Thai Ladyboy or Girl? 5 Ways to Spot the Difference

Last updated: December 11th, 2018 | in Ladyboys | Thai Girls

Thai Ladyboy or GirlEvery single guy coming to Thailand meets at some point a ladyboy. In a lot of cases it can be really difficult to tell the difference between a girl and a ladyboy especially for guys that come for a holiday or are have been living in Thailand only for a few weeks and just don’t have the experience.

What then happens is they end up saying “oh no, she is too beautiful to be a girl” and missing out a super hot chick for being scared about a bad surprise or what rather happens they are just too drunk (or too inexperienced) to spot the difference and end up facing a dick instead of a pussy back in their room.

Especially during my first few months in Thailand I have had so many experiences talking to a super-sexy person and being not sure if it’s a girl or not.

While I really think it needs some time spending in Thailand in order to be able figuring out the answer within seconds in this post I tell you some of the most important ways to check on whether you are about to hook up with a Thai girl or ladyboy.

I think the easiest method to figure out if it’s a ladyboy or not is by looking at the way she is behaving. Ladyboys tend to be not just straightforward in their approach but often a lot more pushing than a Thai girl will ever be. Trying to get what she wants without wasting any time.

Close related to that is the way she speaks and her voice. Ladyboys try to speak in a higher voice like the girls do and it’s just pretty obvious for me if they do so. Of course this method is the one that takes most time to get familiar with and you need to develop this skill by yourself. Believe me if you stay in Thailand for at least six months you will have no problems with differentiating at all.

However if you can’t tell from the person’s behavior and voice due to your lack of experience with Thai culture, here are two simple ways by just looking at the body. Even though having done lots of surgeries there are certain things that very rarely get changed. Look at her – does she have an Adam’s apple? Yes or no? If yes, you better move on (or keep going depending what you’re out for). Of course ladyboys tend to use far more make up than girls do and they try to hide it.

Ladyboys BangkokHowever what they can’t hide are their hands. Thai Ladyboys have bigger hands than Thai girls like in every other country in the world. Of course there are exceptions and if she should have surprisingly small hands for a guy (what a fun post today), take her hand and see if the skin is soft and smooth like it should be.

Believe me I have hold a lot of ladyboy’s hands and while Thai girls don’t like to put in much pressure at all – ladyboys do and you can feel that.

Speaking about the hands, there is also another quite old and useful trick: The ring finger of men is usually longer than the index finger (in other words the ring finger of women is usually shorter than the index finger).

There are quite a few other tricks to spot the difference between ladyboy and girl, check out the video below where the guy explains it pretty straightforward. And seriously, if you still have doubts and are unsure in some situation – just ask her if she’s a girl or not! It’s really that easy and a Thai ladyboy will never lie to you about that and give you a bad surprise later. In fact ladyboys are a lot more honest than a lot of girls you meet in Thailand. But more on that another time.

To be on the safe side you can also use one of the Ladyboy Dating Sites that strictly separates Thai girls and ladyboys.

Note: This post is not meant to discriminate Thai ladyboys but rather to help Farangs to know about who they are talking to.

18 Responses

  • DJFuzz says:

    I’m currently dating a ladyboy I met on Thaifriendly. Was hesitant at first when she first messaged me because I’ve only ever been with women and I was afraid she was a sex worker (She’s legit, same age as me, 29, and works 6 days a week as a cosmetics consultant). Anyway she’s stunning, and despite having a typical ‘ladyboy’ voice, could easily pass up as an good looking, biological woman. Met up a few times for dinner and drinks and really started liking her.

    Had sex for the first time after the 3rd official date, and I swear it’s been some of the best sex I’ve ever had. Still early days (Been about 5 months now since we started dating) but I wouldn’t trade her for anyone else, real woman included.

    Those who worry wether she’s a girl or ladyboy I say don’t. If she looks good, and is legitimately interested in you, go for it. This is the only ladyboy I’ve ever been with and I want to keep her :D

  • Married to ladyboy says:

    I am married to a Thai LB for 4 years, only complaint is she is psycho jealous, she has threatened me if i cheat, look, talk, ananything, she came from a practicing martial arts family, in play she Proven that she can f me up, and reminds me she can

  • Jeff Mills says:

    i think it is best to just ask up front if you are worried about it—
    i don’t think picking some street walker is the best idea regardless of what their finger lengths are-
    if you guys are really worried–go to a place you can ask the manager–
    ladyboys have feelings and if they are on hormones they can have even more emotions than a girlgirl at times—
    be cool—find the type you want without hurting anybodies feelings and have a wonderful time–

  • Ladyboy and transgender smell like a man. They tend to use a lot of perfume to hide this.

  • Mark says:

    If you’re going to go to the trouble of using any of these techniques, you might as well just ask. Contrary to popular belief, ladyboys are not trying to trick you. They are the last people in the world who want you to have a nasty (and potentially violent) shock.

  • spring says:

    the most important different is ladyboy is sexier than real thai girl ahahaha

  • francis says:

    there are some bars where the ladyboys are not allowed? there are only asian prostitutes in thailand? i will work in thailland and not really into asian girls

    • Patrick says:

      TON of Russian women, however 90% of them are victims of Human Trafficking. I have a feeling you too will catch “Yellow Fever” before long. :D

  • Ladyboylover says:

    The finger clue is not really useful as that level of detail you are not going to notice, especially when drunk and in a place like a club where she will be moving. I’d also caution against using the feel test. Are you sure you know the difference between a post operated ladyboy pussy and a girls pussy? Surgeons these days do great jobs.
    The brow line is an overlook cue. Males tend to have a more pronounced brow line. Subconsciously you might notice this but take more notice and you will start to see the difference, it is one of the best ways to tell the difference. Obviously I am actively trying to find ladyboys, but thought these tips might be useful.

    • Patrick says:

      The brow line, are you kidding me? The brow line can be altered, literally in minutes, with a pair of tweezers or a well done waxing, not to even mention electrolysis, which is virtually undetectable and last for months. If ne is sitting still long enough and in enough light for someone to evaluate his brow line his hands can be seen.

      If you’re so drunk you can’t spot the difference in finger length then you deserve what you get. You are in a country that is foreign to you, people, maintain some mental focus or you might get a lot worse than a dick stuck in your face.

  • Patrick says:

    Great article, as always.

    I noticed that you did touch on the difference between pointer and ring finger sizes of men and women. Actually this can not be over-emphasized. The pointer finger of a man will, in almost every single case, be shorter than the ring finger. The anomaly rate is only .03% to .04%. This means that 996 to 997 times out of 1000 the size of those fingers will be spot on correct.

    This has so many pluses that all other methods can pretty much be thrown out. Her hands are easy to see in almost any light, should the guy forget which finger is supposed to be which length, he has a reminder at the end of each arm. Even the stupidest of drunks can’t screw that up.

    Again great article.

    • Dagmar says:

      That could end up being a really a bad way to determine if the girl is a ladyboy. If a ladyboy is a genuine transsexual odds are that their relative digit size for the ring and index fingers will be identical to that of a genetic girl. This is a common characteristic of transsexual women and one of the indicators along with brain chemistry that they share in common with genetic women and one of the things that transgendered advocates point to to support the notion that transsexual women really are women born into the wrong gender.

  • oSnapMillerTime says:

    lol i’d probably just ask them and if I still wasnt sure, move on.

  • OsnapMillerTime says:

    That video says to grab girls b/w the legs……….. Are you sure you want to point people to that?