Best Web Design Company in Thailand

Last updated: April 25th, 2024 | in Working

Unless you’re fortunate enough to be able to retire, you’ll have to find a suitable way to make money in Thailand if you expect to live here long term. And unless you enjoy teaching or you have a distinguishable skill that lends well to the few legitimate expat jobs out there, you might consider making money online.

People who try to make money online fall into one of three categories: The fail and give up type = Popular.  The find a way to make a side income type = Good amount of us. And lastly, there’s the type who finds a way to make nice money online working from their couch. If you want to be in that last group, I suggest you link up with, who offers Thailand Web design services.

The guys running Thailand Digital Marketing have their foot print all over the online scene in Thailand. They’ve placed sites in the top page of Google for hundreds of competitive terms, and seemingly every Thailand term that matters. They’ve done ecommerce campaigns for companies that have sold millions of items. These guys are the real deal, and they love working with small businesses or even guys who are just starting a small business. IF you want to make money online, get in touch with these guys and they’ll tell you what’s realistic and what’s not. They give you all of their insight and experience FREE, as long as you choose them to do your web design and/or other online marketing services.

I asked the Operations Manager, Mike, why his company is willing to work with small startups who won’t even be willing to spend a few thousand dollars on an internet marketing campaign. I asked him why he bothers.

His response:

“I’ve hit it big with a few clients who turned into these massive accounts. They outsource everything imaginable to us, and there are a lot of billable hours there. Those big clients provide the lion’s share of revenues at this point. But, here’s the thing: They all started small with me. One guy had just started a business out of his house and hadn’t had a single customer yet. His first check to my company was for $1,600, and he told me to wait a few days before depositing the check. I sh*t you not, today this guy has a multi-national company, and he’s made millions of dollars. He’s a huge account for us, and he no longer tells me to wait a few days to deposit the checks, lol. He became successful mostly because he’s a beast; he’s just really good at making business decisions. And he’d tell you that one of the best business decisions he made was choosing us to do his online marketing work for him. We helped put him on the map, and then he was able to make big things happen from there. Anyway, I have more examples like that as well. None of our big clients were big before they came to us. So this is why I actually love to work with small businesses or guys just starting out. It gives me the opportunity to get a client for life. When you start with someone from the ground floor, they don’t forget you when they get to the top floor.”

Give these guys a look if you’re serious about making money online.