How I got to walk on the Grass of Bangkok’s National Stadium

Last updated: December 11th, 2018 | in Living

Walking on grass of Rajamangala Stadium Bangkok 2Apparently it just wasn’t enough to have met Thailand’s most famous TV star earlier this week. Mrs Fortuna had prepared another pretty unexpected thing for today’s afternoon and it happened again here in Bangkok.

Me and my friend had just finished our swimming session in the Ramkamhaeng district as we decided to check the ticket prices for next week’s upcoming football match between Thailand and Kuwait (Qualification for Asian Cup).

As we walked towards the Rajamangala National Stadium, the place we had watched a Thai football game already a few weeks ago, we saw that the gates were open. So we didn’t think a lot, walked in, up the stairs and found ourselves on the stands. Great view over the totally empty Rajamangala National Stadium that holds 50,000 seats. Fortunately we were able to get on the grass very easily since there were no fences or security guards around. So we took our chance walked straight on the grass enjoyed the great feeling standing there in this beautiful stadium and took some funny pictures.

Walking on grass of Rajamangala Stadium Bangkok 5

Walking on grass of Rajamangala Stadium Bangkok 4

After half an hour or so a police man walked in and kindly asked us to leave the ground. We apologized saying we were just inspecting if the conditions match international standards regarding the football match on Wednesday.

Pretty cool experience to walk on the grass of the Rajamangala Stadium! Have you ever had the chance to get on the grass of a major football stadium? Leave a comment below!