What to do in India? 5 Highlights

February 13th, 2013 | Posted by Stefan in Beyond Thailand - (0 Comments)
What to do in India Thumbnail

I know it doesn’t justice the extremely wide range of sights and activities that the subcontinent offers, but not every one can spend two years traveling all around India and explore every corner of this huge country. I had the chance to spend┬áthree weeks in Inida back in 2011 so I tried to make the …
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Golden Triangle Thumbnail

Delhi, Agra and Jaipur – that’s the three cities that make up the world famous Indian Triangle. It’s called like that because of the triangular shape formed by these three locations. It’s not only popular because of the relative proximity of the three cities (between 4 to 6 hours from one to another by bus …
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What to do in Jaipur? 4 Highlights

February 11th, 2013 | Posted by Stefan in Beyond Thailand - (0 Comments)
What to do in Jaipur

Jaipur is part of India’s world famous Golden Triangle, along with Delhi (270 km north) and Agra (220 km east). On my first trip to India in 2011 I spend three weeks mainly traveling around India’s north and obviously Jaipur as part of the Golden Triangle was a must-visit. I arrived in Jaipur on an …
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Varanasi Thumbnail 2

Varanasi is maybe the most extreme city that I visited in India. Everything that I found to be “typical Indian” during my travel around the subcontinent is concentrated in this melting pot on the Ganges River around 700 km east of Delhi. On my overnight train trip from Agra and the Taj Mahal to Varanasi …
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What to do in Delhi? 3 Highlights

February 7th, 2013 | Posted by Stefan in Beyond Thailand - (1 Comments)
What to do in New Delhi

Frankly speaking my stay in India’s capital has not been one of my highlights in India. New Delhi is extremely hectic, not very clean in most parts, full of tourist scams and just huge and extremely crowded with more than 14 million citizens (2013). I was told that all before I visited so I knew …
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Jaisalmer Camel Safari Thumbnail

The camel safari in the Thar Desert has been an experience that I didn’t really expect like that. When I thought of India, the picture of turbans camels, and sandstone buildings just didn’t come into my mind. But that’s how it actually is on the western end of the state Rajasthan, less than 100 km …
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Exploring Jaisalmer Thumbnail

Jaisalmer has been the highlight of my travels through Rajasthan and for sure also one of the most memorable experiences of my whole India trip. To be honest, it didn’t feel like India at all. It felt like being in the Middle East with all the sandstone buildings, turbans and camels. After all, Jaisalmer or …
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India by Train 1

There are train journeys, and there are train journeys in India. Besides all the impressive places and great things I have done in India, traveling around from city to city on India’s famous railway system has been a memorable experience in itself. The train is by far the best mean of transport to get around …
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Taj Mahal Sunrise

It’s 5am and my alarm is ringing. I quickly open my eyes and listen. Silence. No rain, is it? I send a short prayer to heaven and quickly jump out of my bed, unlock and open the door and look at the sky. No clouds, I can even see some stars. Happy and full of …
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