Why are Thai People so crazy about English Football?

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Even though Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport and people come together to watch it while drinking Hong Thong whiskey every Sunday, European football is by far a different issue. So similar to most other neighboring countries like Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia the preferred football league of Thais is the English Premier League, by far more popular then for example the German Bundesliga.

The most obvious example is if you go in the bars whenever there is English football on they show it live. If there is a German match on they often just screen Golf or a repetition of the last Premier League game. Now since I am German and of course I have asked myself many times why Thai people love English football so much but don’t really care too much about the German, Italian and Spanish leagues.

In this year’s UEFA Champions League no English teams participated in the quarter finals and this just proves how far the other leagues have caught up in quality and success. Tonight the semi-finals are starting and with Bayern – Barcelona and Dortmund – Real Madrid this is just a dream for every football fan and experts all over Europe agree that the currently best teams in Europe are competing here. If you ask a Thai guy if he’s looking forward to tonight’s matches he will probably say he doesn’t care too much since Chelsea or Arsenal have already exited to the Europe League several rounds before. He might even consider playing a ManU-Chelsea match on his PlayStation rather than watching Bayern – Barcelona on TV.

The same for world cup matches. I estimate around 70-80% of Thai people support England in these national games. The rest which are mostly girls is are fond of Spain and Italy as the players are so handsome and just a few for Germany – since Michael Ballack retarded last year.

Another phenomenon is that you see even a lot of Thai girls wearing football jerseys (even though I think most of the time their boyfriends find it sexy and ask them to do so).

Why are Thai People so crazy about English Football

So this is the situation but then why are Thai people so crazy about English football? Of course there is no clear answer to this but I have asked a lot of Thai guys and most of them were like “oooh, I don’t know, German football little bit boring no?” or “German football player like soldier.” So that’s what really think is the reason, it’s still a lot more action in the typical British kick-and-rush football and it’s usually more entertaining and fun to watch than often more tactical sophisticated but somewhat slower matches in Germany or Spain.

Others say “Oh German football good, Bayern, Schweinsteiger!” but the truth is they don’t watch the Bundesliga and only know the names from the matches between their English favorite.

At least there are some fan clubs for European football teams in Thailand other than Chelsea, ManU and Co. especially on facebook you find quite a few. And even though relatively little in its member figures if Thai people like something, they love it and express it. Great example: FC Bayern München Fans Thailand.

What’s your explanation for the huge popularity of English football in Thailand?

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  • Ken says:

    Although it’s an interesting topic, you really didn’t dig deep into it for someone who write up the question. Followings are the reasons/hypothesis according to my speculations:

    1.Thais’ slave mentality tell them to cheer the premier league because they know England is in control of world affairs.
    This is hypothesis, if this is true they should put more effort in studying English but their English really suck.

    2.Because Thai companies sponsor premier teams. Again hypothesis. Chang is a sponsor, not sure which team..chelsie? And there are some more too I think.

    3. As you wrote, premier league is more visually exciting. More aggression. They get the similar thrill as watching muey Thai. They generally don’t think to deep, so tactical football would stress them out. They don’t want to get stressed especially when they are drinking.

    They like the “kick and rush” simple style, like dogs chasing a ball.

  • Didi says:

    I’m thai and i have absoloutly no idea ;-;

  • joel says:

    Ballack has been retarded for many years ;) Great, and useful blog! :)

  • Redcat says:

    Sure, look at the Singha partnership with ManU and Chealsea or Chang Beer sponsoring Everton shirts. But I also think Thais prefer this kind off British kick-and-rush football more for its entertainment then for tactical sophistication like you have it more in the German or Italian leagues.

  • MRT Cat says:

    I guess the main reason is that the English teams invest a lot of money for marketing in Asia. They are more into publicity and earning money than the German teams who are more foucsed into athletic results