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Most people traveling to Sukhothai, the first real capital of Siam, don’t know about the various other significant historical towns in the region. Kamphaeng Phet is one of them and its historical park is part of theĀ UNESCO World Heritage Site “Historic Town of Sukhothai and Associated Historic Towns”. Below are the various travel options from Bangkok to Kamphaeng Phet and vice versa.

Bangkok to Kamphaeng Phet by Bus

Kamphaeng Phet Bus Terminal

Buses from Bangkok to Kamphaeng Phet leave from Mo Chit Northern Bus Terminal. To get there, take the MRT to Kamphaeng Phet station (yes that’s right, this is the name of the city you are heading to) and from there hop on a motrobike taxi that takes you to the bus terminal (30 baht).

There are four 2nd class aircon day buses to Kamphaeng Phet (6am, 10am, 12:30pm & 3:30pm, one way 213 baht, 5 hours and 30 minutes), two 2nd class aircon night buses (10pm, 11:30pm, one way 213 baht / 270 baht, 5 hours) as well as three first class services (8am, 11:30am & 9:30pm, 274 baht, 5 hours).

The bus station in Kamphaeng Phet is located about 1km west of the River Ping. There are red songthaews (shared pick-up taxis) to the roundabout across the river (see picture below). From there you can take a samlor (bicycle taxi) to anywhere in town (20 to 60 baht).

Alternatively you can take a motorbike taxi from the bus station to your hotel (or wherever you want) for 40 baht.

Buses from Kamphaeng Phet to Bangkok leave every 2-3 hours from 11:30am to 1am. The journey takes about 6,5 hours, means one hour longer than coming from Bangkok as you are likely to hit the traffic jam in the afternoon / evening. A night bus can make the trip in five hours.

Bangkok to Kamphaeng Phet

Bangkok to Kamphaeng Phet by Train

There is no train station in Kamphaeng Phet. The closest town you can get to by train is Phitsanulok. From the train station you take a motorcycle to the bus station (50 baht) and then a bus to Kamphaeng Phet (every hour from 5am to 6pm, 53-74 baht, 2 hours).

You can find detailed information about the train services from Bangkok to Phitsanulok in this post.

Bangkok to Kamphaeng Phet by Flight

There are no flight services going to or from Kamphaeng Phet’s airport at this time (Kamphangsaen Airport). The closest town you can get to by airplane is Phitsanulok.

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