Naughty Ladyboy Massage in Pattaya (Hand Job / Blow Job)

Last updated: March 14th, 2023 | in Central Thailand | Chonburi | Ladyboys | Pattaya

Pattaya Massage LadyboyIt’s almost impossible to stay in Pattaya for a few days and not be offered a massage by a hot ladyboy sooner or later. Just by randomly walking around town and exploring what Pattaya has to offer during the afternoon when you don’t want to start drinking beer in the bars yet, you will pass countless of massage salons.

Massages are a huge business in Pattaya (just like in any other big town in Thailand). Interestingly, while I always see less girls in some of the bars every time I go on a weekend trip from Bangkok or even some beer bar complexes closing down completely, that’s not the case with the small massage salons.

It seems like they get even more popular when the girls realize that they can make also good money there and don’t have to drink cola or beer all night long or dance to entertain the customers. All they have to do is to sit there and wait for someone to take their service.

And of course it’s not just girls who work in the hundreds of massage salons all over Pattaya, but also plenty of ladyboys. But unlike with the girls, if you want a ladyboy massage in Pattaya you should better do some research before you go out, because you will find them only in some areas.

So you can now either go on Google and search for the different salons, which will be difficult because most of them don’t advertise their services openly (unlike in Bangkok), or you can just continue reading my guide here where I will give you the full overview of ladyboy massages in Pattaya.

I will split this post into different sections, starting with the main areas to find shemale massages including a map, followed by information on the prices and finally compare the girls massages with the ladyboy massages.

5 Main Areas with Ladyboy Massages in Pattaya

Second Road

Best Ladyboy Massage in Pattaya

If you have only enough time for one ladyboy massage in Pattaya, I would recommend you to check out the salons on Second Road. There are countless of massage salons on this long road, but there is one area in particular between Soi 13/2 and Soi 13/3 that has more than a dozen of hot ladyboy masseuses in tight, white shirts and half open skirts waiting for their next customer to give a oily hand job or even a blow job.

They are more attractive than in most other areas, and many of them also have nice and big fake boobs. You can easily find it by looking at the location on the map below – it’s a courtyard in front of the Privi Suites, you can’t miss it on your stroll down Second Road.

Soi Buakhao

Ladyboy Massage Soi BuakhaoBuakhao is probably the best area for happy ending massages in Pattaya. There is one side street off Soi Buakhao called Soi Chaloem Phrakiat 25 that is packed with naughty massage salons. There are easily more than 100 girls and ladyboys working in this street. You can compare it with Soi 6, but instead of short time bars you will find hand job massages here. The prices are 50-100 Baht cheaper than elsewhere (because most tourists and newbies don’t know about this area), means you can easily get an oil massage for 200 Baht.

Walking Street

Ladyboy Happy Ending Massage PattayaWalking Street might be great if you want to see some sexy ladyboys dancing naked in one of the go go bars, but in terms of massages there is not really much on offer. Still, if you walk towards the southern end of Walking Street you will find a few massage salons. Most of the masseuses there are girls, but, like you can see in my picture, there are often 1 or 2 ladyboys working among the women. All in all, I would only recommend you to check out this area for massages if you have already got your hand job or blow job on Second Road or in Buakhao and want a change of scene.

Soi 13/2

Pattaya Ladyboy MassageThe next hot spot with happy ending ladyboy massages in Pattaya is Soi 13/2. You can’t really miss it, just look out for the huge signs with bright and colorful neon lights with the inscription “Massage”. It’s one of the most famous massage streets in town, and of course you can also find plenty of attractive ladyboys working in these salons. Not so much in the area near the intersection with Second Road, but more towards the intersection with Beach Road.

South Pattaya

Pattaya Massage LadyboysIf you walk down Second Road after the intersection with South Pattaya Road, you can find plenty of massage salons on the right side of the street. Among them are several naughty ladyboys (like the one you can see in my photo) who will be happy to give you a strong massage followed by a hand job, blow job or even sex – it’s always negotiable. The ladyboys here are not that attractive on average compared to the other areas on this list, but you never know, there are always exceptions – and you only need to find 1-2 nice ladyboys for your massage anyway.

Overview Map of Ladyboy Massages in Pattaya

Prices of Ladyboy Massages in Pattaya

Pattaya Ladyboy Massage PricesIf you have never tried a ladyboy massage before, you probably wonder if the prices are any different to the girls massages. No, they are not. Or to be more precise: They should not be. What I mean by that is that the ladyboys are usually quite diligent and determined to get what they want, so if they just got a boob job for 80k then they may think they are entitled to get a tip of 1,000 Baht for a hand job. Which is ridiculous of course, and you shouldn’t pay that.

But let’s go through the prices in the right order. The standard rate for the massage itself is obviously always the same like for the girls. The typical rates are:

  • Thai Massage: 200 Baht
  • Oil Massage: 300 Baht (250 Baht in Soi Buakhao)

Don’t be tempted to take a Foot Massage for 150 Baht, because you will not get a private room and therefore no happy ending either. If you really want to go the “Cheap Charlie” route you could take a Thai Massage for 200 Baht and once your ladyboy starts with the hand job you can ask her if she has some oil. Like this you won’t be charged more for the “oil massage”.

But the best experience is always the Oil Massage, so I recommend you to take that one right away. Most places also have showers so you won’t feel like an oily eel when walking out. So after your masseuse has worked on your back and legs and tells you to turn around after 30-40 minutes, and she sees that you’ve got a boner, she will sooner or later ask you: “What you want?”, or “You want special?”. Then you have 3 options:

  • Hand Job: 500 Baht
  • Blow Job: 700-800 Baht
  • Sex: 1,000 Baht

That’s all negotiable, but I would never pay more than this. This is really the maximum you should tip, so don’t let them fool you if they ask for 1,000 Baht for a hand job. That’s not the going rate. It’s no more than 500 Baht, so stick with that.

And yes, you read it right, it’s often possible to have sex in the ladyboy massage salons. While the girls would usually say “no boom boom”, it’s often the ladyboys themselves who try to convince you to bang them – even if you only ask for a hand job or blow job.

Ladyboy Massage vs Girl Massage

Pattaya Ladyboy Special MassageThe problem with most female masseuses is that their hand job and blow job skills aren’t really good at all. They often just want to get the “job” done as quickly as possible. I’d guess that more than half of all the girl massages give at best average happy endings, nothing to remember. It’s really a hit or miss kind of thing.

“A ladyboy knows what a man wants” is what you may have heard before. That’s not just true in terms of HJs and BJs, but also the massage itself: They massage stronger and better, at least on average. If you have already tried both girl and ladyboy massages, then you probably know what I’m talking about. And if not, then you should just give it a try once and you will no doubt understand what I mean.

I’m not saying that a ladyboy massage is always better than a girls massage, but you usually know that you will get a good value for your money for both the massage and the happy ending.