What is a Butterfly in Thailand?

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Thailand Butterfly

If a Thai girl tells you she thinks you are a butterfly don’t worry it’s nothing bad, she just thinks you are a playboy, have sex with a lot of other girls and are unable to have a serious relationship.

“Butterfly” is one of these words Thai people gave a new meaning and just use them when talking to foreigners in English, similar to “boom boom” the common expression for “to have sex”. Thai people never use the Thai translation of these words when talking to each other.

  • Butterfly in Thai = pǐi sʉ̂a (ผีเสื้อ)

So a Thai girl will never tell a Thai guy he is a pǐi sʉ̂a, a butterfly. Of course there is a Thai word for playboy and if you speak Thai with the girl she will use that one instead:

  • Playboy in Thai = kon jâo chúu (คนเจ้าชู้)

Kon is the Thai word for person and jâo chúu the adjective that describes the habit of guys having several girlfriends (what Thai people call giks).

If she talks to you in English she will say butterfly (many Thai people don’t even know that word if their English is bad) and if she talks to you in Thai she would say “kun bpen kon jâo chúu” – “You are a playboy.”

Of course it’s not just guys that can be playboys. If you see a Thai girl that has a butterfly tattoo you know straight away that she has lots of Farang boyfriends. Most of these girls are hookers.

Good Thai girls generally don’t have tattoos at all and if you see a butterfly tattoo on her sexy shoulder you are warned now. But of course that doesn’t mean that it’s not fun to hang out with her.

11 Responses

  • Realman says:

    You f****g Euros that come here and assimilate so casually into the sex trade are straight up pieces of shit. You dumb, selfish bastards actually think that it’s just a way of life in Thailand and that it’s some kind of a mutually beneficial thing. News flash. This filthy sex shit is a disgusting epidemic here and the women that do it not only ruin their own lives but they also diminish the self respect of all the ones that actually want to have a respectable life. So, would you really be okay with your f****g daughter, sister, mom or cousin moving out to Pattaya or Patong to suck c**k and send her boom boom proceeds back home to the fam? Yeah, get a life losers…

    • Farang says:

      I do agree with the notion of the loss of self respect and or a somewhat diminished life. To blame everyone else other than how their parents raised them or how the government/monarchy, do not seem to push for educating their own people who live in rural areas, or slums or just not seem to care for their own peoples welfare, all seems to play a larger role that foreigners coming for a visit, and spending $$ on girls. Prostitution has been going on now for what…..2000-4000 YEARS! There are always going to be women, and some men, who will sell their bodies, not matter what, and history of the world shows that to be true. These girls need $$, and if there are NO JOBS in your country….and no other way out of POVERTY in your country, then they are doing what they can for their families. It is not the fault of foreigners, it is your society deciding to NOT help their own people by educating them, and providing them with real economic solutions to their problems…..and yes, I will be giving my $$$ to some nice, pretty woman, who wants it.

    • Smeghead says:

      I disagree with Farang on how far back prostitution goes. It’s not thousands of years (I assume Farang thinks that prostitution arose with agriculture), but millions. Prostitution has been seen in animals. Hundreds of thousands or millions. Not thousands.


      As for the morality and the negative effects on society, all I can say is that the evidence doesn’t support that assertion. Countries like the Netherlands, Denmark and Brazil hardly seem to be countries suffering from some sort of social collapse. The countries which seem to be suffering from the most social turmoil are those which go out of their way to ban prostitution. Or are you (Realman) going to assert that Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia and Syria are stable, thriving societies which are the beneficiaries of a no-prostitution stance?

      I’d be happy if we lived in a world where prostitution wasn’t an economic necessity. It’s be thrilled to live in a world where nobody had to do work they found distasteful due to economic necessity. But that’s not the world we live in.

      And I agree. It sucks, but I’m not going to judge the decisions of a poor Isan girl. But I don’t live her life and don’t understand her culture. So long as it’s her decision (not forced), I really don’t think I have a moral place to stand, to judge her own reasoned adult decisions.

  • Jao Chou says:

    Actually Jao Chou comes from the identical Japanese word that literally means butterfly.

    In Thai language it means a men who fucks around.

    For the insect Thais use the word peeswua , and they never use this word for sexually hiperactive men.

    If you come to Pattaya,just enjoy and be a Jao Chou, a butterfly , screw as many girls as you can.

    Do not spend more than a day with the same girl,as this way you can avoid falling in love.

    And the most important : always use condom and always make sure your partner is above 18!

  • Greg says:

    Hi, just here too confirm that she actually was a bargirl. Met up with here friend today (back in the place we’ve met first time) and after some drinks she told me all. I am not sad, feel happy after all but stupid at the same time I did not found that out myself lol.

    Well had sex with many girls since I left here place so that’s cool, but it still feels like a big rookie mistake Yikes!

    So this ends our conversation huh you were right about it and I am glad you told me about it. We can always learn right. I am just happy I never paid money for here;-) thanks and take care bro!

  • Greg says:

    Hi there,

    You’re site is so informative and really helpfull for a first timer in Thailand like me. Although I do not go to bars and hooker areas (maybe in the future for the experience) Early guy in my 20’s so in my short stay I’ve met a lot of thai woman. My first experience was with a really cute thai which I stayed a week with before moving to another place (traveling around the country) And I loved the time we had of course I’ve paid for everything when we go out and about but I refused too pay for 7-eleven things like what the hell?

    She has a tattoo of three little cute butterflys which I really liked at the time (lol what did I know?) beside that she even has an earring of a playboy bunny… After asking why she said didn’t know what it was..

    She was divorced and said she only been with 3 other guys since. I ended up believing everything and the day before I left she kept tripping about me finding another girl easy (which I did) At the time I really liked her. She said she does massage, and pretty sure she was not a bargirl. Most of the time we met up at night and she never asked for money.

    Just haved a huge laugh after reading this blog post. Thanks a lot would never knew without reading this. Kinda long post sorry for that, Just wanted to share with you and give the veterans around here a good laugh;-)

    Besides that I have a queation on which I cannot find a clear answer. after meeting and talking with a lot of local thai people I heard that it is kinda normal for a thai girl/boy to have a Gik.

    So is it normal for every thai to have a Gik? and you can be sure if you date a thai girl that she sleeps with other man for fun. And you can sleep with another girl too?

    Keep up the good work man


    • Redcat says:

      Hey Greg, certainly not every Thai has giks (usually it’s more the guys than the girls who are “butterflies”). But if she’s got butterfly tattoos that’s quite a clear sign that she is, well, “playful” and not very serious about relationships – at least at the time she had her tattoo done. Then it’s also no surprise really that she doesn’t want to pay for the little things at the 7 Eleven. Sorry but how you wrote it sounds like she’s a bar girl. No thing to worry though, just know that she’s probably seeing other guys too when she’s got the opportunity.

      • Greg says:

        Hey, thanks for the response. Well not sure about that we met at a regular place (at night though) had sex many times, on many accasions and she never asked for money. I just took here out once too the movies.

        But if it sounds like it maybe she was and then I am happy she didn’t hand me the bill afterwards haha;-)

        Thanks for the explanation on the gik part and keep up the good work with your website man, love it!

  • David says:

    HI, after my 11yr exp . . . i can say a Butterfly tattoo is 97% associated with Hooker / bar girl .