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When you’re walking down the street full of bars with young and sexy girls each and everyone trying to lure you in for a “shower” in one of their private rooms upstairs then you know you’re either dreaming in your boring home town or you are actually right there in Pattaya’s infamous street: Soi Sex. Ahhh…. Soi Six.

By driving down Second Road all the way from Walking Street you will notice that there are less and less bars with each Soi you’re passing and once you reach Soi 6 it’s a big surprise how busy it is and easy to get overwhelmed by what is going on here. There are literally dozens of bars each filled with lots of girls, most of them standing outside trying to make you come inside for short time.

Pattaya Soi 6

If you want to take it easy first before making up your choice just go have a drink in the bar, prices are very reasonable at 80-105 Baht for beers all day all night – slightly more expensive though than in the regular beer bars that have price wars for like 60 sometimes even 50 Baht per bottle, lady drinks aren’t expensive either at 130-150 Baht and that’s the standard price for every place in Soi 6.

Pattaya Soi 6 BarMost of the bars are very small with just a few tables and comfortable couches where you can have a relaxed drink with your girl. However the majority of the girls are standing outside to attract the guys and make them come inside where it’s often totally empty. You can also sit outside and enjoy the views up and down the street or just look at the girls and see which one you like.

There are quite a few bars on Soi 6 that are packed with Farangs even in the middle of the afternoon, you see them drinking and enjoying their time with the girls and playing pool just like in the beer bars, but the girls aren’t any shy at all, they try to make you feel good so you eventually go upstairs with them. Two of the most popular bars on Soi 6 are Lisa Bar that has some of the hottest girls who dress differently every day like in nurse or stewardess outfits and Solo Club just across, a super modern and spacious bar with a great pool table (free) and they choose the music on YouTube showing the video on their flat screen TVs.

If you don’t feel like drinking before banging one of the girls – no problem. You can go to any bar, look at the girls, pick one and go upstairs with her right away. There is no need to be shy, everyone knows what’s going on in Soi 6 and so the girls will often even skip the standard “Hi what’s your name where you from I like you” small talk and just go like “You want take shower upstairs”, “boom boom mai” or more straight forward “short time ok 1,000 Baht only”.

There is an extra charge of 300 or 350 Baht for the room and that’s what you pay to the bar. The 1,000 Baht for short time is a standard not just on Soi 6 but everywhere in Pattaya except the Go Go Bars where you are looking at rather 2,000 or 2,500 Baht. Some bars also have a price of 1,000 Baht including the room, means the girl gets 700 Baht.

You may think 1,000 Baht all inclusive so the girl’s quality can’t be that good? You’ll be surprised. Seriously most of the girls in Pattaya Soi 6 are so hot they could easily get a job in the Go Go’s and earn a lot more money. So why they don’t do it? Probably because they are too lazy dancing on stage every night.

Pattaya Soi 6 Girls

So once you paid the money inside at the bar counter, the girl will take you upstairs where she gets a couple of towels first and a condom, then picks one of the private rooms. If you haven’t talked anything much before you can do so now and then go to the enclosed bathroom to take a shower together. Similar like in the soapy massage parlors, the girl will scrub the soap all over your and her body not just to get “warm” with each other but also to ensure a clean experience.

After the shower you hop on the bed and have the dirty fun. The quality of the short time rooms varies a lot even though they all have about the same price (300 or 350 Baht). Some literally just have a bed in it and a few pictures on the wall while others come with a TV, wardrobe and minibar. But what they all have is aircon.

There are also a bunch of ladyboy bars on Soi 6 that have similar prices for drinks and short time as the girl bars. They are all located on the second half of the Soi near Beach Road. If you find it difficult to spot the difference between a Thai girl and a ladyboy check out this article. And if you find yourself spending a lot more time on Soi 6 than you were planning to (and that happens to a lot of guys) no problem there are some decent Thai and foreign restaurants as well as a couple of (naughty) massage salons.

Pattaya Soi 6 Bars

Location of Pattaya Soi 6

Video of Girls in Pattaya Soi 6

If you want more information on other places to meet Thai girls in Pattaya then you might want to have a look at my guide on the nightlife and bars in Pattaya.

26 Responses

  • Rob Thomas says:

    This may sound a pervy question, but its pattaya after all! Is it possible to pay for short time for two girls, either to join in threesome or just watch??!

    • annoy says:

      It depends on the lady.You should talk to them directly.But,it is very hard for you to find two ladies who are willing to do something naughty.I talked to many of them. They don’t like threesome.

  • Scobido says:

    In Soi 6:
    how much a good looking girl charge for one hour body massage and sex ? 1000 ? 1500?
    if I buy few drinks at the bar how much they charge for a room upstairs for short time with the girl ?
    no barfine ?
    what is the perfect time to arrive soi 6 ?
    where is the best hotel in soi 6 and how much for a night (plus pool)

    • annoy says:

      1000 is a fair price.Buying ladydrinks will not leading to no barfine.
      Perfect time is from 1600 to 2200
      the best hotel for soi 6 is Ploen Place in Soi 1.

  • Kylian Mbappe says:

    Can we both (me & my girl) smoke in the room?

  • Boyah says:


    How long is a short time?

  • Diddy says:

    Managed to visit soi 6 this year in 2018. Still plenty of good looking girls on there. I bought this really hot 24 year old a couple drinks and we played pool then went up for short-time. I was specific with the girl beforehand that it was 1 hour and she confirmed this! This set the mark with her that i wanted the full hour. Once upstairs i told her i can “boom boom” twice in one hour. She just said ok (i think she did not believe i could) She got me in the shower and it was close to like having a soapy. She cleaned everywhere for me ;)
    Then we boom boomed. After the first shot i told her i can boom again. She still didn’t believe and started to get dressed. I told her don’t get dressed i can boom boom again. Ok, so now she believed me and we went at it again for the rest of the hour. I think she liked me because she was fine with 1000bht tip for all this.
    Total cost 1820bht, well worth it for some time with this beauty.
    On Pussy Bar soi 6, pattaya

  • rambo says:

    name of the bar where only 1000 bath without room charge….

  • Aditya says:

    Does short time mean one shot within one hour or two shots within one hour?
    I mean, for example, what if I finish in the first 20 minutes? what to do for the remaining 40 minutes? Sorry, just a layman’s question

    • Redcat says:

      Short Time gives you 1 shot most of the time. So yeah, no matter if you finish within 10 minutes or 1 hour. If you still have much time left and want another round, your girl will ask for some additional tip, like 500 Baht. But it really depends on the girl. At least that’s how they usually do it in the soapies and yes, sometimes also on Soi 6.

  • John says:

    Soi Sox in Pattaya is the best experience, atmosphere etc, but the only problem is that the girls turn off you when they realise that you are a regular there. It’s that Thai thing about being crazy about short term tourists and not liking those who are locals or who ” know too much”. Been going to Thailand now for over ten years and still have never managed to work out this thinking. E wry other country in the world LIKE people who take the trouble to learn their culture, learn their language, integrate into the community, but not in Thailand. Here it is a very bad thing and it is icy better to be a novice tourist, e en if you are disrespectful. You even get it at the airport. Oh no, you can’t come in again, you have been here too many times. Why, why, why, why??? Do Thai people despise other Thai people because ” a They know too much and have been there too long” . When I return to Pattaya, for the first four weeks the girls in Soi six will be e thusiastic. After that they recognise me as ding a regular face and I get blanked, or receive many terrible looks. Not quite so bad in other places in Pattaya though. Bangkok is not the same. Never got blanked or treated badly only due to being recognised as being a local. Is there anyone who can explain it?

  • Glutten says:

    I go every year and returning in January for 3 weeks of Soi 6. I have 1 to 2 each day with a ladyboy thrown in just for fun. Easy BBBJ a beer or two and leave. LB they are great company and some stunners (tight as) for a for hours Cheers lads

  • William says:

    Ok I have just had 9 hedonistic nights in Pattaya and oh thank u thank u to this site I spent plenty of time in Soi 6.
    I am shy by nature but I dared myself to walk Soi 6 sober the first time. Wow. That is an adrenaline rush. The street is soooooo long when u are sober and under siege of hundreds of lovelies wanting your member in an orifice. Once u get a quarter of the way down the Sii u just have to keep going (or deviate and run the LB gauntlet of 6/1). Bars bars bars. Girls girls girls. So young, so fun, so sexy.
    I think I visited at least 12 bars all up. Most fun girls for me were at Heroes Bar. One at particular I wanted to marry on the spot. Some of the Hottest girls were at Smoke and Kisses. Halifax was kinky. I had my ass whipped. Hard. Viking ladies were strangely endearing. One of the Red Point girls had immaculate tits. I visited her twice but her attitude was not great so motorboated her only. Horny Bar, Pussy Bar, Lisa Bar did not impress me a lot but they tried. Lucky Love Bar sure had plenty of hotties. Almost too many. Click and King Kong gals know how to please. I even visited Pook bar and the gogo bar a couple of times. That is what I can remember. Soi 6 visit can be blur, alcohol induced or not. It is intense.
    My MO on my trip was hooking up with freelancers from Thai Friendly during the day. Not totally planned but it turned out like that. If they disappointed or once she left I would go to Soi 6. It was brilliant. I highly recommend this strategy. I only barfined one girl and got a Bj from one Soi 6 girl because I consummated with the freelancers during the day. And most were very hot. So for me Soi 6 was all about flirting, kissing, Pussy fingering, Titty groping, fun and frolics. And delivered in truckloads.
    The main thing to remember is you get what u give. I was in a bad mood one night and had horrible time. On other visits I was smiling, laughing and very playful. They love that. They want u to go to the short time room or barfine them but if not they are very happy if u have a drink and laugh with them. Not to mention them grinding against your manhood in creative fashions. I dont think a night passed where my underwear didnt have jizz marks courtesy of the bargirls “foreplay”.
    Especially if they know u will return to Soi 6 they will be great to u. U can set them up just as they set u up too. Mutually beneficial.
    Soi 6 should be on everyone’s bucket list. Get there, have a few drinks, hit a few bars and have a laugh or a lot more with the girls. They are heavensent. It’s been 24 hours and I miss the place already.

  • Vikky says:

    What is the best time to visit Soi 6 so that we find the best looking girls?

  • Steve says:

    Guys I have never been to Pattaya, but I am going there soon. Can anyone tell me am I better off trying to pick a girl up or just pay for one at a bar?

    • David says:

      You don’t ‘pick up’ girls in Pattaya … every single one of them is working and that is why they are so forward and pick you up. You can go to any bar, gogo bar, nightclub, massage parlour and the result is you choose a girl and pay for sex if that is what you want.

      Personally I prefer to go to the nightclubs like insomnia … dance and mingle – have some fun and then at 4am when all the gogo dancers arrive after work just pick one and hit her up for a short time. Don’t have to pay any bar fines or even buy lady drinks all night this way.

  • Pratt says:

    How much does ladyboys at soi6 charge for longtime and how much bar fine for them. I would be looking to book someone for 1 whole day

  • Dave says:

    If you plan on spending all your time on SOI 6 you should just stay at Queen Victoria Inn or rent a room by the day at one of the bars

  • Kenny says:

    @Libolo: Since the idea of taking a lady in Soi 6 is to go to the room upstairs with her, the barfine is rather high, compared to other bars.

    I have barfined several girls from a couple of bars in Soi 6 and the barfine daytime has been 800-1000 Baht. Some bars have a lower rate after for example 9 PM, like 550 Baht. And then there is the price to the lady and that is up to her what to charge. Typically I have been quoted 2000 Baht for long time.

  • dannydutta1987nny collingwood says:

    Where can i get anal action in soi 6?specific bar?

  • Scott says:

    The Ruby Club a place a guy can get lucky at or is it just food and drink ? I seen the girls on facebook and there is few I like to get with. Some them I will admit I would pay tops to be with for hour or whole night.