Suvarnabhumi / Don Mueang Airport to Khaosan Road

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For many travelers and most of the backpackers there is no question where to stay on their trip to Bangkok: Infamous Khaosan Road. Even though it takes longer to get there than to BKK”s city center districts, Sukhumvit and Siam, it’s the legendary status that Khaosan has with it’s crazy nightlife and cheap accommodation. Now here is how you can get there from Bangkok’s airports, Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang.

Suvarnabhumi Airport to Khaosan Road

If you are arriving at Suvarnabhumi, it’s very easy to reach Bangkok’s Phaya Thai station (which is closest to Khaosan) with the Airport Link train. The station is located in the basement of the arrival/departure hall. There are two different trains:

  • City Line Train: one way fare 45 Baht, 25 minutes, 7 stops
  • Express Train: one way fare 90 Baht (round trip 150 Baht), 17 minutes non-stop

Both of these trains operate in 30 minute intervals from 6am to midnight. So there is a train service every 15 minutes, alternating city line and express train.

From Phaya Thai station, take bus no. 59 (7-8 Baht) which stops right in front of the station and takes you all the way to the democracy monument. From there you basically just have to walk straight for 300m (same direction as bus is going), cross the main street, walk into Tonao Road and after 50m you’re at Khaosan Road. If it’s your first time you might have to ask someone in which direction you have to walk. Of course you can also take a taxi for this second leg from Phaya Thai to Khaosan Road and the metered fare is just about 80 Baht.

If you take a taxi all the way from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Khaosan Road it costs about 250 Baht, depending on the traffic. I wouldn’t recommend that as the airport link train is so easy, quick, efficient and cheap.

How to get from Suvarnabhumi Don Muang Airport to Khaosan Road

Don Mueang Airport to Khaosan Road

There is no such frequent airport link train from recently re-opened Don Mueang Airport it’s not a bad idea to take a metered taxi to Khaosan which costs about 250 Baht. If you still prefer going via public transport, here is how:

You can take the public bus no. 59 outside the airport which takes you all the way to the Democracy Monument, from there it’s 3-5 mins walk to Khaosan Road. The fare is 8 Baht.

Or you decide to take the commuter train from Don Mueang Station to Hua Lamphong Main Railway Station. The trip only costs 5 Baht (3rd class seat) and it takes about 40 minutes to get there. The problem is that the services are not frequent at all (every half an hour or so) as they are coming from the long trips of the north and north-east of Thailand so in the worst case you might end up waiting for one hour or so. From Hua Lamphong Railway Station you can take bus no. 53 that takes you to the democracy monument (7-8 Baht) and same scenario, five minutes walk and you are at Khaosan Road. A metered taxi from Hua Lamphong to Khaosan Road costs 60-80 Baht.

Safe trip and have fun at Khaosan Road!

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  • Tomaz says:

    HI. Yes, it is that simple. As Redcat wrote, bus 59 goes directly from Don Muang airport to democracy monument, so no need to change buses. I’ve used it less than a week ago. I asked conductor about Khaosan road. She didn’t speak english, but showed me with signs that that is OK and later also showed the station where I need to leave the bus :) Anyway it is hard to miss democracy monument, so I think you won’t have any problems. It took arround 1,5 h. I drove in the afternoon (starded arround 5 PM) and streets were a bit jammed in the center. Thank you for instructins.
    I don’t know much about about package tours. For things in neighborhood of Khaosan (Grand palce, Wt Pho, Wat Arun), taxi is OK, some are also in walking distance. Just buy a map and walk couple of minutes from Khaosan road, to get taxi that will use taxi meter. There are lots of travel agencies that offer tours that you can check. I didn’t use them, so I don’t know prices.

  • del says:

    hi, we will be traveling to BKK via Don Muang Airport this oct2-4 from KL noontime and will be staying at Khao San. based on the thread, we just need to take bus 59 and drop off at democracy monument. is it really that simple? can we also take the same bus going back to airport? i bumped into other posts and they mentioned that somehow its quite complicated. this is our first time in BKK and im not really good when it comes to reading maps or following complex directions. i really hope u cud help. if you can recommend some package tours then that would be great since we have very limited time in the city. thanks

    • Redcat says:

      To be honest, it’s been a while since I wrote this post and took the bus 59, but from what I know it’s still on service. Alternatively, just grab a taxi, it’ll cost no more than 200 Baht (use the meter). Let us know how it went!

    • willy says:

      The problem with the buses is they don’t run on a schedule, mainly due to the amount of traffic. Oftentimes, say 3 #59 will show up within minutes of one another and then you’ll be waiting 50 minutes for the next one. If you have time to kill, give it a try. At the airport, you want to look for signs to the Amari Airport hotel. There’s a skybridge (walkway) to the hotel, with exits to the street level and train station (the roadway and train tracks lie between the airport and hotel). If you have heavy luggage, you’re going to have to carry it down to the street level bus stop (there’s a ramp for the train station). As you see a #59 bus approaching, start waving or it may not stop. I’ve not taken this bus from the airport, but I’ve taken other buses. I’m also not sure whether Bt8 still applies as the fare (it will be close, the cheaper fares are on the red, non-AirCon, buses). Also, most bus lines have a limited service after midnight. If you decide to take a taxi, the best idea is to go UP in the airport to the level where the taxis are dropping off travelers. Grab one that has just dropped someone off—they are less likely to try to rip you off on the fare. Again, I don’t usually go to Khao San Road, but I think Bt250 for the trip should be the high end of the cost. If you’re travelling anytime during rush hours (07:00-10:00, 15:00-20:00), you can elect to take an elevated Tollway for part of the trip and pay the extra fee (it used to be Bt50, maybe now Bt60). Just tell the taxi driver “Tollway”, also known as Don Muang—the airport name—Tollway; the driver will ask for the money before he gets to the toll booth. My last trip in through the international airport (Suvarnabhumi), one of the “official” airport taxis tried to rip me off BIG time. He had his meter covered, we went 100m and then I noticed he had started the meter at Bt350 (it should start around Bt45). I started yelling at him, opened the door while he was driving to force him to pull over, then got out and went to the tourist police and made a complaint (for what little good that made). Then I went back upstairs and took a taxi just arriving for a fair price. I don’t know anything about package tours, I might suggest taking scheduled river taxis from the pier near KSR, maybe going to Koh Kred (see:, take the listed “green flag” boat), maybe heading to Siam Paragon for window shopping & eating, some people enjoy Chatuchak Market, etc.)

  • Claire says:


    I’m staying on khao san road do they do mini bus shuttles to DMK? My flight leaves for krabi at 9am. Thank you

  • Mon says:

    My husband and I will arrive to DMK at 1 am, would yo recommend us to catch a taxi? Or to take the 59 bus? Is it safe? We’re also on a budget, but our flight arrives very late… Also around how much would the taxi should cost? Thank you!!!

    • Redcat says:

      Hi Mon. Even though I’m not 100% sure, I don’t think the bus 59 will continue service after midnight. In this case you might have to take a taxi and like mentioned a metered one will cost around 250 Baht.

  • Bruce Harwood says:

    Hi. Last night I flew into DMK (about 10:30 pm). I inquired about a taxi at the taxi counter and the tourist information desk. Both quoted 800 baht to Koasan Road. I ended up caching a No. 59 bus outside the airport (granted I waited an hour) and it dropped me just down the road from Democracy Monument, very close to Koasan Road. The cost? 8 baht!

  • Rayan Slim says:


    Is it difficult to take the train from the airport with a large suitcase? (not massive, but a normal large one)

    My fiance and I arrive at BKK at 1pm on a monday and leave again from DMK at 7in the morning on tuesday headed for samui.

    We are on a really tight budget and I am worried that the logistics of this will become expensive, so i want to try public transport.

    Would you recommend travelling (with luggage) as per your suggestions in this article to a cheap kao san hotel, and buses again to DMK

    Or, would should we rather go straight from BKK to a hotel at DMK where we could drop our bags and then adventure to Kao san and back by bus?

    Thank you very kindly for any advice.

    • Redcat says:

      Hi Rayan,

      it is totally fine to bring your suitcase in the train or bus, you will see many other travelers doing so too. Only if you are traveling by minivan (which will not be the case from the airport) you might have to book an extra seat as there is no space in the back for luggage.

      Happy travels!