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You haven’t been to Pattaya if you haven’t visited at least a couple of Go Go Bars. Even though Thailand’s hip beach town 160 km southeast of Bangkok more and more becomes a family retreat, the red light districts with go go bars, beer bars, soapy massage parlors and ladyboy cabaret shows are all over the place. You simply can’t escape it.

The offer is so huge that you might not just get lost and overwhelmed on Walking Street (the center of the red-light action in Pattaya) but on simply every corner in Pattaya that has bars, bars and bars. In order to help you avoid bad surprises I have picked my six favorite go go bars and their exact location in Pattaya to make things easier for you:

1. Peppermint – Walking Street

Best Go Go Bar in Pattaya

There are a lot of Go Go Bars in Pattaya that lure in customers with their hip, modern, special theme design, like Moon Bar, Airport Club & Iron Club. Peppermint is not one of them, their concept is pretty basic but to me this is the best go go bar in town.

It’s not just that the place has some of the hottest dancers on the strip, they are also enjoying to dance enthusiastically and wild. You come in a lot of go go’s in Pattaya and find the girls just more or less moving their legs a little but at Peppermint it’s just great to watch how much fun the girls have. Great atmosphere in Peppermint.

There is a large center stage with seven girls and three single stages with one girl each dancing nonstop (rotating). The red couches and bar stools are so comfortable that you might stay longer than planned (well, and the ladies of course).

  • Prices: Great deal with draft beer for 80 Baht all night long. Happy hour until 9:30pm with draft beer for 69 Baht and spirits for 85 Baht. A lady drink in Peppermint costs 145 Baht. The bar fine is 1,000 Baht like at most other Go Go’s on Walking Street, but they usually try to give you a fixed price being 4,000 Baht for short time all included and 6,000 Baht for long time all included.

2. Baccara Pattaya – Walking Street

Baccara A Go Go Pattaya

If you had to pick only one go go bar in Pattaya to visit, I would recommend you Baccara. It has a prime location right in the centre of Walking Street (see map) and yes, the girls inside are as hot as the ones outside at the doors.

It’s not just that Baccara has some of the hottest chicks in town, it’s also how many girls it has. At this place you don’t really need to worry coming too late because the best girls are taken.

The design of the bar is similar to Baccara in Bangkok, with a large centre stage on the ground floor and girls in bikini outfits. If you look upstairs the centre stage has girls dancing in micro skirts and basketball style boots on a glass floor, means you have fantastic views looking up from the ground floor.

  • Prices: Same happy hour like at Peppermint with draft beer for 69 Baht and spirits for 85 Baht until 9:30pm. Lady drinks are at 145 Baht. They have a separate menu that says 800 Baht for the bar fine, 2,500 Baht for short time and 5,000 Baht for long time. The bar fine is fixed as always, the other price may be negotiable, depending on the girl.

3. Happy A Go Go – Soi Happy

Happy A Go Go Pattaya

Happy A Go Go claims to be Pattaya’s No. 1 go go bar. It is located at the end of Soi Happy, just off walking street. While walking there you will pass a lot of beer bars with pool tables so don’t get distracted.

The bar has a main stage surrounded by comfortable benches and bar stools as well as a smaller stage with show girls that perform in school uniforms. Even though the bar is pretty busy every night, the overall atmosphere is laid back and the service is great.

Happy has a lot of 10s – super attractive, white skinned and thin girls many of them with nice big boobs. And even better they get all naked, not just topless. Just like in the other Go Gos it’s not permitted to use mobile phones in Happy A Go Go and if you carry a camera you might be asked to leave it with the staff outside.

  • Prices: There is a daily happy hour until 9:30pm with spirits for 85 Baht. Draft beer for 69 Baht all night long. There couldn’t be a better choice to start your wild night out in Pattaya. If you invite one of the dancers for a drink that will cost 145 Baht (cola or tequila). The short time bar fine is 800 Baht and the long time bar fine is 1,500 Baht.

4. Airport Club – Walking Street

Airport Club Pattaya

Airport Club is small but neat, and always packed with people. This is one of the best go go bars in Pattaya and part of its success are the dancers and service girls that are among the hottest in town, wearing bikini style air hostess outfits (outside their dresses are blue, inside red).

There is one big main stage that has dancers at any given time, surrounded by comfortable benches, which gives rather a lounge than a club feeling. If you should get bored (or no seat) have a look at the back of the bar that has a play stage with girls doing erotic shows and a Jacuzzi pool.

Airport Club is located in the centre of Walking Street, right across the entrance to Soi Diamond. It’s hard to miss with its blue neon lights and, well, super hot girls standing outside.

  • Prices: Heineken draft for 85 Baht all night long, all sorts of bottled beers for 90-110 Baht. The bar fine is at 700 Baht relatively cheap for Pattaya standards.

5. & 6. Most Naughty Go Go Bars in Pattaya

Most popular Go Go Bar in Pattaya

I would like to separate number five and six from the other four. Usually the girls in the Go Go bars only take off their bras – if at all (they do take them off at number 1-4). However there are a couple of places where you see the girls taking off everything.

Not just that, you see them petting each other and the best part is the pool with comfy couches around it at the end of the bars that has one or two girls showering and cleaning every part of her body. After fifteen minutes or so, they change and a couple of new girls hop in. The girls are more average than in other Go Go’s, but then this is true entertainment.

Check out Sugarbaby on Walking Street and The Windmill just two minutes walk from there in Soi Diamond – you won’t regret it.

  • Prices: It’s 75 Baht for a draft beer and house spirits (happy hour 7:30pm-10pm) at both Sugarbaby and Windmill. Otherwise draft beer for 80 Baht and spirits from 150 Baht (like I had a Red Label with ice and soda for 150 Baht at Sugarbaby). Ladydrinks are a bit more pricey but still standard at 160 Baht in both venues. They also got a special: 10 lady drinks (shots) for 1,000 Baht. If you want to take out a girl, then you need to pay her bar fine of 1,000 Baht for short time or 1,500 Baht for long time – not including her price that needs to be arranged separately (see below).

Map of the Best Go Go Bars in Pattaya

Prices for Sex in Pattaya’s Go Go Bars 2017

1,500 – 3,000 Baht (short time) & 2,000 – 5,000 Baht (long time).

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31 Responses

  • Mamoru says:

    Am visiting Pattaya right now, July 2017, for 3 weeks.

    The manager at Sugarbaby A Go-Go is either intent on running it into the ground, or this is a portent of bad things to come:
    #1: Girls look very unenthusiastic and barely try at dancing. Even the girls in the shower and on the petting tables are engrossed in chatting with other girls, or putting on their best zombie impersonation.

    #2: I bought lady drinks for 4 dancers. Had a reasonably good time with all. But of the 4, only 2 weren’t starfish material. And *all* of them said they only danced (and went topless). They didn’t do showers or girl-on-girl or even full monty dancing. WTF am I doing on this side of the bar then?

    #3: Dining at the Y costs 200 Baht now. It’s no longer free to sample the candy.

    #4: Mamasan told me that the manager would not allow long time barfines before midnight. I either had to agree to short time, or wait 1.5 more hours. I should have paid my tab and walked out, but I had my heart set on a girl with a gorgeous smile and attitude.

    There were barely any customers, even for off season. I guess only newbie farang suckers like me didn’t get the memo.

    On the plus side, the smiley slightly-thick girl Ple whom I barfined was the 2nd best I’ve had so far:
    a) Never stopped smiling, never lost her enthusiasm
    b) Never quit a BJ, handjob, etc. unless I asked her to
    c) Never checked her phone or answered calls while with me (except when I was in the bathroom, and she’d put it away to focus on me when I returned).

    Thought she was as good as it got, until I met a wild thing called Mazzy at Lisa Bar on Soi 6 the next day. Oh dear sweet baby Jesus,
    but that’s another story.

  • James Noble says:

    Just here to say don’t even go in to skyfall. I was buying girls drinks there, and twice in a row they were getting drinks from other guys and got bar fined by them. I asoed the mamasan to do something and she told me I was wrong.

  • cat793 says:

    Those prices seem crazy! 1500B just for the bar fine? In Soi Cowboy in BKK I paid 700B and 2000B for short time with the hottest girl in the place IMO. I thought that was expensive.

    Is Pattaya really that much more expensive than Bangkok?

    A further point is that I am not convinced by the value of these gogo girls. The best girls I have had have been from beer bars. Cheaper, friendlier, more fun, long time and good in bed.

  • RoscoB says:

    Thanks for the write ups! Checked a couple of the go-gos that had gorgeous girls, but none of them were all that into what they were up to it seemed, not a lot of dancing, etc. Checked Sugarbaby on your recommendation, some of the girls weren’t as hot as the other bars, but the show they put on and the enthusiasm they had was so much more. Found one of the 2 hottest girls in there in the shower and had to take her home ;)

    • RoscoB says:

      One last note cause I noticed a few talking about paying up front in their responses. I went into Sugarbaby with enough cash to get a few drinks and a few lady drinks, honestly wasn’t planning on talking anyone home that night. I told the girl I didn’t bring enough cash, and she borrowed her bar fine from one of the other girls and let me pay her back for that and the servic back at my place. Top notch girl! I’m assuming this is very much an exception to what usually happens.

  • lanos says:

    Hi, I was paying upfront the first time, too. Later the girl told me, that for own protection, they get money anyway. The second and 3rd night was directed payed to the girl afterwards.

  • eddie valliant says:

    I like babydolls myself. The girls are fit and as dirty as you like. Up Pattaya 15 alley off walking street. You may walk in a boy, but your coming out a man, amazed and a mess.

  • Jim says:

    Can anyone explain to me? I went to Peppermint where the barfine was 1000, not a problem for me. But the bar wanted money for the girl upfront for the short time services. She insisted she gets the money but I am used to paying the barfine and then a “tip” after service. Is this normal and to protect the girl from being ripped off?

    • Redcat says:

      Yes it’s not common practice but sometimes that does happen. I wouldn’t do it as the girl has no motivation to give you a good service then.

      • Jim says:

        Thanks for the reply. To me service has a few basic requirements as I know what I’m there for and I know what most of the women are there for. Just want to make sure I’m not being ripped off. Great articles and insight by the way.

    • cx says:

      You are right. They are taking the poss. What happens out of the GG bar has nothing to do with Mamasan. The best girls never even discuss money up front and do not involve the mamasan.

    • Spartan Prince says:

      I have never come across this in Pattaya, personally I would never pay for the services upfront, only ever heard one girl ask this in Patong and I walked away. It’s a long standing part of the procedure don’t let them dictate otherwise.

    • DonJon297 says:

      How it works is you buy her a lady drink talk then if want short time or long time you pay the barfine which goes to the bar, and negotiate the fee for st or lt. usually you pay the st or lt fee after your done fucking. Unless she doesn’t trust you then she’ll want the money up front.

  • StevieG says:

    Threesomes, couples & kinkier pursuits are not the normal out there & as a rule the girls are generally unadventurous in the sack. You’re on the right lines by talking to the mamasan, she will point out/bring over any girls who are up for that activity & you can take it from there. I would also suggest being up front about what you’re wanting, it will save you a lot of hassle later. Windmill & Sugar Baby (off Walking St) might be a good place to look for goers, there are certainly adult pursuits occurring on the premises. Devil’s Den (Soi LK) is a fetish establishment, no walk-in customers allowed, everything pre-booked via their website but they do cater for couples, offer threesomes+ plus S&M pursuits (including toys & golden showers).

  • Ralph says:

    My girl and I have one special thing in common-we both love girls. Are there mamasans who can steer us in the right direction? Where could we most likely make this happen? We want a girl who is friendly and fun–not one with a hard core attitude. We would appreciate your help or suggestions.

    • Dougo says:

      I have the same type of girl and I suggest you look up The Devils Den in Pattaya. Brilliant, going back again in October for another round.

      You will enjoy.

      • Susan says:

        Hi Ralph
        My husband and i are going to Pattaya and wondering if we should just hire from The Devils Den or will we have luck in the Go Go bars. Perhaps your GF could offer some advice to me?

        • Johnnieboy says:

          The girls from Devils Den (and those from Eden Club, Bangkok) are more reliable at delivering a professional service than those from gog bars.

          I use only D and Eden.

  • Jax says:

    Can you pay the girls for kinkier services? Are the open to being with other girls? Are they open to being videoed, toys, golden showers?

  • Psyko says:

    I just went to Pattaya late March 2016 also, and whatsup definitely had the liveliest atmosphere of girls having fun everywhere, flirting and drinking with the guests. Also incredibly nice bodies on the girls….I also checked out peppermint, Sapphire they were also both pretty good.

  • StevieG says:

    Just come back from Pattaya, the gogo bars can go from good to shite in no time. The biggest & best are still on or just off Walking Street. It is a matter of taste to be fair, the windmill is a pervs paradise but the girls are pretty rough. My new top 5 for the fittest girls are What’s Up (upstairs is called Imagine Club & has more shows but still packed with honeys), Skyfall, Sapphire, Glass House & Baccara. My other advice is don’t rule any place out, you could find your Miss Siam anywhere, for the cost of one drink you should take a look – I wandered into one called Wildcats & the bird who launched herself on my cock was my best fuck of the whole trip. Taboo was worth a look, a bit more like a table dancing joint but lots of girls who aren’t adverse to jumping on your dick for the price of s lady drink..

  • Peter says:

    Are there any go go bars with rooms? Or cheap hotels nearby?

    • StevieG says:

      The gogo bars don’t have rooms like in the old days. There’s soi 6 where every place has rooms upstairs for banging, soapy massage where everything takes place on the premises, “gentleman” clubs & massage shops where you can get your end away too. Walking Street has a number of short time hotels where you rent out the room by the hour & you can take your “bar fine” for a rattle. The Walking Street hotel (stairs right by Sweetheart gogo) is about 400BHT an hour & kicks back 50BHT to the girl if I remember right. Barfines range from around 300BHT in the bars up to maybe 1500BHT in the top gogo bars (usually that price drops a bit after midnight in the gogos). I would never pay more than 2000BHT for short time, bear in mind you can pick up a bird on the street or in the disco who will be happy with 1500BHT – no barfine & take her back to your ow room for nowt* (*as long as your not staying in a fancy package holiday hotel who discourage you from taking guests back to your room by charging you a hefty fee)

  • Ric says:

    Dinning at the Y and roming at the table at sugarbaby’s only in Thailand. Funny, most guys don’t even know they are welcome to sample the candy at the table.

    • lorcis says:

      i didn’t know but earlier i picked up a girl on the street, i later realized that she was a freelancer, she took me to sugar a gogo and some others and gave me a wonderful education. here is my story.
      i stayed in walking street hotel, great walking street location, after the bars were closed, if i went outside the girls and the ladyboys would practically chase me down the street:)
      i took up two girls at a time to my room, two of them were the sweetest young toms:) the hotel never charged me extra and the rooms were great, i evenctually left that hotel for another one down the far end of walking street only because the four sets of stairs were too much for me in the hot weather. the hotel was nice, the staff were friendly, helpful and accommodating, i recommend the hotel and the girls.
      the ladyboys were beautiful but they looked so strong that with all their beauty and femininity, they were a bit too much like men, kinda scared me off a bit. the only other problem was that local food on walking street, mostly, tended to be a little expensive, next time i might try a hotel maybe half a mile away from walking street but not really sure yet.
      sugar a gogo was great, my god, the girls were like young gofddesses, totally naked, young, beautiful, sexy, willing, sugar was my very first gogo bar and i the girrls invited me to do so much, i was able to lick and finger their assholes then they would french kiss me, best french kissing ever, right on the table in front of everyone, i was very shy and it was my first time but i could not miss the opportunity, it was like heaven, after that i found another dark ( forgotten name ) gogo bar just off walking street where i could do the same, i gave 100 baht cash to each girl and they were queuing up and fighting each other to give me what i wanted.
      was 100 too much, did i spoil them? cant wait to return to thailand, planning on going backfor 2 weeks in the last two weeks of august 2017.
      first stop, sugar a gogo:)
      then i am going to get all the variety i can.
      hope this was not too explicit but wanted to tell the story, next time i want to get some golden shower action.

      • Susan says:

        Thanks for being so explicit.
        I’m Bisexual and my husband is a very lucky man…..We are planning the trip of a lifetime to Pattaya. I love the sound of Sugar a gogo, did you notice any female patrons touching the girls, and do you think they’d be open to that? Also did you see many couples in the gogo bars?
        any advice

        • StevieG says:

          Susan, here’s my advice for what it’s worth..if you are looking to get down & dirty on the premises (in full view of the other customers btw)..around Walking Street Sugarbaby & Windmill have naked girls willing to interact sexually with the customers, including plenty happy to play with couples. Generally the more money you throw around for drinks & tips the wilder things will get. There will be girls happy to go for threesomes+, agree the rates before you pay their barfine. The mega gogo’s don’t allow/tolerate anything more than discrete sexual contact on site, having said that, there will still be barfinable girls available to you. Quite a few gogos have jacuzzi’s with naked girls, sit round them & things will defo happen, Finally, an LK Metro visit might prove fruitful – half of Lady Love gogo for example is an interactive naked jacuzzi/shower show. Also, if you sweeten up the mamasan (buy her a drink & ask for her advice) you will be taken care of & have a great experience.

  • StevieG says:

    You know your onions mate, I like to see stunners at the gogo bars & only bar fine something that blows me away. Bear in mind the prices can get stupid over xmas & new year, just pick up girls later on in the night or at the disco. A couple of really good gogos you don’t mention are What’s Up, Casanovy, Iron Club & Glass House (Walking St) plus Queen Club & The Office (Soi LK) are very good..keep up the good work!

    • John Petrus says:

      Just came back from Pattaya and I were very disappointed with Baccara and Happy ago go clubs,I found in Happy the girls were only interested in Asians if you were a westerner they would not look at you and I didn’t even get a single smile from anyone. At Barraca the girls were good looking but didn’t want to know me. All the other places I visited the girls were very friendly.

  • Captain Rupert says:

    You are so true I go every years for four months been going now for ten years I just love it there

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