Why Thai Girls Make Better Girlfriends Than Western Women

Last updated: January 29th, 2020 | in Thai Girls

Yesterday I had a few beers with a German girl friend and as we talked about life in Thailand she came up with this straightforward question:

Why do you prefer Thai girls to western girls?

And even though I’m sure she knew some of the reasons already there are many things she can’t know as she never had the pleasure of calling a Thai girl her girlfriend.

Thai Girls don’t complain as much as Western Women

Sure you can piss off any girl if you muck around, come home late (or not at all), don’t reply to her text message or whatever but the difference is western women just seem to wait for reasons to get mad at you and they are also a lot more resentful than any Thai girl will ever be. Small things are big things for western women and so you will never meet a Thai girl that gets angry because you left the toilet seat up. Even if you really make a Thai girl angry and that doesn’t happen much at all she will forgive you anything, even having banged her best friend.

Thai Girls let you be the boss in the relationship

If you tell your Thai girlfriend about what you want to do on the weekend she will simply go like yes cool let’s do that. She won’t say I wanna go to Hua Hin when you suggest going to Pattaya. Thai girls let you make the decisions what you are going to do together, when you are going to do it (Let’s go eating now, I’m hungry) and how you are going to do it (Let’s only go for a few hours, I wanna meet up with my friend later). Western girls always want to do the planning and at least try to achieve some compromises: If we do this today, we are going to do that tomorrow, ok?

Thai Girls are better than Western WomenThai Girls have a nicer body than Western Girls

It’s strange but even though most Thai girls (and guys as well) are generally dead lazy when it comes to fitness and sports and still they don’t get fat and keep their beautiful bodies. While western girls run to the yoga or fitness studio every second day but still you barely see a really thin and skinny girl walking on the street.

Statistics prove anyway that western countries like America, Australia and by now also Western Europe have the highest percentage of fat women in the world. And besides the fact that’s it’s really easy to find a thin girlfriend in Thailand it’s obviously also the smooth and soft skin that western women are extremely jealous and western guys extremely fond of.

Thai Girls are more beautiful than Western Girls

That’s a matter of taste of course but for me there is no doubt that the average looking Thai girl is ten times as attractive as the average looking Western girl.

Thai Girls are better housewives than Western Girls

It’s almost impossible these days to find a young Western girl that is really good in cooking and even if you do, she expects you to do the laundry instead, sweep the floor or make up the bed. Thai girls know that housework is their job. Believe it or not one of my Thai student girlfriends made me smile as I was about to start cleaning my room on a Saturday morning and she found it funny and asked me why I want to do it.

Thai Girls have a nicer smile and are always optimistic

Thai girls don’t just have a nicer and brighter smile, they also smile much more often than Western girls. Besides that Thai girls are also much more open and optimistic about simply everything and never think too much about some bad thing that happened or a problem they have, they just go and try to make the best out of every situation without worrying too much. Thai girls always seem to be happy and really enjoying life and let you feel that while western girls usually expect their boyfriend to entertain and make them feel good.

That’s all my personal opinion of course, but I know many foreigners in Thailand who think exactly the same. And if you have a Western girlfriend and consider moving to Thailand with her then please read this post before.

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  • Peenoy says:

    I’ve been dating my Thai gf (now fiancée) for 4 years, give or take. A huge gap in the discussion here is the Farang’s character. Surely that is equally important and in many ways will determine the behaviour and response of the Thai woman involved. If the Farang is kind, empathetic, shows her affection no matter how she looks on a particular day, she will see that he really loves her and will feel happy with him and show her contentment. My gf earns a large wage for Thailand whereas I live in an economically depressed part of Europe, intending to move when circumstances allow to a city where work is more easily available. Money is an issue but she sees that I’m doing my best, and knows how much I love her and returns that love. If she was after money – not love – she would have abandoned me a long time ago. Any Farang who wants to win a Thai woman’s heart should show her love above all – unconditional love. Thai women are very passionate, warm, full of life, and many bad experiences one hears about may be due to her Farang man’s character – not hers. Of course there will be gold diggers who set a price on themselves that only fools will pay; but for every one of those there are many more who will make their Farang partners proud.

    I find the beauty of Thai women breathtaking quite often. Out of the blue, I will be offered the most dazzling smile I have ever have seen from a passing woman with nothing to gain. Whether a lottery ticket seller, room maid, bottle recycler, road worker, young or old – Thai women are so full of life and cheerful that it gladdens the heart.

  • James says:

    Of course they are nice to you while you’re dating, and let me tell you one thing: they are dating with you while having a particular goal in mind- marriage; these girls are sweet and loving, they will tell you how much they want to have a child with you and build family- and eventually they will convince you into marrying. And that’s my friend when you will see their true nature: they will expect you to pay for everything, not just for them but also for their relatives back home in Thailand; they will establish their rules and you will obey whether you want it or not- simply because that’s how it works, and you are just a stupid farang who will end up being controlled by his Thai wife and her family.

  • Lee says:

    Sure your husband hasn’t run off with a Thai lady?

  • Michael Ryan says:

    I’m sorry but feminism is a movement aiming to establish equality between the sexes.

    Are you saying we should go back to the bad old days when women were forced to be homemakers who were completely dependent on men?

    When they couldn’t vote?

    When they couldn’t apply for credit cards and loans in their own name?

    When most professions were closed to them?


    Firstly, good luck with that.

    Secondly, why do you want women to be treated as second class citizens? Is it because you’re afraid of them or something?

  • Michael Ryan says:

    Thank you Mai. As someone who dated a Thai woman for a couple of years, I find the whole “Thai girls are submissive” meme hilarious.

    If anything, she was more assertive than the average “western woman” (whatever that means, everyone is unique) and this sometimes led to heated arguments.

    I feel like anyone who goes looking for a relationship in a particular country because they think the women there are “submissive” and “docile” has serious issues.

    Those sort of people are looking for a servant, not a partner.

    • Marcus F says:

      yaiks! It’s still classing out the very people that are hearthily just looking to secure good sex. Honestly, I’m married to a Chinese not a Thai, but same descriptions apply. Albeit, Chinese are rasists above anything else, nobody can truly understand this money-family-abuse-all-others -mentality besides Chinese. For what I know, Thai’s skip this racial part, but keep the blood over marriage issue. Yes, about sex, social aspects of what’s deemeable and what is not varies greatly, even among those greatly blatanted Western countries.
      Would one ever in the height of that climax remember that the greatest lie is not the one told to another person, but the lie told to oneself. She is beautiful, young (not so much…).
      As one rather experienced older gentleman told me years ago, at night you can see all these beautifull, young slender women around street corners, but await the morning sunshine reveals all these elder, short and fat ladies yapping their way to work and mongering in the street corner. “It must be the water (semen) they drank at night” he said with a blink of an eye. I guess if you can read between the lines, he was quite right, don’t you think so?

  • Michael Ryan says:

    Sounds like you want a slave, not a partner.

    • Matt H says:

      Michael Ryan is a typical whipped western man.
      Men are taught that if you like a woman making you happy, then you must want a slave, because apparently relationships arent about making each others life better anymore :/

      I pity him, his gf/wife must make him miserable and he prefers that. No good sex for him because that makes her a slave.
      No sacrifice or doing things for him that she doesnt already want for herself because that makes her too submissive.

      I guess that means he never does anything to make her happy either. He never goes out of his way for sure, otherwise he becomes her slave.
      I really do prefer to avoid most western men when I am in Asia so I dont have to meet pathetic men like him.

  • Patrick says:

    What is wrong with people these days just because technological advancements have been made , there is still nothing wrong some older traditional family values like other post said it’s not sexist if female cleans they just in general clean better than us guys, or cook better ,sometimes guys cook better ,people take things so to the extreme , I would love to meet a Thai women have fellow worker that has Thai wife loves her, but about prostitution it’s one of the oldest occupations everywhere, most of time its like strip clubs the ones that complain the most is because they cant keep thete SO out of them, idk I hope the guy that was sick lives the rest of his time to the fullest, my prayers go out to you, but people over react about everything I am old fashioned and it’s hard to find a faithful moral person these days in general anywhere but maybe I need trip to Thailand, sounds fun.

  • Lovelyz says:

    It’s not AMERICA’S IMPERIALISTIC CULTURES INFLUENCE. It’s an HUMAN BEING PHASE or LEVEL OF REBELLION. and it happen that “western country” are the first to be rebel against “dictator, slavery, gouvernement, inequality, discrimination, child abuse….” things that other country are trying to catch up.

    Being “submissive” is not a bad thing but WE ALL KNOW, people will always take for granted everything you do for them. That’s the reason why western women aren’t submissive. They don’t want to depend on a man like it used to be. I’m sure a thai wife depend on her man’s money (and have no other choices). But let her HAVE MONEY and you will see things differently. MONEY CHANGE PEOPLE ATTITUDE.

    Nothing ruins potential. We are what society made us to be. Thailand is a poorer country. Women doesn’t have enough right or education as western women. BUT TRUST ME, when they will, it will be just like western country but asian will be more smarter and colder than western country

  • P. says:

    I’m Thai.And I live in Chaing Mai.I’m very sorry to hear that. Hope you finally find good woman.

  • Fyza Hosaimi says:

    I am not a Thai, but I’m an Asian who lives in Singapore and frequent to Thailand. I have made lots of Thai gfs over there, and yes, I do agree that they are so easy to love compared to the Western women. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am straight and I do have some gfs from America as well. The thing I don’t quite like about my Western gfs, were that, their expectations can be absurd when it comes to the men they want to date or marry.

    I still think, there are some nice American women out there, though. Those who’s not into feminism. But hell yeah, I love the Thai women too! So much!

  • Randy Morris says:

    No disrespect ma’am, but I feel like you’re just being a hater????

  • Depressed when home says:

    Probably because western women are rude, self-centered, and arrogant. As an American man who’s travelled the world I can tell you Americans are the worst people on the planet.

  • tridev says:

    Absolute stupidity to say that thai women are better and western women are worse or the vice versa.
    As long as man has money in his pocket he has women on his bed. This is the universal truth and it doesn’t matter whether the women are Thai, American, Russian or Martian. If you have money you can make even a Mermaid Looking White Chick clean your toilet while you do her a** from behind. If you don’t have money even a Somalian woman will leave you.
    I request all men to realize that for women, whether she is a CEO of Fortune 100 company or a welcome welcome screaming Go Go bar girl, if you are poor you won’t have a pussy, either asian or white.

  • Jared says:

    I have been blessed to have worked all over the world for several months at a time from my 20’s to 35. I have lived in, met, or dated Swedish, Korean, Filipino, Canadian, African, British, Finish, Russian, Mexican, and many American women. I never dated just for sex and funny enough, after traveling to Thailand as a single male, I got plenty of dirty comments and insinuations from friends upon return, despite that I did not have sex once while traveling in Thailand. It is sad that Thailand has become a place labelled as the Sex Destination for white Farang.

    If you are single a guy who meets a women in Roppongi or Pattaya or Cabo or any other party place, she will have a ‘girl’s gone wild’ mentality, but one cannot generalize that all strippers or bar going girls are bad, uneducated, or have gold digger ambitions. It’s a sad fact that parts of the Asian world have a surplus of single women and families without a lot of money, hence people get into that business more out of love for their family and desperation or they move to the big city to make it big.

    If you don’t think it happens in America. IT DOES. I worked in Hollywood as well and you would not believe that 99% of the gorgeous women who comes to ‘make it’ in Hollywood end up waiting tables, as single mothers in their 30’s, stripping, or worse… They do this while waiting for a dream to come true or to prove to their family back in the mid-west somewhere that they are falsely doing great because they were a background extra or got their first SAG card. Does anyone ever truly want to admit they are a failure?

    I think you will find that a much higher percentage of those met-in-a-bar type scene do not work out in the long run. As one British guy who posts You Tube videos about why Thai women are amazing, ‘You have to look in the right place’ and get a ‘clear picture of the type of woman you want in your life’, which is absolutely true.

    A year after my trip, I met a women in the US whom I ended up marrying. Ironically, it turns out she is Thai and was raised in Thailand and went to a school in the US afterward for college.

    I love my wife. Yes, there are times when she is the most loving and affectionate person in the world and other times where it has to be her way and there is no discussion. The funny thing is that I was dating a knock-out tall American blond green-eyed Germanic decent women right before I met my wife, whom would probably be a 9 out of 10 for most guys. She was a Christian and affectionate as well. The sad part if that she never truly opened up and we never discussed what was bothering her about our relationship and she felt dating was something you casually do on a weekend if nothing else is going on. She slowly found little things to bring up and argue about, so that she didn’t have to feel like the evil one breaking it off. (The major reason is that I snore like a freight train, which would wake her up all the time)

    That being said, my Thai wife was raised in Thailand by a good family, went to good schools, and is technically more successful than myself. SHe accepts me with my faults. Things that I notice setting her apart from other women would be her ability to let an argument completely go within hours if not 30 minutes after it happens. She always wants kisses and hugs, which is happily surprising and welcome over any other women I’ve ever dated. We don’t have earth shattering sex, but when it happens, it’s great. She is a fantastic cook, the stuff she makes looks like it came from an Asian fusion restaurant. Regarding money, this is a tough subject. She chooses to accept which aspect of American and Thai culture suits her. As the man, I am to take care of the household, pay for the house and provide a life for both of us (Thai mentality) despite that she makes more than me. The reality is that this is not possible in the area we live, wherein a normal sized home requires a DINC (Dual Income No Kids). It means I have to struggle to meet her ideal. Does she do my every request? No, however she does want to make me happy and for us to have a good life, so we are shooting for that. She had a cheating ex, so I also have to contend with the baggage left from that previous relationship regarding money that he stole from her. She can be clingy, especially when we first dated. If I wanted a day or two to myself, she took it personally as if it meant there was some reason I did not want to be with her anymore. Does she sometimes pick and choose which Thai vs American culture ideals suits her best like me paying for our wedding? Yes. However it is a sacrifice I make and she makes many in return.

    Summary: Women from all over the world want one thing from a true relationship. To feel good and have the security of a loving and supportive husband or boyfriend. If you love her and make her feel special, she will take that like water in a garden and bloom with love in return. If you leave her at home to do all your chores for ten years and expect her to be your love slave, that is not likely sustainable, even if she seems ok with it for the first year. If you cheat on her or lying on the phone, that suspicion will enter the relationship and she will never truly trust you.

    For those American women who are awesome out there, I feel bad for you as well. I know there are good ones that get thrown in with all manipulative ones and stand your ground girl and don’t be afraid to take off the dominant successful women and show that you are also vulnerable.

    If a woman came into a bar at night and said in a loud demanding voice “My car broke down, who can change it for me?”, maybe one guy might shrug his shoulder and get off his bar stool. If a different feminine and vulnerable women came into that same bar and showed her fear of being all alone at night, trembling, sad, and in a sweet but hopeful soft voice said “My car broke down and I’m all alone out there and it’s dark. Can one of your gentlemen please help me to get on my way.” The entire bar would stand up and go outside to help the poor lady. Why? Because she admitted to needing help and protection and did not hide behind a false and strong fake exterior like bi-sexual woman pretending to be a man. Every man wants a chance to feel valuable, to be the white Knight to save the damsel in distress and save the day, if only you give him the chance instead of laughing at his lesser traits with your friends. Many Thai women and women from other countries respect the man enough to give him this opportunity, so he takes to that like a fish to water.

  • Rick says:

    My experience:
    Nice guy… taken advantage of by various Western women. Eventually gave up on them after 20 years of failed relationships. Have heard being too nice a complaint.
    Nice guy… deeply appreciated by Thai women.
    Very happy in a relationship with a Thai woman for 8 years now, we have 2 kids together. Never argued once, and I’m at home all day too! We’re never apart. Remarkable.