How to get a SIM Card / 3G / 4G Internet in Thailand

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There are things that are a bit nasty and difficult to arrange if you want to live in Thailand, especially getting a work permit, but when we are talking about anything that has to do with practical things like finding an apartment or even if you plan on having a business over here and need assistance with creating or optimizing your website so it gets a lot of people visiting it there is this popular Thailand Web Design company that can help you. Getting a SIM card for you mobile phone or tablet is similar easy, I don’t know a country that has easier and more straightforward processes like Thailand.

The three major telecommunication companies in Thailand are True Move, dtac and AIS. Their prices and services are almost identical and it doesn’t really matter which one you choose they are all great value for western standards and you have connection anywhere in Thailand, not just in major cities but also on the islands, the plains and villages. I’m at dtac and totally happy, I never had any problems with them and everything works fine.

The guys that you can see in the picture below are really cool by the way, I visit their shop at least once a month to renew my packages and it has become more regularly than that just to have a chat. They are located on the 6th floor in Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok. Of course you can also go for some niche providers but they’re not much cheaper than the three big ones and then you may not have good connection everywhere and customer service only via phone hotline.

How to get a SIM Card 3G Internet in Thailand

How to get a SIM Card 3G Internet in Thailand 2How to get a SIM Card

All these three companies have service centers all over Thailand, especially in shopping malls where you can buy a SIM card for 50 baht plus top up how much you like. The standard price per SMS varies around 2 baht, I usually take a 30-day 100 SMS package for 59 baht at dtac, means one SMS costs me only 0.59 baht.

Phone calls are a bit more expensive, standard price around 9 baht per minute. Again there are 30-day packages available like 100, 300 or 1,000 minutes for 30 days. I can’t tell you the exact prices for that as I don’t take this kind of package because most Thais like to write messages for free and if I do a short phone call just a few times a month I don’t really need a phone call package.

You can also buy a SIM card as well as top up cards at any 7-eleven or FamilyMart store in Thailand and many more small convenience stores. Note that in these places staff generally doesn’t speak good English so if you don’t speak Thai you might just go to one of the service centers of one of the companies where they can give you all information about the offers and prices – mostly in English.

How to get 3G Internet

30-day 3G flatrate packages are available depending on how much data volume you want. Example: I get the 1.5 GB unlimited flatrate at dtac, valid for 30 days. Means I have 1.5 GB of date volume available on high speed and after that’s taken up the speed gets cut, but still fast enough to use facebook, web browsing and all the messenger apps. There are also other data packages available like 160 MB for 99 baht or 500 MB for 299 baht.. Prices at other providers are similar.

What I love about that all is not just the packages are great value but also that you always pay for a 30-day period. Means you don’t have to sign up for a 2-year contract like we know it from many western countries. So even if you’re on a three week backpacking trip around Thailand you can just buy a SIM card for 50 baht, 3G internet package for 399 baht or less and maybe 300 baht more for phone calls – it’s as easy as this.

How to get 4G Internet

Right now 4G internet packes are only available if you sign a one year contract with one of the providers. For this you also need to provide a copy of your passport and a valid work permit. Common packages for unlimited 4 G internet start at 299 baht for 30 days for 500 MB.

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  • Johnny Kay says:

    500 MB on 4G is quick. But look at the cost compared to the US. You can upgrade to 5 gigs for less than 1/2 of a US cost.

  • Dominic Bone says:

    I have been happily using a DTac 3G sim for about 2-years. My wife uses AIS but frankly their claims of superiority are highly questionable following our comparative experiences. However I just bought a new phone and I have been advised by an industry professional that True offer the best packages at the moment. This advise was offered independently and there was no conflict of interest. :0)

  • Ian Martinez says:

    500mb on 4g eh? That is going to last, oooh, not much longer than 30minutes