Do Thai Girls Only Want Our Money?

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I meet so many guys that have been living in Thailand for several years and tell me: “The girls are all the same, they only want your money!” What I then usually figure out is that just by looking at their girlfriend (or wife) I know she has been working in a bar or was just another sort of hooker.

You can meet two different types of girls in Thailand: Those that don’t have a job (hookers included of course) and those that do have a job. Student girls are not included as they are still figuring out what type of girl they wanna be once they’re finished with their thesis.

If you are going for a hooker, sure why not, but then of course she has a bad character and even if you can bang her for free she will try to get some money another way. Like ask you out for shopping, tell you about her family’s “small” problems, or just expect you to take care of her. If you are only out for some fun and don’t want to meet her again after the first night, no problem she will find someone else or even has several other sponsors already.

But then if you are really out for some serious relationship of course you are better off looking for a girl that has a regular job. I have been working for two different Thai companies in Bangkok and met so many beautiful girls that can take care for themselves. They like foreigners because they think they are white, handsome, and maybe more faithful than Thai men. Of course many Thai women are looking for a Farang with money to have more financial security. But then, isn’t it the same with a lot of women in our home country?

Do Thai Girls Only Want MoneySo many guys think it’s just so more convenient to get some bar girl than just walking around public places like the mall and smiling at a girl they like as she often looks at you like an alien. If you do smile however chances are that she will smile back.

It’s really a phenomenon, often Thais look at you dead serious and if you give them a smile they change completely and smile back immediately. Go meet a “normal” girl with an ordinary job (e.g. by using Thai Friendly, the most popular dating site among expats in Thailand) and you will make a whole different experience than with a bitch that is good enough to bang a few times but then would only start sucking your money.

The truth is there are lots of foreigners that have a happy relationship with a Thai woman and the only reason why a lot of people don’t know about it is because they are hanging out in the bars all the time and get to hear the sad stories that have started and ended in the red light district (often if a Thai hooker breaks up or divorces with her guy she goes back to beach road even though she has enough money just because it’s so much easier than looking for a real job).

I know so many people that had better experiences with their relationships, like once I had a business meeting with a rich English restaurant owner that speaks Thai and has been married to a Thai woman that is a high-ranking manager at CP, for more than 30 years already. Or my ex-coworker that is married to a Norwegian guy, she has a pretty good job and income and now decided to quit and follow her husband to Norway to take care of his sick mum.

And I have student girlfriends who never ask for money but clean my room and do my laundry every Sunday. Which kind of hooker would do that for you? None, with no exceptions. Believe me I tried. Why would they they are not used to work anyway. Just stay away from the bars for a month and you will meet those foreigners telling you different stories.

One of the easiest methods to figure out if you’re talking to a hooker or not and you speak to her in Thai is by listening if she uses the polite particle “ka”. Normal Thai girls are polite when you first talk to them and use “ka” in every other sentence. Hooker’s don’t! One of the advantages of being able to speak Thai.

The truth is that the general saying of guys that had bad experiences with Thai girls, been cheated, squeezed for money and ended up with a broken heart have made this experience with hookers most of the time. Of course there are also “bad” girls with a normal job that are out for money only, but once again that kind of girl you have in every country in the world and if you get divorced with a woman in Germany, Australia or the United States it will normally be a lot more expensive than it is with a Thai girl (unless you have given her a 51% ownership of your Thai Limited Company or bought property under her name).

If you stay in Thailand for longer you can also observe and experience how Thai guys are dating the girls. And they often don’t have much money at all but date several girls at a time and even let them pay the bills! Why? Because they know how to date a Thai girl without spending much money (or just pick up karaoke girls after they finished working, not just motorbike taxi drivers like to do that).

You can say a lot about Thai girls, that they have some really weird habits and stuff, but it’s definitely not right generalizing and saying that all Thai girls are bad and only want your money. You can make a Thai girl fall in love with you and money has never bought any girl’s heart.

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  • Paul Smith says:

    I have lived in Cambodia and Thailand for the last 3 years and Ive come to the conclusion that to have a Thai girlfriend or a girlfriend from any Asian country is like owning a race horse . . If you think of it as an expensive hobby sure you get to have a ride now and then . . . but the bills keep coming in and you are going to constantly dip in your pocket ! So go into the relationship knowing you will have fun and knowing it will cost you.

  • noel says:

    good people . the point here is to get your Thai women to come stay in your own country.
    what i do is get 2 girls ( not bar girls) to come live with me half the year and other half in thailand .when they on your turf you have the advantage. and of course they want money to take back home.if you can’t afford a thai women or women’s .
    stay in boring Europe and get a boring white women … all women I’ve problems
    but 2 thai women in my bed is worth it 100%

  • Mark says:

    At the end of the day, they want a foreigner for money, simple, does not matter if she is a bar girl, accountant, nurse, etc, all the same

    • IanScouse says:

      Exactly. Rich girls in Thailand don’t look for farangs. That’s a sign. Also, if you need some proof, catfish her. Have a good-looking farang friend add her on Line or FB and you’ll see. Thai girls are greedy and only hookers have the decency to be honest about it.

  • Kin says:

    I’ma Thai women, I like white guys cuz he think they are attractive. Anyway thai women are not all the same, it depends on theirs background. I came from an upper class family who runing a business in Thailand. I graduated from a private university and now working on my master degree in San Francisco. Most of my surrounding friends are educated and have a decent job thay are capable of taking care of themselves, and not hungry for money. You guys would have completely different experience when you choose to date with educated thai women not bar girls. I’m in a relationship with an America guy and we share everything, no one pay more than others. We separate every bills and we are a very happy couple.

    • Kevin Steele says:

      Kin….where are the best places to meet nice, personable, well-educated girls. I will be in Bangkok JUNE, and do some people watching at Soi Cowboy, etc…..but I would really like to meet someone relationship-worthy (I will be relocating)

  • Jim says:

    I have no idea what real men see in Thai women, unless they have a unhealthy fixation with child porn!
    They really aren’t that attractive, and you will never know one deep down!

    I put it to you this way, i have friend that works and lives in Thailand for the last 10 years
    In that time, there is NOT ONE Thai national he would call a friend, not one!

    He has a house there, its more like a small resort, of course he has his Thai women to facilitate this house purchase.
    But he honestly could not say he has a friend he could trust after living there 10 years!!!!

    What does that say about the Culture and the Thais attitude towards a Westerner?

    Personally, i don’t blame them, i think it is disgusting what White Westerners do and thing they are in Thailand….. If that happened in my country, i too would be outraged and hate them.

    And that is what you white guys are, exactly that!!!!
    You are hated by all and a money train to the one you think your in love with.

    I’ll leave you with this……
    You wouldn’t go to a brothel to looking for a wife, why wouldn’t you go to Thailand?

    Honestly, these men deserve all they get, if they are that stupid to part with their money, then good luck to them, you cant help a moron.

    • LILITH says:

      Even though it may sound a bit irritating and shaken in the sense of Thai women like me. But I can not deny that you are right. It is fair to Westerners to look at Thai women in disdain. But to talk about the charm and interest of the individual. I must admit that the likes and dislikes of each person is not the same. You may not like us Thai, but for some people, we may be attractive for foreigners at least some more or less. So I feel bad when you talk about Thai women That ” They really aren’t that attractive,”
      I using Google translate to reply your comments because I’m bad in English, apologize for my bad English.
      # I working on regular job BTW# not a hooker.

  • kevin says:

    after reading most of these comments and myself 1 year into a relationship with a thai lady i see arguments both for and against. i think us westerners or “ferrangs” forget to notice that when dating or in fact marrying a girl from our own countires, towns, cities we pay far more for them than we realise in the long run. your girlfriend/wife,.. want the fancy motor the designer shoes, handbags, dresses. she wants the hair doos the nails the holidays and the keep up with the joneses bollocks. ok granted your native lady wont outright ask for money ( most of the time ) but they have a more sophysticated way in doing it sub conciously and we never think twice and cough up time and time again. How many times you been on a night out and ended up buying some extra from the only way is essex drink all night to find out shes done a disappearing act by the end of the night!. we on average spend 20 grand to marry these girls and if you dont look out!. so think of this picture you spend 10 years with a childhood sweetheart probably spent the best part of 10 grand on her up to this point birthdays christmases holidays bla bla bla probably a shit lot more in fact then you then marry her another 20 grand ish. she wants a new car your paying she wants a bigger house your paying you have kids then it all goes pete tong she gets half the assets and then maintanance for the kids untill they leave full time education which were now into 100s of thousands perhaps. im sure your starting to get the picture here but what my take on everyones comments are the totall outrage that your lady has the cheek to outright ask for some coin to help. now for those who go to thailand and fall in love with a bar girls then hell mend ya but for us who meet a so called normal girl this is where our cultures and attitudes clash. we are shocked when our partners ask for money and instantly the back goes up and we think they only want our money. that was my attitude before i had even went to thailand i wont lie but its not untill you see it first hand and really think about the culture in thailand the shit they go through just to feed the family and the lack of support they get you begin to think about it differently. i will be moving to thailand in the new year and will be with my partner. she knows that my initial thoughts were that all thai girls only want your money and because of this has never asked me for a penny through fear that i will think this of her. she works as a hairdresser and earns very little depending on the season. Has 3 kids and finds it very difficult to cope at times on such low earnings. i pay for a house over there i bought her a new motorbike for getting about and going to work. when she has had a bad week at work and cant put food on the table for her and the kids she does not ask me for money but i can just tell when she is skint and i finally get it out of her so i send money. sin sod theres another thing that put my back up in the begining and i was like what? your family are selling you? so wrong people this again comes down to the culture and thai men pay it too not only ferrang. We pay so much to marry in the west and sin sod will be nowhere near as expensive trust me. I know not all thai girls are good but on the same hand not all thai girls are bad there are those who choose to move from ferrang to ferrang for money but if you stay away from ago go and lady bars and even out of pattaya you will reduce the chances of finding these girls by 99.9%. if you want to party and have a good time so be it leave it for what it is and go have fun in pattaya but if you want a meaningfull relationship and to fall in love why would you go to such places. would you go down the local titty bar and fall in love?. my journey has not been an easy one with my relationship but when you begin to understand the thai people the culture and their values it actually makes the western woman look like the crooks. never forget western woman will hurt you financially just as much if not more than a thai lady ever will. Peace!

  • Mink says:

    Not all of thai girl want money . It just only girls in bar . Everybody different please don’t decited like that. you just only know about bar but really it has something bigger than it.
    Every country have got bitch or bad girl not only in thailand .
    Eeverybody maybe bad and good it the same not only in thailand want money .
    #iam a student.

    • jerkalot says:

      My experiences with BAR-girls, if you can’t see them right in front of you, don’t trust what they are saying or messaging you. You hear a lot of western media say, “oh the men go there and prey on the poor women”, I feel that like 80 % of the women in the bar-business prey on the sometimes lonely and naive men coming there, a LOT of lies there to get you to pay this and that.
      Ordinary Thai girls is another subject that you can read about elsewhere on this great forum’s sites.
      Go for happy times and don’t fall in love, or go for love but NOT in the bars ago-go’s. Take care out there :)

  • Chris says:

    Do not go for a thai women nothing but headaches. U be working for nothining supporting her hole family send money back home and a lot off lies. They are just good for fun that’s it,

    • Sober Man says:

      Chris you are so right. For the fools that believe their wife’s or girlfriends loves them please read the book named “wondering into the Thai culture” when you wake up.

    • LILITH says:

      Sadly you have the opportunity in your whole life just to visit in such a low place. And I pray that you have enough merit to visit with the people of my beautiful and serious culture in Thailand. I used to have an American bf and my family was still poor. But I never asked him to send money to help my family, even a single US. But we have to break up because of the distance , my ex couldn’t waiting to see me again because he was so horny lol and that maybe you’ll be on his side and said he’s good because it’s normal for man to become like that, yeah? You should look at the other side of why Thai women are so pathetic that they can just fulfill your fun. Maybe I think they might meet the same type of guy as you, and think that she shouldn’t to give that kind of memorable to the guy. Because they do not deserve it. # Maybe you are making a new slut out of your own words, because it makes me change my attitudes to Westerners that are polite and compassionate. # Why do you think a woman wants to go to sleep with a stranger, if not because she is hysterical, or maybe because she really has no chance to get graduate and no better choice? Although the man is disgusting and disgusting.
      love it’s not the reward of good girl, but family’s the most important in the life.
      # I’m not a hooker BTW?

  • P says:

    Thailand… hmm… I went to Thailand to work. From living in Sweden raising 2 children till their age around 20s years. Come to Thailand cause of a friend of me started a company and wanted my help with good photos. I meet a woman who work in the same company, she make a decent amount per month regarding earnings in this company. Everything seemed to be wonderful, she wrote me love letters every morning we were together, telling me how much she love me… this lasted for about 1 month(I mean the love letters), suddenly one evening when she be at her home (3Km from my home) she calls, “ooooooooh I can not go on with this relationship, my parents are here visiting me now and they dont accept me to live a life with someone without a marriage”, it will make her family (specially her mom, seems her father didnt care to much, turns out he been around asia working, having numeros relationships, he probably understood?)
    Stupidity killed the cat they say… well, let me tell you, I am that cat…
    I can tell you a lot more if interested, probably a book to write about this.

  • Chuck says:

    I think Thai women are beautiful but Their reality is different than ours. We expect them to see the world the way we see it and vice versa. I have been to thailand 4 times and still haven’t met any sincere women yet maybe because I keep going to pattaya LOL!!!!! I had a thai young girl it didn’t work because her older sisters were lying on me and she believed them. So now I just want to enjoy Thailand not looking for A GF just a good time.

  • Professor says:

    You make a good case for foreigners to just come to Thailand and use the hookers. Everyone wants to have a good life. True. I expect my women to pay for things too so I can have a good life at her expense. And if she is a taxi driver or not is irrelevant to me. As long as I get a free dinner and I don’t need to have sex with her too!

  • Sasa says:

    Foreign men who come to Thailand for have sex. They is no different from a dirty asshole. They can have sex all over the world. But they come to Thailand because They just look for cheap dirty. and then foreigner women, she not choose them.

    Many foreign man wants to have a Thai wife but never interest in Thai culture before. They just want the sweet, good service and everything is good from Thai women, The most of these foreign man is so lazy man and love comfort. They just want the Thai women have free service for them until they die on the world.

    • Professor says:

      And how do you know this? You seem like an expert on foreign men. I guess you can say then that the Thai women who go for these lazy men only care about money? So? You get what you deserve.

    • Kouhei says:

      I agree. Mostly, wealthy pensioner however the quality of his life is empty, looking for the chance about one night love making.

      Certainly these types of men rush into Thailand. Very non sence. I can’t imagine the life for just having sex and wast our life just only for it.

      As far as we exist mankind, sexual instinction is our inevitable inherence
      but we should learn how to make our
      life more productive.

    • John says:

      I remember about three years ago, at Bilabong bar in Pattaya, a very ugly old foreign man who had obviously never been to Thailand before and had just arrived was sitting with about six bar girls who were being friendly, having conversation with a smile and generally being nice to him. He could not help himself, he was crying with joy. I could imagine he only got ignored or had girls look at him bad all his life. I remember it used to be much more common that bar girls in Thailand liked a man because he was a nice person, not a beautiful boy with a stupid hair cut who was an asshole. Unfortunately, girls in Thailand seem to be going more for these types now, just the same as so many women in other countries. I lived before in Pattaya but now only here on holiday. I have not much time for many of the Farangs who live here. They have no interest in Thai culture and do not even want to learn to speak Thai. They just want to live like they are back in England. I am interested in Thai culture and allways try to learn some Thai and speak it to people, but the main reason I like Thailand is because I can enjoy the company of girls who act nice and who probably will not ignore me or tell me to get lost because they spot some pretty boy with a gay stupid haircut who acts like an asshole. To some extent, the Thais should blame themselves for ending up with the type of foreigners who live in places like Pattaya, with their self destructive attitude of ” No like foreigner who know too much, no like foreigner who speak Thai, no like foreigner who come here too much”. Basically, the overwhelming attitude of most Thais seems to be, no like foreigner who interested in our culture, only like asshole foreigner. OK, leue theh koon, up to you, you want asshole foreigner who not interested in Thai culture, you get same same. Even the government visa rules reflect this. No like foreigner who come here too many time, only once a year for small holiday. Cannot keep coming to Thailand. You want asshole foreigner not really interested in Thailand, OK, you get what you want ( unfortunately ). One small other point. It is the Thais who are very lazy. Don’t want to work hard, get people from Cambodia for that. Cannot even walk five minutes down the road, must get motorbike taxi.

    • CB says:

      It does not matter what the men want. The Thai women do not have to accept them but…..they do, so whose fault is that???

      • LILITH says:

        Maybe my fault?‍♀️ because I came to reading the comments and actually I should laying down and watching cartoons but most of the comments here are really insulting it just because you can’t get what you expect but I didn’t see any comments from those Hookers to talking bad and insulting about foreigners. Or maybe they have but I didn’t see. Guys here they acted like they hate to eat the peanut butter but they can’t stop eat it because they are so hungry, and yeah it’s my fault to born in Thailand and see the disdain from human from other species.

  • Shaun says:

    I think a lot of this article and the comments are rubbish. Full of stereotypes. Western men who live in or often visit Pattaya all “bald fat and disgusting” old men. Well, a lot of young handsome men from the West and also Asia live in Pattaya or regularly visit.

    This stuff about all Thai women being money-hungry sluts is also unfair. Obviously all are not.. And if some men who have been married before and now divorced or who have had long term GF’s in the past just want to have fun with bar girls in Pattaya that is ok IMO.

    I think many women still just want money from men, but now in Asia a lot of women are well-educated and don’t want or need money from men. In places like Bangkok or Shanghai many women have very good jobs and some are even prepared to marry down with a foreigner if he is reasonably handsome and treats her with respect..

    As for Thai women being gold diggers, I think China and many Chinese women are much worse. I lived in China for 9 years. I was also married to a Thai woman from Bangkok for 7 years before that.

    I feel that in Thailand an average Western man can find a half decent GF, even in Pattaya. Not all Pattayan ex-pats or even bar girls are bad. SOME Pattayan girls really like foreigners and not just for the money. I’ve spent a lot of time in Pattaya over the years. I am actually very fond of the place. BTW, not all men in Pattaya treat bar girls like shit. Some guys are just lonely and want companionship.

    Feminist types need to understand that it is extremely hard for older Western men to meet women in their own countries. For me, I’m 48, a former model, good looking, not poor. but I have a bit of a paunch ( beer gut,, I like beer, but not obese by any means ) now. I would be quite happy to have a serious girlfriend in Thailand or China but I feel it is just too hard to meet women in Australia. I have tried and it’s not easy, and I’m not shy or nervous by any means!

    So let’s try to be a bit more understanding toward each other.

  • Sunio says:

    I’m Thai girl and I don’t want money from guys.
    I think they are SOMEONE not all Thai girl

  • PP says:

    I am a Thai girl! A lot of Farang man just like to go Bar, a night club, just want to have SEXXXXXXXXX. For sure!! You must meet some girl who want your money and sex from you. But you would like a love from her. And u decide all Thai girl being like that!!
    Many website said a bad thing about Thai girl. But u should know not all Thai girl bad. ok?
    Many of Farang man do the bad thing to Thai girl……………………

    • Professor says:

      That’s true. But how many Thai women try to learn about the culture of their foreign boyfriends? And how many Thai women want foreign boyfriends to learn Thai culture? It seems to me many Thai women who date foreign men – even the ‘good’ girls – only want their boyfriends to know the ‘important’ things about Thai culture. Like Sin Sod. Or respecting her parents and family. Much else most foreigners in Thailand learn about Thai culture by themselves.

    • daren shaw says:

      well said speak up for yourself girl.

    • PHILLIP PASSEY says:

      My first reason for me to reply to these comments was because my Initials are P.P. But secondly and more important I feel that the comments made are stereotyping Foreigners? In every Country in the world there are both good, bad, evil and indifferent people. Both sexes and all sexual stereo types. I have always treated “working Girls”, the same as I would treat anyone else. With respect, understanding, compassion and try to understand traits and cultures of many Nationalities.Yes the first time I went to Thailand was in 1985 and to be truthful it was for a sexual experience. But I spent more time talking and listening to the girls and guys and learnt so much from them. Yes I did meet many fellow falang, even from my country who treated the locals like they were not human. Even ending in fights with them because of their bigoted views. But thoughts like this cannot be fought over, just use understand and information to change views? I would not have any hesitation in marrying a Thai girl, but only for love. I am not the only person that feels this way. But maybe in the near future, bigoted views can be changed and compassion and understanding comes first. But you cannot “judge a book by its cover”.
      And although humans are classified into groups not all of us fit into any one group?
      Sorry you have a bad or many bad experiences with Falang.
      We are not all like that, and its been my pleasure to meet many similar minded Falangs from many Countries. Do not accept this bad behavior from anyone. Thanks for comments, and hope that I may have enlightened you to a “good Falang”!
      Take care.

  • Zac says:

    Nice article redcat . Been going to Thailand for years . Do Thai girls have real love for us ? Doubt it ! It’s not the other hidden farang who sent the girls additional money , we should think about … Yes of course it worries us , when we do eventually find out, BUT , it’s the the secret Thai boyfriend somewhere in the background. Happened to me 2 times , and to my farang friends also . Ages ago , I asked my Thai girl , who was petite and very fragile , what she wanted for her birthday … Her answer – I want Kawasaki KSR motorbike . That relationship ended quick smart . Still looking for a decent girl , and I don’t visit bars .

  • Humdinga says:

    I met my girlfriend in a bar, first time I went to Thailand January 2015 and she cooks for me and does my washing and cleans the hotel room and makes the bed.

    Been to meet her family twice and they have been very accommodating to me, lovely lovely people they don’t have much but they’re happy.

    Never had any mention of needing money because the family buffalo has died haha.

    I didn’t go Thailand looking for a girlfriend just a holiday with friends but you can’t help who you fall in love with!

  • Richard says:

    I should add that I did a fair bit of research on the bar girl stuff after my first visit that’s why I think she different didn’t meet the stereotype criteria apart from working the bar stuff. I think my post is looking for comments whether I been done over by an absolute pro young at that but when I first met her she had only been in the game 3 months she was a novice at the sex stuff after being with a real pro couple of nights before. Don’t want comments that degenerate or reflect on her ethics etc just some comments in general Thanks

  • Richard Barker says:

    geez people I am just trying to get over being dumped by bar girl went to Thailand July 15 at invitation of my niece who does business in Bangkok and chills out in Pattaya for a few days. Yep I’m an oldie and not much with the ladies for many years due to my personal situation My niece said she wouldn’t leave without getting me laid etc she has a sense of humour ?. Met a really pretty chick on one bar and spent night all ok haven’t seen since not look for her met another young bar girl in soi 6 spent night all ok money changed hands and I came home to Australia. Thailand seemed a nice place from what I saw so went back in April 16. for another look by myself. Walking up soi 13 looking for malibou show many of staff friends of my niece but mailbou closed but at top of soi I look over at bar and see the young lady from soi 6 go over say hello spend most of my time with her all ok. I returned to Thailand in July 16 again by myself determined to see more of it made Pattaya my base and went up north chiang mai etc back to Pattaya found “my” girl in another bar spent plenty time with her talked she had many dreams etc as they do went to temple etc all that stuff she never once asked for money took her shopping but refused to let me buy her clothes so I got her stuff she need in daily life toothpaste shampoo etc she happy with that . I told her I would return in late March 17 she not happy but I say I have to work I also had to have a major operation which would hold me up. We talked about things when I return, got meet her mum and sister in Isaan country, take her to Phuket for her birthday all that stuff. Before I left I did open bank account for her with a small amount of baht she sent most of her money to mum as usual non of her own to buy her house so I said put a little bit in this account so mum wont know. Left Thailand all things organised looking forward to going back. rang my girl after my operation see how she was. She say she left Pattaya went home I say great. I be back look after you ???. never promised her anything. We communicated by from there on. All Ok then last week rang because I think something wrong yep sure enough she had gone back to Pattaya found “a new boyfriend” who took her to Phuket and she now in Sanghkla. Told me not to send any money (which I ididnt intend to) and not want me anymore.
    I might be old stupid and all the rest but this girl seemed different to what you read like in this post stuff she did not want money, marriage or kids but she great with them in pool at my hotel.
    As I say I went to Thailand for a holiday not for sex had both. Don’t think I fell in love just go emotionally involved that’s my nature. Is the norm ? I am one who respects anyone bar girl or whatever again that’s my nature. Reading all these comments I would seem to be just another stupid farang to me I still think she was a little bit different all she wanted was to have dreams and happiness as we all do. I am going back to Thailand base again in Pattaya maybe she will be back maybe not but as you can see I have a habit of running into her. I know what I should do if I meet her again but not know what I would do.

  • Robert Turner says:

    Never send them cash they just want your bart .No bart no sex if you want an empty wallet see a thai girl.

  • mar says:

    I agree Anna. Good point. All the losers end up in sleazy bars in Thailand with their dicks hanging out and then they complained. Like attracts likes. If a man want a women with some class have some class first.

  • Willy says:

    First of all, there are more types of girls in Thailand: Those who are married with a Thai, Second group: those who learned and earned a degree and have a good job (This group is hard to access for foreigners as you need a lot of time to find them and the most don’t want a 50 or 70 year old man but normal age level, no father or mother in this groups family will accept an old guy. The next group: girls with children looking for sponsor, sure she will love anyone, up to the money support she will suck you until you forgot how much it costs you.Money gone sucker gone.Next are those who want a better life and think that you are the ATM for life, the real bar girl, (almost most foreigners 97% are married with the last 2 groups) Let’s be fair: a 22 year old with a 65 year old real love or pedophile.
    Most foreigners are sexually frustrated, alcoholics, (that’s why they go for the Isaan 99% girls, they drink more than you) losers, criminals. Just that 3% what is left and good meets the girl out of the second group as they are normal.Those don’t hang out in GoGo ‘s or bars, or do you think your wife would like it you went to the redlight district to see naked girls.
    Most foreigners have a wife or girlfriend background poor. The girls with money and education are for middle and high class Thais or the better man foreigner.
    Would you in your own country get married with a hooker? Would you hand her all your money and business and house, would you pay for her brothers Motorbike or Alcohol, would you pay for all the dinners and parties. NO, you would NOT. So why 97% does it here.?
    Just the idea that you have sex with your beautiful wife from a bar and to know she swallowed more semen than you could produce in your life time, not to mention all the different dicks.
    But she will love you he darkling.

    Why don’t take the time same I did, and end up with the second group.
    It took me 4 months to get her as a girlfriend, married after 1 year, I learned Thai, never paid for anything I wouldn’t. And after 17 years of marriage we still happy. Never had the problems I heard of so much. Age diff 7 years. Her family: 9 children, from General to Fish sale on the market, ICT, Nurse, all good jobs, not poor either. Don’t need our money. They have more than us anyway.

    Your will never find your real wife in a Bar, Go GO, street, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Soi 22 Bkk, NANA, you name it, but in a university or high class discotheque, restaurant etc like that.

    Think good before you start.

    • Roland says:

      Of course I will not have a whore.

    • Roland says:

      Everything you wrote I agree. I just say some girls are not super bad. I would never send money imagine she love me or stop work. Not that it matter if she stop. Just knowing she probably fucked 3000 man is to much to know. The only thing girls do when guys sending money they don’t have to fuck old men anymore but younger and for free. I have seen it all,

    • Alan Malone says:

      Good read. Just been for 1st time in years but this time 1 them bar girls caught my eye. The most attractive woman I ever shagged ( so say). And was close to going off sick so could go back and see her. Your article as well as others have made me realise I could lose so much for sloppy seconds on a stunner.

  • Roland Holm says:

    My Thai go go hooker seems to be completely honest. She is 27 and worked for 4-5 years. She loves sex. She go for free if young and handsome. 20% of customers she have orgasm. I believe her, she come easy. She say she can come if she wants. She looks very good and we have good sex and company. I´m 50+ but good body and young attitude. Still I feel jealous when she tells me she have sex for free sometimes..can´t help it or accept it but don´t ask to much about it. She claimed that many go go feels the same. Some take drugs to be horny but not her.

    She is not into black according what she tells me. One time offer her 100 000 baht if she let thai ladyboy fuck her and she got four orgasm in two hours. She told me the money made her more horny. Lady boy I offer 10000 and if she come (my girls) another 10000. Ladyboy come two times.

    Crazy night but everybody happy. Bangkok is everything possible.

    • mar says:

      Ronald, do you believe what a hooker tells you? Really? You are the lucky one of only 20% whom she has orgazm with, I bet she tells it to each and every customer she has being with hahahaha. Orgazm is easy to fake fools.

      • Roland says:

        Yes i belived her. Not even 5% of any girls have orgasm with me i beleive. If her intention was to make me jealouse I could understand her lying. She come very easy. I agree it’s difficult to tell. I had sex with maybe 800 women but still can’t tell sure. Why she need to tell she have orgasm with others? She don’t claim to have with me everytime. And why she say she fuck for free if young handsome? Come more easy if big cock. Completely honest. I’m normal in everyday. She one of those loving her work and will stop only when she to old to find customers,

  • sanjay says:

    l’m a black man are thai woman into black guys?

    • Shaliza Abdul Samat says:

      Yes , if u got a lot of money !! :)))

    • Sunio says:

      I’m sorry that most of Thai girls are not really into black guys, but I guess gen Y Thai girls like me would?? maybe??
      So, it is like a rumor at the very ancient time about lighter skin Thai people and darker skin Thai people. Lighter will always be in their house or work in somewhere that would get the less sun ray, for darker will be in the fields to work, then…. But I believe that nowadays this will be away from Thailand right soon.

  • Andre says:

    Baloney ! I dated a Thai lawyer, and after a year of chatting and 6 weeks of happily living together, she started harassing me for money. Big times ! After I politely refused to succomb to her demands, she packed up her belongings and split.
    This is Thailand. Beware !

    • Edgar Atiles says:

      Guys we have to stop stereotyping,yes it exists but it clouds our reasoning. Women r women everywhere,they’ve confused n manipulated men for millennia,they’ve brought down n destroyed kings n empires,yet we still can’t resist they’re deadly nectar. Whether lawyer or a soi 6 whore their natural imperative is to sniff out the weak n use them for whatever purpose suits them at the present time. You cannot be utilized if your a man of strength n character n hold your ground n principles. But if you fish in muddied waters be realistic about what can possibly be hooked on your line ! Your odds increase exponentially if luring “normal” girls,but are there any guarantees there as well ,of course not. Especially if you’ve ignored being the best version of yourself and haven’t honestly assessed what you bring to the table at this casino we’re all playing at. Good luck at the slots (555)

    • CB says:

      You say lawyer like that means something over there lol. She was not making jack shit compared to some western lawyers so OF COURSE she wants your money lol. Be glad she left.

    • LILITH says:

      What do you do with her? Why do not you tell all the details? Or maybe you’re too good to be impressed lol . But it is so surprising that only a few people can compare to the whole country. I am amazed by your vision.

  • americanteacherinthailand says:

    Hmmm, thus why I’m writing my book about being a “black” man in this country. Everyone conveniently chose to ignore the fact that Thailand is one of the most openly racist countries (China and a few european countries in front of them) in the world towards Africans, African Americans, and Indians. The amount of hate I received as a dark skin guy from Thai women is some of the ugliest I’ve received in any country – period.
    For a white man, this place is absolute paradise beyond belief. It’s easy. Yes, if you go into touristy areas, you will be subjugated to emptying pockets. Hell, I live around an insane amount of white foreigners who are over 70 and have 35 year old Thai women; not to mention they absolutely hate this country from head-to-toe.
    Now, I’ve taught brilliant minds, luckily. The top universities in Thailand have some exceptionally wonderful students (excluding the international colleges for each because those students are considered hi-so), so I can’t sit here, type, and rant on about all Thai women being racist. The new breed coming about are much much better than those over the age of 28-30….that’s where I seem most racism.
    In a nutshell, are all Thai women money scoundrels? No. If you’re a fat white guy (bluntly put) who’s searching for a woman, absolutely. On the other hand, a young, dedicated, devoted, among so many other things African American receives an insane amount of hate just because I’m “brown.” So, I won’t say they’re all after the money, but I will go to say that 80% of the Thai population within these borders are unbelievably racist towards anything of color.
    Get this, they pray to Buddha. Buddha was born in Nepal and died in India. 9 times out of 10 he was probably darker than me.
    The hypocrisy.

    • mar says:

      Americanteacherinthailand, I was in Thailand in the 80′ and I was shocked to see how raceist Thai people are. I am a white woman and I had African hair style for couple days, I could not get any restaurant to serve me food, I was ignored completely even when I try to get the waitress attention, on another occasion I saw a couple, white girl with African guy in a restaurant I was dining and they could not get any food, they were ignored completely.
      I kept my African hair style for couple days only because I realized I will be discriminated against as long as I have this hair style. This was an eye opening. I love Thai people but this was really bad.

  • Mr. Jeff says:

    While the generalities are just that…generalities…the advice given is quite good. Take it and spare yourself a lot of grief…

  • JG says:

    My friends experience is different and I would love to get your views. 6months ago he met a Thai Hooker working in the U.K. She had been sucked into the system and was being controlled.

    They started seeing each other, they fucked all the time and no money was ever exchanged.

    After three months her boss was arreseted and she stopped working. From there on in He took care of her, paid for her to stay somewhere and gave her some cash for food. He’s fallen in love and she says she has too. The feelings between them are amazing and she loves just being next to him. She plays with his kids and you can see she’s happy, at ease and in love.

    There is however a dark side. From time to time she asks for money to help with the house she’s building for her son. Hes seen the photos and plans and being in the professional side of the construction industry He can see it’s a real project.

    Everytime he resists paying money she tells him we are finished and she needs to go back to work so that she can pay for the house and he sons education.

    Deep down he feels like she’s draining him for money. The accommodation and food isn’t cheep along with living expenses and the odd lump of cash to the house…but love is blind so your help and views would be appreciated?

    Normally he’s a good judge of character but she’s so complex which, I guess makes her intresting.

    They both share the same dreams of retiring in Thailand. She says he’s important for her and she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She’s touched but the kindness and live that he’s show since hard times.

    • CB says:

      Your friend is a complete idiot to fall for pussy thrown at him by a professional pussy thrower that sized him up as a meal ticket from day one. Oldest trick in the book to start off with “free” pussy then charge his dumb ass later. Bet you anything, no one else has spent the total amount of money that your dumb ass friend has. If you’re a TRUE friend, you will convince him to cut his losses and dump her whoring ass!

  • Jim says:

    “Spot on Elle. You hit the nail right on the head.” Many of the people who spout rubbish on this forum really need to take a long hard look at themselves!!

  • Jim says:

    Very many negative comments regarding Thai girls in the previous postings and the whining seems to go on and on. If Thailand is not the place to find the “love of your life” why persecute yourself by continuing to try! If you are a casual visitor, how can you expect to maintain a distant relationship with anyone if you are not fully committed. Many Farangs seem to think that Thailand owes them some kind of reverence. Get real and be honest with yourselves about the true reasons why you keep returning to Thailand!

    Why not pursue ladies from other countries mentioned previously; that to be honest, probably wouldn’t look at most of you guys twice, let alone commit to a long-term relationship. I know of countless western marriages that have hit the rocks and the outcome is nearly always the same; financial devastation for the male and a lifelong impact on the offsprings and all parties.

    You must choose your partner carefully in any country and make wise decisions. Most Farangs come to Thailand for several reasons – to meet beautiful ladies, usually much younger than they are. The cost of living is so much cheaper than western countries and many things are much more affordable including accomodation.

    I live in Korat (Isaan) and have married a lady from there. I take exception to the derogatory comment regarding Isaan girls. She is the perfect partner and comes from an educated family with several school teachers and university graduates in the immediate family. The people in Nakhon Ratchasima Province are among the friendliest that I have encountered anywhere, and I have travelled to many destinations worldwide. Yes, many of them come from a poor countryside farming background and don’t receive the free education and government handouts and subsidies that we in the western world take for granted. I’m very sure that their families would be delighted to afford them a university education and prospects of a financially stable future. If you have never been poor, you indeed have been very lucky. Maybe a little respect and understanding for those less fortunate than yourself should be forthcoming!

  • lung says:

    Any smart Thai and farang man dates a girl from Laos or Burma 555. Thai women are spoiled or dumb or obsessed with money or frigid… Their education even Uni is sub-zero. Farm girls are even worse and mostly hookers anyway. If y don’t like Lao or Myanmarese stick to eskimos or aboriginals… ?

  • Dr. Mark says:

    Well guys – having been through the wringer from high to low I must say that in one way or another women everywhere are about money one way or another. I have been around Thailand since 1966 Army days and now have a retirement visa. I married a “hi-so” Thai who looks down on any sort of poo-Ying BA-Rene-garn but is lousy at sex although beautiful. A good day is 12 hops between the Gucci shop and Louis Vutton. No bar girl on earth could spend like this woman. After many years in Bangkok I made the semi- mistake of frequenting the Soi 7 BeerGarden where I met up with many lovelies, one in particular who seems to want to own me. She is a working engineer. Her 1/2 sister is a super-star at the BeerGarden and got my girlfriend involved in selling sex after work a few days a week. She claims to hate it but is rather dishonest and skitzo. But I care for her all the same and will continue to put up with her antics. She is Issan but well educated but fits the Issan mould repeated thousands of times. Have a kid at 20 then dump the worthless Thai father. Leave the kid with Mom and head for Bangkok. This one is very petite and pretty. Makes 70k baht a month on regular job, then 2 nights long-time sleep over at 4,000 baht plus tip rounds out to 10 grand a week or 40 grand a month extra. She enjoys screwing the good looking customers and hates the fat sloppy ones but takes their baht anyway. The trick is to not get too emotionally hooked on these Issan gals but you sure can appreciate them. My only worry is to pick up some std or worse from my own woman. And life goes on.

    • Dr. Mark says:

      To update my story I finally divorced the “hi-so” Thai after 7 years of marriage (including the ladt 3 years of no or bad sex from her). But sex wasnt the worst of it – it was the unbridled spending and expectations. I strongly recommend steering clear of Thai “hi-so’s”. Now I have moved to Pak Chong to live with an old girlfriend – self-sufficient and a great gal. Common sense woukd say “be happy and grateful” for having a good woman to love you. BUT I cannot clear my mind of the damned engineer-parttime hooker. I know her, her kids and family well and lying to me doesnt work because i know too many people in the equasion. But it is not a smart and healthy relationship. I need to move on and technically have, but the damned heart strings stay attached. Being a charter member of the “my own worst enemy club” I know that I need to wake up. Never in my life have I given a damn about any bargirl type. That visit to Soi 7 Beergarden a few years back was a bad thing for me. Eventually I will wake up or pay the price for certain.

      • Edgar Atiles says:

        Wow dude such honest emotion and raw truth,I feel for you brother.i know you wrote those words over a year ago but I sincerely hope you’ve overcome your struggle. The engineer whore was your outlet n escape from that hi so dragon lady you married n u got stuck on her emotionally. I had a similar situation in the Philippines when I left my wife in New York for a 21 year old philipina stunner that psychologically and emotionally tore me to shreds for years ,I’m still not 100% over her ! I recently saw her after a few years and I realized she didn’t hold the power over me that I had given her for so long any longer. Tough lesson but schooled me on life with dangerous women n Asia in particular.

  • Robert says:

    Spot on with your observation Anna

  • H says:

    I go to Thailand frequently and I see increasing numbers of women hooking up with bar girls. I also see lesbian couples paying bar girls to sleep with them and this is commonly seen. There is also a growing number of western women and rich Japanese, Chinese and Australian women who fly in to buy young handsome Thai men for sex. It makes me smile when western women criticize men for this behaviour but the truth is that western women are no different. Most if not all women would fuck a guy 20 years younger if they got the chance and do!

  • mari says:

    Let’s change your bad think about Thai girls . Thai women not bad all because have good and not good person same like western man also

    • mari says:

      It’s me again , I am Thai women and have befriend from western but I never ask money ,I have work and find money by myself :)

      • suat says:

        I’m agree with Mari. Many foreigner are talking about exceptional behavoir of the Thai people. If the women or man have a job never ask money to others.

        • Edgar Atiles says:

          Not true, many women with lots of money do exactly this – its about power n dominance for many ,the money is just the vehicle to subjugate men .

  • Harry says:

    you really need to have good looks if you want a Thai girl. Even the sexy pretty bargirls only go with handsome farang guys, let alone the good girls, they will exclusively only be interested in handsome farang guys.

    What’s handsome though for a thai girl might not necessarily be handsome for western people. Many Thai girls are interested in fat older guys because they find those guys sexy, it’s weird but true.

    I am 40 and never have been able to pull any thai girl. The only girls interested in me have only been old fat ugly thai women and i am not really into them, so i have decided to stay alone, it’s really hard but i have gotten used to it.

    • Miami007 says:

      Sorry to hear that you are striking out with Thai girls
      Can’t really agree with your comment that Thai girls find old and fat westerners sexy.. my Thai friend told me once that “you guys like slender girls. We girls like slender physique too”

      If a good looking girl is putting up with an old and fat guy, there mostly is money involved.

  • mat says:

    well said, a lot of thai ladies hate pattaya, there is good and bad everywhere, they are not all bad, same as farang, some are bad some are good. people should not judge others without knowing the real person. i have been going to thailand for 11 years. and i love the country. i like the culture the food. the climate. everything about it. if people actually spoke to these so called bar ladies, you will find a human being, so treat everyone with respect, that is my attitude in life, you should treat people how you expect to be treated,
    these bar girls want money, every person wants money, its life. everyone needs money. money is the root to all evil,
    but once again, i like your comment, i get fed up with the way the farang treat the girls,
    take care
    i love thailand

  • Mark says:

    I am 54 years old now, divorced for a long time, in the eyes of a young Thai woman I suspect that I may be the “Fat unkept Falang”. I am in Pattaya at this time, my two week holiday soon coming to a end. This is my first time in Asia and it’s been quite an eye opener for me.
    It’s easy to see how this subject becomes so enraged or confused.
    I may be 54 years now, not so good looking as I was, I carry more weight than I used to but when I go out for a drink or a meal, I sometimes see a beautiful woman that will hold my attention. I may want to approach her for conversation, this is so for me even when at home.
    Here in Thailand it is something I find harder to do, because I just don’t know who is doing what. The bar girls are fairly obvious and I think open and honest about what they do. The freelancers seem quite direct about the deal.
    Finding a non “working girl” seems impossible to me, even the older / mature women are more interested in what I do for a living than they are in finding out about me. Of course I respect that it’s important to find an equal in life but these discussions serve to confuse the real issue, which is the nature of dating, it was the same as a teenager as it is now, the difference may be that I’m searching beyond my league.

    • Simon says:

      I’m pretty sure u can find a non working woman, given that age difference is not to large. Many older guys fancy young girls for sex, but it would not make a happy relationship. Do not worry that the girl want to know your work and income, it does not mean she is not intersted in you, it only means that she is checking that premises for further relationbuilding is present. Read the book ‘How to meet a good thai lady’ and I think a lot of questions u have will be answered. U can get kindle version from amazon just for 5 bucks, a good investment.

  • ps says:

    Im asian man from malaysia. I haved isaan gf for about 4 years (on and off relationship ). So i know many isaan girls due to my relationship. I frequently go to Thailand mostly phuket. Yes most of them is money grabber (if not all but most of them) and sadly including my girlfriend too. Luckily she not doing anything to me. But secretly have many farang bf for monetary purpose only (the reasons i left her after i found out). Some of the farang bf even give her monthly allowance. Some of them give enough money to buy a land and build a small house in her village. She look very good lady and frequently go to temple. She will dump her farang bf once they know her activity or the farang man stop giving money. My thai friends (not isaan) telling me that some village in isaan (NE of thailand) have all who have daughter who work in town (bkk pattaya or phuket) have big and nice car or house. But most of them not even go to school. Im telling this to remind good man who too blind to see. But not all of them is bad of course.

    • Edgar Atiles says:

      Agree never ever send money ,also once you leave cut off all contact ,hard to do but you will save your self much misery . When you resume get your glove n bat and get back anxiously in the game again. Guys learn from the vets , almost all these 3rd grade whores have forked tongues whose only purpose is to part you from your money! Are there exceptions? Of course,but do you really want to rely on those odds ? Good luck at the slots (555)

  • Brendan says:

    Very well said . I agree.

  • Pat says:

    I find many of the comments here very offensive to Thailand. I have been happily married to a Thai lady from issan for 6 years. We did not meet in a bar and she was working I her own business when I met her. She gave up her entire life in Thailand and moved away from her family and the Thai way of life to be with me in Australia. She currently earns more money than me and supports her entire family and me in Australia.Not all Thai girls want your money! They just want a happy life with a loving anybody else in the world. We have a massive network of good Thai woman married to fareng in Australia. They are from all over Thailand and are not in it for the money. Maybe if a few more good stories get out there then the bar scene in Thailand is not the first thing people think about.

    • Brendan says:

      Well said Pat.
      Yours is the best comment I’ve seen here.

    • Soren says:

      I totally agree with you Pat. I’m also happy married to a Thai lady, and never had any problem about money, Indeed my wife doesn’t want us to use too much money, and prefer to save money. for use if we want go travel, or whatever.
      My wife work as a nurse, and have a good income, and therefore could be independent if she want. When i read about the bad relationship it has always the background from the bar environment. And this is because most western men go to the bar for only 1 reason. I have never been at a bar in Thailand and will never do, so i cannot give any comments about this girls, but i believe the western men get what they look for. Issent that the same in the western world?
      My marriage with my Thai wife has over time become a partnership with respect, understanding and love for each other. We take decisions together, when it comes to money, travel or other things we need, just the same way i would do with a western woman. We have made the buddhist ceremony and the legal marriage. When we had the buddhist ceremony i ask my wife for the sin sot. Here answer was, we don’t do sin sot, because we will be together rest of our life. I see many bad comments about Thai girls on the internet, But when i see how many farang is behaving in Thailand, I sometimes feel ashamed, how they act. The respect of the Thai and western culture goes both ways, from me to my wife and from my wife to me. We never fight. That doesn’t mean we always have the same opinion, but we always succeed to find a solution in a calm way.
      I want with this to honor my Thai wife, and say thank you for our life, with our beautiful children we have, and the great mother and wife she is.

    • Edgar Atiles says:

      Your the rare exception not the rule . I congratulate you on your lucky roll of the dice but don’t forget the game continues and women are fickle my friend . Good luck

  • puifai says:

    seriously, you guys should change the topic to “Thai bar girl…” not “all Thai girl…”
    very disgusting talk in here. I’m Thai girl and I like to talk with foreigner and actually I never talked with them for money. and i believe that many business owners got money from banks, not just a few money from foreigner men (your money isn’t enough to do anything dude. Especially in those big tourism cities). You know what? i always get answers from foreigners that they come to Thailand to pattaya, Bangkok or phuket just for sex and night life. And if yall need to know good girls in Thailand, you shouldn’t visit decayed area like that.

    P.S. For Thai, foreigners who visit those cities are very cheap!

  • phil says:

    Yamita , girls working in Pattaya come from those quiet town you speak about.
    Well if kind kind is a rare ressource it jsut means she does not represent the Thai population.
    Just statitics

  • davo says:

    Well said George.

  • George Kennedy says:

    Hi. Well it’s the age old debate, I came here as a young man with my job 22 years ago. I regularly travel to the UK. I am solvent, in decent shape and have no problem meeting women in any country. So the debate is simply that Thai women want your money. The answer is not so simple, farangs come to Thailand in search of love (sex) they usually meet with someone who is a bar girl or on a low income. Their is hope that you will support them and yes family comes first. This is an integral part of Thai culture and while I do not personally like the expectation from a parent that a child will support them it’s just the way things are and there is no welfare state to support Mama. If a Thai girl gets a foreign boyfriend the family almost always will expect support and if you end the relationship the Thai girl loses face as she has probably already told Mama the wonderful things you will do for her. They are money focused, they have to be. In the UK when a girl asks if you care for her she means are you fond of her. Here caring means looking after and this means money. It’s pragmatic and most Thai women are honest about this. Also most farang boast about what they have even if it’s not true and most farang do lie and use the women here. Again not always true but ask any farang why he came to Thailand and most if honest will say the women. There are many wealthy Thai women with good businesses and jobs and they work hard but realistically they are not interested in middle aged sex tourists who are only here for a couple of weeks. I think it’s simple. Don’t date bar women unless that’s what you want. Be honest from day one, declare your hand and make it clear you have limited funds and that you have saved to be here. Do not make promises you cannot keep and accept that family comes first. I love and loathe Thailand in equal measure and it’s not easy here. This is a developing country with a largely uneducated population. It’s overpopulated and people are exploited and used by their own. There is little reward for many and ask yourself can you really be surprised if someone thinks this new person in their life may be the answer to her problems. If you stick around long enough you will find that most Thai girls who look for money actually do send it to their family so although I don’t like that aspect of Thai culture I have nothing but admiration for the girls who by whatever means largely go without for the sake of Mama. I personally would not let my children support me but I also know with certainty that they will not expect to support me in my old age. So either embrace and accept the difference or go home. Simple really

    • Chris says:

      Well said and so true , when come here in the first place have to accept that its just another culture , consider why one is working in a bar or a bank ; I have met both , good & bad from both sides .
      Stop generalise and most of all dont lie to yourself !!

  • Care says:

    Thailand people are generous and unselfish. Working in a bar did not show up to something bad.??

  • Gp says:

    My girlfriend is thai, yes there are some bad and some good everywhere, u just have to find the right one . And we love each other so much and when ur love is true money,age, distance are just a number. We havnt meet each other yet but we are together whole day by messaging and skype ,i know she is not into money cuz she is rich she is working and she knows im not rich . Im planing to go and settle down in thailand and get married to my girl. Hope we will be together soon……

    • Martin says:

      You havent met your girlfriend but you know you love her and going to marry her… Welcome to thailand… They will love you there… I can only assume the female companionship in your life has been quite minimal. If i am correct Gp i can also assume you have not gone thailand before.. I love it there, i go 2-3 times a year for the past 10yrs and 90% of the girls will make you feel that you are the only one they want to spend the rest of their life with.. My advice advice to all that have never been there… Find out what they believe in.. And the result will always be the same family… And that means their direct family. Mama, Papa, brother, sister, son and daughters.. You will always realise YOU will not be mentioned… They are from a different culture and you then must accept that in the back of your mind..You are a finance ticket for them. If they are poor you are expected to provide and help on the financial side.. This is how you will be valued in their family.. The more you can provide and help the more you are respected and accepted!! Most dont mention money, but you will soon get the storys..papa or mama sick can you help please.. Son or daughter not go school because no money to pay etc and the kindness of your heart wants to help because you can. A big mention to all that want to buy property in thailand because its so much cheaper there.. YOU can not own land in thailand.. It must be put in a thai persons name.. And she is more than willing to help you out on that problem???

  • David Edward Lee says:

    This is an interesting artical but could be condensed to a few simple statements.
    1, If you come to Thailand looking for female companionship, you will get ripped off at least once.
    2, If you are an ageing ‘gentleman’ ask yourself if this beautiful young woman with you wants your charm or your money.
    I have worked in business in Thailand with women holding full time respectable jobs. Mary are as bigger rogues as your typical bar girl. I don’t make a distinction between bar girls and hookers.

  • Pawinee says:

    Hello there,

    I am a Thai girl. I heard many times that All Thai girls are bad and only do want some money.

    I cannot say that all Thai women are good but If someone tell you about it, ask them where they meet her.

    They just go to the wrong place so how they meet the right one?

  • Miami007 says:

    I would not agree with the comment that all “hookers”/ escorts have bad character – that seems to be a bit too much of a generalization.

    I met a Thai girl (from Isaan) who works as an escort in London – I live in Miami. (BTW, many girls enter a contract to pay GBP 30,000 / USD 50,000 to get the job, visa etc – and hope to make enough money in 6 months to pay back the contract, save money and then go home and buy a business. At GBP 100/ hour income for them, you can calculate how much they have to work per day to even pay back the contract).

    Once we started to get closer, she asked me whether I was ready “to be broke soon”? Fair warning, no?
    She is also the person who would give the homeless person on the street money (her own); while I and other European people pretend not to see the homeless.

    Contrary to another post (Thai girls will not break up with you), she broke up with me for 2 reasons: a) she would not want me to get a divorce because of her as she had gotten divorced before as her husband cheated on her and she would not want to hurt another woman that way and b) because she also did not have the same strong feelings for me as I had for her and it would just not be fair to me to continue that relationship.

    If she had been such a terrible person, she could have played the situation along for quite some time; especially due to the geographical separation. But she chose not to.

    Going from talking on LINE for 1-2 hours/ day to one line emails once every week (“Hi, I am ok, How are you?”) does hurt a lot and, sure, I spent money (about USD 30,000) – luckily, I can afford the amount and can recoup it before retirement. But overall, I had more fun (and not only a physical relationship) and better conversations in 7 months during which we met only 8 days in person than over the last 10 years in my marriage.

    Considering that many customers of escorts are married or in relationships at home, the question arises who really has the “bad character”. Let’s remember that it takes both parties to make prostitution reality. At least the girls are honest and upfront about what they do…. And not every girl enjoys their profession; many have no or limited education, family obligations etc and no prospects to get a “regular” job. they do what they need to do to help their families and themselves survive.

    I would guess that the percentage of money-hungry, bad Thai girls is fairly similar to what you would find in Western Europe or the USA. The owner of my company is 95 years old; his girlfriend is mid-40s. Of course, the fact that he has 1 billion USD does not play any role LOL.

    We probably do not hear of the successful relationships as these couples are too busy building a life together – hence, the overwhelming majority of negative posts about this topic.

  • Denarion says:

    I am married to a thai lady now from Isaan.. Also got a kid with her.. She started when I first saw her around 10.000 bath.. this has now risen to 30.000 – 40.000 bath.. No I have not taken her home yet..

  • Terence says:

    I went to Thailand for first time in 1988 at a very young age. It was easy for me to do the bar scene because I was probably the youngest farang about so never had to pay, apart from meals or going to the cinema.
    I would not say I was good looking or ugly just average looking but normally every girl at the end of my hand was drop dead gorgeous which would not have been the case back in England. Everyone of those girls were probably parading me as much because I was so young compared to there friends farang boyfriends.
    I met my now wife 5 years later, she worked in a bar in Pattaya and is from Isaan, to me I knew straight away she was different to some of the girls I had been with before just by the way she acted and what she talked about.
    Yes when I got married I built the big house back at home for the mother to live in and gave money to the family, so what, to me it is one family member being generous to another something that maybe would improve western culture a little. We have had 2 children the eldest now with her own daughter, my wife runs her own business back in England and still takes care of her family in Thailand. It maybe the exception to the rule but to me if you find a genuine nice person no matter what they do for a job and you treat them with respect they will always do the same towards you

  • ahmed says:

    Looking for “good girl” just stay away from bar!! That the rule!

    Almost everyone said that thai girl are bad…. but to be honest, is theres any good girl in the bar? Fyi; here in the east… no good girl working in the bar!! Note it!!

  • gazza says:

    Absolutely true…I have had 3 good Thai girls..didn’t drink or smoke…all at one stage wanted money

  • J Main says:

    Thai women are world class hustlers. You will fall in love and then she will ask for money. That’s the way it works.

  • J Main says:

    Yes, Thai women sell their love. Not just sell sex, but sell love. What a nightmare it is to have a Thai gf.

  • J Main says:

    You are correct. For Thai women, the misconceptions about Farang culture are enormous. They really have no idea and it is taken for granted that a woman is to be taken care of by a man. I have had Thai gf with good jobs and they overspend their money and want to be helped out by a Farang. Fuck them and forget them.