The Best and Most Popular Thai Movie 2013

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I don’t watch Thai movies too often and in fact it was the first time this year I went to the cinema. But man it was so much fun and really worth it. The movie is called Pee Mak Phra Khanong (แม่นากพระโขนง) which translates Lady Nak of Phra Khanong, back then a calm and scenic canal and today a busy district in central Bangkok.

It’s one of the most famous Thai ghost stories (Thai believe in ghosts and are extremely scared of them) that has already been turned into a movie or TV series more than fifteen (15) times.

A few days ago my friend told me Pee Mak has already attracted so many people and made more than 800 million baht during the first few weeks in cinema which makes it not just the most popular Thai movie in 2013 but the most successful and popular Thai movie of all time. And maybe also the best one?

The story is pretty cool and even though it’s a scary ghost story they made a comedy movie out of it. It goes like that: Mae, a damn beautiful girl at least in the movie, is pregnant with her big love and husband called Mak. While he got insured during the war and then hospitalized in a different part of Bangkok Mae has nobody to take care of her and eventually she and her baby die during the birth.

However, after Mak comes home several weeks later he finds her wife and son waiting for him. Most of the people, including Mak’s three best friends, find out the truth of Mae over the time while Mak just doesn’t wnt to believe that she’s really a ghost. Even the local citizens of Phra Khanong try to warn him but they all get killed. She’s too beautiful to be a ghost is what he’s saying several times (and I say I wouldn’t mind to have such a gorgeous ghost as my wife) and well it takes some time for him to eventually believe it.

The story has quite an interesting end – there are different theories about it – and of course I don’t want to tell you everyting as you should really go and watch it.

For the first time I watched a Thai movie in the cinema, they had English subtitles. Means if you don’t speak Thai you can still follow the story but since it’s really a comedy movie it’s so much fun to understand the different jokes and phrases that are quite difficult to translate into English.

Pee Mak Phra Khanong – the best Thai movie 2013 and so far the most successful Thai movie of all time!

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