What is the Difference between a Faen and a Gik?

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You might have met Thai girls that have told you she thinks you are a butterfly and have many girls, much sex, and can’t have a serious relationship with anyone. The next thing she might be telling you is that therefore you have many Giks. Now what exactly is a Gik?

  • Gik: gík (กิ๊ก) = mistress or “fucking friend”

Generally the longer you live in Thailand the longer your list of phone numbers of fucking friends called Giks gets, means you just call them up and ask if they are free and want to hang out. Of course not only foreign guys in Thailand have Giks, it’s no different for most of Thai guys (as a result Thai men were voted the World’s Most Unfaithful Men in a January edition of the Bangkok Post). And also many Thai girls have their Giks, obviously all the hookers included. You can impress any Thai person with your Thai language skills by saying:

Kun mii gík yǝ́ (คุณมีกิ๊กเยอะ) = You have many fucking friends.

Side note: Another word for gík is chúu (ชู้) which really means like “lover” or “mistress”.

Now coming back to the question from the beginning, what is then the difference betwen a Gik and a Faen? That’s quite easy, now that you know that a Gik is your kind of fucking friend that you call up and see from time to time, the word “Feen” is the word for girlfriend or boyfriend.

  • Faen: fɛɛn (แฟน) = girlfriend, boyfriend

Interesting: The word faen comes from the English “fan”. So if you ask a girl if she has a Faen already (kun mii fɛɛn rʉ̆ʉ yang, คุณมีแฟนหรือยัง) and she says yes, better to ask what kind of “fan” – boyfriend of fiancé. Generally speaking, Faen is the term for someone you have a serious relationship with and therefore just the opposite than a Gik.

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7 Responses

  • Stuart says:

    I might be the exception here! I have had eleven wonderful years of marriage to my Thai wife, but a couple of years began to suspect she had regained contact with an ex Thai boyfriend. I assured her it was ok and sure enough she confessed she had an ex that she still liked. Within months they were having wild sex again and she is open with me about it. I actually really enjoy that she does!

  • james says:

    on a recent trip to bkk i found out my thai wife of 2 years has a canadian (gik or faen!) he just happens to be my wifes best friend(thai) of 7 years!!! and my so called friend in bkk. he lives and works there with his wife and my wife lives nearby.she has done it for purely fiscal gain(he offered her a better deal!) what is the probable outcome for me? regards!

  • kenny says:

    Dear Stephan,
    How do i open mouth and ask the thai girl i love (which been with me for a few months) if she treats me as a feen or a gik?
    Her attitude suddenly turns all cold towards me for few weeks till now

    • Redcat says:

      Just be straight and ask her mate. Make sure you mention the words faen and gik so she knows what you are talking about.

    • Jerkso says:

      Dude just drop it on her, chances are it something you done that made her act cold….. she might even be pissed at you about it still. Whatever just be straight up, worse that can happen is she breaks your heart, but at least you’ll know.

      Good luck

  • Jack says:

    Can you explain the appropriate context for ‘gik’ usage?

    Is it vulgar, or affectionate, or just factual? Only used between guys? Or what?

    I’ve only been to Thailand once on holiday for a week, but I can see how that list of contacts can grow nightly. Should, no, *when* I return, I’d like to be able negotiate gik-style relationships early on so no one is mislead. I’m looking to negotiate temporary open ongoing relationships, not a one-night stand, not a faen, not prostitution, and certainly not being a sponsor (ongoing financial support). So a gik-style relationship seems perfect. Can I ask a girl if she wants to be my gik (after a night or two)? Or will that result in angry Thai girl? It helps to label relationships with Western girls early on, but perhaps it’s different in Thailand?

    • Redcat says:

      Hi Jack, Gik is not a vulgar word everyone uses it. You normally don’t ask a Thai girl to become your Gik, it’s just as it happens when you meet each other every once in a while. Thai girls are too shy to admit having Giks so no need to ask her. Also, having a Gik is nothing “official” so don’t be surprised if she doesn’t want that fucking relationship with you anymore after a couple of weeks for whatever reason. Maybe she expected more than a Gik kind of relationship, found a boyfriend or just gets bored. Broad topic so there is not one answer to this. Just experience it by yourself :)

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