Top 5 Best Hotels in Bangkok for New Year's Eve Thumb

If you are planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Thailand you basically have two options: Taking it easy and romantic on a nice beach or in some laid back provincial town or joining the country’s biggest and most exciting party in the capital Bangkok. The most popular places in town to celebrate are Central World (where they …
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James Bond Island Day Trip

September 12th, 2014 | Posted by Stefan in Phuket | Southern Thailand | Traveling - (3 Comments)
James Bond Island Boat Trip Thumb

It always feels good to get out of hustling and bustling Bangkok for a few days and so last month I went down to Phuket for a long weekend. This has already been my fourth trip to Thailand’s biggest island and what I really like about it apart that it’s much more relaxing than a lot …
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Are Thai People Really Patient?

September 5th, 2014 | Posted by Stefan in Living - (0 Comments)
Are Thai People Impatient Thumb

Americans are pragmatic, Australians are easy-going, Italians are extravagant, Germans are reliable – there are stereotypes about the culture, habits and national psyche for a lot of countries, especially the ones we have a relation to – holidays, work trip, foreign friends in our home country or we just hear from them in the news then …
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Top 5 Best Nightclubs in Patong Phuket Thumb

Patong Beach has the widest range of nightlife options in all Phuket and of course it’s no different with nightclubs. Just by walking from Beach Road (called Thawewong Rd) along the bustling nightlife strip of Bangla Road all the way through to Rat-U-Tit Road you will pass about 80% of all nightclubs in Patong (and …
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Top 5 Best Go Go Bars in Phuket Thumb

The main reason for most guys visiting Phuket aren’t the nice beaches but the nightlife that’s among the most exciting in Thailand along with Bangkok and Pattaya. Needless to say that there are countless of options on how to easily get laid in Phuket and visiting the Go Go Bars along Bangla Road on Patong Beach …
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Best Hotel in Phuket Royal Phawadee Village Thumb

For me there are three important things to consider when booking a hotel in Phuket: It should be located within easy walking distance to the beach, have a variety of nightlife spots nearby as well as set in a quiet environment. Especially the latter is quite unrealistic since if it’s close to the beach and has a …
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Naughty Ladyboy Massage Shops in Bangkok Thumb

For those who are into ladyboys or just curious to try one – Bangkok is the best place to do it. It has obviously not just the highest number of ladyboys but also the most diverse options on how to get laid with them. Most common and well known are the Ladyboy Go Go Bars as …
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Best Web Design Company in Thailand

August 7th, 2014 | Posted by Stefan in Working - (0 Comments)
Best Web Design Company in Thailand Thumb

Unless you’re fortunate enough to be able to retire, you’ll have to find a suitable way to make money in Thailand if you expect to live here long term.   And unless you enjoy teaching or you have a distinguishable skill that lends well to the few legitimate expat jobs out there, you might consider making …
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My First Time Sex With A Thai Ladyboy Thumb

At home everyone tells you to be careful with Thai girls especially those that are “too beautiful” to be true. Be careful with what? Well of course the main reason why I’m coming to Thailand (and most other guys I know) are not the beaches which are more beautiful in other countries like Australia or Brazil or the …
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Pattaya Clubs Insomnia Bar

Pattaya isn’t only famous for all its Go Go Bars, Beer Bars and Street Hookers all along Beach Road. There are also more foreigner-oriented nightclubs in Pattaya than in any other city in Thailand. Needless to say that the majority of them are clustered all along the heart of the city’s nightlife action: Walking Street. Since Pattaya …
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Short Time Bars in Pattaya Soi 6 Thumb

When you’re walking down the street full of bars with young and sexy girls each and everyone trying to lure you in for a “shower” in one of their private rooms upstairs then you know you’re either dreaming in your boring home town or you are actually right there in Pattaya’s infamous street: Soi Sex. Ahhh…. Soi …
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