Something Different: Ice Skating in Bangkok

Last updated: December 11th, 2018 | in Bangkok | Traveling

I just came back to my room from an ice skating session here in Bangkok. Seriously. I even took some pictures to show you. The rink we went to is at the 7th floor of the Central Rama9 shopping mall. It’s called “The Rink”. That’s the same place where I met Thailand’s most famous TV star last week by the way. It’s pretty easy to get there: Just take the MRT (Underground) to Phra Ram 9 station. The mall is connected to the station so you don’t even have to go outside.

The price for one a 1.5 hour ice skating session is 280 Baht, see the timetable below. If you come after half an hour, it’s just 220 Baht (but you’ll only have one hour for the ice skating). Lockers are available too but you have to pay 50 Baht extra. The ice skates are included in the price.

Bangkok Thailand Ice Skating 3

Bangkok Thailand Ice Skating 1

The whole rink and all facilities are super new and best quality. I know there are a couple of other rinks, for example in the Siam Discovery Center or Esplanade Shopping Mall, but they are significantly smaller and a lot more crowded. The rink at Central Rama9 is the size of a ice hockey field. And guess what, I have seen something that I would have never expected: Thai guys playing professional ice hockey!

Bangkok Thailand Ice Skating 2

Bangkok Thailand Ice Skating 5