Where to buy imported quality cheese in Thailand?

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Even though Thai food is great and it’s not just delicious but generally also cheap, if you stay in Thailand for more than a couple of weeks you start to miss the food of your home country. Now of course there are several Italian, French, German, American or Australian restaurants all over the country but how if you just want to go to the shop like in your home country and buy some really good cheese?

I’m a big cheese lover and while you can get some average tasting milk at every 7-Eleven store, it was always a big question for me if and where they sell some imported cheese. By now I know you actually can buy quality cheese in Thailand and here is where you can get it.

Just go to any major shopping mall, i.e. Central World, Central Festival or Central Plaza and in the basement you will find the Tops Super Market. It’s by far the best supermarket chain in Thailand and sells a huge variety of all different kind of food, drinks and household goods.

Where to buy imported quality cheese in Thailand 2

It’s usually next to the meat shelves where they put a single cooling-room that has the temperature of a fridge – 5 or 6 degrees – and that is stocked up with all different kind of imported quality cheese. The first time I saw this at the Tops Market in Central Rama 9 I couldn’t believe it – I always thought if there is one thing you have to give up when living in Bangkok it had to be tasty European cheese.

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But then as I walked in I found all this imported cheese from everywhere in the world, not just Australia and New Zealand but even from as far as Switzerland, Germany and Holland. Obviously the prices for any of those cheeses are at least three times more expensive than back home due to shipping costs and custom duty. Example: Parmesan Cheese from Germany – 48 grams: 111.25 Baht. But well, you don’t have to eat that kind of cheese every second day and I think it’s just nice that you have the opportunity to get some good cheese once in a while.

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Besides the Tops Supermarket, you can also find a decent range of quality imported cheese in Foodland as well as Big C.

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