The most boring city on Australia’s East Coast

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There are places that you visit during your travels which turn out totally boring and different from how you always pictured them in your head. Cairns on the far north of Australia’s east coast in the state Queensland is such a place.

Every single traveler that I met and traveled up or down the east coast for a few weeks started or ended the trip in Cairns. So as I was not in a hurry and the city is highlighted on every tourist map that I got, I gave it a visit as well. To make it short:

The best thing about visiting Cairns was that I got a job through one of the job agencies there, picking tomatoes near Bowen a few hundred kilometers down the coast.

The most boring city on Australia's East Coast

I should also mention that Cairns has a really nice lagoon (that is free) so since there is basically nothing to do in this city, that’s the place I found best to hang out during the day. So you might wonder just like me:

Why do they market Cairns as such an interesting city to visit?

I think it has three reasons. First, it is the biggest and most developed city in the region with a population of 155,000 people. Deriving from that Cairns also has the biggest airport with the largest number of daily flights to all over Australia. So it is quite popular to end your trip up the east coast there and then fly back down south to Brisbane or Sydney – like I did. And third, it is the gateway to a few popular tourist places such as the rainforest at Cape Tribulation even further north or Magnetic Island off Townsville down south.

The most boring city on Australia's East Coast 2

But talking about the city itself, it is terribly boring and you don’t want to spend there more than one night if at all in order to get your trip booked or transport arranged to/from the airport. Enjoy the lagoon!

Did you ever have such an experience during your travels – visiting a place that turned out to be not as much fun as you thought it would be? Leave a comment below.

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  • I made it as far north as Byron Bay and loved the place but had no idea about Cairns other than it was hot.

    • stefanredcat says:

      That’s great Leigh, I have met so many people that have been to Byron Bay and everyone loved it. Such a shame that I went on a 17-hour bus from Sydney to Brisbane and just skipped Byron Bay. Definitely give it a visit next time Down Under!

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