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Thailand Permanent Residence Thumb

Life in Thailand is so much more fun and easy going than in most other countries in the world but one of the few things that provide challenges for a lot of foreigners is dealing with their visa situation. If you are tired of spending time and money by going to regular visa extension trips …
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Top 10 Scams in Thailand

April 4th, 2014 | Posted by Stefan in LIVING | TRAVELING - (0 Comments)
Top 10 Scams in Thailand Thumb

If you read through all the different Thailand forums on the internet you have so many foreigners complaining about their bad experiences being ripped off in Thailand. It’s always about Thai people that tell you a lie in order to get some money out of you without providing the promised service, sometimes not giving anything …
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Young Girl Falling Into The Water Game Thumb

Yesterday I walked out of the office in Fortune Town in Bangkok when I ran into a big festival set up right in front of the main entrance. Songkran is just two weeks away and that must be the reason why they had a big market selling food as well as the typical Thai game …
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Are They Hating Us?

March 29th, 2014 | Posted by Stefan in LIVING - (0 Comments)
Thai People Hate Farang Thumb

A few days ago I had my lunch break at Santa Fe Steakhouse on the 6th floor of Central Rama 9 in Bangkok. There aren’t too many foreigners in this area just two MRT stations from Asoke. When I walked in the restaurant two staff were briefly taking note of me, then looking in a …
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Sexual Orientations In Thailand

March 26th, 2014 | Posted by Stefan in THAI GIRLS - (0 Comments)
Sexual Orientations In Thailand Thumb

One thing I love about living in Thailand is there are always new things I learn about this country. No matter how much I get familiar with the Thai culture through learning the language, working in an office with mostly Thai people and living in a Soi in Huai Kwang, Bangkok, that has no other …
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10 Good Reasons To Start Learning Thai Thumb

Let’s face it one of the biggest phenomenons in Thailand is that the majority of foreigners living here permanently are not proficient with the Thai language. While in most other countries expats would learn the local language and make it a priority for themselves as to understand the local culture and to get integrated into …
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How to get from Bangkok to Hat Yai Thumb

For some only a quick overnight stop on their way to Malaysia and for others a popular trip destination because of its bustling nightlife scene, Hat Yai is the capital of the Songkhla province and the most famous yet least touristic major city in the deep south of Thailand. Below are the different traveling options from …
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How to Date Girls from Thai Friendly

March 7th, 2014 | Posted by Stefan in THAI GIRLS - (Comments Off)
How to Date Girls from Thai Friendly Thumb

At around 500,000 active members, Thai Friendly is one of the biggest online dating sites in Thailand. Even though they give you incentives to upgrade to a paid membership most basic functions are free. The most important things you need to know about Thai Friendly: It’s free to sign up, create a full profile, upload …
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Nightlife & Thai Girls in Hat Yai Thumb

There are many reasons to give Hat Yai a visit. Some just consider it as a short stop over on their travels from Thailand to Malaysia as its the closest major town from the border at Sadao. Hat Yai is also hugely popular among Malaysians and Singaporeans to come for a weekend trip – and …
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Pattaya's Best Pool Bar Megabreak Thumb

It’s not really difficult to find a bar in Pattaya with a pool table. This town has probably the highest concentration of beer bars in Thailand and most of them also have at least one or two pool tables. It usually works like this: You buy a drink (60-100 THB for beer and soft drinks, 120 …
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Pattaya’s Most Beautiful Temple The Sanctuary of Truth Thumb

There are thousands of temples in Thailand and a lot of them just look very similar to each other with the typical two or three tiers on the roof. But what they started to built up in 1981 at the very northern tip of the Pattaya bay is simply one of the most impressive Thai …
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