their age, they just have less opportunitiies and financial freedom/priveledge. They just wanna be loved and understood like everyone else. Yes our cultures are different but we have more in common than not.

    I’m not sure why it’s a competition between who is better, if you prefer thai women because you see them as a better fit/more attractive for you, good on you. I also prefer thai men for a number of reasons and have been with my thai partner 5 years, I don’t feel the need to slag every western guy I’ve ever been with and blame western men for all that’s wrong with the world. I’m not gonna call you all fat, white hairy whales just because my man is still in perfect shape with beautiful skin and perfect teeth and hair. Because I know it doesnt reduce your value as a human being.

    • Laura says:

      What a crock of crap!!!! You live in a dream world western men thinking it’s easier with a Thai woman!!! I am western woman, been and lived in Thailand. You go to Pattaya looking for love!!! What a joke, it’s a city full of prostitutes/whores, whichever way you look at it- willing and happy to tell you/do anything for money “hello sexy man” to man of 25 stone in string vest, socks and sandals! She’s there as a service! Not to find love!

      Give me a break. I have a male friend, only 30 years old, married to Thai woman who openly, and happily, slaps him in the face when she isn’t happy in front of everyone and doesn’t think twice to tear a strip off him and undermines him in front of his friends- this rarely happens in the western world!!! They are angry, manipulative, violent and loud women, but come across as nice and quiet- that’s because they want something from you!! (Like you with them!!)

      The guy on this thread talking about the Thai woman happy to spend hours sucking him off and having sex with him is obviously a prostitute who knows her job well!!!! Lol!!! Idiot!!! If your stupid enough to stay with her and lose all your wordly belongings then so be it, at least the sex was good!! (Even if your left with nothing- this show’s how very stupid western men are and how they deserve what they get!)


    • BILL MICHAEL says:

      +naynay; Thank you for being so kind in your comment to us old foolish white men.
      Thais are such beautiful people. I wish I had been born and grown up Thai.

    • Randy Morris says:

      No disrespect ma’am, but I feel like you’re just being a hater????

  • Olga says:

    I think that there are beautiful women in all countries. We are all individuals and I would never use or abuse any human being.

  • Andrew says:

    I find it amazing that no one has mentioned how fantastic Thai women are in the bedroom. They really put more effort into pleasing their man than Western women. I’ve never been with a Western woman who could compare to the complete and total devotion that Thai girls have in the bedroom- Thai girls are very attentive, considerate and devoted lovers who truly want to please you and make you happy.

    They have amazing bodies- and know how to use them to make their man happy! I have a thai fiance that I have been engaged to for 7 years, and she never stops pulling out all the stops to spoil me in the bedroom.. I still am treated like a king every single day! From the moment she wakes me up in the morning with her head between my legs and under the covers- whether she is treating me to a nice, long sensual tongue massage or maximizing my pleasure by bringing me to the brink… only to stop and then slowly start up again over and over and over again. She is just completely tuned into my body and what she wants to do to me is just to make me happy- to put a smile on my face before she makes me breakfast. Sometimes she will come and visit me at work midday so she can bring me my lunch and then playfully show me the panties she is wearing- to make me think about her for the rest of the afternoon, eager to get home so we can have another round of fun in the bedroom that we started in the morning!

    In the evening when I come home, she is ready for me. If I am hungry and want to eat dinner- it’s ready within minutes. If I want a massage- she is ready to take care of me no matter if it is with a nude, wet nuru massage, or a hot towel and stone massage. She will sing softly and she rubs and kneads my tension away and never stops until I am satisfied. She never complains, never says “No” and makes me feel like I am the only man in the world.

    Western women are raised to be strong and independent and focused on themselves, while Thai women are raised to be submissive, obediant and completely devoted to their man.

    One more thing worth mentioning is their outstanding physical shape compared to Western Women. And I’m not just referring to their slender frames and low body fat, but their flexibility and muscle control. I’ve noticed that Thai girls love certain positions based upon their partner’s preference. For instance, my fiance loves to be on top of me in Cowgirl- especially since she feels like she is in control and can set the tempo to ride all day. But here is a crucial difference between Thai women and Western women: Where as Western women might try the Asian Cowgirl position for a couple of minutes once a week or so, Thai women would work at mastering the Asian Cowgirl position every day- because she knows how much men enjoy the physical and visual stimulation of the more difficult Asian Cowgirl position, she sees it as part of her housework and duty to her man to master the position. And although that position may be difficult to perform for very long, Thai girls simply see that as a challenge. My fiance does squat thrusts every day- just so she can have the stamina to perform this position for extra long extended sessions in the bedroom!

    And the muscle control that they have over their bodies is mind-melting. Whereas western women kinda do kegels, (usually after child birth) and can gently squeeze their muscles, thai women are taught to do kegels in their teens. After a decade or so of kegel muscle exercises, thai women can control their vaginal muscles to methodically grip and relax at the same time. The sensation feels like she is massaging me inside her, and I can feel her rippling her muscles up and down. This sensation is very deliberate in Asian Cowgirl and she will seductively ask me if I can feel her playing my “flute” as she works her hips like a corkscrew, moving in a wide clockwise direction while going slowly up and down and moving side to side; all the while rhythmically massaging me inside her.

    Once again, Thai girls pull out all the stops all the time to make sure their man is completely satisfied with their intimacy, as Thai women feel it is their duty to make their man happy in the bedroom and in the household. And thai girls simply aren’t happy until you are happy- but always let them know that there is always more room for improvement. You want to encourage them to keep up the 90% good work, but remind them that there is still 10% more work before you will be 100%. Thai girls like my fiance will see that 10% as a challenge and continue to wake me up in the morning with a smile on my face and her lips on another place; completely devoted to me and to giving me pleasure..

    And this essentially the difference between Western women and Thai women- as it seems that western women almost have the opposite attitude and expect the man to make them happy. Whereas the Thai women expect them to make their man happy.

    Western women: “Happy wife, happy life”.
    Thai women: “Happy Man is my plan”

    • Greg says:

      Great comments Andrew and very well written from somebody with first hand experience.
      I have been to Thailand a number of times and do appreciate how the women go to that extra effort to make their men happy.
      Tying to tell and Ausie girl some of the positives you have highlited just gets the standard old “Oh you think they are just great because of the sex they offer” but as you say most of the ausie girls wouldn’t even give 20% of the effort to their men in anything they do in comparison to Thai girls.
      And they take such pride in their work be it doing your toenails or making love to you!!
      Great comments loved them` -good luck to you and your Thai girl

    • Michael Ryan says:

      Sounds like you want a slave, not a partner.

      • Matt H says:

        Michael Ryan is a typical whipped western man.
        Men are taught that if you like a woman making you happy, then you must want a slave, because apparently relationships arent about making each others life better anymore :/

        I pity him, his gf/wife must make him miserable and he prefers that. No good sex for him because that makes her a slave.
        No sacrifice or doing things for him that she doesnt already want for herself because that makes her too submissive.

        I guess that means he never does anything to make her happy either. He never goes out of his way for sure, otherwise he becomes her slave.
        I really do prefer to avoid most western men when I am in Asia so I dont have to meet pathetic men like him.

  • Steve Anderson says:

    Sorry, but this is BS. Thai women are lying whores, period. I unfortunately was in a four year relationship with a Thai woman in Minneapolis, MN after she moved here from Chiang Mai to be a nanny.. After years of deceptive and selfish acts by her I finally let her go and feel so relieved! She was a pathological liar, sent to America by her family to screw white guys and take their money so she can send it home to her family. She’s now an illegal alien and her main purpose in life is to find a guy to marry for their money and her green card. No matter what she says that is her number one priority. She comes off as a “good girl” who has a “high education” but it’s all apart of one big lie, she tries to make you believe she has a heart and that she’s different than other Thai girls you read about but she is a cheating liar. She was screwing another guy while I was shopping for a new BMW for her. Sex means nothing to her, it’s like lunch or using the toilet. She’ll always say she’s the best while referring to all American women as Bitches. She’s jealous beyond belief because she projects – it’s her that does the cheating. Thank god she’s out of my life, it would have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. I make about a million a year. I’ve since found a beautiful American woman that’s more of a peer, she’s monogamous and trustworthy. I’ll never date a Thai woman again.

    • john says:

      Very true. Thai girls are sweet before they get what they want. Turn to a Bitch when they gain enough from you or you cant provide what they ask for. Mainly, its all about money.

      I wonder how thai girls like knitting while thailand is such a country without winter. They knit for men to mislead them feel their love. All are tricks. I was a fool to be used as a stepping stone. I gave her PR, I gave her fancy clothings. Eventually, she told me I didnt love her enough and she married another man for more money gift.

      • james d hummer says:

        Most certainly true, Sir. I would imagine that Knitting in a nation that has No Winter would, or should, be a Dead Giveaway that the woman has an Ulterior Motive other than You.

    • Otto says:

      What do you do where you make 1 million a year?

    • Kat says:

      You need to read a book called private dancer. It’s fantasic – and backs up your comment 100%. I find the guys who like thai girls are either controling, manipulative and callous or just to blind to see the real deal.Thai girls will do anything but are also conniving, pathalogical liar’s and will say anything to get them out of troble ?

    • Lattana says:

      Well said I fully agreed to your letter . I’m from Laos and living in England for long time and yes I met many Thai girls who married English man and yes they only married for money and get a better life for themselves and they family in Thailand. I have no respect for them and yes they do anything for money. They all as bad as each other Thai girl. I am agreeing everything you mentioned.

      • james d hummer says:

        Well, I am a tax Accountant from Pennsylvania, and I have numerous clients from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and adjoining nations. My one long term Laotian client (25 years) since he moved to America had strongly suggested that Laotian Women are the Most Devoted Women from Southeastern Asia. My client, Ngia X. (yes, his last name begins with ‘X’) tells me that Laotian females are much more devoted to Her Man than the adjoining nations, Vietnam and Thailand. The reasoning he projected to me was due to laotian Women have the Deepest Faith in their religion, primarily Buddhism. Would you suggest that this client of mine is telling me The Truth …. or not??

    • stephanie says:

      Yep…lol…you rock…this is true…I was loving and devoted to a rich man…have my own luxury vehicle i bought…did anything he wanted…I found oUT i was pregnant whIle he was preparing to go on sex tourism vaction unbeknownst to me..,he left to Thailand to sleep with ugly subpar hookers. God will get him. He had me in the palm of his hand but threw me in the trash so he could date slime. I loved him, didn’t know he was rich…didn’t care. But now I see it’s just baby and me…he can go. I don’t need him anymore. I deserve better…far better.

    • P. says:

      I’m Thai.And I live in Chaing Mai.I’m very sorry to hear that. Hope you finally find good woman.

  • Vernika Cat says:

    Hahaha please do not generalize! But maybe most of them are not really good at all!

    Im not a Thai woman. I just had an Italian ex bf who had Thai ex gf. This Thai girl at her late 20’s, I just talked for 3x times, at the first intervals, she was nice and on the third time, she loses her tempt on me. I don’t know my ex Italian was uptight to her. Until I found out this Thai girl’s unnatural and unreasonable ideas about relationship. For her, it was not an issue if her bf would like other girls sexy pics and not being fb friend for a while (truly this was my case with my Italian ex as I told her about it) maybe she’s doing the same that’s why she would let it. Also she judge me easily without knowing who I am really, and she acted stupid by chatting me HAHAHA and THAT’s FUNNY! Her attitude is sick.

    Plus she’s narrow minded and low level of mind set. My Italian ex bf told me, when they were together in Thailand, her Thai ex heard a Korean girl saying that she liked to get laid with him (Korean girl just murmured). What the Thai ex did was made a scandal with the Korean girl, she poured her a beverage on her head! What an trashy attitude was that!

    The Thai girl is working in a 5 star hotel as a Communication marketer. I wonder where did she put her manner knowing she’s an educated one. Also her way of talking to me that I did not harm her by any means yet she eventually annoyed at me, maybe insecurities about me. Oh well, it was good that I did not level her trashy attitude when she told me bad things.

    At first I really want her to be friend but she dont want to, guess that so insecure about me! She was the first before I had the Italian. But they were just once met and short term. When the Italian was with me, we had long term and twice we met for vacations.

    That’s all folks!


  • Adam West says:

    Thai girls stay angry longer than western women and are possibly more violent.
    Thai girls are only better housewives on the surface as they are lazier and don’t do a deep clean.
    Optimistic? I’m thinking more pessimistic if money is tight or they don’t get what they want……

  • dan says:

    I have a Thai wife. She is stunning with fake eyelashes, plenty of makeup, push up bra and after 3 hours at the beauty/hair salon. Waking up in the morning she can border on ugly. I wonder how many “average” thai girls you have seen without makeup? Most SE Asian women won’t let you see them like this until married. Thai women are attractive, but 10 times more than farang women?? that’s pure exaggeration…

    • Annie keller says:

      I’m just wondering where all these guys are?
      Where are the confident men who don’t need to claim “housewife skills” to feel superior?
      Hey white guys….. Don’t lose your manhood like this

  • Aussieredblood says:

    You have got to be kidding me. Sounds like you are pussywhipped to a fat western feminist. In fact you sound like a fat western feminist.

  • Rando says:

    Your depiction of Thai girls is too one dimensional. Petite, happy, smily and simple-minded.

    If you date a Thai girl who speaks fluent English I’m sure you’ll be hearing lots and lots of nagging. Girls are girls, regardless of their origins. The mind works in a very similar way, sure there are social and cultural differences and all, but there must be a reason why Sex & the City is so popular around the world, cause girls can relate their issues with each other. In my opinion, most interracial relationships where parties speak different languages, the most crucial factor of make it or break it, is the communication. Language plays a big role for self-expression, if you can’t convey your thoughts and opinions to your SO, then half of your relationship is missing, at least for me.

    If you date a girl who speaks good English, has international background(been abroad/studied abroad), is from a middle to upper class and also considered “good looking” for the Thai standard and probably in her late 20’s, chances are she will not put up with farang’s nonsense. On the other hand, if you date a young Thai student/bar girl/shop keeper who can barely form a correct sentence in English, limited vocabs, giggles all the time because she has no idea what you are on about, lack of life experiences in general, never boarded an airplane or crossed the borders, of course she’s gonna let you be the boss because it’s easier to nod and tag along….and probably these girls see you as a rare item, a farang bf, so let’s build a shrine for him.

    There are exceptions of course, but I’ve seen many interracial relationships, not only in Thailand and not only between whites and asians, that worked out just fine when the parties can have a healthy verbal communication, but many relationships failed the long run test due to the lack of verbal connection. If you are aiming for casual dating, then it’s all good, but if the Thai girl is expecting more out of the relationship, she will let you know about her discontented feelings.

    Oh, Asian girls in general, are brought up with the “housewives” mindset, meaning that you as a woman you need to care for house, for the husband, for the kids and for your appearance. It’s a form of affection and dedication for loved ones. I clean my bf’s house sometimes cause I do a better job, but I don’t just go there to clean and feed him like a mother would and he does not expect me to, he’s a white boy, but I occasionally his the bed, clean the dishes, hang the laundry as a sign of tidiness so he knows I was not raised as a slob and my family did well with me(my Asianess) and also a form of love and affection in the most practical way.

  • Bob says:

    If you”re a farang and a Thai woman wants you 9 out of 10 are whores..

    • Adam West says:

      Not true, a lot of Thai women don’t like Thai men as they are not very good looking, lazy and deceitful etc…. And they can be unfaithful. My wife doesn’t like Thai men and has never had a Thai boyfriend and when her father wanted her to marry locally she said no thanks. They are only whores when they go for old fat guys…. No disrespect to the old guys intended. The ones that marry these older fellas are desperate for security which means money as they think the young guys are just out to root around and won’t ‘look after them’.

  • Klaas says:

    Hey Rachel,

    In a way I agree becouse it is what I see to, but not all man are the same and also not all woman are the same! I am on some dating sites and I see more (in a relationship) western girls looking for an other man than asian! In my opinion if you have a relationship there is no place for someone to be on a datingsite!
    I had western girlfriends and one Thai (light skinn, smart, and strong) girlfriend, but out of the only 3 relationships I had its only the one with the Thai lady I miss….. yes she was jealous, and got angry to an agressive point!! But the good moments were just the best in my life ;) and no not the sexmoments becouse that is way down on my list of important things. I just think a match is a match, black, white, pink or yellow I dont care :)

  • Klaas says:

    Hey KLL_JOE I agree with you but not on everything, a lot of Thai ladies are looking for a better way to support their family and have a better life. But its not only the darker or less intelligent ladies looking for farang man ;) my ex girlfriend was not dark at all and not stupid to :)
    Wenn I see a profile of a Thai lady 25 year old looking for a man 18 to 90 year old I am sure that is 100% the lady you describe.
    But still I would choose a Thai girl over a western girl at any given moment, but thats more about the respect and culture, the less lazy attitude and the more caring character.

  • Ashley says:

    Yo I totally agree with Anna. I’m thai, raised here and is studying abroad in California. I think this article, to me, come off as a little discriminating and sexist. Seriously, I can’t believe the author said “because housework is their job”. OKAY that is, like, a huge ass generalization here. I’m disgusted by the phrase. Thai women has more ability to work in other professions than just housework stuff. Yet not every one can even clean properly or cook well. The girls you met are probably act submissive to you because you’re a farang. If you’re a thai guy, trust me itms a different story. Some thai girls act differently when it comes to thai guys versus western guys. Sorry to mention that but it’s true and I’ve seen it myself.

    You are just objectifying thai women and generalizing them. I dont care if you thinj they are prettier than western ladies because thats your preference, but I do give a shit when you just place us like objects and submissive lower class people. You probably just met the wrong girls.

    Also, thai girls can even be bitcher than westerners. They act kind in front of you, but behind your back, you never know what kind of shit they are saying about you. I even got friends like that.

    Anyway, this article is demeaning to an extent.

  • I think it’s shallow to group everyone in a category. It’s about who a person is. I am sure there are great Thai women and great Western women, and some not so much. lol It should be about the person, not where they are from.

  • Genevieve says:

    Hahahah I’m laughing so hard at all the hate on this forum… The sad part is a majority of them are from the Thai guys or westerner females.

    Before I even start… I would like to introduce myself. Hi everyone!!! I’m Genevieve :) I’m 25 years old and was born in Thailand but currently live in the U.S.A. Yes, I’m 90% Thai, and 10% French. I’m engaged to an… I guess you guys call him “Ferang”.

    1.) I can and will be submissive if I want/need to. We are humans too… We have minds of our own. The reason why I’m submissive is because I respect my fiancé. I don’t respect him because he’s ferang, but because I was taught to respect people that are older and/or guys that you’re with.

    2.) Nagging and clingy? Im none of those. I don’t understand how being naggy or clingy would help with anything. To that westerner chick that said she’s known Thais to be like that… Maybe it’s because they are westernized?! I’m sorry, eventhough I’ve lived here long enough to be classified as a westerner… I don’t believe in that being spoiled rotten stuff. Naggy and clingy girls are spoiled rotten. They don’t work for what they want or need.

    3.) Yes… I’m forgiving but forgiving comes with draw backs. Just because I forgive you… Does not mean I’ve fully healed and forgotten. I mean… I’m not stupid and I don’t think you’d want someone stupid as an gf? If my fiancé cheated on me… I would forgive him but I wouldnt feel the same love.

    4.) I work and clean. I only do that because that was how I was raised. I don’t want my fiancé doing the dishes because to me his hands are made to protect and work hard labors. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t take out the garbage!

    5.) Compromising is communication. You need communication in every single relationship in order for it to survive the harsh elements. Compromising isnt a bad thing… So why make it sound bad?

    6.) Looks… I’m sorry but I wouldn’t want ANY guy to be with me because of my looks. Looks don’t last. And if you were to ask my fiancé why he wants to be with me… He would tell you because of my personality and my looks is just the cherry toppling to the ice cream. Like all other races… We do have ugly Thai girls too ???. You’re just fortunate to meet pretty ones.

    7.) I AM NOTHING CLOSE TO BEING A GOLD DIGGER… lol. Yes, I can get rich guys… Doesn’t have to be ferang to have money hahaha. My fiancé does not have money… If anything I have more than him. To the poster that said we are just in it for money… That’s just sad to say we are with ferangs because they have money? Why don’t you have money? Get up and work! Don’t degrade us because you’re broke or dont have money.

    I’m done! *takes a bow*

  • rio says:

    Mr. John. You broke my heart it is indeed a saddening development. I am a Asian-South American born in Europe. I had a Thai gf once in my life and i have visited the place ofte. To make it clear according to my opnion true beauty is found in the heart not appearences. I fully agree. In contrast to this materialistic and cosmetic culture in the West people in the Third World countries tend to have real family values. I fully support a lady getting a career. But nowadays people judge each other by the look of their house or car. I am 29 years old an studying. It saddens me deeply. When i was in Thailand i got quite humbled as a westerner. Even though those people had not all the material gains they showed richness by their manners, love and appreciation for the simple things in life. As for Thai girls people tend to forget that these ladies are very kind and sincere. That does not mean i stereotype. It is a matter of upbringing. I have family in the North East and well the love i received makes me smile even to this day ^^. Sure why would i not marry a person from Thailand. Even the North pole haha. I do not judge a person by its etnicity, race or skin color. Come on!. This is the 21st century!

  • Mai says:

    From an educated Thai girl’s perspective, I feel like this article is misplacing us. We are not, in any way, little submissive doll figurines. It’s 2016, and I’m going to get out my kitchen knives (because all Thai girls do the house work, right?) if you bang my best friend. I have lived in a family where females take charge and this article just seems to decrease our dignity. Sure there are submissive girls out there willing to please and cook and clean for you, but all of us are not like that.

    PS. I will kick your ass outta my country if you come here looking for girls to bang.

    • Mike says:

      I agree that you should kick someone out for cheating, but you are not submissive because of America’s imperialistic cultures influence on you. My wife is Thai and submissive. It is not a weakness, she allows me to be the man. And a man needs to take charge because he’s the man. Just use common sense and remove yourself from all of your indoctrination and put yourself in the…um, million years before us that man has inhabited this country. The man’s role is to be receptive of his wife’s opinion, to encourage her to be confident, to listen to her opinion because it is value and needed. It is his duty to allow her yin aspect to help shape how his yang is expressed. And that quality is not present in most men in the American culture, not many other cultures because of American’s imperialism. Just look around, most all countries dress like Westeners. It doesn’t just stop with clothes, you have adopted our crappy mentality. So, I disagree with you. You are like American culture and that ruins your potential.

      • john says:

        Thai girls are submissive when you are still useful. Once they got what they want, its time to say goodbye. They dont even have a feeling. I hardly believe how she ruins my life.

      • Lovelyz says:

        It’s not AMERICA’S IMPERIALISTIC CULTURES INFLUENCE. It’s an HUMAN BEING PHASE or LEVEL OF REBELLION. and it happen that “western country” are the first to be rebel against “dictator, slavery, gouvernement, inequality, discrimination, child abuse….” things that other country are trying to catch up.

        Being “submissive” is not a bad thing but WE ALL KNOW, people will always take for granted everything you do for them. That’s the reason why western women aren’t submissive. They don’t want to depend on a man like it used to be. I’m sure a thai wife depend on her man’s money (and have no other choices). But let her HAVE MONEY and you will see things differently. MONEY CHANGE PEOPLE ATTITUDE.

        Nothing ruins potential. We are what society made us to be. Thailand is a poorer country. Women doesn’t have enough right or education as western women. BUT TRUST ME, when they will, it will be just like western country but asian will be more smarter and colder than western country

    • Scottz says:

      I liked how you phrased the last part of your sentence


      I also don’t believe all Thai women are submissive as well

    • Rob S. says:

      Answer! Lol. I’m curious, if white Americans only want Thai women to “bang”, why complain? You use a girl, she uses you. I’d like to find a Thai girl (Woman) with character and integrity, it seems some have written replies here. I’m an older guy, 57, and these things are what’s important to me. Question, how does Thai women in the states differ from Thai women in their homeland, and…how do you find a Thai woman? I’m curious, I’m looking for a long term loving relationship based on mutual respect, not based on materialistic, or sexual things as the foundation/ in other words two people who want love, does that even exist anymore? Some replies here make Americans sound like idiots out for only one thing…sheeesh.

      • IS Pattra says:

        Okay then tell me one thing, if you’re mainly looking for a relationship on mutual respect, would you be attracted to and willing to date an older Thai women aged 57 and over?

    • Michael Ryan says:

      Thank you Mai. As someone who dated a Thai woman for a couple of years, I find the whole “Thai girls are submissive” meme hilarious.

      If anything, she was more assertive than the average “western woman” (whatever that means, everyone is unique) and this sometimes led to heated arguments.

      I feel like anyone who goes looking for a relationship in a particular country because they think the women there are “submissive” and “docile” has serious issues.

      Those sort of people are looking for a servant, not a partner.

      • Marcus F says:

        yaiks! It’s still classing out the very people that are hearthily just looking to secure good sex. Honestly, I’m married to a Chinese not a Thai, but same descriptions apply. Albeit, Chinese are rasists above anything else, nobody can truly understand this money-family-abuse-all-others -mentality besides Chinese. For what I know, Thai’s skip this racial part, but keep the blood over marriage issue. Yes, about sex, social aspects of what’s deemeable and what is not varies greatly, even among those greatly blatanted Western countries.
        Would one ever in the height of that climax remember that the greatest lie is not the one told to another person, but the lie told to oneself. She is beautiful, young (not so much…).
        As one rather experienced older gentleman told me years ago, at night you can see all these beautifull, young slender women around street corners, but await the morning sunshine reveals all these elder, short and fat ladies yapping their way to work and mongering in the street corner. “It must be the water (semen) they drank at night” he said with a blink of an eye. I guess if you can read between the lines, he was quite right, don’t you think so?

  • Farangk says:

    Was married to a western cow (US brand) for a complete waste of 10 years. I feel sorry for the idiot rednecks that have to put up with that manatee.

    Have lived and worked in Brazil and Thailand, which are IMO #2 and #1 respectively in terms of beautiful women. Brazilian women run a close race but Brazil ain’t Thailand in many ways outside of any relationship factors.

    Sure there are lots and lots of variables to consider but I’ve spent a shit-ton of time dating women from all over the world and Thai women def win hands down across the board.

    Sorry western cow but you’re too much of a bore for this cowboy. Maybe have a talk with your 2nd cousins wearin Lycra tights on those Walmart vids and things might change for ya…….prob not though. Lol

    BOTTOM LINE: I’d rather go through 10 bad Thai relationships than 1 bad Mad western cow relationship.

    Head em up and move em out!!!

    • miinx says:

      I have to agree with you, although I have never had a Thai woman as a girlfriend/wife I find them incredibly beautiful but I can’t comment on anything else about them as I have no experience.
      I do however have have experience with western woman.
      I was married for 10 years to what I thought was a beautiful caring British girl. As soon as our first child was born and things got tough (money got tight) she just changed. She turned out to be a selfish, self centred, 2 timing gold digger, oh did i mention she is a pathological liar? I mean the worst I’ve ever seen. Needless to say we are now divorced and she continues to hunt for the next victim. She’s just recently latched onto a very rich and very old guy (sorry old guys, no disrespect, I’m probably considered one myself but her motives are pretty clear..) Jackpot!… zeroed in and ready for the kill.
      I think my point here is western girls are just as bad and if not worse than the negative posts about Thai women on this site.
      Bottom line, there are good and bad people wherever you go.
      I’m in contact with (hopefully) a very nice Thai woman. Very beautiful, amazing skin and seems to have a heart of gold.
      I’m on my way to spend some time with her soon and she booked and payed for the accommodation, she didn’t even give me a chance to intervene and got quite offended when I insisted on giving her the money back, she has a good job (which is probably not great comparing with western standards) and a car and lives outside of the city. ie. not a “working girl”
      I’m on this site because I’ve heard so many horror stories (here included… lol ) and considering my past experience I thought i’d do some research but have come to the conclusion that as I said, people are people… so I’m going to see what happens.
      All, well most (maybe) people just want to care for someone and to be cared for in return so I’m hoping the generalisations in these posts are just that, generalisations…

      Wish me luck :)

  • Azz says:

    Geezuz! You really hit the nail on the head. And here I was thinking just my wife was like that.

  • Frank says:

    Good articles! As specially the topic of western feminism and the comparison between western girls and Thai girls stirs up a lot so to see….. I am a European man living and working in Thailand for 27 years. I also know both worlds, and have seen the devastating effects of feminism on human relations ships and culture in the west. Now it seems there is a process in the new Thai women generation that starts to move in the same direction. Although it is mild and far from what is happening in the west, I still feel very sad about it. Absurd name for this movement: feminism. Feminine means woman after all, or woman like. But feminists behave far from that. It looks to me they just want to have a man role and behave in ways where they first criticized man for…. Hopefully Thai girls can stick to there roots. And yes, I think there are barely any women from the west that can even stand in the shadow of a ThaI woman in terms of feminine personality, beauty, elegance, nurturing, friendliness and in personal care & hygiene.

    • Michael Ryan says:

      I’m sorry but feminism is a movement aiming to establish equality between the sexes.

      Are you saying we should go back to the bad old days when women were forced to be homemakers who were completely dependent on men?

      When they couldn’t vote?

      When they couldn’t apply for credit cards and loans in their own name?

      When most professions were closed to them?


      Firstly, good luck with that.

      Secondly, why do you want women to be treated as second class citizens? Is it because you’re afraid of them or something?

  • Will Mac says:

    Your best chance of success in any country is to make friends in that country. Make sure you make friends with decent folk, not some dodgy people you met in a club. If you are seen as a decent guy before long you will be invited to a party or bbq and you’ll meet nice Thai women. So do it that way, meet women through Introductions. Dating sites are good for sex and that’s it.

    • Frank says:

      Yes Will Mac, could not agree with you more. I live here half my life, and the best, and most descent girls I meet through introductions during parties etc. in your Thai male friend circle. Thai males can tell you how it works, they always told me stay away from girls on internet and girls with any night-time jobs.

    • Farangk says:

      Can still meet some decent folk in a club atmosphere even after the dodgyness wears off next day….lol.

      Look for meet and greets anywhere around BKK.

  • Will Mac says:

    +1. The most jealous women I’ve ever met were Thai. And they might be banging someone behind your back or giving some guy the eye to make you mad.
    All I can say is that it’s easy to fall in love In Thailand, without realising before it’s too late the girl is damaged goods. Before you know it the relationship is toxic, she’s reading your phone messages, playing head games, threatening to self harm etc. This is NOT a generalization of Thai women, but for those who are naively and blindly seeking love, it’s something to be wary of, esp online dating. It happens often and your Thai dream can become a nightmare.

  • Mmuteu says:

    Great insight there! Everyone should read Stephen Leather’s Book – Private Dancer or not, let you learn for yourself.

  • David says:

    I disagree, Thai girls all look the same, boring features, wide noses, they look like children with their flat bodies looking like wood planks! Only super models are an exception, and even then a Swedish girl will make the Thai model look like a 2 while standing next to her…Thai girls are on average, a 4. They’re quite ugly, in my opinion. I tried to jack it to Thai girls, couldn’t get it up. I need a real woman from Europe!

    • Rawrr says:

      Swedish girl? hahaha yea some of them look pretty when they are under 20 y old and some of them look so ugly. It is the same like everywhere in the world. In my opinion the only thing swedish girls have more than thai girls is boobs and ass. If you just wanna have easy sex one night stand then go for swedish woman. In my point they are cheating more than thai woman coz they can have sex with anyone anywhere if they horny and no matter if they are married have kids or not. They fucking arounds like is nothing.

      I live in same house with one swedish girl she live with her bf which is my bf’s little brother. She live here for 5 years and she do nothing in the house. She not work not clean not cook not do anything.She live in his bf’s life and I could accept if she could at least clean after her shit but no she never do. She is so extremely selfish and lazy I ever seen. ( and many Swedish girls is like that) she always want fancy luxury stuff but never work for it. She sit in her room all day everyday sometimes go to gym to take selfie pictures and post on social media. Like she work hard at gym but never do house work and always leave everywhere dirty.She is so discusting.
      I try to find the good thing on her but is none.

      I’m a Thai woman who have swedish boyfriend. He is 4 years older than me. My bf have last gf 7 years ago and was not swedish girl. After that he just dating playing arounds with many Swedish easy girls and none of them he want to have relationship with. Coz most of them like that girl I talked about before.
      Don’t say that thai woman want only money but yea some want and some not. Same as every country even swedish girls. When you talk with money bitchs listen. Swedish girls they want everything from their guy and think they are most important like they are the center of universe. And always argue for nothing. And cheating like discusting.

      BTW. I am thai who live in Sweden 4 years have bachelor in Thailand and education in Sweden. I’m work as a teacher for 2 years now. And I don’t need to live on someone’s life coz I have work and money. I can say that my bf is poor than me. So if you think thai girls want to be with farang coz of money then I wanna puke on you coz some of us are richer than you and many farang.
      And I am sure I’m look better than many Swedish girls you have been or date with ( some of them are probably ugly inside out and smelly and more.)
      So should not compare thai girls with another country coz you will find the worse in your country.
      Many Swedish girls think they are bossy smart but they’ re not they just talk much shit and have a peanut brain.

      Also about cleaning cooking in the house. A child 3 years old would know what to do but swedish girls don’t. And we are thai who do work at home some do for please their partner and some including me do because we have to do anyway no matter where you live and I want my place clean and nice and my bf will be happy too to live in clean place then we both are happy.
      But is true when someone say if you good to thai girl 10 times they will give you back 100 times. Coz we always have to work hard in our life and if someone good to us or do something to us we will appreciate all and is real. We are polite humble and caring. We want out partner to feel the best then we will feel happy.

      And yes not like swedish girls who only think about themselves.

  • Azz says:

    I’ve got a Thai wife and your spot on with everything you said about them. Although I find the Thais is general repulsive and extremely xenophobic to be around.

  • kmom says:

    I just came across to this blog from my own curiosity.Since I am Thai women marry American man, me and my husband get an annoying questions all the time about ours marriage and happy family. Or I feel annoyed him that he likes to brag about his wife too much and can get to someone’s nerves. Some people just jump to conclussion that because he marriesThai.

    Gosh,let me speak from both sides,there are true points from the culture background that shape up Thai women to be just like the blogger post. The threads are so long,I can not remember all.

    The fact that Thai women are mostly thin because we are truly concious about ours looks,being fat is something really bad. We are good cook and doing chors because female can do better job.

    In general,the so call The good quality of Thai lady are good looking,nice personality,good at chores,coming from a good family.These are an ideal and desirable for men,not just for Thai but for everyone. So we try very hard to be an ideal lady.

    We smile a lot because we love peace,that is why we are called Thailand the land of smile.My husband after being together for 13 years,now he knows the diffrent degree of the smile on my face that does not always mean happy feeling.

    We let a man not just you Western men to lead the relationship because we know men ego very well. Grandma teaches mother,mother to daughther how to manage the family. There are a joke in Thai,husband and wife agreed to leave the big decision to husband and small ones to wife,but wife never brought the “big decision” to husband once.I am well educated(M.S. and B.S.) and very independent,know marshall arts,come from the good family or lets say the so call ideal lady. I can do everytning on my own,but you do not want to do it all alone,so it feels nice if there is someone do it for you or do it together. Compromise is one of the teaching in the Thai wedding.
    I decided to marry this American husband because he was so persistent after dating for four years,plus my mother wanted to see grandchildren so bad.Here I am,3 kids,9 anniversary and 13 years of knowing each other.

  • Karlbez says:

    I think everyone has got there own opinion of what a Thai lady or girlfriend is like. In my experience western women want to be head of the household and thy try to control every aspect of family life after having a 10 year marriage and devorce that went on for ever plus a few other relationships with western women I found that thy were all out for one thing control!!!! And arguing seams to be a kind of hobby with most western women. As for there body’s well I have dated a few attractive western women in the past but as soon as your in a relationship thy tend to let themselves go if you know what I mean. I’m currently very happily married to a fantastic very beautiful Thai woman she is honest caring and so very loving yes we have our odd argument but unlike western women it’s over and done with in a few hours and it’s all hugs not only from the wife but also from me you see if you treat someone as your equal in all things and share everything and understand each other compleatly you can probably have a good relationship with Thai or western women but I find if you back down in an argument with a western woman she will just keep arguing and pushing where as with my Thai wife if I’m wrong and I back down in an argument then she just wants a big hug and forgives so fast with not another word said about the argument!! Good luck Trying that with a western woman!!!! You will never hear the last of it. I think in all relationships you get out what you put in but I found that with a Thai woman if you put 100% into a relationship she will give you 200% back any day of the week!
    I also find that western women swear like crazy and get pushy when thy don’t get what thy want where as a Thai woman is polite and hardly ever sware and I totally agree that Thai woman know how to run a household and know how to take care of there man much better than western women! As for Thai women just wanting money come on guys this is true of all the women in the world thy all love to shop until thy drop lol! but I also find that unlike Thai women there western counterparts want to run everything that includes where every penny goes to where as a Thai woman let you be the boss after all you are the head of the family I a Thai woman’s eyes! To be honest I would pick a Thai woman any day over a western woman
    But I have to admit not all Thai women are good just like western woman there is good and bad everywhere! And there are some who see farlang as a meal ticket! But if you find a good Thai woman and she gives you her hart you will not regret it she will be the most loveing supportive person you could ever wish to find! Why because she loves you with every beat of her hart and she gets the same from you plus somthing that’s so important in Thai culture RESPECT !!!!
    Remember you get out of a relationship what you put in !!!!

    • Candylamb says:

      I agree there is good and bad in every culture but my ex is going for a Thai girl because he thinks he can get away with being a abusive narcissist who’s attitude belongs in the 1950’s. He is being secretive about how he is going about my children making my older autistic boy Skype his fiance that he’s met once and been ‘dating’ for under 3 months telling her that she will be his mum after he gets rid of me. I actually feel sorry for the girl as he’s still chatting sleeping and cheating with at least 6 people and even has a number of different phones to hide all this. Call me jealous bla bla but im friends with his ex thai bride and shes a lovely caring hard-working girl but didn’t do what he wanted so she was discarded. Me and her still chat but he didn’t want us ever contacting each other ? so yes he’s a bad egg and he’s going for a certain culture just to get his own way which is sick!

      • Karlbez says:

        Some Guys are like that and personally he needs a health warning tattooed across his forehead for all women to stay clear! But I also find That thai women are not taking abussive guys like this as standard any longer. In the past a married Thai guy would have a mistress on the side and the wife had to turn a blind eye. Now a lot of Thai women are no longer bothering with this type of guy wether he is Thai or from another country. Now thy have no problem in dumping a guy who plays around or is abussive Thai women are polite and sweet natured but you play around behind there backs or if you are abussive you are playing with a ticking time bomb so I hope the ex meets his match

    • miinx says:

      Nice, very reassuring.

  • todd says:

    All men of all races, all different personalities and habits. Whether a woman Thailand Or Western women Everyone is very different. Based on the “you” admire the kind women over. The attitude of all men naturally varies.

  • todd says:

    I’m Thai woman And the Northeast of Thailand. Financial plain Fewer rich and poor I married a man Thailand I would say the ideas and attitudes of women in general, Thailand. Popular marry Western men because it can provide stability and future of the family. Since men Thailand (the east), most of the leadership and day to day life, no future, no longer seek a breakthrough in the work. Once married, the family may lack balance. Characterization of Thai women jealous .And if she love someone will honor and love and devotion to the man she loved. To the delight of family

  • Candylamb says:

    I think most of the views are chauvanist and I only found this thread because im in a current situation with my ex partner he’s been testing out Thai and Philippine relationships he’s a narcissistic individual who is abusive I tried to be the best girlfriend look after the kids, do housework, cook for him I am pretty slim build with hips and he still made me feel like I wasn’t good enough because I questioned his cheating and I as a human being had needs and wants he didn’t let me have any money freedom time to myself etc he has said he wants a Thai girl because they do what they are told never question the man and enjoy being slaves. Which is what you all have said but in a sugar coated way now don’t get offended this is one assholes opinion but your all making yourselves sound like him ? his previous ex Thai gf and I are friends now after he started abusing her because she’s independant has a job money and is educated and she’s beautiful so don’t talk in the way you do because your sounding like egotistical domineering assholes that want a easy life being lots of the manor and no this is not a rant because I am a feminist or I have a mangina bla bla bla

    • Tally says:

      You have issues with your own relationship breaking down.. Dont judge all men or Thai females .. Yes there are men who abuse.. and yes there are bar girls who sell themselves,.. it happens in London too, and all of the big cities.. But, in general Thai women/girls are very faithful and will stick to one man if he looks after her..the same as Westerners…. give me a Thai woman anytime.. yes..I have one..and she is gorgeous and sticks by me always..

    • Jeff says:

      Wow. No dummy. Your husband cheats on you. We like Thai girls (and women in general) who are submissive. Those two facts have nothing to do with eachother. Please understand that.

  • T says:

    Wow. That’s just flat out racist. Well done Rachel..you truly have a warped view of human nature! Have a good life.

  • Doesn't Matter says:

    I came across this site when I was trying to decide on whether to visit Thailand or not. So thank you for providing this information. Opinions aside it has a lot of information.

    Before I comment I want to provide a bit of my own history. I am a 39 year old medically retired veteran, due to my poor health I can pass for someone 65 or older, and I have perhaps one or two years left to live. I’m not sad or angry about knowing I’m going to die. I was told two decades ago that my medical treatments would kill me by 38. So everyday is a blessing for me now. Anyway…

    I am a Caucasian male married for the last 13 years to a Hispanic female. I live in Texas by the U.S. – Mexican border and life here on the border is difficult. People here do not accept mixed couples. My wife and I frequently get stared at like we are part of a circus show. Looking back on my life, I can’t say I would do it all again. I have so many regrets. I love my wife and for good and bad she has supported me and I her. I don’t think my wife and I are still in-love but good friends sometimes even the best of friends. Marriage is HARD. Marriage requires work.

    My wife is amazing and I have always thought so since I first met her. I still think she is an amazing person. But…like most marriages the first few years were a dream. My wife wasn’t my ideal body type woman but she had a wonderful personality and so I picked her over a woman that did have my ideal body type, meaning my wife wasn’t thin or athletic. But she had this SPARK for life. She cares about people. For five years, she was a teacher and I saw very little of her. There was papers to grade and children’s parents to coddle and so very little time for us. Once a year, I would complain about things in our marriage. Like the fact that except for meals we didn’t see each other much. On Friday nights, we would go to the movies together and she would fall asleep to since she was so tired. It meant a lot to me that she went cause I knew she was exhausted from school and would rather be sleeping. Anyway after five years of teaching she decided to go to law school which I supported. My wife went to Yale for undergraduate degree and UT to become an attorney. My wife is smarter than I am and I have always known this and been proud of it. So 3 years of law school went by and the only time I saw my wife was when I took her out to eat. In her last year of law school her father found out he had stage four cancer. She dropped everything to try to save him. Frankly, I didn’t think she would complete law school. When he was dying my wife and I went to see him. Our marriage during this time was a mess. I felt neglected for eight years by then and for the first time in my marriage I looked at another woman. She was a beautiful half Thai/Hispanic female and she had a perfect body. She had the athletic body I had always preferred. She was also a stripper. We only talked two days while I was in town but it could have been something more maybe. My wife’s father died and my best friend told me bluntly that I needed to stand beside my wife. So I did. Even though I never felt farther from her.

    My wife eventually found out about the stripper I had talked to when I gave her my phone one day. And of course, everything eventually came out. I tried to say it was just a friend but my wife had always mistrusted me and since she would routinely go through my email and bank statements trying to find proof of misconduct, it wasn’t hard for her to find our history. And since no one here knows me I can be honest and say honestly I have never physically cheated on my wife. I know she doesn’t believe me. Not that it matters. Eight years of marriage and we both wanted out, I believe. Instead we went to couples marriage counseling. TOTAL failure. One session with that counselor and I wanted out. My health during this time was horrible. I had been fighting my over active immune system for 12 years by then. Also financially I was not in the best position. My wife had to work part time to make ends meet. And I went into individual therapy which helped me gain new perspective on life. I decided to try to make my marriage work again. I had to forgive the eight years of neglect, at least this what my therapist said so I could move on with my life. During this time I also found out my wife had something going on with one of her fellow law students father when she stayed the summer in his house while she was an intern at a huge corporate law firm for several months. I honestly to this day don’t know what exactly happened and I will never know if she was unfaithful. This all happened a year before I met the stripper. And it is sad to say that my wife will never be 100% sure that I have always been faithful, even though I have been to this day. I regret that the most. Trust can never fully be restored once broken.

    I been working on my health and on my marriage since. In a month, my wife will give birth to my first and only son. It was not something I ever wanted. I never wanted to be a father especially since I knew I could never be there for him as he grows up. My son will never really know me. But my wife wanted a child so I gave her one. Extremely selfish of both of us. Like I said so many regrets.

    I can’t say that I agree with any of the comments nor disagree since most are opinions. My wife and I are both from the West. I don’t know if women are better in the East. I think people are people regardless of where you come from. I used to think that Thailand was pretty brutal place especially the police but now I see it is no better here in the U.S. I have talked with my wife about moving to Thailand especially because of recent events here in the U.S. that maybe it is time for us to move. I make over $4,000 USD retired on my pension. So maybe it might work for us. But I don’t know if it will work with her being a lawyer etc. Maybe she wouldn’t have to work.

    In the end, what I really wanted to say to everyone was that people are people and women are women regardless of where they come from. I think many people here stated that they preferred a woman more slender than what they could find in the West. Nothing wrong with that. Some people like women with some meat on their bones some dont. Personally I prefer athletic women. My wife is neither slim or athletic that doesn’t lessen her value as a woman. I wish she was the woman I met before me. I was in-love with her. She had a spark. I hope that after I die she finds another man that makes her laugh daily and reignites that spark in her. I know it won’t be me. I’m not bitter just sad. I hope that everyone looks and finds what you are hoping for. I believe that love exsists. And it doesn’t matter where that other exsistance comes from. Whether from the East or West I hope you find whatever it is you long for.

    Women are amazing mystical creatures. I never understood them. I hope my son comes to. I also hope that he will become a man that ANY kind of woman would want for herself. I want him to be worthy of her and I hope that she feels that he is amazing too. I feel that not enough attention is being brought to the fact that a lot of men are ordinary. I have met a lot of amazing women through my wife’s social circles. But most of the men just seem ordinary. Most only care about themselves and not for their community, parents, children or wives. I hope my son is more like my wife who cares about her community and environment.

    I love my wife but I still have thoughts about what might have been…

    I’m not perfect maybe in the next life…oh wait I don’t believe in that

    Take care and try to be a bit nicer to each other. We all get hurt at some point. Unfortunately most people take their hurt out on others.

    • Jonatan says:


      When I finished reading your opinion, you made me think many things about life. I think all of us make mistakes, and it is not important the level that they have, but it is relevant to try not to make them again. To live with someone is always difficult. I think you were not selfish at all bringing a baby to this world, because you allowed your wife´s dream to be complied. Your son will be able to follow his own path, we are never alone, and there is always someone to assist us. It seems that you like helping people, and that is good not only for others, but also for our own health.

      I hope you can live the rest of your life in the best possible way. Best regards.

    • Juliette says:

      Dear Doesnt Matter, I never thought that I would comment on This post or topic, but your post above was the most moving and beautiful thing that I have read all day. I do hope the very best for you, and much happiness to you and your family. I wish you could live a long and happy life. Thank you for your poignant post. You are in my thoughts. Take care, Juliette.

  • Pip says:

    I recently went to Thailand met a bar girl…yes she was very attractive but she had a reason for being a bar girl, I don’t agree with it but understand the reasons. We didn’t do the act but talked and laughed for 5 hours plus left the bar had something to eat went dancing had a good time. She didn’t earn that night and if I was there longer I would have followed it further…Point to be noted she is isaan she is classed as lower in Thailand she was intelligent and could carry a conversation. It’s sad that society has created the problem which Thailand is known for and well some westerners exploit..I can see why some marry as this lady was well probably the best encounter I had with a woman and demanded nothing and yes when I go back we’ll meet all aside she’s still a person who I can have a good time with socially and . well maybe..

  • Techtechtech says:

    I’ve been married to a Thai woman who I met in the US, she was here furthering her doctorate that she earned at the University in Thailand. Prior to meeting her I had long stated that I’d never marry. After 1.5 yrs of dating, we got married and she’s a fantastic partner. She’s well educated, speaks English well, has a great sense of humor and is just simply a good person. Meanwhile I watch my guy friends battling with their American spouses day in and day out over nonsense, eventually ending in an awful divorce. There is no just disagreeing about something and both retreating to separate corners. Westernized women aren’t “terrible people”. But their western “culture,” values, media driven hyper sensitivity to everything they feel is offensive is horrendous, and the pseudo pride is over the top. Acting vain, operating with an incredibly false sense of accomplishment and pretending to be wildly proud of the obese and blasé appearance you’ve “earned” is one of countless reasons why soon you’ll be the majority in the dating pool. There are still some good, well centered, appreciative, attractive and balanced American women in the world, but they’ve become the major minority. Have fun. :)

  • John says:

    I have to agree with Steve on this. In my personal opinion Thai woman trump western ladies over and over again. I was so tired of having to always bend of backwards just to please my western lady. You treat a thai lady well and she’ll treat you like a king.

  • Sup'tar Shoes says:

    Weel I have read this, and now I understand why some of thai women are just meet farang only for money and why lol. I let you know one thing, thai women will turn easy from stupid to be a killer when they know you be rude to them and look down on them lol

  • Leelou says:

    So thai girls are pretty, stupid and submissive. What a conquest lol. Men who can’t keep up with evolution of the mind running off to poor countries where they can still have their old barbaric way. Pitty of this beautiful earth.

  • Christine says:

    God this article sickened me. It’s so sexist (they know housekeeping is there job?!) and does not in any way recognise individuals it’s like going back to the 1950’s! The sad fact is many (particularly older men from this aforementioned era of this mindset) western men who are predisposed to this type of cofependant behaviour seek out the illusion of Thailand to compensate there fantasies that they wouldn’t perhaps get in a westernised country because we don’t have to rely on men for income nor be submissive as we have choices. I know some of these Thai girls and they have told me what they really think about these men who they are predominantly dating for income or stability. And I am not judging these girls I’m actually juding the men that talk in the way I have heard you talk in this article and the comments. The reason you don’t get that in a western girlfriend is because you are on equal footing. Thailand is sadly a haven for men who want to live out there egos and try and recapture there lost youth vicariously through a young woman who they can show off. When in actual fact Is what most people really see is the reality of the situation is that it is actually a trade off. In Thai culture arranged marriages used to be common so they often see marrying for security as acceptable. These people are often struggling and come from impoverished backgrounds who seek out the western men for these reasons and I don’t judge them for that but I do judge you all who see woman as objects in the way you do trying to fufill your sad egos through someone else and seeking to have power over another. You sicken me. And nor should we be having a conversation about who is the most beautiful woman culturally. This is personal preference and there are beautiful people in many different cultures.tje writer of this article would have been comfortable in the days of slavery. And as for it would be better than the alternative which was the last comment..yeah well if the alternative was to have a true loving relationship based on truth and equality rather than an illusion fulfilling a sad ego situation that could do with therapy..well hmm…

    • Pip says:

      Christine I think you miss the point about housework…They do it as they like too not it’s there roll in life. There way in life is to appreciate what they have and not wishing for everything they can’t have also they don’t live in the past but for the future which includes their husband…that’s why so many men or farang decide on a thai wife because on the whole both man and woman want to appreciate each other….Most feminist attitudes stem from the woman living in the past and not actually thinking about being equal they want everything there way and unfortunately western women know what the man wants and try pulling the string he follows and hey ho the man decides sod this I only want to be loved not played which most western women do..want it all there own way….oh I fell for it and lost it all now I’m looking for a Thai or thai minded person not a self centred woman with no understanding of what equality in a relationship is….Yes some Thai can be the same but understand the basics..

    • Patrick says:

      What is wrong with people these days just because technological advancements have been made , there is still nothing wrong some older traditional family values like other post said it’s not sexist if female cleans they just in general clean better than us guys, or cook better ,sometimes guys cook better ,people take things so to the extreme , I would love to meet a Thai women have fellow worker that has Thai wife loves her, but about prostitution it’s one of the oldest occupations everywhere, most of time its like strip clubs the ones that complain the most is because they cant keep thete SO out of them, idk I hope the guy that was sick lives the rest of his time to the fullest, my prayers go out to you, but people over react about everything I am old fashioned and it’s hard to find a faithful moral person these days in general anywhere but maybe I need trip to Thailand, sounds fun.

  • Sarah says:

    Hum … I didn’t read all the comments but …
    Honestly, the whole article is pretty sexist :/ like, seriously, one of themain reasons a girl would be a better girlfriend than another is because she “know(s) that housework is their job” ? … really ?
    Yes, I’m a girl. Yes, a Western girl. But still… I can understand you giving reasons like “thai girls are more optimistic etc”, even though a “usually” would be nice, I don’t know if that’s true (both my thai and westerner female friends are quite optimistic about life, but maybe). But you can’t just say “they have a more beautiful smile”, … that really depends on the person … ? Imagine for a second you were not comparing thai and white people, but white and black people. (please tell me here you would see how it’s really not correct to say one race is more beautiful / better spirited than the other.)
    Even your conclusion “If you are a western girl and disagree please leave a comment and let me know why you think western girls are better. If you are a Farang guy like me and you think I forgot some points to mention here, please leave a comment as well.”, so you just can’t imagine a Farang guy would disagree with you .. ?
    Everyone can have their own preferences, of course, but please don’t generalize it so much in really hurtful comments.

  • Tally says:

    I have been to Thailand 8 times.. Phuket…. Patong…..Pataya…. Bangkok…. Hua hin…. Samut Sakon… and have a Thai woman who lives in SamutSakon which is an industrial town south of Bangkok.. I know a bit about the Thai culture, and if you treat a Thai lady properly and dont abuse her .. she will do almost anything to please you.. Thai people are so nice and I agree with the poster of this thread.. give me a Thai woman anytime over a westerner… They are brighter,… don’t moan.. and sexier too… (I can hear the Western women from hear..lol.. YEAHH THATS ALL YOUR INTERESTED IN)… Wrong.. As I said earlier.. been to Pataya… Phuket…. Patong… seen it ..got the Tshirt.. but I stay in Hua hin….. Yes..there are bar girls and prostitutes… but there is in London too…… I love Thailand ..and the food too.. roll on Oct. :)

  • Miami007 says:

    So interesting that so many responses and posts talk about men, girls and “hookers”. I was not aware that there was a third gender LOL “Hookers” as you call them are human beings first; just like “normal” girls or men.

    In another post, all hookers have a “bad character” – what does this say about the men who pay bar girls for sex? What about the Western tourists who specifically come to Asia to find children or very young girls for sex? Not really poster-children for our gender and race…Wer im Glashaus sitzt… (people in glasshouses…)

    I think we need to look at each person individually, not judging them by their nationality and their job.

    I met a girl from Isaan who works as escort in London. BTW, she is very fair-skinned. Yes, she does not have a lot of formal education, but was teaching me a lot about life. We got very close until she found out that I was married – after that she pushed me away as she did not want to cause a woman to lose her husband because of her. One day she told me “is it right you tell me how much you love me? You have wife. Decide what you want to do with your marriage and do it. But don’t decide because of me”. Sounds like very mature and good advice to me, wouldn’t you agree

    All Thai girls just want your money: seems to be another misconception. another quote from my friend: “Yes, right now I am escort, but I am still human and have feelings and pride. One day I will not be escort anymore. I know you are very rich, but with all your money, you can not buy my soul”

    Thai girls let you be the boss in the relationship: I had a Malay girlfriend from Singapore many years ago. It was so boring that she had no opinion of her own and agreed to anything I suggested. My Thai friend and I had agreed that we would take turns every day being the “big boss” until she turned to me one day, smiled and said “You know that I am really big boss every day…”

    But I agree with you and find many Asian girls physically more attractive than Western women. Being 170cm/ 70 kg (5′ 7″ and 155 pds) many Western women outweigh me

  • lona says:

    I think so even not all the Thai girls but the most Thai girls like that so because it’s Real culture thailand and still have alots very very good thai girls, isan girl of Thailand easy life never mind anything and good caring , Kindness Hey!! You guys you have try to touch them.

  • madmax says:

    lets be honest.. most women in sia are just whores for monre.y..
    just they are less ashamed of it than westeners.. who have christian guilt..

    that being said .. women also just like to get fucked.. its human..

    women are genetically progrmmed to want money power.. ect.. easy life… :P…. i say fuck em and take it.
    p.s. i have never had a thai girlfiren who was “dark skinned” as you call it..
    nd have never had one that was not at least comparatively wealthy as my self by western standards..

    it depends on how you act and who you meet. i didnt have to spend any money on them.

    i dont have a fetish for thai women… but the “milky white rich girls” here are easier that a essex pub slut..
    depends on who you hang around with..
    i never learned any thai . all the woman i bang ae speaking good english.

  • koko says:

    You know I find these types of opinion pieces exceedingly interesting and a few things that always strike me as completely odd. Firstly : We don’t care who you date!!! Why do White boys think they need to justify why they date anyone? If you love someone then you love someone it’s no big deal. To write an opinion piece that screams ‘ I date Asian women and its all the Western women’s fault!’ Is extremely offensive to Thai women. It makes it look like you have absolutely no interest in a Thai woman individually, just as a thing. It’s an incredibly rude way to treat any one women from all cultural backgrounds deserve a lot better then that. All cultures have amazing things to offer and the Asian cultures have some of the most enlightened ideologies and ideas. No culture is perfect which only strengthens the connection of our humanness and the extraordinary idealist’s from different parts of the world. I’m also going to let you in on something. Most white girls/women don’t care if you date or marry someone from a different culture the ones who do have issues in life and are just ignorant people with closed minds. Honestly that’s it. I have never ever heard white women who are evolved human beings ever say anything negative about a mixed relationship ever. But that’s just personal experience I guess. I don’t hang out much with white guys so I don’t know but I have some Asian friends who are married to white guy’s (only a handful) Most are married to other Asians. I myself have never ever dated white guys but I have never been attracted to white fellows….so I totally understand a white guy is not digging a white chick, I mean I don’t like white guys and find Asian Men far more Attractive and Masculine. It’s like saying would you rather date Pauly Shore or Pee Wee Herman or Bruce Lee or Tony Jaa? Obviously Bruce Lee and Tony Jaa. Plenty of Asian women and White women like Asian men. In my experience (I study martial arts Chinese/ Japanese/ Thai and European) so I get to cross a lot of different cultures. I have never ever had an issue with Asian guys not coming up to me. If anything they are the most protective and incredible teachers and amazing to train with. Mind you that is in the West as well as not, I have never had an issue with Asian guys not being approachable and I have never noticed the white boys paying attention to Asian girls but I guess if your not looking your not going to notice so I confess that it’s not something that bothers me, like I said I don’t really have anything to do with the white guys, I have a couple of really good teachers who are white that’s it. And I have never ever had a bad experience with Asian women ever! If your friends you’re like family! Even the bar girls they are very often taking care of their family or home but they are very good friends and are very loyal to family and friends. The point is no one with half a brain cell cares if a white guy dates Asian women. No one with half a brain cell is only interested in A White Guy, a Man is a Man his skin tone Means nothing how he conducts himself is what counts…anyway to much white can be ‘glaring’ don’t you think.

  • Kim says:

    I am a white American Woman currently living and working in the US. I have been married to my THAI husband now for 36 years. We have a son, 25 who was born, raised and educated in the US, and is now living and working in Thailand. Soon, his father and I hope to join him there in our retirement. I lived in Thailand as a child, (my father worked for the American Embassy). I graduated from ISB (International School Bangkok). Even back in the early 70’s many American families were broken up, because the men were so attracted to Thai women. They divorced their wives, and abandoned their American children, just for that beautiful Thai woman who treated them so kind. But, as the years passed, the men grew old, got wiser, and ended up alone, after his bank account has been drained (of course he had to support the thai woman’s entire extended family). With all the great things that western men say about thai women, I can’t help but wonder why my Thai husband is still with me, 36 years later? Last year, I went to Thailand to visit my son. I can’t believe that even as I walked down the street with my husband and grown son, that we were approached by someone handing us a flyer and telling us all about the “fucking show”. We actually sat for hours in Pattaya, and watched all of the old FAT, ugly western men with young beautiful thai “women” on their arms. I really want to know,,,, do you think she is with you for your good looks, or is it that charming personality? So many times men end up broke, alone, ill, and again…alone. Look at the statistics. I am not saying that there are no truly good Thai women, but come on….. you western men act like kids in a candy store. Why do you loose all common sense when it comes to choosing a mate? Are you that desperate, or do you just choose to throw caution to the wind?? Yes, american women are far more independent. But we are also loyal. When we bring our strengths to the table, and are there to pick you up when you fall, why is that so bad? I make twice as much money more than my Thai husband. We have been through our ups and down, and culture clashes,,,but here I am,, still with him. I am only telling my story because so much of what I read on here is so negative about Western women. Yes we age faster than thai women,,,yes we gain weight, but in the long run, who will still be there for her man?? I’m just sayin’……..

  • Cathy says:

    I am an American girl. 5’5″ and 123lbs and blonde. I know many American women like me. A lot of ppl on this post are prejudiced. You can find gorgeous girls from Thai and America. And bad girls from both as well. I want my husband to tell me what he wants and what ever he wants, makes me happy too. We don’t argue or fight. We just want to make each other happy. I have been with him for 33 years. We have a nice 3 story home. But I could be happy with him in a mobile home too. I don’t care how much money we have or where we live, as long as we are together. I’ll cook for him anytime he wants or needs. And he likes to cook for me too. I clean house every day. We are both American, but that is not why we are happy. It doesn’t matter what country you are from. All have the best and the worst. I also have a beautiful Thai sister-in-law and a beautiful Korean sister-in-law. I believe we are all beautiful, inside and out. Good girls and make our husband happy and they make us happy. But, I’v got to admit, the relationship with the most problems is with the Thai girl. I love her and she is my great friend. Is she prettier than me? no. I’m I prettier than her? no. We are just different.

  • tuk says:

    since when our thai upper class is significantly chinese blood?

    When you count blood, you must count all sides of one’s ancestry, not any one sided remote chinese blood. Importantly, you must consider the closest blood, not any remote blood. why a lot of my friends who have chinese ancestry are dark like charchaol? because chinese men married thaitified black women without hidden ancient white blood of the white mon-khmer and the white dai/tai race.

    Thailand has white people long before chinese immigrants came. Thai chinese are dark not light and generally short because chinese men married thaitified black women, a lot of my friends have chinese blood with their chinese name but their skin is super dark like charchoal.Chinese blood is not our true whitening genetics. A lot of thai dark prostitutes are in fact dark thai chinese. Light skinned thai chinese are generally supershort because chinese immigrants are supershort and are darker than people having high white mon-khmer blood and the white tai/dai race.

    Our important whitening genetics are the white Tai/Dai race and the white mon-khmer, and these are most ancient whitening genetics hidden in all reddish dark, reddish brown people. If chinese or a western people marry any guy without these white geneticcs, their children cannot be light but just dark like charchoal or super dark brown. even our Thaksin or Yingluck are almost nothing related to chinese blood, in they are Tai/Dai race for 50 %, the white mon-khmer 30%, the black race for 15% and chinese blood for 5%, and their skin is very light because of their white ancestry is a lot highter than black ancestry. their chinese blood is too remote because the later generations on their fatherhood did not marry any chinese so how they can be any chinese blood signficantly. their closest blood is the rare Tai/Dai race because their mother is a daughter of a person of the rare tai/dai race ancestry.

    a lot of thai super high IQ people are not at all chinese blood. I studied at the number 1 thai high school Triamudomsueksa, and a lot of my high IQ friends are a lot lighter than chinese but they do not have any chinese ancestry. their skin turns pink when they are exposed to strong sunshines, and they are generally taller than chinese immigrants who are supershort. they are in fact the rare people whose ancestry is in fact the white-mon khmer mixed with the rare white tai/dai race. but they are just minority and their look is east asian people but with bigger eyes. The true chinese immigrants in thailand are generally short and supershort and a lotof them fail to win seats at the number 1 Thai university. My close friend is a lot whiter than chinese immigrants and her mother is a white thai without chinese blood and is in fact a descendant of the whtie-mon khmer mixed with the rare white tai/dai race and her father is burmese. The most white guy i met in my life is my northern friend whose skin is very milky or almost white like paper, while chinese people are generally light yellow, and i met this miky skin friend at the number 1 unversity Chualongkorn. my grandmum has a light yellow skin, and her family is very light skinned like chinese people in china and her family is not any chinese blood.

    Let notice that the majoriy of the chinese immigrants in thailand are short and supershort, and few of them are tall. and their skin is darker than our northern thai girls. Please count blood of all sides of one’s ancestry and you will discover that the white skin of the thai people is not derived from chinese ancestry.

  • tuk says:

    since when?

    in fact, Tai/Dai race is the true thai ethic and has milky skin that is almost white like paper and a lot lighter than chinese, korean and japanese and is the fewest. that’s the northern thai girls, but they are the fewest or about less than 0.1% of the total population. their appeareance is an northern east asian look. they never marry any chinese men nor any western men. this race is our god race.

    Thailand has white people long before chinese immigrants came. Thai chinese are dark not light because chinese men married thaitified black women, a lot of my friends have chinese blood with their chinese name and dark like charchoal.Chinese blood is not our true whitening genetics.

    Our important whitening genetics are the white Tai/Dai race and the white mon-khmer, and these are most ancient whitening genetics hidden in all reddish dark, reddish brown people. If chinese or a western people marry any guy without these white geneticcs, their children cannot be light but just dark like charchoal or super dark brown. even our Thaksin or Yingluck are almost nothing related to chinese blood, in they are Tai/Dai race for 50 %, the white mon-khmer 30%, the black race for 15% and chinese blood for 5%, and their skin is very light because of their white ancestry is a lot highter than black ancestry. their chinese blood is too remote because the later generations on their fatherhod did not marry any chinese so how they can be any chinese blood signficantly. their closest blood is the rare Tai/Dai race because their mother is a daughter of a person of the rare tai/dai race ancestry.

    Thais are the whtie minority living in the capital city and in 3 or 4 holy provinces to the west of the capital city. they are descendants of the white mon-khmer mixed with the rare white Tai/Dai race. their skin is a lot ligher than chinese but they are a minority, too. but the majority are thaitifed dark skinned people. this is while patpong, nana districts are to the east of the captial city. 250 years ago, when the burmease army entered the northern terriority of our Siam before reaching our ancient capital, there was no resistance there because people there were not thais and the fierce fighting between the thai army and the burmese always started in the province that is very near to the capital city. Likewise, duing the WWII when the japanese army entered the south of thaiand, there was no resistance there either because people in the south are not thai ethics so the thai army was not sent there to protect those people.

    people in the northeast part (larger than england) are not thai ethics, and the dark skinned people with african look are not in fact any lao people but their ancestry are black aborigines ruled by Khmer, Loa and then Tai/Dai race and then Thais. and a lot of them marry western men and are bar girls in pattaya. Burmease army never go to pattaya because the grils there are not thai ethic but thaitified girls who speak a different accent from that of our thai king. Burma, Loas and Cambodia know this truth for long, while USA and Europe are still uneducated and fail to identify our people. During the cold war, the US army was in fact nothing but was allowed to be in this jungle part that is colonized by the thais. but USA has been a big mouth citing that they could send their soliders to thailand arbitarily. in fact thais were an ally of USA during the cold war. and women who had sex with them are thaitified black race, not the true thai girls. even the mother of tiger wood is in fact thaitifed, not a thai girl. there are a lot of political rebellions there.

    the southern people are black race and are thaified, too because the soutern part of thailand was in fact Malaysia. Burmease army will not kill people there. there are a lot of political rebellions and daily killngs of thai officers there.

  • Jeannn says:

    I’m a Thai native girl. (Teenager)
    Nowaday, only some Thai girls can be housewife(Teenager). About Thai girls, if their English well she will complain you but might less than western girls. I will told you that different cultures made Asia girls & Western girls different.

  • Bye Aus says:

    Aussie girls are fat headcases. Even the good looking ones have terrible personalities and a horrible sense of entitlement. I met a Thai girl in OZ, wow what a difference. And it seems to be catching on, more and more guys I meet are dating Thai girls.

  • Jo says:

    The reason why western men like to date thai women as the thai women are too easy unlike western women. Also western women are more gorgeous than thai women. .. The truth is western men go for thai women cos they weak n stupid

  • Richard Galla says:

    Cool Prin, Right on.

  • Richard Galla says:

    Have you been to Korea, Steve? I’m retired I could go but I believe your accurate with your percentages……Tell me do you have a positive feedback with Korean woman from Korea or are you just looking at photo’s of hot woman. Because I know a lot are pretty

  • Richard Galla says:

    Wow Rachel,
    Its exactly that statement that makes a white guy bail out of his own race of woman. Marriage has gone form 60 percent 10 years ago now to 40 percent in 2015.

    No real reason to label somebody a loser. I’m sure he’s already lost the first time and he wants something more then most white woman can offer him on hid second try. Hs’s blowing off his own race of white woman to choose from. That say’s a lot

    He will leave the comfort of his own home to search the other side of the world for happiness. The best white woman here in the USA can offer a foreign man only a green card and I don’t hear to much of that anymore. I never see a white woman coming home with a foriegn husband from asia.

    You know everybody is a loser when this has to happen for a man to have happiness. The female human condition needs to change. I would like to say there are probably some nice American woman out there but I don’t know of any. There must be some somewhere but their weight is an issue if not their attitude. What a mess!


  • Richard Galla says:

    My name is Rick. Nobody needs to get negative here. What I really liked about KLL_Joe comments is this is a Thai man, he has a different view with his comments, and I liked it. Some of his comments really made me think deeply and I appreciated his views. He has these views because he is a Thai man. He is looking at us white men through the eye’s of his culture. I find that very interesting

    If you listen close there is some wisdom there and all us white guys should listen close and par attention, thats all but just listen. You might pick up some words of wisdom from KLL_Joe who is a Thai man offering hid true viewpoint of “US” as aliens in his country.

    I was married to a Philippine woman for 17 years. These cultures ( Thai-Philipina) are far apart but the people mostly coming from poverty is the same ( also a lot of the blood lines are the same). Just remember that smile a woman gives you might just be resentment and someday is America when the American woman decide to change and “Americanize or Westernize) your lady, you might be screwed. Just keep this in mind.

    I would say the best advice is to take your relationship slow and DON”T marry the beauty queen and bring her back to where ever you came from. Everybody will envy you and hate you. If things go wrong you’ll be the talk of the town. Make a prenuptial agreement and have it Notarized in her country with her interpreter and lawyer and then again in yours.

    One other important point someone gave me. If the girl won’y play your game, Find one that will

    Be very careful about a serious relationship. I am glad for the internet. It allows you to have honest talks with the lady on a dating site before you sleep with her. You can find a good one but its a lot of work. Be strict with yourself and the girl. Get rid of her at the first sign of B.S…

    But talk to her and try to make her understand. If it doesn’t feel right find another girl.

    You don’t have to agree with every word of KLL_Joe statement but there is some wisdom there. Read it and keep it with you. I only wish I heard more from the Thai people here.

    Thanks Rick
    I am retired early and I travel to the Philippines and Thailand

  • eduplay says:

    You sound like a shallow surface thinker, which is why no western woman of worth would ever want to be with you, and the same of thai women. you probably found a shallow surface thinking thai woman to be with you. if she actually thought for herself and she understood what you were saying on here, she would leave you immediately for being so ridiculously ignorant.

  • Cecilia says:

    Your comment is really rude and offensive. I’m a Thai girl, I was born in Bangkok and live in the north eastern part of Thailand ( isan ) I know pretty well about how western guys think about us Thai girls as I have a lot of western friends, but your comment is totally wrong!
    1 ) you said we dont complain because we dont wanna get in trouble?
    >>> if we dont say anything at all, thats the way to cause many problems later, but we just don’t scream as our boyfriend if not needed. Moreover, we DONT scare western men if they are not criminals
    2) >>>well, if we wanna have a better life, why do we have to follow those western men’s orders then? We can just do what we want if we wanna be happy. And who DOESNT want to have a better life? Or you dont?
    3) >>>taiwan is in Asia, so Taiwanese girls are not western girls! And are you sure that they have a better body? I dont see any differences ( I’m majoring in Business Chinese and got to talk to chinese and taiwanses people a lot )
    5) see the second answer?
    >>>if we wanna have a better life, why do we have to suffer ourselves by doing housework?
    6) change attitude?
    >>> we smile because we are happy, if we are not, we can even slap on your face! ( so, this means we are kind when we are happy lol we could be an evil when we are mad at you :P )
    4) >>> oh yeah? But are you the only one man alive? Everybody has their own preferences

  • thai_g says:

    Im I’m a thai girl and u know what,we didi that cuz we love someone.it doesn’t mean we’re easy to get

  • chook says:

    Please dont judge all of us westerners with the same brush there are good ones out there!!!

  • chook says:

    Its all down too personnel choice at end of the day, when you met the right one you know! You meet someone you never get too see how there domesticated skills are untill u get more serious, a person’s mannerism, looks attract us too opposite sex all I can say is I must be a rare westerner as i know I make my man happy and make him know I appreciate what he puts into relationship and love him too bits

  • Mike says:

    Hahahahah, what’s the problem Rachel? Suddenly realised that your vagina isn’t gold plated?

  • Michael coy says:

    This article is 100% spot on. And jab man I have a story that is similar to yours. The problem with most American woman is this: they are completely selfish and argumentative once you marry one. They may share some chores, they may work ( but her money is usually her money), they may even log off facebook to talk to you, but they never let you be the man.
    They will try, and try, and try to wear the pants in the relationship and take away your position as the man. Here is the best part, once they achieve their goal they bitch to their friends that your not a real man, they lose all respect for you, and they start looking and cheating behind your back.
    You see woman need a man to be the man in the relationship, that is how nature designed it, but now woman are so fucked in the head and turned around they break down and take away the one thing they needed the most. Men only break down and give in to your demands because they hope there will be a renewed peace in the home….sadly that peace never comes. In the end fights, bitching, adultery, and divorce almost always will follow.
    Thai woman are human beings and do not like to be mistreat or used. They will not allow their man to make them into unappreciated slaves. They will give the same repspect they demand. If you mistreat them they can and will make your life a living hell, as well they should! Thai woman are taught by the teachings of Buddha to respect your elders, and to respect the man that loves you. They are not taught to lay down like some prisoner!
    So all you western woman bashing thai woman can relax.
    One last thing…..I can assure you that just about any thai woman can out work you in your career, still come home and cook for her family, care for her children, and still have a loving smile and tender touch for her (respectful caring) husband…..and she can do all that looking like the classiest, well dressed, soft skinned, feminine woman you have ever seen in a pair of 6 inch heels!

  • Jab man says:

    Lol, this is so true. After being married to a western woman for seven years, working my ass of for years, bringing up children on every spare minute and being verbally and physically abused and then being betrayed in an unbelievable way(trust me you wouldn’t believe it) I met a wonderful thai lady that really made me feel that I had died and gone to heaven and is amazingly loving and understanding, funny, gentle, and so ladylike.
    Wild horses couldn’t drag me back to a westernised woman after this. After being mistreated and shitted all over for so many years, and accepting this treatment as normal, it is the most amazing thing to have ever happened to me in my life meeting a Thai lady.
    So to all you western, nasty, feminist, macho, steak eating, abusive, demanding, spoilt, she males all I can do is laugh that you will especially in the future not be able to find a committed man who is not just going to get his rocks off then brush you off because he will know that you are never going to be wife material.

  • Craig says:

    It always makes me laugh when I read this kind of comment. Western women think they can discourage their men from getting a much better deal in a country not yet warped by feminism…. by being masculine, judgemental c*nts..?

    I imagine a large number of western expats probably boarding a plane back home right now, based on your fantastic, not-at-all-bitter feedback.

  • best says:

    you are right.

  • chris says:

    a white guy who goes for a thai girl then there is something wrong??..most of the posts from you women are seriously from jealousy..thai women are awesome and not all about money..my name is chris musket from north carolina feel free to look me up on facebook..just like the rumors about the thai women are 10% true the myth about western men who get involved with thai women is 10% true..ask me why i date or marry a thai girl and i’ll tell you they are 100% feminine and definately know how to treat their men. The second reason being (and this is 100% true) that feminism has corrupted the western woman to the point where western males no longer want to be with you…why would i want to be with some frumpy old cow from a western country who has kids and who doesn’t appreciate a good man when i can be with my beautiful thai princess??Another misnomer is that they are all from lower class..you are bunching all of the issaan women and the fat western males (the expats who come for prostitutes) into one big conglomerate when in fact that is really the smallest portion of that culture (maybe 1% if that)..you only see this because some desperate fat westerner gets burned by a thai prostitute and posts it all over the web..there are many many more who are very very happy including myself. Rachel you sound like someone who’s man left you for an oriental woman?? I truly feel sad for the western woman these days…i think rachel and the rest of the crew see more and more men going outside of their own country to find quality woman. And before you get on your soapbox..i make a great living in the U.S and I have been and dated many woman..most of whose expectation (looks and personality) are unrealistic for what they bring to the table..sorry but it is the truth..

  • chris musket says:

    yes i am dating a thai girl and i’ll never go back to a western woman…to those women posting on here that these men cannot find dates and are looking for submissive slaves … WRONG! I have had many dates with western women and i make a very very good salary…here is the issue..you western women treat good decent human beings like shit..so why would anyone in their right mind want to stick around for that? Keep your feminism..keep your mangina’s who will bow to your every need. Men are getting tired of this crap and since it is now a global dating market why would i want to get a burger at wendy’s (america) when i can get steak (thailand). For those that say farang are only walking ATM;s…sure if you go to Pattaya or Nana Plaza..but if those farang are stupid enough to give their money to a prosititute then let them..that is their right..but because they get burned at the end don’t lump the majority of the beautiful thai women into that category. So for all the western women on here bitching say what you will and it will go appropriately in one ear and out the other..

  • Tim says:

    Just in regards to the article ive never dated a thai girl however after many bad experiences with selfish consumer oriented Australian girls i prefer Asian ones,generally,better bodies,more affectionate,feminine have better domestic skills and lower maintenance.id never go back to Australian girls theyre generally selfish,shallow and high maintenance and not worth the effort.

  • punch says:

    I have not read the whole thread. But the OP mentioned that well educated extremely good looking thai girls dont go for western guys…. rubbish!! We are not together now but still the best of friends with a 4 year old son I look after. The x thai wife now works for a major building company back in Thailand and says she would never marry a thai man. Through my long time connection with thai people I know I am not the only guy to marry one of these so called untouchable girls. Its not the norm but there is not the stigma as it may have been years ago for a HiSo girl to marry a farang.

    As for Thai women. There is no doubt that they are more atractive in everway then western women. I am only 180cm and 80kg so when I go out and meet women around my own age 40 (in Australia) who are almost as heavy as I am and no matter how hard they try. They will never be as feminine as a thai womem. I completely have no interest in them. I am never rude or act in an unpleasant way. But there is just nothing there to be interested in. Aussie women hate hearing this..!!

    So much jealousy. . Comments like there must be something wrong with a white guy who goes for thai girls.. quite often there is! You see some of the dregs of western society with there little farm girl bride.

    But for myself and a lot of my friends. I think there something very wrong with men who put up with ugly wining western women. I pity many of my colleagues and friends.

  • EterPa says:

    I have given up on American women, they are not worth it. And there are plenty of ugly thai women and plenty of beautiful ones as well. But I have found the calm thai nature very appealing. Also the buddhist teachings of not taking things to seriously is nice.

    Most of the comments on this page are from people who took this way to seriously.

  • Sophie says:

    Hello! I was looking for info on Bangkok and stumbled here and I thought a contribution from a western girl would be welcome :)

    As mentioned, I am a western girl and – based on what’s written in the blog and some of the comments – your worst nightmare :) ! I am well educated, I earn well, I have strong opinions, I am fiercely independent and would never dream (!) of dedicating myself to housework or doing chores for my man. Actually, it gets worse- he shops and does the cooking…

    But before you cringe, let me also tell you that I do my share too – I’ve supported him when he was out of a job and I help take care of his sick mum and do many other things for him every day. This is because we support each other through a loving and EQUAL relationship. Also, even though I have a career I am very family oriented, one thing doesn’t exclude the other.

    Western women have fought a long and hard battle to win rights which no other females in the world have to such a degree, and I am very proud and thankful for this and would not choose to be born anywhere else on the planet. I am sure that many of the lovely and submissive Thai girls wouldn’t be running to pick up your dirty socks if they had had more encouraging conditions (true emancipation isn’t just about having a job).

    Sadly though, in the West this has also meant that some of the men feel growingly intimidated by women and some of them then turn to other areas in the world where they think they can find women close to their ‘ideal’ which is the European housewife from the 50ies or whatever (I say ‘think’ because you can think you’re the boss in a relationship if a girl wants you to think that – but it may not be true).

    Of course, people find real love in all corners of the world and love knows no race or culture – so nothing to be said about those relationships! But for those of you who are there trying to escape a Western world of ‘terrible femminists who complain too much’ by trying to find love and understanding in a culture so extremely different from their own – I would just say to tread carefully and good luck! And don’t be too afraid of opinionated women, they are usually honest about what they think and honesty is very valuable in life..

    Cheers all!!

    • Upsttr says:

      Differences between men and women should be celebrated not “equalized.” Sophie, thats terrific that you make lots of money and are assimilated into the previously male dominated western corporate hierchy. However, you are, in fact, the exact oppostie of an oriental ladyboy.

    • Frank says:

      Hi Sophie, a small reaction of a European guy who know both worlds west and east very well. First: “You would never dream of doing this and that for your man, or in the house hold, because you have an EQUAL relationship”. That’s thinking with double standards. You just want to dominate and have the male role. Second: A Thai woman is far, far, far from submissive. Not even 25 years ago when a more traditional Thai women generation was in their twenties. Yes, that’s how long I life and work in Thailand. In my humble opinion man and woman are not the same, not equal at all by nature. That does not mean that one is more or less than the other. In a society equal rights, yes! No discrimination is justifiable. But dismissing the clear biological differences between the sexes, and the different roles that comes from that is absurd, and causes the disruption of western communities. But be happy with what you have. I am happy with what I’ve got.

  • Jon says:

    I’ve been living in Europe for almost 24 years and I’ve lived in Thailand before. I’m German of Thai decent. I want to share a few words on this matter.

    I agree most of your points. Spot on! I travel a lot and I think I’m pretty much entitled to say that I know the very difference of Western and Asian people, specifically girls.

    For the record and please do your own studies: white people in birthrate are in tremendous decline. Let it be in North America and Europe. Only France and a few other East Euro countries have a surplus of babies.
    Let me tell you straight what the problem is and why this has to do anything with this topic. It’s the FEMINISM trend which has been on high rise in the West. This results that many, I’m not saying all Western women, tend to be more materialistic, consume and job orientated. To make matters worse, the family tradition is falling behind. It’s about looking good, having a great well paid job. It makes them more ignorant, selfish and creates and additional aura shield of princess like attitude.

    You can look like David Beckham, but yet many white girls wont even look at you. What high standards do we as men have to fulfil? The Western societies have been so shaken and corrupted by this trend, it’s eery. High rise on divorces like in no other hemisphere. I just gonna stop here.

    What’s with this defensive attitude? “If you can’t get a Western girl in the first place, you’re a looser”. “You’re better off, hooking up with a Thai girl – if you don’t have class, if…if… if”.
    “Oh, you weren’t much successful with white women”. (ha-ha-ha gleeful laughing)

    Guys, many Thai and other Asian women still know how to behave and BE like true ladies. It has nothing to do with being submissive or dominant.
    White girl, you don’t have to tell me how good you are at this and that, how much you earn, and how deep your head is in your managers ass. I don’t want to talk about how much your ring cost! Good for you! Pursue your career, be happy, live your “happy” life of glamour, sex and the city.
    If you earn that much, or more then I do, which I don’t have a problem at all, then why in gods name do I have to pay for friggin everything??
    These office-career-hugging ladies, among with these models… It’s unbelievable. Look in their heads, their worldview, their limited culture, there is in fact no culture other then pure consumerism. I miss the lack of appreciation, of culture.

    Do Thai women have lower standards? Certainly not! They have culture and respect. Thai and Western women can both be a pain, but I would prefer any Asian lady, also Northeastern once i.e from Japan. I like their sense for family, the respect for culture. It’s also their “ladyness”. It’s starts with making the best out of them with hairstyle, dressing WELL. You know what touches my heart? True warmness. I see ladies earning very little but still insist to invite you to dinner or they cook for you. Their nature of trying their best, is the best, even if her English is well, not “flourishing”. There are many good, and even model-like-looking Thai girls who aren’t even models, but yet, many are very humble, cute in their way.

    Last thing about myself. No, I’m not fat. I’m 1.80m tall, Asian looking guy, wear mostly suits. I do wear expensive stuff too, but I’m down to earth. I care for family, culture. I love cooking, technology, I’m cultivated. And yes, many Thai women, are beautiful inside.

    • Frank says:

      Hi Jon, Really well said, and good to hear this from a Thai man that knows both western and eastern worlds! I am a European man living and working in Thailand for 27 years. I also know both worlds. I 100% agree with you about the devastating effects of feminism on human relations ships and culture in the west. But I have seen a process in the new Thai women generation that starts to move in the same direction. Absurd name for this movement: feminism. Feminine means woman after all, or woman like. But feminists behave far from that. It looks to me they just want to have a man role and behave in a ways where they first criticized man for…. Hopefully Thai girls can stick to there roots. And yes, I think there are barely any women from the west that can even stand in the shadow of a ThaI woman in terms of feminine nature, beauty, elegance, friendliness and personal care.

    • Klaas says:

      Wow, I could not aree more!!!!