Top 5 Best Go Go Bars in Phuket

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Phuket Go Go GirlsThe main reason for most guys visiting Phuket aren’t the nice beaches but the nightlife that’s among the most exciting in Thailand along with Bangkok and Pattaya. Needless to say that there are countless of options on how to easily get laid in Phuket and visiting the Go Go Bars along Bangla Road on Patong Beach is certainly a popular one.

There are dozens of venues so which one is worth spending your time and money? You are probably reading this article as to avoid bad surprises since it happens a lot that you enter a bar and after ordering a drink you find the girls on stage aren’t quite as hot as the chick outside convincing you to come inside. But there are quite a few other factors that make a place worth or not worth visiting.

So what makes a good Go Go Bar?

Sure you can argue it should have a nice and fancy setup, but much more important are the following: The girls should be young and attractive, the girls should enjoy working in the bar and actually dance rather than just moving their legs back and forth while looking at themselves in the mirror and giving you a good time even if you don’t take her out and lastly the girls should be naked.

If you haven’t visited a Go Go Bar in Thailand yet, you will be surprised but the majority of venues have the girls not taking off their underwear. So always have a quick look inside first and if you don’t like what you see no problem of course you can leave again right away.

Speaking about money, sure everyone tries to save their bucks, but seriously if money is your main concern you shouldn’t think about buying a girl out of a Go Go Bar since this is always your most expensive option of getting laid in Thailand but especially in Phuket where prices for drinks and bar fines are higher than elsewhere in the country, so you’ll look at at least 4,000 Baht for the whole adventure (your drinks, her drinks, bar fine, short time price).

Below are the Top 5 Best Go Go Bars in Phuket – no surprise they are all located along Bangla Road or inside one of its side Sois:

1. Suzy Wong’s A Go Go

Best Go Go Bar in PhuketIt’s fairly safe to say that this is the most popular Go Go Bar in Phuket. Even though it hasn’t got the best location at the very end of Soi Seadragon (to the right) and the venue isn’t quite spacious either – this bar is packed every night of the week. So what makes it so popular? Well you’ll find it out quickly since after you took a seat and ordered your drink some hot and naked chick may come over and spank you using a foam bat – it makes a loud sound, but doesn’t really hurt and you may grab a bat and spank back – which is a lot of fun. The girls at Suzy Wong’s are divided into two groups: The regular staff and models that are super attractive and really deserve that title.

  • Location: Soi Seadragon
  • Prices: Great deal with selected drinks for 99 Baht all night long. Whiskey and cocktails from 150 Baht. Most beers 180 Baht. Lady drinks cost 190 Baht – seems pricey, but that’s actually among the cheapest in Phuket’s Go Go’s. The bar fine is 800 Baht for most of the girls while a model will set you back 2,600 Baht – and this obviously doesn’t include her ST / LT rate.

2. Devil’s Playground A Go Go

Go Go Bar in Patong 2My favorite Go Go Bar in Phuket. It’s not just that this joint has the most fancy design with its setup like a cave in hell and girls dressed as angels and devils (not that they wear anything at all most of the time). There is one center stage that has a handful of girls dancing, and even one spot with a foot vibrator. Just opposite is a small stage with a mattress where one or two girls are performing fascinating aerobics. The girls at Devil’s are among the hottest in town and they make sure every customer has a good time, the foam bats just add to it: spank and get spanked. To put it all in one sentence: A hell lot of fun and you cannot expect more entertainment from a Go Go Bar.

  • Location: Soi Seadragon
  • Prices: Devil’s Playground is owned by the same people that run Suzy Wong’s means similar drink specials with 99 Baht for a Chang Beer, lady drinks are slightly more expensive at 200 Baht (but fairly reasonable for Patong standard). The bar fine is 2,000 Baht.

3. Harem A Go Go

Go Go Bar in PatongHarem is the newest and one of the best Go Go Bars in Phuket and it seems the owners have read my original guide, checked out the top venues and combined all good things into their concept: Some of the youngest and cutest dancers of the strip and if you first enter the place you almost get the feeling to be in an upscale lounge: Red velvet sofas surrounding the three stages (one holds three girls and the other two smaller round ones have girls performing lesbian like and solo kind of sexy aerobic shows) amongst fancy and super modern decoration. I’d recommend you take a seat on one of the wooden bar stools first so you can check out the ladies from a 50cm distance and after ten minutes move to one of the sofas and tell the mamasan which one you would like to hang out with. The only thing I don’t like here is that when you offer a drink to the ladies they often ask how many – “one or two?”.

  • Location: Soi Seadragon
  • Prices: Drinks in Harem A Go Go are somewhat pricier than in other venues, but then there’s no entrance fee and they offer quite good entertainment. There is a Chang Beer special for 99 Baht, all other beers are at 195 Baht, lady drinks cost 240 Baht (200 Baht for waitresses) and the bar fine is 2,000 Baht for standard dancers and 2,600 Baht for coyotes.

4. Money Night / The Secret

Patong Ping Pong ShowIf you are looking for a classic “Ping Pong” show – which apparently is on the checklist of many first time visitors to Thailand – make your way to Soi Easy, another small side Soi towards the eastern end of Bangla Road. Here you can find two quite unconventional bars called Money Night and The Secret with the same concept right next to it. There is no entrance fee but then if you look at the menu you’ll figure the cheapest drink is 900 Baht. This price is actually negotiable especially during low season (June – September). Needless to say that people aren’t coming here for finding a nice girl to spend time with and bar fine her out (but of course some do) but primarily to watch the show which includes jumping goldfish, snakes and a lot more entertaining (or weird?) stuff.

  • Location: Soi Easy
  • Prices: 900 Baht and up for drinks. Lady drinks are cheaper yet not cheap at 250 Baht. The bar fine is 800 Baht.

5. Crazy Horse Circus

Go Go Bar on Bangla RoadOkay, this isn’t quite what you think of a typical Go Go Bar. Crazy Horse Circus is sharing a fairly spacious outdoor venue with other bars right on Bangla Road. And since it’s outdoor you won’t see any of the dancers taking off their bras. The reason why I’m still listing it as one of the Top 5 Go Go Bars in Phuket is not just the girls there are among the most sexy, stunning and tempting you can imagine, but the way some of them dance is simply incredible. I’m sure they’re going to school during the daytime to acquire and train these amazing skills on the rods. You may think I’m exaggerating, but have a look at the video below I recorded there last week.

  • Location: Bangla Road
  • Prices: Very reasonable prices given what you get to see at Crazy Horse Circus. Beers from 100 Baht, spirits from 140 Baht, lady drinks 220 Baht (a Patong average), just the bar fine may appear a bit pricey at 1,500 Baht, but then again these are some of the hottest girls on the strip.

Map of the Best Go Go Bars in Patong

Prices for Girls in Phuket’s Go Go Bars 2020

2,000 – 3,000 Baht (short time) & 3,000 – 5,000 Baht (long time).

Videos of Go Go Bars in Patong

10 Responses

  • Pete says:

    I went to Suzy Wong and Devils Playground last week. Didn’t stay in Suzy for long despite nice atmosphere and hot girls due to annoyance caused by high number of smokers concentrated in small room.
    I had a good time in Devils Playground although I felt girls were a little bit too pushy with lady drinks (240 In both clubs).
    Asked girls about prices. The hotter one said 5k st+bar fine, the less hot 4k st+bar fine. Neither of them said they do long time.

  • MW913 says:

    Here is an update as of last night. I am currently in Patong. Went to Suzy Wong’s last night. The dancer model are absolutely gorgeous!! Fun atmosphere. Lady drinks are now 240 baht. It can add up quickly. You can drink Chang for 89 baht never bring your change, so basically you pay with a 100 never get 11 back. The model dancer are not all available for bar fine the girls make so much off the lady drinks and cash tips for lap dances they don’t want to leave. The girl I liked performed in the lesbian show and guys were just throwing cash on stage.In summary it reminded of a USA strip club except lady drinks replace lap dances. (Which they will perform if you sit by the wall). I spent a lot of money for Thailand (4500 baht) and left alone,☹️. Still cheap by Las Vegas or Miami strip club standards.

  • Harley says:

    Good info here. I’m visiting phuket next month and looking forward to visiting these establishments. However will I be frowned upon for buying non alcoholic drinks? A few medical issues mean I can only drink a couple of beers per night and no spirits. Info appreciated guys.

  • Rocco says:

    Since you made a good effort to create this great reference website, I thought of contributing.
    Currently in Phuket.
    I have been to a couple of Go go bars. I can confirm the prices mentioned above and I can say that I never seen girls as hot as In Phuket in Go Go bars. Good for people with deep pockets.

  • Simo says:

    Currently here in Phuket. Can tell you there are lots of girls costing no more 800 to 1500 bht short time. Just look and barta.

  • Barney says:

    Thanks for your very informative website, and keeping info up to date!
    I wanted to share recent developments in Suzy Wong II (Devil’s playground): now customer has to pay a BF even when taking a girl outside of her working hours??

    Full story:
    I never considered a bar or gogo girl before, but living in Phuket for several years, curiosity took over and I decided to give it a go (go :). After spending some hours reading up, I braced myself for a 2-3k THB expense for short time (+ 1k thb for a nice hotel, as I like sex to be romantic and posh).

    Anywho, went to Harem, Suzy Wong and Devil’s playground (as I am very picky when it comes to beauty, and prefer to see merchandise before engaging in exchange), and found a girl that fits my bill (long legs, golden-skin, nice ass, no silicone but curvy, long hair, expressive lips, nice attitude and decent English), and asked her how much for BF and ST. She says 800 BF and 3000 ST. Bear in mind, 10 minutes before asking her I had a conversation with another patron, who said in Tiger disco he could get any girl for 2k LT, so 3800 sounded steep, so I asked — how about meet on your day off or before work? She says — *can do, but still have to pay BF*. It sounded contrary to everything I read here or other websites, and I was not prepared to shell out 4k on that night + it was getting late, so gave her my LINE, tipped and left.

    She added me next morning, apparently very self-conscious about her English ability, it was tough to negotiate with her on LINE, so i thought — fine, i’ll give you 3k + BF, see you in club tonight.

    At this stage budget was 5k (3800 + hotel + a drink *maybe*).

    That night, upon entering Devils Playground, I see her with another customer. She sees me and promptly joins me on the sofa and complains that noone’s bought her a drink tonight yet. I said — that’s ok, let me take you out.
    When she heard I wanted to BF her, she looked like a reindeer in flashlights (you know, this funny Thai emotion of amazement & surprise), and said — but I need to get 4 drinks before you can BF me!

    I was a bit dumbfounded by such response, as noone mentioned drinks before (which means another 1k thb on top). Then she says — you could’ve met me BEFORE work night starts (i.e. before 7pm), this way no need to pay for drinks, just a BF + ST.

    At this stage I got a bit emotional, but in a cynical way, as how SW group treats their loyal (no more) customers and deprives girls from their income, especially during low season, with these silly rules and forced up-sales.

    Maybe it was just misunderstanding, from her / my side, but this unexpected extra expense + all those stories when girls were denied BF after customer bought them drinks etc, put me off significantly and I basically lost my mojo for that girl and for that place overall, never coming back probably.

    After re-reading this article, I see that RedCat mentions 2k thb BF in Devils Playground, which is basically what it is, but me and the girl would have had a better time if it was brought upfront, and not in such sneaky way. Still unclear, whether management teaches them to split BF into these sub-charges or it’s her inexperience and forgetfulness (she said it’s her 2nd month there), but outcome is I saved 6k on that night and slept at home.

    Overall I think, GoGo girls in Phuket are not worth it. Will shift my attention to FLs for now, and maybe go back to old good dating scene, where people do it for fun, not for money.

    Cheers, and thanks once more.

  • CM says:

    1000 ST – 1500 LT … discos, beach, street action … and they better take it in all 3 holes

    Stop paying 3K+ for these workers!

    • Realitybiteshard says:

      Was out last night in Patong Beach Phuket, one girl(pretty hot I admit) wanted 7000baht thats right $250 plus her ST fee or about $400+ in total for Short time. Insane. OK….she wants HK or Sydney off I thought.. .so got up and went to another one called Club Lover near Harem on Soi Seadragon, and the Mamasun there wants to steal your barfine money (i.e take barfine, not release girl, Id heard of this happening alot here but the mamasun in Club Lover does it) and each bar staff harass the holy crap out of you to pay for your each and every drink. Have exact cash or dont expect your change back…expensive drinks. So you cannot relax. When I realised I was being scammed, (I didnt pay the 2000 baht bar fine obviously). I left and went outside…went into Harem next door, stylish but drinks were over 200baht each $8 for a beer $15 for a whisky (wtf am I in NY no ?)…and bar fine $2000baht $80 plus the girl fee of $3000…crazy again…….so left walked outside to walking street….there most street girls are ugly or are LBs and also want 2000 baht plus plus for an hour. Phuket has simply lost the plot. Insane. All of the big Thai cities the girls are charging same as Melbourne, Sydney or HK rates now. So why go to Thailand at all as a single guy ? Need a new holiday country. The great Thailand beach holiday is sadly over. Hotel prices insane, Girl prices insane and rubbish on the beach to boot and water visisbilty horrible. Vale Phuket/Patong Beach. Ill forever miss it. Time for new adventures…Myanmar, Cambodia, Indo ??

      • Grant Richardson says:

        Phuket – and especially Patong – is NOT the place to go if you want to do everything on the cheap! It would have to be the most expensive place be in Thailand for just about everything. Hotels, drinks, restaurant / food, motorbike rental, bar fines, cost of girls, EVERYTHING.
        It is getting less and less attractive every year and I keep questioning WHY I still end up there? Time to start new adventures ‘next door’ ( Myanmar / Cambodia )