Traveling in Thailand

What to do in Bangkok Highlights Thumb

What to do in Bangkok? 5 Highlights

Thailand’s hustling and bustling capital is like a giant Disneyland. There is so much to see and to do and even if you come visit here several times or live in Bangkok for long term there’s always something new you can discover. Good examples are the zoo and the two water and theme parks just 30-45 minutes from the city center that some of you (…)

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How to get from Suvarnabhumi Don Muang Airport to Bangkok City Center Thumbnail

Suvarnabhumi / Don Muang to Bangkok City Center

If this is your first time visiting Thailand or you have just forgot how to get from one of the two airports (Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang) to Bangkok’s city center then this post is going to help you out there. There are few Asian cities that connect a farily remote airport in such an efficient and easy way like how they did it with Suvarnabhumi Airport in (…)

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Why is Khaosan Road so popular among foreigners - Thumbnail

Is Khaosan Road Worth All The Hype?

As I first visited Bangkok in 2009 I didn’t even think about a different place to stay than Khaosan Road. It seemed like all backpackers coming to Thailand’s capital were heading there first and my guidebook’s euphoric description of it as “one of the world’s most legendary streets” made me believe this was where I could best experience the (…)

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What to do in Phuket Highlights ThumbnailWhat to do in Phuket? 8 Highlights

Phuket is one of these places in Thailand where you can easily stay for several weeks without getting bored. There’s always something new to discover and with all its gorgeous beaches and the infamous nightlife you might end up staying much longer than originally planned. Not just Phuket itself, which is an island by the way even it almost (…)

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Love it or hate it but Pattaya has it all Thumbnail

Love it or hate it – but Pattaya has it all

Many people skip Pattaya on their travels just because they get told it has the biggest red-light district in Thailand. This is true, Pattaya shares along with Patong in Phuket the reputation of the go-go bar capitals, with Pattaya being by far the bigger one. But apart from Thai girls looking for Farangs there is much more to this city 165km southwest (…)

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