The Pros and Cons of Online Dating Sites in Thailand

Last updated: December 11th, 2018 | in Thai Girls

Thai people love the internet. Thai people love social media. And of course Thai people also love online dating sites. In fact there are more dating sites just in Thai language than there are in English but that doesn’t mean the range of available Thai-Farang oriented sites isn’t huge for foreigners seeking to arrange dates with Thai girls over the internet. While it’s not just important to sign up for one or more of the most popular Thai dating sites like Thai Friendy, there’s also the question what are the pros and cons of spending time on the internet trying to get girls meet you compared to by just walking around the mall and try your luck there.

First and most important, Thai dating sites are super efficient and it really works. You can basically arrange dates with Thai girls for every day of the week, if you want even several within the same day. And that all by just sitting conveniently on your laptop or on your smartphone anywhere you want. I had girls that I chatted with for a few days and as I suggested her to come over to my room to watch a movie she goes yeah sure why not. Of course that doesn’t happen all the time so otherwise you would just meet up and go for a normal date with your Thai girl.

Sure it’s a lot of fun to meet a first contact with Thai girls in the real world but sometimes you don’t feel like going out, especially the longer you’re living and working in Thailand there are more and more evenings where you just want to take it easy, hang out in your room and then it’s fun to chat with the girls over the internet – or arrange a date somewhere near your place for the same evening.

The Pros and Cons of Dating Sites in Thailand

You don’t even have to live in Thailand to have fun with these dating sites, a Thai girl won’t stop talking to you if you say you are not in Thailand. So if you’re planing your next holiday you can arrange a few dates in advance to make the most of your time with pretty cool girls if you’re not out to spend all the time in the bars.

Thai dating sites are generally also free. You may know from dating sites in your home country that you have to pay for a membership even if you only want to send and receive messages or upload pictures but all these basic functions are totally free for Thai dating sites, they will give you some other cool incentives instead to sign up as a premium member or whatever but you don’t need all that for arranging at least several dates with hot Thai chicks every week – for free. Maybe that’s also because the competition is just extremely huge among old and ever new sites coming up.

Another advantage of Thai dating sites versus going out to bars and clubs to hook up with girls is that it’s generally also a lot cheaper. While you might end up paying her a lot of drinks in the club and not being sure if she’s freelancing or not you can have it so much cheaper by just taking her out for dinner and then straight to your room for dessert. Sure there are lots of  “money girls” on dating websites too but if you get some experience using them you will know what type of girl you’re about to arrange a date with.

If you have ever used a western online dating site you know that it’s always you as the guy that makes the first move, who writes the first message to a girl just like in real life. For Thai dating sites however you can check your inbox once a week and it’s not unusual to find more than ten messages of new Thai girls that want to be your friend.

You see there are so many cool things about all the Thai dating sites and I don’t really see too many cons or disadvantages of Thai dating sites. Basically they are free so you can’t lose anything. One of the downsides might be that lots of girls have signed up at several dating sites and may hang out with other foreigners all the time. So if they’re good in English you know it’s not because they were hard working students. But then that’s the same thing if you meet girls in the clubs.

There are so many Thai dating websites and if your’e new to the whole thing it’s hard to know which ones are worth signing up for. That’s why I wrote that post about the currently best Thai dating sites to give you a clear idea about which ones not just foreign guys but more important Thai girls like to use most.

To sum it all up – the pros of Thai dating sites definitely outweigh the cons and it’s so much fun and super easy to meet new girls on a regular basis. Would be interesting to hear your take – do you use Thai dating sites and what do you like or not like about them?

8 Responses

  • Sam says:

    I just wanted to say, I LOVE THAILAND, and to all of you “newbies” visiting, just keep your wits around you, because there are SO many beautiful girls, who would “LOVE” to be with you, choose carefully, and live your life carefully, it is really, really, different from your home country!

  • Jim Dario says:

    When I positively impress Thai girl she asked me for line. Is it tel number? I do not think so? Maybe something like Whatsup but somehow different. Due to English barrier I could figure it out. So the question is how to get it from USA?

  • Dan says:

    you mentioned that there are more thai language dating sites for thailand. what are some of these? thanks

  • Ray says:

    I met a 40 year old lady who has a mid-level white collar job in a large company in a small town near Bangkok for many years (never married, no kids). She has brothers and sisters and sends her family 5000 Baht a month. Says she wants long term relationship, and does her best to show me that she does.

    We meet and begin relationship. 1st day she said, without any prior discussion, “I’ll never ask you for money.” 3rd day, without any prior discussion, she said, “My former boyfriend put money into an account for me. Can you do this?” After I said, “No,” she quickly apologized for asking and never mentioned it again. It is now six months later and not another word about money.

    Is this normal for Thai ladies? Do they ask for money in an account to assure themselves that you are interested in a relationship? Do they just want money? Your thoughts and wisdom, please…….

    • Redcat says:

      It’s quite common for Thai men to give money to their women every month – ngen duan (money month, the same word as salary). 3,000 baht a month, 5,000 baht whatever. But not everyone does this, especially if the girl has a job. I wouldn’t stress too much about it. My dad in Germany also gives money to my mom every month for buying food and household stuff (she works part time). It’s just normal for women everywhere to want to have some financial support (especially if they do the work at home) and as long as it isn’t out of control or too much I don’t see a problem with that.

      • Ray says:

        Thank you for the reply. This lady has worked at the same white collar job for 15 years and is a supervisor, with lots of overtime. She doesn’t need my money, yet she asked. After thinking about this, I began to wonder if this was her (Thai) way of seeing if I would commit to a relationship with her. Or, (worse), if she was telling me in her own way to be prepared to contribute money to her (family). Your thoughts please………

        Thank you

    • Frank says:

      Hi Ray, I work and life in Thailand for 27 years, and can speak fluent Thai. Had my part of troubles and learning to do as well. I disagree with Redcat on this. I know money and financial support for Thai girls is a big issue. For many girl it is just not easy make ends meet, and are opportunists and a bit calculated about money. Specially when they enter a relationship with a western man. Okay. If I follow my intuition I’d say bye bye. But that’s just me. Now I always want to know what’s really the norm, so I talked about this issue a lot with my Thai man friends, to be sure of Thai perception. If a Thai woman with a normal job starting a relationship with a Thai man, and asks for money in their bank account in the 3rd day of the relationship she will get dumped without a question. So no Ray, this is definitely not normal, and a red card for this player from my side. She never talked about it again? Then it is still clear she’s checking you out, how much you have, how much you willing to spend on her. It just shows what’s on her mind. That is not love, it is calculated behavior….. Mmm maybe you have your doubtful feeling about this your self, otherwise you wouldn’t put the question here. Hope this helps. Good luck!