James Bond Island Day Trip from Phuket

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James Bond Island Phuket

It always feels good to get out of hustling and bustling Bangkok for a few days and so last month I went down to Phuket for a long weekend. This has already been my fourth trip to Thailand’s biggest island and what I really like about it apart that it’s much more relaxing than a lot of people say (and now also less hassle free since the military “cracked down” on the taxi mafia and cleaned up the beaches) is there’s always something new to do.

There’s obviously the infamous nightlife of Patong with all its go go bars and night clubs that cannot all be discovered in just a couple of trips but now that I’ve been coming several times I got a pretty clear picture which places are worth visiting and which ones are not so I’ve recently written about my recommendations.

But if there’s something that attracts guys to Phuket more than the exciting nightlife then this would be the beautiful beaches as well as the surrounding islands that make perfect day trips. So this time I picked a tour that has gotten quite touristic and almost overrun yet exceptional good value-for-money and a lot of fun especially if you meet nice people on board: The James Bond Island Tour.

If you look at the flyers they distribute at the countless of travel agent booths and hotels in Phuket it says like 2,800 Baht for the tour on a big boat and 3,200 Baht on a speed boat. But the actual price you get quoted is usually between 1,500 and 2,000 Baht, in the low season even less.

I inquired the price at some travel agents in Patong and the fourth one I asked offered me the big boat trip for 900 Baht – as always including hotel pick up and drop off as well as buffet lunch. Yes I went there in August means in the mid of low season but I’m sure even during the high season (November to February) you don’t need to pay more than 1,300 – 1,400 Baht due to the high number of tour operators.

Great value, and this is the standard James Bond Trip’s itinerary:

  • 8.00-9.00: Pick up from your hotel by minivan
  • Ride to Phang Nga Pier (1 hour). Some tours include a short break at the Monkey Caves where visitors can see a Buddha statue and feed monkeys.
  • 10.00: Arrival at Phang Nga Pier. The tour guide will give you a sticker to attach on your shirt and assign you to a group.
  • 10:30: Boarding the boat and departure from Phang Nga Pier.
  • 11:30: Canoeing and “Sightseeing” at Panak and Hong Island.
  • 13:00: Buffet lunch on board.
  • 14:00: Swimming and relaxing at Nakae Island.
  • 15:00: The highlight of the trip: Visiting James Bond Island.
    Or to be more precise: Strolling around Kao Ping Kan Island and enjoying the various beautiful views of James Bond Island.
  • 16.00 – 18.00: Cruising back to Phang Nga Pier and minivan transfer to hotel.

Below are some pictures I took during the trip:

James Bond Island Trip

James Bond Island Trip 2

James Bond Island Trip 3

James Bond Island Trip 4

James Bond Island Trip 6

James Bond Island Trip 7

James Bond Island Trip 8

James Bond Island Trip 5

James Bond Island Trip Boats

Big Boat or Speed Boat?

I think if you are in a group of 8 to 10 people then it makes sense to book your own private speed boat and you pay no more than 2,000 Baht a person, more likely less than that.

But if you are just by yourself or with a couple of friends I definitely recommend to go for the big boat option, like that you get to know a lot of people, the cruise is smooth and relaxing not bumpy like on the speedboat and you also save a few hundred Baht that you can instead spend on buying a couple of cool beers on board (100 Baht a can).

8 Responses

  • Kevin says:

    Even better than the day trips is an overnight stay on Ko Panyee, the only inhabited island in Phang-Nga Bay National Parktour. Sayan tours (at the bus station in Phang-Nga Town) has a great all-day tour and decent overnight guesthouse with wifi for about $50 USD (1650 baht, including three modest meals). No alcohol in this Muslim fishing village, but when the lunch tourists leave, you have the quaint island all to yourself with a couple hundred residents.

  • Rikkie says:

    Heading to Thailand (Phuket) in a few days for the first time and on my own. Great reading material. Thank you

  • Patrick says:

    This may be a dumb question but why James Bond Island? Was one of the movies filmed in the area or on one of the islands? One more question, off subject…How is the SCUBA diving? Do they have tours and or dive boats. With water that clear SCUBA diving must be ‘off the charts’. In the next few years I plan to move to Thailand…forever.

    • Redcat says:

      Hi Patrick,

      Well it’s just a very nice day trip and you get to see a lot of beautiful islands and limestone cliffs while cruising around in a boat and meeting new people. Definitely fun. As for the SCUBA diving – I haven’t done any yet, but I guess the place to go for that is Koh Tao.

  • Jollson says:

    Joining D-Money on his trip. Found a LOT of useful tips from this Blog! I will try to get D-Money to get rid of his fear of Ladyboys ;)

  • D-Money says:

    Love your blog and tips, heading down to Thailand the 25th of Sept. Keep em coming !