My Top 5: The Best Thai Food

Last updated: January 10th, 2020 | in Living

Thai food is world famous and for me it is without any doubt the best in whole Asia. Or how Thais would say: aa-hǎan tai àrɔ̀i tîi-sùt. – อาหารไทยอร่อยที่สุด. From the first day I have been to Thailand, I never had any problems with the local food. That wasn’t always the case, especially during my …
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Thailand is not only a great country for epic holidays, but also popular for working or just staying longer. However, one thing that I found to be a hassle is getting a long-term visa. If you enter the country without a visa you may get a 30 day visa exemption stamp (depending on your nationality). …
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Where to Celebrate Your Birthday in Bangkok

Last updated: December 31st, 2019 | in Living

Bangkok is definitely one of the world’s most exciting cities and of course it isn’t any different for celebrating your birthday there. You have the choice of so many nice restaurants and then of course the nightlife with countless of bars and clubs. If you’re out to have a blast on your birthday and party …
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