11 Lies Thai Prostitutes Are Telling You

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Lying Thai Prostitutes

You can’t trust Thai people. You just cannot trust them. They’re all the same. Even Asians say you cannot trust the Thais. Never believe what they’re telling you, every third sentence is a lie. Jesus Christ, why are those people lying so much?

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. And still, there are so many guys who still believe all sorts of crap their Thai girlfriends are telling them. And more often than not that would be their Thai bar girlfriends. Yes that’s right, even though everyone seems to have heard and seen it all, there are and always will be guys who don’t notice the lies they’re being told by prostitutes all for the one short-term or long-term purpose of getting their money. And then at one point they fall in love with their hooker and stop even questioning things.

They think (and even say it aloud) that she’s different than the others, care about them and wouldn’t have any reason to tell them the untruth. Maybe it’s also the way they’re saying it, with a nice and charming smile on their face and the fact that their arguments and explanations are always convincing.

Here are 11 of the most common lies you get told by Thai prostitutes and if you hadn’t read this, you would probably believe it or not even think about that it could potentially be a lie:

1. Thai Prostitute doesn’t tell you her real name

Thai people only use nicknames in everyday life and so they would introduce themselves as Gung instead of Supaporn or sometimes a shortened version of their formal name, i.e. Nam or Fon instead of Namfon. These nicknames are usually given by their parents and never get changed – except in some occasions when they deal with Farangs. The other day I met a girl who introduced herself as Ploy (พลอย) and as I said oh that’s quite a common name isn’t it she said yes, and it’s also easier for Farangs to pronounce than her “real nickname” which is Bplʉ̂m (ปลื้ม). She wasn’t even a hooker, by the way.

2. Thai Prostitute doesn’t tell you where she’s really from

So now that you got her nickname, whether that’s the real one or just the one for Farangs, of course the second question is usually “where you from?”. So you tell her and throw the ball back asking her so where are you from? She laughs and says “haha, I’m from Thailand!” You smile and say you know that but which province. An estimated 70% of the bargirls are from the poor northern or northeastern provinces and sometimes, when they feel that you “know much” (rúu yǝ́, รู้เยอะ), they don’t want to admit that and just say Bangkok. Later when you find out that she’s really from Sisaket and confront her with it she might say something like that she misunderstood you and thought you were asking where she was living.

3. Thai Prostitute lies about how long she’s been working in the bar

Have you ever met a Thai girl who told you on the first night that she’d been working in the bar for more than three weeks? And that she likes it? If you did, you were probably lucky for her to be honest as you don’t seem like the typical gullible tourist to her. The girls know that Farangs like the idea of meeting girls who have just recently started working in the bar in the hope of them to not see her as the typical prostitute and start falling in love with her, paying her bar fine every night or even make her stop working at the bar at all and paying them a “salary” (ngǝn dʉan, เงินเดือน) every month. Here again, when the Farang finds out she’s been hooking for more than a couple of weeks her excuse would be that she worked at a different bar before or at the karaoke in her home town.

4. Thai Prostitute doesn’t know how much for the bar fine

She says no one’s paid her bar fine yet because of no. 3.

5. Thai Prostitute tells you her wrong age

We always admire how the girls here look younger than they actually are. And they know that – because we tell them. So she says she’s 23 when she really is 28. Bargirls usually think they will meet their customers only once and so it doesn’t matter if they lie about their age. Another thing worth mentioning here is that many bar girls have children and come to work in the bars because their Thai guys have left them. You wouldn’t usually assume she has a baby just by how young and childish she looks – until she comes out of the bathroom at your place and you discover the stretch marks on her stomach.

6. Thai Prostitute “no have boyfriend”

She says she doesn’t have a boyfriend which is usually another typical lie as she’s in a relationship with a Thai guy and even lives with him together. He doesn’t have a problem with her working in the bar and going for short time with customers, usually he even tells her to do so and she would pay for his bills. These Thai guys usually don’t make much money, if they work at all they make less than 10,000 Baht a month and that’s clearly not sufficient to pay the lease for their nice motorcycle (4,000-6,000 Baht a month), their mobile phone, bottles of whiskeys and sometimes even drugs.

7. Thai Prostitute doesn’t feel well

You had a great night at her bar, paid for a lot of drinks and of course also her bar fine. You take her back to your hotel and after one hour of romancing, all of a sudden she starts coughing. “Mâi sàbai”, she says. Not feel well or how we would say: I’m sick. Strange you think, she was fine all night and seemed as active and talkative in the bar as usual. You suggest to walk with her to the pharmacy but she says no, it’s late already and she wants you to sleep. She will go back to her room and she got medicine there, too. “See you tomorrow na.” You’re still confused but don’t worry too much as you’re really tired and just agree. Do you even think about the possibility that this was her seventh lie this evening?

8. Thai Prostitute doesn’t let you see her room

After a few months seeing her and regularly paying her bar fine you probably want to know more about her private life. So you ask her if you can see her room on her day off. She says she is shy because her room is very small and dirty. Or it’s too far away. Or even in a dangerous area. But more typical these days is that she tells you she’s staying with her friend who doesn’t like her to bring men to the room. From my experience, in 50% of the cases this is true as they’re trying to split costs for the room rent but at least in half of the cases it’s just another lie as she’s staying with her Thai boyfriend.

9. Thai Prostitute “stop go with other Farang”

So one day you come to her bar and she’s not there. You ask one of the girls where she is and they say it’s her day off. The following day you ask her why she hasn’t told you it’s her day off, you two could have spent the whole day together. She says she only knows one day in advance when she got a day off. You ask her why she didn’t call you, she says telephone money finish.

A few days later your friend tells you he saw her going with another Farang the other day. You confront her with that and she says they only went for dinner. “He not boom boom me”, she says. “He old and lonely, we only eat together. Why you always think I lie? I love you. I have you, only one.”

10. Thai Prostitute needs money

Her brother is sick and needs to buy medicine. Her dad can’t pay the lease of the motorcycle this month. Her son needs to buy clothes and books for school. The water buffalo has died. And she kindly asks you for support because she “no have money“. These stories might not always be a lie but sometimes it turns out that it’s not her dad in upcountry Isaan who can’t pay the lease for his motorcycle, but her Thai boyfriend. Or the medicine that her brother needs isn’t actually her real brother but just a close friend of her and the medicine he so urgently needs is called ya-ba (yaa-bâa ยาบ้า). If you find out later and confront her with it she might say: “I told you already. You never understand me.”

11. Thai Prostitute loves you

When a bargirl tells you that she love you too much, that’s not because of your character but because she appreciates your financial support. Never forget why these girls come to work in the bar in the first place: They do it because they want to earn money and not because they want to find the love of their lives. Sure they’d be happy to stop working if you take care of her and pay her a monthly salary so she’ll keep on telling you “I love you Teerak. Thank you for everything you do for me”. Just try and stop giving her money and ask her to take up a job in the mall, supermarket or cafe. Bar girls are lazy and once they got used to their lifestyle it’s very unlikely that they are willing to change it for you. Unless you find one who really just started working in the bars 2 weeks ago.

In the end it comes down to the thing that Thai prostitutes always try to tell you what you want to hear, rather than the truth which might often lead to conflicts and someone potentially losing face or in this case even worse (!) – missing out on potential money.

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  • ANON says:

    I was in Thailand for 3 months which was 4 months ago, had many Short times with Bar girls/ Massage girls/ Freelance and a few Long times with some girls, But in the latter stage of my trip one amazingly beautiful but not perfect Bar Girl got my Attention .. we often went out to eat , proper GF experience she let me do anything with her and would call me ‘sweet man’ I long time with her for 10 days in a row before I had to return to the UK. Now i have many Thai girls on my LINE app that talk to me everyday first but she only responds to me. I cant stop thinking about that last Bar girl , I saw her I.D she is 23 and has a baby says shes single and obviously isnt interested in a relationship with me she just wants to make money to support herself and her family .. not think about loving a farang. I think about her every so often and I miss her alot, but for the same price I paid her she will still give her services to the next man, why wouldnt she?? I am only 27 years old but Always remember guys its better to rent women then have just one for yourself. I am free, we are free !! I can have a 18-25 year old Thai girls until I turn 80 years old … In the UK or USA we Earn so much money and these girls sell themselves for less then a meal out in a western restaurant. Dont get me wrong I have gotten many girls in Thailand to boomboom for free but I prefer to choose girls and having choice is a blessing. and BKK oily massage girls are one too.

  • John says:

    Having lived here 3 years I have experienced most of the above as it is part of everyday life for them and one very important thing I want to add to the above is that because of the lies, all of the bar staff and all of the family will also be involved in the lies. The other bar girls in the bar will back up whatever cover story she has and if your the 5th farang she has brought home to her house in the village in the space of month, they will all also cover for her and actually encourage it so she can extort money from as many “Teeraks” as possible. That is an absolute fact. Be careful guys because it is a completely messed up world of lies and BS that makes your head spin. Try to be one step ahead and believe nothing, get what you can out of them before they rinse you.

  • Anonymous says:

    How about “Your a good man” has anyone heard that one?
    I wish I would have read this article before going to Thailand. I was in a really shitty part of my life and I didn’t care about anything. I had gone to train Muay Thai but was battling an injury after buying the ticket. Needless to say the injury didn’t quite heal and after one kick to the midsection during sparring I was left in Thailand for a month with nothing to do. Or so I thought.
    I hooked up with a girl on tinder. She was genuinely a good girl who worked IT somewhere. But she didn’t look anything like on her picture. She was geeky a bit awkward and not very charming. Except in her own sort of cute way. But not much of a looker at all. I felt bad for her and decided to fu** her anyways. We went out a couple of nights and if she had been a little better looking, well she probably wouldn’t have been so sweet.
    I needed to get on with it. I had set a quota now and was hoping to get up to about 30 or 40 girls by I had gone home. Time to hit the bars. Despite believing I was immune to Asian’s and love and certainly love with an asian girl, in the sense that I never was very attracted to them, except for the p***y. I ended up falling in love at first sight with a young girl at a bar. It was like a “boom she is the one” sensation.
    I guess it was the low season and she went with me without hesitation. She was practically all over me. I’ve always been good at reading people and could see straight through her game. Every word was an attempt to snare me. I think I left her a bit confused by giving her responses she wasn’t expecting and she kind of gave up after a while and just started enjoying herself. I was with her so mission accomplished I suppose she thought. But despite my best effort I couldn’t shake the sensation of something genuine. What the hell am I suppose to do? I asked myself. I quickly and foolishly came to conclude “lets see what happens and just go with it”. I should probably have stuck to my quota.
    I brought her back to the place I was renting and she quickly made herself comfortable. We couldn’t stop f***ing and having a good time. Roughly speaking. I was in love, for the first time in like forever. Was the feeling mutual. A voice inside me mocked me for even considering the idea.
    What the hell happened.
    I ended up surprising her at the end of the trip by renting a place for her to open a shop. But no this wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted her away form the party scene so I convinced her to move back to her parents in her home town.
    Long story short, she has been there now for a couple of months and now and I want to see if there is any love there. I’m going to stop sending her money. We will see what happens. What the hell am I hoping for.
    I suppose you fall in love with Thailand as much as the girl.

    My warnings to people going there for the first time
    -Don’t even consider the thought of changing them, if your at a dilemma that is your inner voice warning you.
    -No girl in the bar is even slightly innocent. They have all been brought up since childhood by their peers, community and in many cases their parents to work in that environment.
    -If you think a girl is lying to you then go with that gut feeling, we are well equipped as people to detect fraud. It is what has kept our ancestors alive, historically and scientifically speaking.
    -It’s not worth the stress.
    -Their culture and religion has taught them to not fall in love.
    -Sometimes in life it is better to settle for satisfied than attempting to be happy. But if your happy do be grateful. If you aim for love and happiness in Thailand all your likely to be left with is a broken heart. They know the game. They certainly don’t care about your feelings. You shouldn’t have been so foolish to put your heart on the line according to their beliefs anyways.

  • Manny Dean says:

    I have lived here many years. This writer is 100% accurate. However, the Thai lies don’t stop with the ladys. It also includes Thai health care. I recently had a injury on my leg. Went to Vachira Phuket Hospital. I had no health insurance. I stay in this hospital 1 night for observation. They billed me 34,000 baht. I asked them what will they do if I don’t pay the crazy bill and they said they would call police and put me in jail. While I was in that hospital I made buddy’s with a Thai man who was visiting his son who had been in the hospital for 27 days for a knife stab wound. I called my new buddy and he said that his son’s total bill for 27 night was 1600 baht and that it was a government hospital and thai people get special rate. I don’t understand how I can be charged 34000 baht for 1 night at Vachira Hospital for a simple cut to my foot. And a thai man can have a serious knife stab in his chest, stay 27 nights in same hospital in bed next to me and only get billed 1500 baht. These people love to fuck faraangs wallets. Regarding thai ladys, thai ladys don’t have a heart. They don’t have pussy either. They only have an ATM machine with skin on top.

  • alex ferdman says:

    well, my 2 cents.
    I am old fart so my experience is all chicks are sluts and/or prostitutes and men are just number in their book.

  • Seve says:

    European, living in Th > 12 years, happily married with a Thai, perceiving Th as home.

    Quote on top. What a monstrous prejudice; ‘prevented me from proceeding with the article, the more as the header suggests an issue already told 100-times somewhere else.

    True, Thais like most Asians tell plenty of ‘soft lies’, mainly to not offend people or, yes, keep face. Westerners, full of self-esteem and superiority don’t lie any less; however, they do it for selfish reason only. ‘Find one single Western newspaper, TV-channel, politician, name it that does not permanently lie. Find any Western woman of comparable status being less greedy/calculating than her Thai sister.

    Thais are wonderful people; their intellectual horizon/interests may be limited, their conversations dealing with simple things of life – so what? On the other hand women are dedicated to traditional values – love, faith, family – long gone in most European societies, dominated by feminists and radical ‘opinion leaders’.

    Searching for a serious relationship in Thailand simply apply the same standards of to give and receive as you would in your home country.

  • Loanshark says:

    You can’t turn a whore into a housewife.

  • John Smith says:

    And to make matters worse no all prostitutes operate out of beer bars, a lot of the clever ones work as waitresses or hotel staff because they know they can fool you even more.

  • Ivor says:

    Three nights before leaving Chiang Mai, just walking around, with less than 1000B in my pocket, was approached by bar girl. Had a couple of drinks with her and explained no problem with drinks but not interested short-time/long time has I was only walking. But to me, she was still friendly and not pushy. She spoke good English, so we talked a lot. Through photos I knew she had lived in Japan and had a child. Went back to my hotel alone. Thought about how well we had got on, and decided to go back next night. I paid for drinks, paid bar fine, and paid for long time. (And was not disappointed). Next morning thinking this was it, she stayed with me all day until she had to work. By now we had exchanged phone numbers. There was no way that I was not going back to the bar that evening. Due to storm I arrived later than planned. Second night, same as first. My last day in Thailand we went to SuperC, together, where she paid for own shopping. This was last week. I do not have facebook messenger on my phone, but do on my home computer. In 4 days have had over 12 messages from her, so can type reply. I know that I return to Chiang Mai in 5 months, I know how we talked, I know how she makes a living, I also know how she made me feel. I am not a bar-girl/prostitute expert. My head is not in the clouds, so question is, am I being scammed?

    • Ssuperfirehorsee says:

      Yes…..you are being set up for the long haul or “being the LIFE CHANGER” Farang. My first experience with a bar girl lasted 16 days and nights, she did not let me out of h and her sight. I am a well dressed self employed male and she hooked me. Five trips and nine months later, I realise I am just a customer and she was playing the long haul game. She started asking for money weekly. I gave her some for months but after the last trip when I found out she was working another man the same way she did me……well I just lost interest and she will not accept me walking away. They lie all the time, what is funny is that I take mental notes, so when confronted they try to ignore what I am saying by using “I no understand”. Over it, sue them for what they are there for. Treat them nice as you can, have a great time and go home to reality world. Don’t let them break your heart.

      • Dennis Smith says:

        The way to do it, Go with them home to their family, meet the parent, sisters brothers etc. And if they stay home and you will feed them with money, ( not to much) the chances are that you will be ok.But you never know…Never build a house around the family, doesn’t matter how nice the family are. If you are going to Build a house, let her buy the land, much cheaper for her to buy, Lease the land from her for 30 years, and whatever you build is yours for 30 years. Then if still together after 30 years lease it again for 30 years.( if she refuse just pull everything down and she got nothing) But she knows this, (and it will all be hers the day you die.) And normally they are happy with this. Don’t think you are going to be happy in the Country far from any Farlang,,,you want….make sure you stay not to far from a city, with Big-C etc and some western friends-:)….if you look after her, and be nice to her there is know reason for her to lose you and everything else…Get in the yellow book so you can buy Scooter and Car in your name only etc etc…..

  • Ian says:

    A really strange and not-a-sense article.
    These are the big lies?
    It is normal to this business not to say your name, not your age, not the place you come from.
    I also many times lie the same if I talk with a stranger or o younger about my age. What’s the big deal?
    And to tell you details about her personal life and living place?!
    Are you serious?
    In 99% of the cases, who is asking is another drank and horny guy who only wants sex in lower price. Why do you think they should have the smallest esteem for you (or me, I also visit Thailand for the girls).
    The Thailand is a paradise if you know what are looking for and remain cool. And there are different type of characters like in every nation.
    I have to say Thais are most professionals in what they do.
    Appreciate that and not judge them because they don’t tell you the real name of the poor isolated village they come from.

    • Blackgoat says:

      You didn’t understand the article Ian.. It’s not about sex workers not telling you their real name. It’s about Thai prostitutes that pretend to be more than a regular hooker you just met, and try to get under your skin by taking advantage of your good nature. They pretend to care about you and take it as far as they can, if you’re gullible enough. This article was written to help those fellows who believe they have a real thai girlfriend, by pointing out the signs. I’ve been to prostitutes where the relationship remains strictly professional, and I don’t respect any real information. Pay more attention to what people write before taking the time to comment Ian..

      • Ian says:

        The fact is that you are talking very simple lies everybody has to say in order to protect himself/herself from a stranger he/she meets at the bar. You don’t make a revelation here.
        And you know something, this is business, they make their, most times, hard living. Need to protect themselves.
        If somebody insists dating them and be kind with them maybe they continue the lie maybe not. Depends on the person and her good or bad experience she had in the past. But most of them know how these stories end, after one two weeks you will go back to your country making your show off to your friends with her pictures and never come back to her.

  • andy says:

    sometimes bad experiences lead to mistrust I have a Thai girlfriend who worked in a bar I know her real name and I have stayed in her apartment and her home village with her family I have given her money but not always and she never asked I have now visited her nine times in eighteen months.. Just remember not all are the same.. Yes we have some problems but I know everything about get and her family.. Like I said I have stayed there many times for weeks at a time in her apartment and with her mama and papa.. I just think you have bad a couple of bad experiences

  • S V says:

    I’m heartened to read this and realise that the girl I met didn’t say any of these things to me- except taking until the third day to tell me she was originally from Cambodia. She did actually take me to her flat- which showed clearly she was living alone. Kind of increases my faith in her.

    • experience a lot says:

      wait for a while lies not start yet:) they are very patient and make carefull planning how to get the best money from You

  • Pete says:

    I actually got e tangled with a Thai girl near 20 years ago. Yeah she Was quite the bullshit artist at 1st. She probably went with other customers behind my back in the beginning. But we moved in together for 4-5 months, then we went to Bangrak and got married, I was over there for my job for about another year and a half, when I left Thailand I brought her with me. I was told by everyone that you can take the girl out of the bar but you can’t take the bar out of the girl. Here it’s been almost 20 years we have children together. Has it all been roses hell No! Does she blow through money as if it’s a never ending water we’ll. Of course..but she’s still down right sexy. A bitch but sexy, she’s also a really good mother. Most of those girls are victims of circumstance very little education with no way of getting ahead.so they end up in the bars doing the most vile job one could imagine. Hoping for some guy to get them free of their circumstance. If your willing to pay and move on then remember you’re no more honest then her

    • Blackgoat says:

      Hey Pete, happy to hear such stories sometimes have happy endings, really.
      But let me ask you a question, if you’re happily married since 20 years, why are you visiting this website? Why would you even feel the need to participate in this discussion?
      I honestly also used to think such girls are victims, and some of them are.. But the vast majority are void of any feelings and wouldn’t give a damn about the guy who can “free them of their circumstance”.

  • Blackgoat says:

    Let me share my story – so I am one of the stupid farang who actually fell in love with a thai prostitute and suffered because of it. I met her when visiting a rather high class prostitute place in Bangkok 3 years ago. I sort of kept in touch with her on Facebook, and the second time I visited Bangkok 2 years ago I took her on an island with me for 2 weeks. She didn’t ask for money, I just paid for her hotel and her food and we had a great time. I was really under the impression she loves me, so she became my girlfriend. She told me she wants to stop her job and I believed her, wanted to help. Oh I forgot to mention she’s really sexy, 21 years old with big fake boobs. We talked every day for one year on Skype, I ordered her food since she didn’t have a good job and on one occasion I even send her around 300 bucks to pay off some bills. Eventually I wanted her to visit me in Germany so I made a visa, bought a plane ticket and organised a 1 month vacation around Europe (France, Netherlands, Switzerland) – the whole thing cost me like 2,5 k but yeah it was sort of worth it. Now, when she arrived, the first night I immediately checked her phone, and surprise surprise – tons of messages from customers and from the prostitute agency where she was still working. So basically lying her ass off. I thought I wouldn’t mention this for the rest of the 1 month we stay together because I wanted to enjoy my time and not think about the shit.. We actually had a great time, great sex – I must say just like in the movies, probably the best of my life. She was really crazy, wanted to watch gay porn and made all these suggestions like – I want you to come on my face etc. Red flags all around. Finally the month was over and I sent her back home. I confronted her about the truth after she arrived in Thailand, she seemed pretty upset, like I did something wrong and said that if she didn’t lie to me, I wouldn’t get her a Visa to visit me in Germany. So yeah today I finally broke up with her, blocked her Facebook, deleted everything just in case she tries to contact me again. It’s pretty painful right now, but I have to say it was an interesting life experience, and I don’t really regret it. I’ve learned a lot and had some amazing sex. So I think the moral of the story is that everyone actually gets what they want, even if it’s to be hurt. It’s like that phrase “accident prone individual”. So to all the other stupid farang like me, you all know the truth deep inside, but choose to avoid it looking for nice things in the present – but it will catch up with you – and that’s not necessary a bad thing as long as you’re strong enough to deal with it. I guess the title should have been “11 Lies that you tell yourself, regarding Thai Prostitutes” >.<

    • Peter says:

      Man, just look at it from the bright side, you had a 21 years old hottie for 85euro/day? I say thats a damn good price :)

    • Jorges DiFranco says:

      That piece was spot on . Don’t feel bad about being duped . It’s okay .And the fact really is we lie to ourselves .

    • Ian says:

      All this period you haven’t checked for another girl in Tinder, in bars or elsewhere?
      Why your own actions weren’t a big lie to a girl who trusted you and left her country to visit you but it’s only hers who actually is a professional who makes her living

      • Blackgoat says:

        Hmm maybe you should read what I wrote again Ian.. I mentioned I think there’s stuff to blame myself for. However, I talked to her every day for a year, never cheated on her during that year, while she was saying she doesn’t work as a prostitute any more.. So try again to logically deduce whose actions are the bigger lie Ian. Otherwise you sound belligerent

        • Ian says:

          I just wanted to continue the discussion by trying to fill the empty spots which imho exist in the story.
          If you were good to her and stayed so long with her then you could expect a better attitude by her.
          But did you help her the time she was alone in her country? Do you really think to order sometimes food for her and send her 300 was a real help enough for her to live? How did you expect to make her living. Did she ver promise to you to let her job?
          And if you really felt betrayed when you checked her mobile and continue having sex with her means that actually didn’t care much for her job but you just wanted to have good time. Something I don’t blame you.

  • The Governor says:

    Love?? I love my mom. And my sister. Anything else is not love… Just boom boom.

  • LiveLifeFreely says:

    The way some folks mention Indian guys here is so negative. I am an Indian guy & I really took care of the girls in terms of money when I visited Bangkok in 2015. And plan to do so when I revisit next month. I usually tipped them 1000 baht at a time for long time fun & 500 tip for short time and also never bothered bargaining, everything is so cheap anyway. The girls were happy and they made me happy! Some of my Indian friends do the same while some of my American/ Mexican friends don’t. You might have met / seen Indian guys being cheap & bad to the girls but stereotyping is not cool. In my lengthy talks to the bar girls, some of them mentioned that they tend to stay away from guys coming from Taiwan & Malaysia. I told them not to judge every guy from Taiwan or Malaysia before they talk to them. In the comments above, some guy called ‘Ying’ even asks Indian men to not come visit Thailand. Seriously? Are you that racist or stupid or both? Why have so much hate man? I have a better idea, let us treat each other respectfully and without judging and just go enjoy the wonderful world out there in Thailand. The way I see it, there are cheap guys and generous guys visiting Thailand from all around the world. No need to generalize and be racist.

  • thaifuck says:

    i have been with over a dozen prostitutes and a few normal girls in thailand and no, this is not an accurate picture.

    1. One pros told me that she is “new” and i did notice that she was not quite “fast” with the whole process like other girls.

    2. at least 2 girls told me they have boyfriends and one told me she doesn’t tell him about her extra-hassle.

    3. all of them knew the bar fine.

    4. i always ask for id and not their age.

    5. we negotiated payment “before hand” and only one girl asked for extra because of the “massage”. I told her to fuck off and then she just “fucked-off”.

    but hey if you are a shitty westerner asking for where “your girl” was last night. Jesus christ she is a fucking whore. that’s her job. and it’s thailand. you are supposed to see the girl only one time and then move to the other one

  • Mike says:

    lol. Such human nature that one of the things repeated by so many Thais is, “I hate liars”… When they themselves lie so much. Though part of it is it’s accepted to lie to farangs in the culture…just as it’s almost accepted to steal from foreigners in other cultures… though I’m sure they lie to one another as well. I’m sure many here have read “Private dancer”…. if you have not,do so… very well written account on this topic. If you’ve fallen for a Thai prostitute, you’ll relate…lol

  • Sekshin8 says:

    In any case it would be sensible, just as in other countries, to not give too much personal information. I hope you didn’t think they should just give up real names, real residence, where their family lives, how much she makes, how long shes worked and whether or not she’s going with other goes immediately.

    Just as with workers in other countries they have to look out for themselves too. It’s a bit silly to expect them to be an open book of honesty in an industry of prostitution. I think in this case you should look at what your expecting and realize it’s the nature of the beast. It sounds to me like you are too emotionally attached and should consider that and think of how much you should care about the details of each girl.

    And unless you are wealthy enough to buy her entire day all day, of course she’s going to go with other people. She has money to make and she’s not there to be in a relationship with you. In that industry if you want any of your opinion to matter you need to pay more $$$ and it’s as simple as that. Remember this is the sex trade not real relationship.

    Once you remember that you will stop worrying about why they won’t do exactly what you want and expect them to do. Look for a real girl (outside the industry) and give it time before you commit to make sure she’s really into you and not your pocket.

  • John says:

    Many of the stories I have read in the comments are true but hell not all Thai woman are bargirls I have been married to a Thai lady for three years now and she has a job as a manager at a electronics company . She works and earns her own salary and many times she takes care of me regarding paying for the motor vehicle which is in my name.
    I am fortunate that I met her because she owned a house with four apartments and suggested we stay at the house . I helped renovate the house and three apartments and the rentals she gets she pays for our living expenses and so forth.
    My Thai wife never asks me for money and I am grateful to her because she is a loving ,caring and good woman.
    There are good Thai woman out their looking for Farang but unfortunately meeting them at a bar has its consequences.
    (Just saying there is hope for Farang looking to marry a Thai woman

  • Kuolen Nauruun says:

    Good stories and comments , I have experience , I have been married to a bargirl for 11 years and we have 3 children. I took the first bargirl I met and I not get disappointed with her. Maybe I was lucky:). And I am 26 years older than she. She is very beautiful . She could be model or whatever. Of course I have money but not so much. Important is also how you behave and how nice you are. I am polite and help she every day . I never fight with she . I always say only “yes dear” and she is happy ( at least she looks like it and says that she is happy,.
    I respect she opinions and she parents. Yes money talks but it is not everything like people say here.It also helps if you not drink and smoke. There are always many different stories …
    same same but different.

    • What goes around comes around says:

      I play them at their own game… I have lived in Thailand about 10 years now and I don’t bother with bar girls but I look at dating sites and choose 30 to 40 age group tell them I,m looking for wife . We meet have coffee and most are happy to go to short time Hotel after the coffee… One or two might ask if I can give them money after but most don’t. I will boom boom them 2 or 3 time over the next week or so then move on.Maybe when they was younger they had money from many men for sex but now older want husband they change and i take full advantage of it..easy pickings

    • New Superhuman says:

      I lived in Thailand for two years and dated hundreds of girls. Your situation is one in a million.

  • neva e nuff pumpin n bumpin says:

    prices were high in 2001 and have keep on going up.
    them whores dont know how to fuck either.
    only sorry premature ejaculators and fools like thailand.

    • New Superhuman says:

      15 years ago a beautiful girl would go with you all night and day for $50, feel happy and do whatever she could to please you. Wealthy tourists flooding into the country changed all that. If you like short time and don’t mind paying near Western prices, you’re good. The old Thailand died long ago. Even Cambodian girls are spoiled rotten. Good luck with the scams and attitude.

    • paul scotland says:

      l have been too Thailand many times and most thailladys l been with are very good in bed you must be going with the wrong girls or maybe your no use in bed l think your bullshiter

    • pau says:

      what sort of name is that you have any way only fools go Thailand its the best place in the world l am no fool l do how too enjoy my self l don’t think you do you sound like a very person you need too get a life before you die

  • Kel says:

    The 11 points are really good and some stories from commenters are great too. If you are lucky enough to take a girl from one of the less commercial beer bars in low season, which is where the girl has maybe made a packet and is thinking about returning home soon anyway (to see her kids etc) you can even get a few freebies off her, after all, if you’re young, handsome, are prepared to take the same girl a few nights then she may take a shine to you because after all, your accommodation is always going to be more comfortable than hers. The ones to look out for are the girls who are probably going to be in their 30s and don’t want to talk about their personal lives (or make up bullshit – same difference). They may start to spend whole days with you, show no signs of mercenary behavior and don’t go back to the bar while your holiday lasts. They are few and far between and a number of factors count – the time of year, how well off she already is, personal circumstances, how good a customer you are at her bar. She can become your gik/fuck buddy and the bar manager and other bar girls make sure you never go hungry (for free) and the girls will start giving you the odd drink on the house. This has happened to me twice. Try a small beer bar on Koh Samui. Your chances of finding a good looking girl are admittedly slim, and you need to put the time and effort in, and probably drink a lot of beer! I still wouldn’t recommend marrying these girls, obviously! , but if you want a bit of free company for a few weeks, for me, it’s the best way to go.

    • Eccrono says:

      The first time I had a stay in Pattaya I had a few super nice nights with a lady from a massage salon. She always works from 10 am till 24 pm, and was very glad to have time for dancing and being free. We kept in contact with Whatsapp until I came back to Thailand last month.
      She was quite different this time; having a behavior as if we were married. Breath taking! No go to Walking Street this time, no evening walk on the prommenade, no go to exhibition-bars, … but pooling (bearing!), restaurant, shopping, and lots of boomboom in the hotelroom. She went with me to massagesalons with the ugliest possible girls. WHY? I think afraid of losing me.
      But after three days I quit, broke up. Wanted my freedom again.

      • Eccrono says:

        Do these 11 rules also fit for massage girls? I wonder.
        These girls also do a lot for the money but have not the same behavior as bar-girls.
        My girl was honest about her origin, 8 hours of driving to the North. About her family, having 2 kids and showing me the photos. About her room, living toghether with her friend, a girl also working in her massagebar. About being working there already for years. About her age. But I didnot believe her when she sayed: I love you. However the boomboom was like a girlfriend, natural, but no professional positions and actions.
        I still wonder if….

        • Kel_Solaar says:

          Sounds good but it would put me off as soon as she started saying “I love you”. I like the one’s that keep it light and fun.

  • patrick darwen says:

    Get over it iv been married to a philippiana for 7years they groom you and do every thing for you then its hell money money money same shit …family hospital power bill you know the stress is debilitating

  • stranger says:

    An old man near nana plaza bangkok took me to this brothel and i chose a thick girl there. the deal was 2000 bahts for a night. we went to my hotel i paid for taxi and some beers she wanted on the way. After doing it once she carried on with her sad story and asked me to give her 10000 bahts. which i refused so she refused to do again and didn’t talk to me for 3 hours lying next to me. Finally i told her to leave and she kept refusing after that i told her to really leave. she started cursing me and punched me in the face started kicking broke my glasses and scratched my neck with her nails. she kept cursing and i kept quiet coz didn’t want to make it worse. After doing all that she had the courage to ask me for 200 bahts for taxi which i obviously refused so she broke the glass. then tried to kick me again so i just pushed her and locked my door she kept kicking from outside and left. That fat bitch was strong and fucking dangerous. … bad memories.

  • matt333 says:

    Seriously, you’ve got to be retarded to fall in love with a hooker.

  • Roland says:

    True. The only things that happend when you send money is that she don’t need to fuck old guys anymore and can fuck for free with younger and more handsome. Seen this plenty.

  • Roland says:

    Some of them even pay guys prostitutes for sex. Same girls saying they hate thaiman

  • Mookieson says:

    Don’t go out with bar whores first mistake .everything you guys are staying very true 110% right . Bar girl good for one thing and one night forget them . So go out with nice older lady’s in thailand take care of you and make sure come from a nice family . A lot of them out there .thai man treat there woman like shit and the ones who are not whores and prostitutes are looking for kind man to take care of and they will take care of in many why. I know I have one for 5 years never ask for money just love and kindest a beautiful lady and great family. I am a old man I know better no young girl wants to be with old man . So stop kidding your self and complaining about bar girl .You get what you pay for . like the old store go no money no honey And up to you a other slang Thai girls use. just remember one night only with bargirls and forget them pay them and leave.

  • Mark Waugh says:

    I have an Indian friend who visits Thailand all the time. Indians are cheapest and shrewdest bunch of guys you will ever meet. They lie as well as the bar girls and actually make some of the girls fall for them. According to him, if a Thai girl can pass the Indian test ( no extra dough till things don’t start to fall in place ) she’s a keeper.

    • Terryofcrete says:

      Lots of Thai bar girls will not go with a man from India. They may not get paid or there could be 3 guys waiting in the hotel room !

    • Ch3nnaiDa says:

      I’m an Indian and I agree this… I have a thai friend who’s a Thai hooker. She doesn’t fall in any of the above points. At least to me she seems sweet and honest. I spoke with her and she complained about Indians.. If any Indian reading this then please realise that hooker is also human. Thai girls consider that as a profession. Please respect them at least for the pleasure you get from them. Please pay them as agreed.

      • Ying says:

        Indian guys have no respect for women, they smell a lot and don’t wash..stay away from Thailand, India is big enough and many native girls!

  • Dr Mark says:

    Mookieson (words seem from a Thai woman) makes a good point – one I have heard repeatedly from my Thai wife and other “legit” Thai women. The Farang idiots who really “fall in love” with postitutes do really open themselvesup for heartache and a royal screwing. But what about us “thrill seekers”? I have posted here before about my experiences. In the past year I finally divorced my “hi-so” Thai wife, not because she is not a good person but because she decided that we dont need sex three years ago. Of course some of that is my fault. But the point of this post is about addiction to the excitement of the prostitute world. I have a very lovely girlfriend in Pak Chong – a business owner who never asks me for a baht. But one month in Pak Chong I get stir-crazy and need to return to BKK for a week or two. In BKK and Pattaya I have very dear friends who sell sex – some full-time some after work. I have known 4 of them for years, and one is my daughter. They never lie to me (wouldnt work if they tried) and they always take care of me (not only sex but day-to-day living. My long-term conclusion is that this small group of prostitute friends care about me much more than any of the “hi-so” or normal Thai women I have known. I confess to being a bit twisted but for me a prostitute true friend is better than a “hi-so” lady anyday.

    • David says:

      Just when you think you’ve seen it all and it can’t get any crazier … along comes a guy who non-nonchalantly admits he pays his prostitute daughter for sex !! Only last night I met a fellow Aussie married to a Hi-So and he asked me to fuck his wife so he could go with a freelancer who had taken a fancy to him in the nightclub … Pretty boring by Thai standards. I have to agree that the peasant prostitutes are a lot more fun and give a better experience.

  • Mookieson says:

    You guys hang out with shit and will get shit back . Plenty of good thai lady’s than are looking for love to take care of you. Yes these people are poor and need money. Good ones don’t ask for money and if you love them just give a few hundred dollars a month not even a dinner out in the USA or Europe . But don’t date whores or sluts they will suck your blood out. Just use you big head not your little one.

  • Ruby says:

    All true about from No.1 and No.2, Every Thai hooker always tells me Isaan. It helps their story of povery

  • Dr. Mark says:

    As usual these posts are informative and give an accurate picture of personal experiences. I have been around Thailand a very long time (1964 on) and now have a retirement visa and a nice house in Bangkok. I am married to a “hi-so” Thai which has advantages and disadvantages. Just as a point of reference this “hi-so” lady from a connected family with money got divorces after a 15 year marriage, then worked Thai Friendly to hook 5 Farang (European and Kiwi) to take her on holiday to Singapore and expensive resorts. Of course they got the full treatment, and sent her money to boot – which she didnt need at all.
    For the past year I have had a “side relation” with a “semi-bar girl”. This is one who has a good day job but frequents the Soi 7 Beergarden” two ir three nights a week to fuck Farang and take a minimum of 4000 baht Long Time. She tells most of the lies Redcat lists except she always admitted that she had a daughter and came from Chiyaphom. She always adjs me to go with her to see daughter and family. She tells me when she gets a “customer” at Beergarden and gives me details of the date. She often complains “many man at Beergarden have a big and make my pussy hurt”. The only really phoney part of the deal is when she takes off for a few days “on business”. I never get the straight scoop on what is up with that, but I presume a short holiday with one or more guys.
    I admit to being a thrill seeker, and for sure this girl is one too. She koves it when a handsome young Aussie takes her to the Landmark and fucks the heck out of her, and hates it and even cries when she takes money from a nasty, drunk, fat old Farang who want a blowjob and nasty stuff.
    I should knock this relationship off. She is 35 years my junior, and keeps my mind too occupied. I have avoided giving her any “big money” but there is always the need in the background ( the latest is that Father needs 30000 to upgrade toilet. I do believe that he does. I dont care if one or five other Farang send this girl money. She is lovely and works hard (at her 6 day a week job or at her Beergarden hookups). She gives real value for money spent.
    My point here is that Thai society creates this situation, whether from a rich Bangkok girl or a poor country girl. 50% of the coeds at Maha Sarakham University sell pussy on the side to Thai men. When i ask my “hi-so” wife why she took money from her boyfriends her reply is “they were stupid”. So there you have it.

    • Gener Equality says:

      You will not understand Thai women if you do not understand their religion.
      1. Life is suffering. To have “real” Feelings for others, is to invite suffering.
      2 For Buddhists, love does not exist. Love is a feeling that must be overcome. In the monistic thinking “all is on”, separate objects are called “Maya” and do not exist. Buddhist love means to release all living beings from suffering.
      3. Thai women are born as women as they have bad Karma. If they help their parents economicly, they will get a chance to get reborn as men in their next life. They are nice to you to get good Karma. As more good Karma they save in their present life, as bigger the chance to get reborn as a man in their next life.
      3. Sexuality is only considered a physical need, like those of eating.
      4. Thai women do nothing out of “love”. All they do is for themselves – to get better Karma in their next life and to get a better life when they get re-born as a man.

    • TARS says:

      So, what do they tell their parents? Do their parent allow them to work in a bar?

    • Ying says:

      Seeing a bar girl young enough to be your daughter or granddaughter even, yeah that’s real smart.

  • Thai Boy says:

    “you never understand me! Really!” This sentence is classic after u knew the thai girl for a long time

  • Johnny says:

    I think there are actually a lot of decent bargirls out there with good hearts. The question you have to ask yourself is can you really or do you really want to be with a girl that has literally slept with thousands of men? Think about how many 747 airplanes she could fill with the guys she has slept with. If you are ok with this then my hat is off to you.

  • Herwig says:

    I have a Thailady, which has a daughter from me. Now 5 years old. Ibhath every month dont mind, if the lady hide something, but she take god care of the daughter. I pay my 15.000 Bhath every month and made them a house where to stay. I visit them very often, but I have my private
    live, so lies dont disturb me, as long I see the daughter feel well

  • James says:

    What the hell do you expect from a whore, other than sex?
    Passion? Honesty? Love? Those are each independent variables that have zero bearing on a whore’s relationship with you.

  • I retired young (38) and never had time for a traditional social life, so I decided to visit Thailand for a 3 week vacation. I’m not a drinker or partier but I’m fine in a bar. It was still early in the evening and I noticed some very young and pretty women making their way around the bar. One caught my eye. Within a minute or two she was standing in front of me smiling.

    We were out of the bar in less than 5 minutes of meeting one another. She and I went to dinner and she mentioned it was her very first night in the bar. After reading many sites similar to this one I thought ‘sure it was’ and smiled. I jokingly said “I bet you don’t have children and you’re under 25” She smiled and lifted her tshirt and exposed a flat, toned stomach. She then put her National I.D. up to my face and 19 was her age. (I checked for her sex, too) I apologized her teasing her and she said “I like you”.

    We finished dinner and I asked her to show me around Thailand. She admitted she wasn’t from Bangkok and didn’t know the area well, so I suggested we go to Pattaya and tour. We had a great time in Pattaya and finally made it back to Bangkok very late. I asked her if I could pay her bar fine for the next couple nights and that she stay with me. She agreed. We went back to the bar and I dropped the baht and we went back to the hotel. We were both tired, so we fell asleep, I awoke and she was gone. I thought “I was scammed” However, a little while later she entered the hotel with a large bottle of water and some fruit. She obviously showered and went somewhere — maybe home — to get clothes because she was wearing a nice jean skirt and tshirt with sandals; she looked gorgeous. I brought up the ‘fee’ and she responded “pay whatever you like” I was torn between the thought that I might look like a cheapskate or and idiot for overpaying, so I told her I’d pay her bar fine for the total 3 weeks and giver her 150000 baht. She started to cry and told me that she didn’t want me to pay her bar fine because she wanted to find a different job. Eventually, she quit her bar job and she found work at a restaurant.

    After the 3 weeks I left and we kept in touch. Two months later I flew back to Thailand and she met me at the airport. We took a taxi to the hotel and she told me she had to work, but will be able to meet up later. She even brought back dinner. All went well.

    I’ve since moved to Singapore and have a nice home. She has come to stay with me on a visa. She can’t work here because she really doesn’t have any qualifications, nor secondary education. Her English is pretty good, but I’ve been teaching her the proper way to read/speak English, so she can communicate better.

    She’s very protective of me and I can tell she’s in it for the duration. I used to tease her about her jealousy, but it’s authentic, so I stopped teasing.

    We’re very compatible and happy with one another, and if I make her 5% as happy as she make me, I’ll have succeeded.

    For every 100 Thai girls that lie, there’s one out there that doesn’t. Perhaps, I was lucky in finding one that doesn’t because I certainly sacrificed my social life to make enough to retire young. Was it worth it? Absolutely!!


    • Johnny says:

      Reality check. She left and showered because she went somewhere to meet a regular guy she sleeps with. Dont be a fool. Find a regular girl. Trust me. I dated a bargirl for almost a year. She was a nice girl but she still would whore around some. She wasnt sure I would stay with her so she keeps in contact with them. You would never know if your girl was seeing somebody. My best advice is if you cant see your bargirl you dont know what shes doing. Shes probably getting Fu***d. Its hard to trust a non-bargirl. Bargirl 10x worse. It doesnt matter how good looking you are, how good your body or how much money you have. She will be insecure and string other guys on.
      Anyway, this is my experience. Best of luck!!

  • Kitty-licker says:

    I live in a village near chiang rai and there are a number of girls here who are getting regular monthly payments from guys in various countries. One girl is on 60,000 baht a month from five diffetent fools; all of whom believe they are the only one and come once a year to see thier ‘girlfriend’ when they spend loads more cash on them. A fool and his money are easily parted, and there’s nothing more powerful than pussy to make it happen. I guess that’s why I’m broke!

    • Matt Doorman says:

      lol… funny. God for her! Did you talk with her?.. 300,000 bt a month? Even I am not stupid enough to send monthly payments to a girl I see a week of year. Imma give this one as a won to her…

  • Steve says:

    Funny thing lying about their age. My girlfriend told me she was 23 and last August was her birthday. She had a birthday party and I bought a cake for her with candles, 24 of them. My friend from Australia who also had his Thai girlfriend with him was sitting next to me, and he motioned me to come outside with him. Went outside and he told me his Thai girlfriend said my girl was only 19 turning 20 and everyone thought it was funny that I had 24 candles on the cake. Not being able to speak much Thai, I did not notice. I said nothing about this to anyone, but that night I saw my girlfriends ID card on the bed next to her purse. She saw me when I tried to have a look and a brief “friendly” wrestling match occurred with her trying to grab it away from me. She knew she had lied and I was about to see. Sure enough, she had just turned 20 that day. I asked why she lied to me. She said she was frightened I would leave her if I thought she was too young. Bless her dear little heart. Sometimes lies are not that bad. We are still together 8 months later. Living together, not internet stuff.

  • Ste F says:

    Very interesting about Thai s . First of all if anyone is serious about falling in love with a Thai lady then it’s a must to learn the Thai language .
    Not all Thai girls work in bars or sell sex for money . Plenty of them work in shops and banks . Just like in the UK we have hookers but not all English girls are hookers .
    Thailand is a playground for farang keep it that way . Stop falling in love with hookers stop giving away cash to them
    They are women with no or very little moral standards . So forget about marrying them or falling in love with them . Unless you don’t mind they lies and can play them at their own game

  • TIT (This is Thailand) says:

    I’ve been cumming and going (cumming due to the girls and going because of poo pa laa) for more than 14 years and now live here. I’ve heard the question ‘how do you know when a Thai is lying’? Answer – because they’re saying something.
    I met a bar girl in Chiang Mai one time and asked all the usual reasons why she might be working there. Every question- sick brother NO -child to support NO -Debt NO….and so on. I exhausted ALL the reasons why girls usually work in the bar. So then I asked ‘So why are you working in the bar’ she said I like 2 things….money and sex !!!!
    She was very pretty, nice figure, no kids (no stretch marks wink wink).I told her she could pull any guy but she said I don’t want a boyfriend.
    The following year I went back to see her, no sign, she’d gone. Walking towards night Bazaar I heard someone calling my name, I turned to see ‘XXX’ in a grey uniform worn by staff in one of the nice restaurants. What’s going on XXX I asked. She said I finish work bar….but why? Because I have nice boyfriend………So you see, there is ONE nice girl out from the bar!

    • Redcat says:

      In this case when she says she has a nice boyfriend she means he is taking care of her (financially) and just sends her to work at the market to keep her busy – while he can do his business or just have fun with other girls.

      • TIT (This is Thailand) says:

        Cynic lol……have you heard about the new Christian prayer for bar girls…. it goes ‘Lord I lay me down too cheap, I pray thee Lord my Gold to keep, If I should leave before he stirs, I ‘ll nick myself a thousand more ……Oh and one more lie……’of course I’m a real woman ……chick with a dick’

    • Steve says:

      I have met a couple of similar girls. Worked in the bar for a while and then either got sick of the work or started a serious relationship. Every person is different and should be judged on their own merits. Be cautious and make them gain your trust over time.

  • farfor says:

    1. my phone no battery
    2. i dont put internet
    3. my mother is sick
    4. i am single

  • richard jakeway says:

    i had a thai girlfriend she said she never had a boyfriend when we were in bed 1 morning her phone rang she spoke in English she said it was her ex wanted 2 go 2 here home 2 see her house why would an ex boyfriend want 2 see her home biggest load of bollocks ive ever heard she should be on stage sweeping it

    • Mike says:

      a girl I spent a couple weeks with, and who kept subtly trying to get me to buy her jewelry to express my love..lol, finally broke down and showed me all the guys she was playing(getting monthly checks from to stay pure)… she had four different phones… she was rather proud when she showed me, and was in the process of reeling one back in(since I was leaving, and wouldn’t buy her a gold necklace)… it’s the game man. I cannot fault a person that has the limited economic opportunities they do to try such things… all I know is she showed me the time of my life, and to be completely honest I regret not buying her the necklace. I wined and dined her, paid for everything, but she also showed me parts of Thailand I would have never seen. And the experience with her I’ll never forget. So, yea, I didn’t get “played”… but then again… I got a lot… wish I’d given her more. She earned every penny.

  • Eve says:

    Thought all Prostitutes lie. It’s part of their job.

  • Eve says:

    This is Legendary!!!!

  • LiveLifeFreely says:

    I have read a lot of your articles on this site and I really thank you for putting all this information together that is helping so many people like me. I planned a short Thailand trip and am currently in Thailand. Two days here and most of what you have written makes sense to me. The first night, I picked up a super cute thai girl from Tilac bar in Soi Cowboy for “long time”. We had dinner together (of course I paid), then had a wonderful time in the hotel where she really took good care of me. I asked her to stay the night which she did. In the morning we had another go. In between we had a lot of conversation using the google translate app as her English was poor. She sounded quite honest to me telling me that she separated from her husband and that Thai men are lazy who depend on girls like them to provide for the family. She also had a kid. She didn’t lie about her age (28 years and I know as I saw her ID at the hotel). She cuddled with me and gave me a complete GFE! Did it feel like she cared and really liked me with all her heart? Absolutely!! No doubt at all. “You want me to stayyyyy?” she asked. I said no, sorry I need to checkout from this hotel. “Up to youuuuu” she replied, sadness on her face and her voice. She even bathed me. Got dresses and still no mention for money. Back in California, the strippers don’t even let you touch them before you give them the money (not a fair comparison but such distinct behavior). It was ME who said I need to pay you. I paid her the money and a 1000 Baht more as a tip and her reaction was priceless. She left and I didn’t think much of it until last night. After a lot of frustration (I arrived late at 11:00 pm, most beautiful ones were gone), I got another bar girl from Baracca who was stunning. Immediately I notice a complete behavioral difference between this girl and the previous girl. She was upfront about money and asked for it as soon as we entered the room (something to do with not trusting Indian men with money. I hate the reputation they have created). This one wasn’t really into me, I could tell. She tried as much as possible to delay sex and really took her time with shower (which she started alone) and lots of other bullshit. In the bed she was hoping I would forget the blowjob! After sex she says, “I will give you back 1000 Baht. Let me go home”. Fuck I was surprised! She insisted on giving back the money as I had paid her for long time, but I said keep it and that she is free to go if she wants. She apologized repeatedly and left. Not even a good bye hug. After she left, I started thinking. The girl from Tilac (Nam) was nothing but excellent and this one was not even close. Thoughts ran wild and I started comparing and realized that Nam had given me such a good time! I realized that only after getting this cold company from another girl. Ever since I came to Bangkok, I have seen farangs holding hands with Thai girls and walking. This girl hadn’t even walked besides me but behind me where as Nam had walked hand in hand with her head on my shoulder like we were some real couple on a honeymoon! Two days, two completely different experiences. I thought of going back to Tilac and getting back Nam again tonight but I know its not a good idea. I don’t want to fall for this girl. After reading your articles, I am back on track. Even though I still don’t think she has lied about anything mentioned here, some of the lines in your writing across many articles really stand out. “Thai girls number one priority is taking care of her family, everything else comes later”, “A thai bar girl will make you feel like they really like you, its their job to do that and get more $$$ from you”, “Thai bar girls like being bar girls because they have friends and cousins working with them”, “They are not looking for a prince charming to come rescue them” etc. I had made up my mind to go back and see Nam again. Now thinking about it, if I do go back to Tilac, I would probably get her back to my hotel, pay her double the price in tips and then tomorrow leave Bangkok feeling like shit and sad. Staying in touch with her is stupid and will hurt my otherwise good personal life. Man what did I get myself into! I guess thats what I signed up for when I came to Thailand as a sex tourist, I just didn’t see it coming. For hours I felt bad and really missed Nam (what the fuck is wrong with me?) My two cents for anybody who cares: As a young man inexperienced with prostitution or one night stands, don’t come to Thailand with a naive mind. Be mentally strong (or rather emotionally detached?) if you are coming to Thailand for a few days of boom boom. I never thought this girl would be on my mind for so long or would matter so much! Its my last day and I don’t even feel like going and getting a new girl. Thank you for you writing that helps people! Thailand is an amazing country and Thai women are even more amazing. Bar girls (or prostitute as one might want to call them) or any other thai women, are lovely. The bar girls are doing what is best in the situation that has been presented to them. Coming from poor families with no education and responsibility of a family is no joke. Good or bad working girls, my heart goes out for them.

    • jim says:

      well written and good understanding but just remember MONEY is not everything if your happy go with it

    • Scugs says:

      Well well well, so good to read all this, because its absolutely true from everyone here especially last guy (Living Life Freely). He I am going to Koh Samui for a holiday for 10x days. I never went there for Sex but once I discoverd Massage Parlours every 500 yards I was hooked !. I banged 3x different girls every day, not bad for someone who is 63 years, (I am in Good shape) but the inevitable happened ????????????
      I had hired a motor scooter which gave me complete freedom around the island, but I soon got to know where all the favourite places were and gravitated to them. But heres the clincher !!!! one night was riding around the Chaweng, and stumbled across the street called “THE AVENUE” it was not a big or long road but full of bars with red lights and pumping. I could not go 2x metres with out girls jumping out in front of me trying to drag and entice me into the bars they were working. Probably 20x bars all up with lots of very sexy good looking girls in each one. I parked my Scooter and started walking around finally settling on one bar bathed in Red light. I saw a young girl with just the body I liked and asked I want her. Madam asked how long ? I said short time cause Im a cheap skate. (900 BHT plus Bar fine 500 BHT) and I was away. she lived just down the road. Had an amazing time we kinda chatted cause they don’t speak English real well, and little did I know it but I was getting primed. (but could not see it)
      WEEEEELLLLLL guess what ?????? Im got up next morning just totally SMITTEN with her and totally convinced this girl was for me, yea she was 29 and I am 63 ??? did I see there problem NOOOOO! I was just falling for this girl. So the next 4x nights we spent together staying at my hotel. I took her for breakfast and people were looking at me there and I know what they were thinking ? but you know what, by this stage I was so IN LOVE !!!! that nothing else mattered. This was my future wife and I was going to make it work, (because she said she loved me and she was not like any of the other Thai girls, ( AH DER !!!) of coarse my heart had completely surrended to her and being from Australia we trust what people say as being the truth !!!! right !

      The one thing I had going in my favour was that I was 63 years old and had a lot of life experience, not to mention a 20 year failed marriage that took me to HELL and back. But my heart took off I had never experienced anything like this a feeling of complete exhilaration, freedom Love and just everything else you could imagine, piled on top.

      We stayed in contact and she kept ending me sticker texts saying she loved me, and would I take care of her and Blah Blah Blah —- I didn’t care I was Drunk in Love Man ! this has to work. pretty much a couple of weeks later she asked me to buy her a Motor Bike , I was pretty annoyed about that and said NO! and made my disappointment known to her. Then back to Lovey Dovey stuff and I forgot all about that request. I was trying to figure out away I could get back up there to Love my future beautiful wife, but because I didn’t send mopey she told men she had to keep on working in the Bar to make money for family. So Im thinking Ok, she works 7x nights a week there are a lot of guys from all over the world Fucking her, maybe not every night, but most nights so this started taking a toll on me. The only way she would stop working the Bar would be as if I supported her every month with money, BUT ?????? would she stop working the Bar even if I sent her money, because I would be there to check if she was or was not ?????? Mmmmmmmmmm this is not looking so good anymore.

      I finally had to send her a DEAR JOHN message to say it was all going to be too hard to do. I got back a pretty firm response to say I had not helped her one bit !! and she was not pleased.

      But can I say this even to this day she is in my heart and I would drop everything to be with her. And believe me I am not stupid but this girl brought me undone in 4x days. My heart is still trying to figure out a way I could be there, but my experience and sensibilties are fighting just as hard against it.
      I had a friend who lives in Hua Hin and Im asked him for advice he said without a bit of hesitaion, !!! she is lying to you and will; relieve you of all your money and then the clincher she will LEAVE you.

      Finale: Do not ever fall ion Love with a BAR GIRL !!!! they are there for the money and looking after their families in North Eastern Thailand. You will come off second best and very
      Hurt !!

    • Sunny says:

      Well I am reading red cat about Thai lady lies .i was invited to Thailand after my wedding was canceled in 2010 by my Swiss n American friends n since I go there every year to meet them n enjoy .meeting the girls in bar n playing the game .am Swiss but Indian color .i admit I was easily introduced in bars where my friends got their habits n where the owner knows them . I tried once to go alone in another bargirl.well the girls were not queuing to come to me .ginally in 2014 I met a girl in a restaurant n stayed with her for a week b4 flying to Swiss.she did not asked me money but I gave her some n told her to buy a gift for her n family.we stayed in contact.she never asked for money n she works now as an employee as hairdresser.and this end of year am going to Mauritius, I invited her to Mauritius.she is flying to meet me there .i checked all the 6/9 of red cat .sorry man none was right in this case .but am sure u are right cause I seen farangs as beggars in Samui .all the best

  • barry says:

    Troy, good comments. Most women are prepared to prostitute themselves for financial gain, often called “security”.

  • troy tucker says:

    Surely you can’t generalise every single bar girl like this, I do agree somewhat with many of the comments. Remember though that Thais have been brought up to believe that its disrespectful to not take care of your parents, sure they could work at the 7/11 and earn 9000 baht a month (180 pounds!!) for six days a week work with rigorous hours. Or they could shag a few men a week and earn triple. Although it is a choice to turn to prostitution, when considering the other options i’m sure many people would fall for the same trap, its a shame but its mainly because of the minimum wage system in Thailand which is 300 baht a day. Consider this, live in England – Marry a Western women, half of what you have is automatically hers – western women expects you to go out and work whilst she stays at home (research suggests that 77% of all women married in the UK have this expectation). They cheat on you, steal from you and take you for everything you have just the same. Now take a thai girl – so she will lie to you to save face just as Western women will, she wants your money as Western women do, but in my experience they aren’t very supportive of you and they can be extremely poisonous. Thais actually avoid confrontation and would rather not say anything. My point is that all women have the potential to do all of these things, its just more commercialised throughout Thailand, there is actually so much of it here in England, but the government and mass media won’t allow us to see that – because we live in an amazing and beautiful country (bollocks). You can always find a diamond in the rough, never be afraid to see beyond the immediate.

    • Terryofcrete says:

      Good man well said ! Same in Ireland , worse in the US ! Mostly you get value added in Thailand and more than what you paid for , given our relative wealth, and best of all you can avail of it in your later years and be any shape or size. You can have a great time for a small outlay. Try doing that in the “West” , you will be fleeced ! But of course in the west it is Love ! I met a lady cleaning my hotel room in Koh Chang and she moved in ! Went to the Jewelry store herself and bought a cheap ring to tell she was “promised” to me. Looked for nothing from me but of course took anything I offered her. Once she told the staff in the hotel she and I were engaged I took off as I had not agreed and did not want it to get tricky. Now tell me who was “bad” in that situation. I know my conscience was very prickly fir a long time !