My Top 5: The World’s Best And Most Beautiful Beaches

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World's best beachesThe world is full of beautiful beaches and especially during my travels through Oceania and South East Asia, I have seen a lot. I often get asked: “What is the most beautiful beach you have ever seen?” That’s actually quite a difficult question and a lot more hard to answer like what place has the most delicious pineapples in the world (for some people it might be harder, but for me it’s not). So instead of giving only one answer to the question of my favorite beach, I give five. Here are my world’s favorite five beaches with some infos about them, a picture and also the exact location of each beach:

 1. White Beach in Boracay, Philippines

White Beach Boracay

White beach in Boracay is supposed to be the whitest beach in the world. Even though it is hard to make this official as there is no clear measurement of the whiteness of a beach, I can tell you from my own experience that I don’t think a beach can get any whiter. The beach in Boracay is absolutely beautiful.

First I was hesitant whether to visit there or not during my one month travel through the Philippines as it is one of the busiest tourist destinations. But I decided to go, just to check it out, and it was more than worth it. It wasn’t that crowded either even though it’s been high season when I visited (March), far less people than on the popular beaches in Thailand for example. White Beach in Boracay – one of the world’s best!


2. Tanjung Aan Beach in Lombok, Indonesia

Tanjung Aan Beach Kuta Lombok

Even though not the whitest beach in the world, this is another favorite of mine. Tanjung Aan Beach is located about 3km east of Kuta on Lombok’s south coast and is half-moon shaped, with green hills and rain forest right behind it. It is a very quiet beach with rather more local kids than foreign tourists strolling around.

The Indonesian island of Lombok is becoming more and more developed, with new hotels and resorts being built up on the south coast. Since 2011 there is also an airport on the island bringing in more tourists. So if you want to experience Tanjung Aan Beach in this relaxed atmosphere – visit soon.


3. Mirissa Beach in Sri Lanka

Mirissa Beach

Sri Lanka’s south coast is full of gorgeous beaches, and they are not very crowded either. The beach I found the most beautiful is the one in Mirissa, between two other well known places, Tangalle and Unawatuna. All these places are easily accessible with buses going up and down the southern coast road, including Marissa. Coming from Colombo, you can also take a train all the way to Matara.


4. Secret Beach in Tasmania, Australia

Hidden Beach Tasmania

This is my only Top 5 beach that I don’t know the exact location of it. I randomly discovered it while on a one week camping tour through Tasmania. All I can tell you is we drove along the north coast coming from Cradle Mountain, and it’s been around two hours before Devonport that we were just setting up our tent in a forest right behind the coast. It wasn’t an official camp site that’s why I can’t tell you anything more specific about the location.

So after setting up the tent we walked around, more looking for fire wood than exploring the area and that was when we suddenly discovered this gorgeous beach- and there was not a single person except of us. Yes, sounds like a cool story right? But that’s what traveling is often about: The most beautiful places don’t always have to be in the highlight section of your guide book – explore and you will be rewarded with treasures of nature like this.


5. Seven Commando Beach in Palawan, Philippines

Seven Commando Beach El Nido

If you see this picture you will probably understand why this is another favorite beach – and why it’s so difficult to say which one is the best. Seven Commando Beach was not just one of my highlights in the Philippines, but also one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. The water there can’t get any clearer, the sand can’t get any whiter and the views with limestone cliffs and fishing boats all around can’t get any more beautiful either. To get there, you will have to take an island hopping tour from El Nido, a town in the very north of Palawan. There are many different day trips available, with most standard tours having Seven Commando Beach included in their route. Just ask before signing up to make sure they take you there.

So here you have my five favorite beaches in the world – how about you? Let us know about your highlights in the comments!

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