Sexual Orientations In Thailand

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One thing I love about living in Thailand is there are always new things I learn about this country. No matter how much I get familiar with the Thai culture through learning the language, working in an office with mostly Thai people and living in a Soi in Huai Kwang, Bangkok, that has no other Farangs except of me:

Every other day I have a new “wow, really?” experience when I learn about some new “Only in Thailand” thing and it feels weird that I have been living in this country for almost two years now without knowing about it.

So just a few days ago I came across this picture that shows a smorgasbord of sexualities in Thailand. If you look up the term “sexual orientations” on Wikipedia, there are described four general types: Heterosexual (attracted to the other gender), Homosexual (attracted to the same gender), Bisexual (attracted to both genders) and Asexual (no sexual attraction).

Now by looking at the diagram below you’ll see that it’s once again not this simple in Thailand.

Sexual Orientations In Thailand

Everyone knows about Ladyboys and Tomboys & Dees, but how about Adams and Cherries? According to the diagram there are five different sexual orientations for men and six for women.

Looking at the men, Straight, Bi and Ladyboy (Transvestite) are all well known to everyone. But then Gay is divided into two subcategories: King and Queen. While Kings, also called Rooks, are attracted to Straight, Bi, Adam and obviously to Kings as well, Queens are called Gays who go after Ladyboys. Adam is called the type of guy who feels attracted to Tomboys.

Looking at the Thai women, again Straight, Bi, and Lesbian we all know. Very common now are also Tom (girls that have their hair short, style and dress like men and take the male part in the relationship, special kind of Lesbian attracted to all girls except “normal” Lesbians) and Dee (the type of girl who is into Toms). The Cherry has probably the hardest time to find what she’s looking for as she is attracted to Ladyboys and Kings.

Until I saw this sexual orientations diagram, I wasn’t aware that there are two different kind of gays. And I have never even heard about the terms “Adam” and “Cherry”. Nice to have a clear overview now!

Do you have friends who fall into some of these special categories? Or maybe do you know of other sexual orientations that have not been mentioned here? Looking forward to hear about it in the comment section.

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