First Date with a Thai Girl: Ideas & Tips

Last updated: March 26th, 2024 | in Thai Girls

Date with a Thai Girl

So let’s say you just met a nice Thai girl while walking around town or on a dating site like Thai Friendly, and want to ask her out for a date right away. Don’t worry if she says “Oh I’m busy now” she really means it like that, different what we are used from western girls that often don’t have the guts to tell you that they are not interested.

So if the Thai girl is just busy and has to finish her work or whatever just give her time and take her phone number (or Line messenger contact, by now the most popular chatting app in Thailand, not so for bar girls though that tend to use more WhatsApp like their Farang boyfriends do) and contact her later.

Getting the phone number or her Facebook / messenger contact is no problem at all, you can even consider it as a first date by chatting over the phone. That comes from the expression of Thais saying they are “playing Facebook” (lên fees, เล่นเฟส) or “playing Line” (lên lain, เล่นไลน์) and not “using Facebook” or “using line”. So just play that warm-up game with her first if you can’t get a date right away before it’s time for the finals.

Now normally it’s not the question if you get a date with a Thai girl as a foreigner but rather to think about what you are going to do. Nevertheless, she will find it pretty cool and certainly be impressed if you can ask her out in Thai:

คุณอยากไปเที่ยวกันไหมครับ – kun yàak bpai tîao gan mǎi kráp?

Do you want to go out with me? (literally: You want go trip together mai krap)

Typical for Thai culture is that she will always ask you first what you want to do with her (or where you want to go), and if she has a different idea she will say it. But in most cases if it’s not “too late” (dʉ̀k lɛ́ɛo – ดึกแล้ว) or not “too far” from her home (glai bpai – ใกลไป) she will agree to your suggestion in 80-90% of the cases. Keep in mind we are talking about “normal” Thai girls here and not hookers.

So what might be a good activity for a first date with a Thai girl?

To tell the truth, it doesn’t matter at all. If you asked her out and she said yes it’s a done deal and you will probably have sex with her on the first or the second date. Unless you are approaching a rich hi-so lady which is a whole different story just suggest what you would like to do right now.

Most Thai girls don’t care if you take them to an expensive Korean restaurant or go for some classic 45 Baht noodles on a side Soi near your apartment. So why spending a lot of money? Maybe you think it’s more romantic but for her it’s more important that you are a nice and polite guy.

Even though I’ve done it a few times going with the girl to some public landmark or even better, to the temple (that’s what she thinks is romantic) I normally find it boring and just a waste of time.

If you think playing pool (billiard) might be a cool idea for a first date, forget it. Mostly hookers and bar girls in Thailand like to play pool.

Dating Thai GirlsWhat you can also do during your first date is watching a movie in the cinema. The problem is that you have to come up with something different to bring her back to your room afterwards than suggesting watching another movie.

Whatever you decide to do, generally you are supposed to pay the bill. Generally, not always! A lot of times I go on a date with a Thai girl she pays her movie ticket by herself or even treats me for dinner.

If you take a taxi (no difference whether going to her room or your room) you are supposed to pay. If you are riding a motorcycle say from the MRT/BTS station to the apartment, then generally (but not always) she would pay for herself.

There you have it:

Eating, going to a landmark or temple, watching a movie, or walking around in the shopping mall, and maybe drinking a coffee – the classics for the first date with a Thai girl.

Of course your girl wouldn’t mind to do more fun things (why not going ice skating, or checking out that cat cafe, Trick Eye Museum or Bounce Trampoline Arena in Bangkok?), but then again you spend more money while achieving the same result.

When I date Thai girls I often just go eat with them before moving on to “watching a movie” in my room (usually not in her’s on the first date, mostly bar girls do that, your date might even say she lives with her parents or friends which is quite common and not a lie, especially if they come from other provinces and share a room to split costs).

That’s simply the cheapest and most effective way to get laid with a Thai girl.

First Date with a Thai Girl