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Are All Thai Girls Bad And Only Want Your Money Thumbnail

Are All Thai Girls Bad And Only Want Your Money?

I met so many guys that have been living in Thailand for several years and tell me: “The girls are all the same, they only want your money!” What I then usually also find is that just by looking at their girlfriend (or wife) I know she has been working in a bar or was just another sort of hooker. You can meet two different types of girls in Thailand: Those that don’t have a job (…)

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Dating Thai Girls: Where to Go, What to Do

So let’s say you just met some super-hot Thai girl and want to ask her out for a date straight away. Don’t worry if she says “Oh I’m busy now” she really means it like that, different what we are used from western girls that often don’t have the guts to say she is not interested. If a Thai girl already has a boyfriend she will (…)

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The Different Types and Costs of Hookers in Thailand Thumbnail

The Different Types and Costs of Hookers in Thailand

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand and still there are estimated 500,000 sex workers, if you include all the freelancers and sideline girls it gets close to a million. A good explanation why the authorities don’t take steps against prostitution might be because there wouldn’t be enough prisons in the country that can house them all. And police officers don’t mind anyway to let the bars (…)

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The Best Free Online Dating Sites To Meet Thai GirlsThe Best Free Online Dating Sites To Meet Thai Girls Thumbnail

The number of Thai dating sites increases all the time and while you may know a lot of expensive sites from your home country that are often more a frustrating experience than really let you arrange dates there are more than just a couple hugely popular free or partly free Thai dating sites that have thousands of hot Thai girls signed up and ready for you to chat and meet them. The cool thing (…)

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Thai Ladyboy or Girl? How to Spot the Difference

Every single guy coming to Thailand meets at some point a ladyboy. While in a lot of cases it can be really difficult to tell the difference between a girl and a ladyboy especially for guys that come for a holiday or are have been living in Thailand only for a few weeks and just don’t have the experience. What then happens is they end up saying “oh no, she is too beautiful to be a girl” and (…)

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