My Top 3 Favorite Public Bathrooms in Bangkok

Last updated: April 16th, 2024 | in Living

Bangkok is such a cool city, there’s always new things to discover and places that seem pretty standard and unspectacular in most countries can be set up pretty awesome right here in Thailand’s Big Mango.

One of the best examples for ordinary places made extraordinary are public bathrooms in Bangkok! No joke, if you have spent some time here you probably know what I’m talking about and if not just enjoy what’s below. The thing is, sometimes you might remember the bathrooms of some joints more than the place itself.

Here are what I think three of the coolest public bathrooms in town:

1. The Bathroom at Above Eleven

Above Eleven Bangkok Bathroom

Above Eleven in Sukhumvit Soi 11 is not just one of the most spectacular sky bars in Bangkok, offering stunning views from the centre of downtown all around on floor 32.

It’s a fantastic feeling to have a drink there, but once you enter the toilet you might forget what you actually came here for. It’s all glass and a mirror at the sinks, giving you the feeling to… fly. Well, almost. It’s underlined with gentle Blues music so you will rather have the most relaxed “business” of your life. Look, below’s a video I took there earlier this month:

2. The Bathroom at Terminal 21

Terminal 21 Bangkok Toilet

The public bathrooms at Terminal 21 shopping mall in Asoke are awesome. Not just the modern theme design different on each floor (like Hollywood, London and Paris) it’s ultimately the toilet seats that make you stay longer than you were planning to.

As you can see you have quite a few programs to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Like seat heater, shower mode and dry mode – each in three different levels and for the latter one you can even change the angle. Don’t worry though, if you feel it gets too much you can press the STOP button anytime.

Country Road Bangkok Toilet3. The Bathroom at Country Road

Country Road is a popular pool bar in Soi Cowboy, right at the begin of the strip at the Asoke intersection side.

And even though the facilities as such are more than basic (pretty standard for a bar in the red light district) it’s the lemons and little screens attached on the wall that make it kind of unique.

Obviously most of the screenings are ads but they are created in such a way that make you leave at least with a smile – come here and check it out by yourself…

If I discover other extraordinary public bathrooms in Bangkok in the future, of course I will make sure to update this list.

Map of the Best Bathrooms in Bangkok