What is the Difference between a Faen and a Gik?

Last updated: February 5th, 2020 | in Learn Thai | Thai Girls

Faen and Gik in Thailand

You might have met Thai girls that have told you she thinks you are a butterfly and have many girls, much sex, and can’t have a serious relationship with anyone. The next thing she might be telling you is that therefore you have many Giks. Now what exactly is a Gik?

  • Gik: gík (กิ๊ก) = mistress or lover

Generally the longer you live in Thailand the longer your list of phone numbers of lovers called Giks gets, means you just call them up and ask if they are free and want to hang out. Of course not only foreign guys in Thailand have Giks, it’s no different for many Thai guys (as a result Thai men were voted the World’s Most Unfaithful Men in the January edition of the Bangkok Post). And also many Thai girls have their Giks, obviously the hookers included. You can impress any Thai person with your Thai language skills by saying:

Kun mii gík yǝ́ (คุณมีกิ๊กเยอะ) = You have many lovers.

Side note: Another word for gík is chúu (ชู้) which has the same meaning.

Now coming back to the question from the beginning, what is then the difference between a Gik and a Faen? That’s quite easy, now that you know that a Gik is your kind of fucking friend that you call up and see from time to time, the word “Faen” is the word for girlfriend or boyfriend.

  • Faen: fɛɛn (แฟน) = girlfriend, boyfriend

Interesting: The word faen comes from the English “fan”. So if you ask a girl if she has a Faen already (kun mii fɛɛn rʉ̆ʉ yang, คุณมีแฟนหรือยัง) and she says yes, better to ask what kind of “fan” – boyfriend or fiancé. Generally speaking, Faen is the term for someone you have a serious relationship with and therefore just the opposite than a Gik.

4 Responses

  • Pete says:

    Hi Mate, Thai mrs for 6 yrs (not married) and a farang noi is where I’m at. No illusions from the beginning and a world apart from my pervious 12 yr marriage in Aust. Im now 40, look after myself and I’m not bald or fat yet 😉
    Ive seen everything in Thailand and pulled plenty of stunts up there myself. I have lived there and traversed the whole Kingdom, its an amazing place and becomes like a drug…. If you choose to start a realationship with a Thai Girl accept that there is a extremely high chance she will cheat on you at some point. I’ve known all types from Professionals to air hostess’s to retail workers, bar girls, freelancers, hair dressers whatever…. they are all up for fun and games given the right oppurtunity or matter of necessity, that is a given. If your ‘girl’ is in Phuket then she is screwing other dudes I’m sorry to say. I’ve spent plenty of time in Phuket and been in bedrooms with ‘good’ girls whilst they are on their ph with their overseas bf’s making up all sorts of crazy shit. I’ve seen it all in Phuket and in my exp its 99% lies lies lies….. for a variety of reasons. Accept what is going on deal with it or get out and go back to western girls. My relationship has had Himalayan highs and Mariana Trench lows but we seem to get through because we do seem to love each other and want whats also best for our child, that being a happy home. If you understand Modern Thai women, choose a half decent one and hold no illusions go for it because it can be a lot of fun. A run of the mill western wife may not cheat on you but the incesant complaining eventual lack of smiles demanding nature and frugal sex is what i witness from most of my friends marriages these days. I’d trade that for a hot size 6 smiling, great Mum, cook and comedian who has perhaps done a few dodgy things here and there. These girls don’t have social security networks behind them unlike western women and they are brought up to trust no one, esp men. They see farangs with wives back home come to Thailand everday to cheat or do worse and most Thai men ie their own fathers have multiple women themselves, its a ting tong place….
    There are nasty and crazy ones but in my exp most Thai girls are fantastic just a bit messed up.
    If you love her, persist with it dont judge her or hold anything against her. Chances are her life is far far crazier than anything you’ve had to endure. The good times make it all worth it but do close the distance gap. Long distance relationship and Thailand = suicide….

  • darklight says:

    Lol the farang men are so naive and stupid….The only way for survive in South east Asia is to fuck and forget!!!!

  • Stan says:

    So what, you actually enjoy someone shagging her, is that so?
    Is it about your age? I am trying to comprehend.

  • Stan says:

    Hello mate,
    Is your gf really in Phuket, isn’t she?
    Then I tell you for sure she’ messing around 1000%.
    I’ve ve been living in Thailand five years by now, retired, and been in all kinda situations, thin and thick , you know.
    Thai girls don’t like to wait too long ,
    maximum they can afford within 3 months.
    And , yes , they like sex, one can appreciate it .
    So you take it easy mate , take care.